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*The trapdoor is locked. Morph would have to find another way through or risk damaging Bar property. Or he could find another way down. But all everyone knows is that there is some mad cackling to be heard deep in the bowels of this fine, fine establishment*
I pull out an automatic lockpick and use it on the lock. I then open the door and slip through the trapdoor as it locks once more. A set of Spartan Stalker armor forming around me as I draw put away the Galil and draw twin P90's.
*A magical site appeared! Moonshine, one of the various forbidden boozes I brought down with me was drenched on the floor all around Morph with a bottle smashing near him; liquid splashing over him. A match was lit and then discarded on the floor near the highly alcoholic booze. Meaning it lights up really good and fast. Though it seemed their was gasoline mixed in as it stunk to high heavens of gas!*

*More mad cackling ensued.*
I just keep walking the fire nor even the alcohol getting close as the world seems to distort slightly. "Come out or I'll be hunting you down!"
*A countdown was sounding off...*
"T-minus 30 minutes... wait... why don't I go with 1 minute... or 10 seconds.... 9... 8...7...6."
*The fusion bomb was talking*
This would be a good time to make things more interesting.

*presses the Equalizer button behind the bar*


Both CrymsonRaven and TheLostMorph gasp as they realize they are suddenly clad only in a loincloth and possess only a crude shortsword.

Let the games begin.
I continue to stalk CR oblivious to KO's failed attempt at reality alteration.

And now to quote my Favorite Mythbuster! "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"

All the psionic patrons in the Bar can feel a sickening crack: the sound of a mind snapping. One nameless NPC notices an individual beating his head against the metal wall of the Bar while chanting "HEEHEE! I A MITHBUSTR N I STOCK U, CR!"
*A figure jumped on Morph's back as a blade was sent through his neck. Killing him instantly as the body bumped all the way down what appeared to be steps! For reality always win. Hurr derp!*

*And with one fell swing, Morph's woeful head came off and then paraded it around on ze sword! The crowd was cheering!*
Deciding to give up my chase I return to my seat through a worm hole the armor and weapons gone for now. I notice nothing out of the ordinary as KO is not the 'DM' because this bar still belongs to Zanon until officially signed over by the same individual. And CR had not my head but that of a poor Spartan.
*A blur comes back up through the bar and steals Morph's seat before jumping back down the trapdoor. Absconding like a true !@# while a head was placed on Morph's table... that of the Spartan*
I look around and note a Spartan's head on a table that was missing a chair. "Huh ..." I look back to my drink as I sit at the bar, like I always do, and down what was left of it.
*watches as TLM respawns and subsequently denies his death*

Sorry lad! Got the statistics board right here...

Player TheLostMorph:
Deaths/Last hour: 1.
Current status: alive, delusional.

Can't argue with statistics.
I look over at KO as he once more tries to take Zanon's place without the proper authority. "I do believe you are mistaken. I have neither died nor am I delusional."
*A man comes up the trapdoor with a horse, nice clothes, a sack of coins, and finally a bunch of slaves. They shall be trained to be gladiators!*
Oh honorable great replaced barkeeper! Give my victorious warrior your finest booze!
*looks at self, see self in Zanon's place*

Well. That's odd. How did I get here?

Ah, must be that "seniority" thing. In fact, Zanon is one of...

*counts on fingers*

Three? Four? people who have been around longer than me, two of which (including him) are retired, and the other two of which are Gods of Chaos (a disqualifying factor).

I believe Owlfeathers is the only person actually "more qualified" than me for this job.

*looks at statistics board, sees TLM listed as delusional*

Well, we can't trust delusional people. The prosecution rests.
I shrug and get up the 'delusional' on the stat changing to 'sane' since everyone is always sane until seen by someone else. Insanity and delusion are only seen by outsiders. "Yes you can as technically there is honestly no such thing as delusion. And I would honestly Prefer Owl if he were on enough to keep a bar thread up. Now if you all will excuse me I have some other matters to attend to." I say before disappearing into a wormhole.
*With a mischievous look on my face could be seen since the temporary barkeep is ignoring my summons for ze drinks!*
Off with ye head!
*One swing and Knarled's head was lopped off from his shoulders. Landing near Morph's drink yet Knarled could still talk.*
I pop back in for a moment and take KO's head in hand. "DA is back up." I then chuck KO's head through a worm hole to the outer surface of a star and then leave once more.
*Snatches the head from Morph and sews Knarled's head onto the body of a Roach after cutting its head off.*

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