Macbook pro keyboard inresponsive for Zerg

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I have this weird issue that: when I'm playing several minutes into the game, some important keys wills top working. In particular: ASD three keys. This problem present itself especially when I'm playing Zerg. (Actually not much for the other two races.) It maybe related to the fact that for Zerg, keys need to be hold down more often.

At first I thought this is a hardware issue. But whenever I quit the game, the keys started working fine again. I even tried minimizing the game and try typing in my operating system (Mac OS X 10.8.4), it doesn't work. But as soon as I click X and shut the game down, ASD key start working again.

It's funny how it's just these three keys. And I seem to have eliminated the hardware possibility. Maybe the game has a bug?

I also once thought it was because of the sticky key is replaced by accent in Mac OS by default. (You'll know what I mean if you use Mac) I turned that off, the problem seem to be alleviated at the beginning, but soon came back again.

Zerg is my favorite race. I want to be able to play it. Blizzard please help!
PS: I'm using lowest setting when I play. I think it may have also alleviated the problem, but I'm not sure. If someone know the cause of the issue please help.

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