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I bask in the kiss for a bit before pulling back. "I think I'm ready ... if your ready to earn it."
As a crew was sent down to search the planet, another message came in. It spoke...
{I repeat, we are under heavy fire! I repeat once more, our unit is under heavy fire! Hahahahaha! Your fleet is under heavy fire!}
The communications officer was confused as he relayed this to the Admiral. But it was too late.

Ships weapons lit to life as Splitters ships popped out of nowhere. Blasting several frigates to pieces as the Assault Fleet scrambled to get defenses up and running and so they stayed up. And then a corvette blew up. Several strike fighters blew up with almost no losses on the Splitter side. It was an ambush.

Shade was scrambling across the bridge trying to grab a good grip. "Hurry up and get those weapon batteries spinning!-" An explosion in the bridge occurred. Several pieces of metal were turned into shrapnel and struck many people. One of them was Shade; struck in the heart and the jugular vein. Blood starting to squirt out and there wasn't much anyone could do when another section of the ship blew up. Then with the last of her energy, a rift was created and several tendrils threw anyone that could survive into it and dumped them at the main ship.~
[John Jr]
"Are you sure?" I ask cautiously.

"Damn everyone hold on." I shout as the main ship rocks a bit.
I nod. "Yes. Yes I am but I warn you I won't be going easy on you for earning it."

I frown as I appear on the bridge of the main Plot ship. "Damn it ... we lost Shade with that ..."

I keep steady but frown. "Not good."
[John Jr]
"Hmmm I do enjoy a challenge." I say with a smile moving a little closer to her.
Will do the actual challenge when I get home.

"Mmm then you'll love what I have for you."
[John Jr]
"Hmmmm" I lean in and kiss Victoria passionately
I return the kiss just as passionately before pulling away. "Ready?" I pull a small thing out of my pocket but keep it out of his sight for now.
[John Jr]
"When ever you are." I say calmly.
I show John the item I had pulled out of my pocket. It is small and circular almost like a coin but with a few buttons on one side. "This is a little something I had Sylva make for me a while ago. It sort of reads intentions and desires on a base level then brings them to where your conscious mind will be aware of them. I have it tuned so that it only picks up intentions and desires related to certain topics ... such as relationships, me and bedroom privileges." I place the device on his chest after removing any clothing of his in the way. "Oh ... and it uh ... tends to either trigger pain or pleasure depending on what it finds."
[John Jr]
"SO this is the test huh..."
"Yep." I give him a quick kiss on the cheek before pulling away and activating it. It does its work pretty fast and within only a few moments of activation John could already feel a mix of pain and pleasure.
[John Jr]
"That feels... different..."
"Yeah ... Does it hurt or is it more pleasant?" I ask curious and avoiding contact as that could skew the results.
[John Jr]
"A bit of both.. Though the pain... Mmmmm. Probably should have told you bout that trait that runs in the family..."
I roll my eyes. "Masochist ... Of course I'm the one to pick the guy that likes to get hurt." The second part was playful and joking. The sensations the device was generating swing to pure pleasure sending a couple waves through his body before the device just pops off on its own and I catch it before returning it to my pocket. "Looks like you passed the first part."
[John Jr]
"Right... So the next one is?" I shift slightly so I could look right at her.
"Hmm ... what do you think about experimentation and how dominant would you see yourself being or would you rather a more equal relationship?"

OOC: Steel: Myra and Daniel are currently in the PART Hanger aboard Vengence in their full gear. read post 122 for information on the attack/mission.
[John Jr]
"Experimentation... Iffy on that would prefer equal relationship. I not exactly a dominating or be dominated type." I say after thinking for a minute.
"Yes... everything is good... Just enjoying a moment of bliss."

I nod and resume massaging her back;

Bracing myself against a bulkhead, I ride out the shockwaves from the ongoing battle.

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