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What are these "mutas" of which you speak

They are what hard counter your whole build, my friend
08/12/2013 12:47 PMPosted by IIIIIIIIIIII
wheres the Toss buff? oO

Protoss take up 40% + of GM on All Servers including 70% if not more in Pro League.

Also Toss get Top 4 or Finals every tournament, or winning it.

Why would Protoss get a buff?
2) Not going to help mech in the slightest, only going to help whatever currently exists better vs Z and P

Not gonna help but it's gonna help? Make up your mind!!
I think making blinding cloud affect widow mines would be a great way to indirectly buff them versus bio and add another interesting dance to the matchup. I like the overseer change though and am pretty ambivalent about the mech buff.

Edit: They could also change the AI for the cloud so the blinded units don't automatically run outside of the cloud.
HT will still 1-shot Vipers with feedback. No change there
08/12/2013 01:30 PMPosted by HaunteR
wheres the Toss buff? oO

Why would Protoss get a buff?

I think the question was aimed at those saying the viper at full energy is a toss buff and a zerg nerf. Which is due to the fact that now a zerg cannot manage how much energy the viper has, once it goes in to the fight it will instadie to feedbacks every time.
BUFF MECH YES 2. Combine mech ground and air upgrades

NERF MECH NUUUOOOOO 3. Vipers start with full energy
The problems seem identified well, but the fixes don't seem as fitting IMO..

For example the Widow-mine might lose some of the splash radius in return for faster recharge time.. That way Mines will be viable vs Protoss too.. And will be less of a brick-wall to hit as Zerg (Ling/Bane/Muta style that is)..

Overseer speed increase is a good start cause the Overseers seemed to trail behind the Mutas (a bit), but still - can be helpful quite a bit..

The Viper change seems OP TBH.. It's the Swarm-hosts that need be less expensive, but also less ridiculous without the upgrade IMO.. Cheaper to produce, more viable for replenishments, but also almost forced out to constantly reposition those.. IDK, but think it will be better that way IMO

But - it's not guess as bad idea to try the changes.. Seems like a good patch, but think it could've been a lot better though
Everything is cool except for Suggestion 3.

Are you high on Crack DK?????????

I will seriously quit this game if you follow through on that.
Expecting a new Carbot Video about that one.. :P
Today, it is a good day :)
Now Terran can bio/mine + tank + upgrade and go skyterran. And mech is stronger. By the way, what's the counter of viper ? Viking... And Terran become less and less depend on gaz whereas you have already given them so much free upgrade and lower cost of cloack.
Viper full energy would change nothing for the ZvT. It's just good for the PvZ.

The overseer buff is like they change nothing, it's so minor and will change nothing. Do jaegong lose 4-0 because he doesn't have speedy overseer ? Is there no Zerg anymore in WCS beacause they don't have overseer buff. Obviously not.
it's cool to have super detector if they're no unit which can't demine cost effectivly.

Zergs were expecting you to lower the gaz cost of their tech, or making roach/hydra more viable vs biomine, or give them option for harass like nyndus/drop buff.
Viper problem is more their high cost and tech cost, or their supply cost than they don't have full energy when they spawn.
But actually you just buff mech... Thx for killing Zerg race...
Just throw down a blinding cloud if you are concerned about vipers getting insta killed by feedback.
Vipers full energy lolol. David Kim dont pull the Infestor BL again, because this time you are gonna kill the game for sure. Mech will be impossible even with the upgrades with that Viper buff. Hmm buff is not the right word GG anything Mech and Toss. Colossus is dead in PvZ. Air toss !@# well. So basically you are going back to the good old alling days of WOL. Nice.

Mech will be viable vs Toss now but not zerg by any means. Just imagine the zerg make 5 Vipers and pulls the whole army in lolololol. Or Clouds them instantly. Jesus Blizzard needs to start hiring better balance people and make this game like BW balance.
I don't really how this will help ZvT at all to be honest. The viper change would be cool, but I think it would be a bigger deal in ZvP for hitting roach/hydra/viper timings before HTs hit the field.
Nice to see overseer might start to move faster, that damn thing is so fragile and slow.
Make it so burrowed banelings detonate automatically if an enemy walks over them. (or have it be researchable). ZvT requires so many actions per minute to stay alive in the late game, baneling landmines are super helpful but you have to be paying VERY close attention to them in addition to the multitude of other things going on to properly detonate them.
Listen to TL blizzard here are the polls.

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