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You all look cute.
I must say Mr. Animus, you look absolutely spiffy.
The spiffiest of them all good sir!
Smylez, care to partake it evening tea and biscuit?!
Why yes, I would like to have some Earl Grey Tea and some fish crackers my dear!
May I join in you in your dinner Sir smylez?
Ha ha! Cheerio then ol' chap!
*starts to brew the most savoring Earl Grey Tea while I let good ol' Smylez make the crackers!*
A sir! I am honored by such a title bestowed upon by a no name such as yourself!

Good chap, what brings you here to this little corner?

Ah, these crackers goes well with the tea.
I am flattered. I come here today because I have absolutely nothing to do.

Do you mind if I have some crackers?
You have nothing to do? You may have these crackers.

I can give you something to do if you wish.
Now one thing good sir, has Desmond used you lately?
*A drum sound struck our ears as I just made pun.*
And what will that be?
Can you die?
Why would I do that? That's a rather odd request.
I have my reasons. Besides, you are bored are you not? If you linger around after fulfilling my request, you might see something interesting.
How does one linger around if they are killed?

And why on earth would anyone want to be killed?
You talk and think too much.

*Stabs the stomach of Animus*
We have some strange people in here.


TLM: Sadly, your view on delusion/insanity is only a modern view, and one that is entirely inaccurate (held by the romantic, not the scientific). Insanity exists, and is diagnosable. Delusion exists, and causes you to fail.

Greetings Animus, and welcome to our humble establishment. Let me be the first to extend the claw of friendship.

EDIT - and a dose of "Cure Critical Wounds."
Gah! What...? You invite me and offer me crackers only to stab me? If you didn't want me here, you could've simply kick me out. But this? What for?

Oh god, the blood! The blood! I can't see anything! It hurts so much...!


Or a dose of "Raise Dead," as the case may be.
Tis done! I have successfully killed off a poster! And do you know what this means?

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