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We're looking to start testing more changes on a test map so we can better prepare to make tweaks if they’re needed in the future. Please understand: as always, we’re not proposing final changes with this balance test map. If and when we do decide to make any balance changes, we will definitely let you know.

1. Overseer speed buff (after upgrade)

TvZ feels quite balanced until the very late game when there are so many skirmishes and so many Widow Mines. We want to keep the really exciting gameplay while finding ways to help out Zerg in those specific battles. Having to micromanage your army in every engagement, morph new Banelings, manage 4-5 (or more) bases, and morph new Overseers can be a bit too much. So we’re going to test giving Overseers a speed buff after the speed upgrade is purchased, so that we keep the early- and mid-game the same while specifically helping out the Zerg in the later stages. They still wouldn't move as fast as say, Mutalisks, but perhaps late game TvZ goes more evenly if Overseers don't lag behind and get killed in most late engagements.

2. Combine mech ground and air upgrades

We don't think Terran is struggling, but do think mech in general has been weak throughout HotS. We tested this specific change a bit in the beta, and we have some idea of how much better mech will be, but a lot has changed since then, so we'd like to actually have players playtest it again.

Right now, it's looking like the only area where Terran might be weak is late game PvT, but it’s debateable. If so, this change would address that area, because upgrading Vikings that are really core in the matchup will also help with the Hellbat transition in the late game.

3. Vipers start with full energy

We’ve been discussing various options for the Zerg both internally and with top players and casters around the world, and we feel that this change might be a good place to start testing.

We don't know yet whether we want to increase the rate of Vipers’ spells, and thought it might be cool if Vipers come out of the box at full strength, so their first use has a much bigger impact. It’s possible that we can both increase the strength of Zerg in the late game and bring back a fun strategy that we’re seeing a bit less lately.

Again, please remember none of these changes are final. We're still constantly watching our ladder data and the highest level tournament games. As we all know, something that looks overpowered right now can change for top players in a matter of 1-2 weeks. We want to know as much as possible about how changes like these play out, so we’re ready when changes are needed.

Thank you!

Holy crap, good to see some balance changes rolling out, I like where these are targeted. Still some other stuff that needs addressing but it's good to see the balance team has a good feel for where the balance is at on the pro scene.

The overseer change might not be enough based on how strong bio mine is vs z but the other changes I can definitely get behind.
Ugh lolwut.
08/12/2013 12:20 PMPosted by Dayvie
3. Vipers start with full energy

waiting for Warhounds to come back....
Mech needs it!!!
I like Warhounds because they are like goliath (ish)...
This is boss. I can't wait to test it. Thank you David!
08/12/2013 12:24 PMPosted by LikeABoss
3. Vipers start with full energy


so i can feedback them even sooner :D ty for your work dayvie
Rewards micro. Always a plus for me. Only comes in late game. WHich is good as it is there zerg strggles. This helps late game scouting as well. Something zerg dont get much of. I also hope this might encourage some running in and contaminating buildings then running out as well. Would be cool to see.

Mech/Air Up's:
Stoked this is coming back. I meched all the time when this was in the beta. Really made air and mech synergize well. Possibly could open up some Bio/Mech comps as well which would be fantastic. Over all great idea.

Viper:Idk if this is the buff it needs. But I'll see how it plays out. Honestly think it is just underrated as opposed to under powered.
Hell, it's about time.
Needless to say, these seem like some really nice changes. I'm interested to see how the mech buff, specifically, will go.
Oh hellooooo skyterran ;)
08/12/2013 12:27 PMPosted by Zerglor
Oh hellooooo skyterran ;)

right :D
Humongous armory buff. Gamechanger tbh
1 and 2 seem like really nice ideas.

Not so sure about 3 though. The buff is probably fine on it's own, but it will just be another reason for terrans to not want to mech or make tanks in tvz. If this change went through I'd like to see some kind of small buff to the tank to give terrans a reason to make this unit. Currently the only composition used by high level terrans is bio widow mine, and that can get a bit boring/predictable.
The reason why mech is useless in TvZ is because of Vipers and Swarmhosts.
They are meant to counter mech. Thats why all the new zerg units are going away in TvZ and
We are only watching Wings of Liberty TvZ with "Widow Mine" and more often drops and harrassments.
I just knew they would do the overseer and the upgrades thing. Don't ask me how, but i knew it.
Hahahahahahhahah ......
As a protoss, i am damn glad to see a terran mech buff

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