Mouse settings not working after 2.0.10 patch

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I use a Razer mouse with the Synapse 2.0 software, with Starcraft's mouse acceleration turned off. Mouse settings in System Preferences are set to the lowest setting with the Synapse settings set to the highest speed with no acceleration. Prior to patch 2.0.10 the mouse in Starcraft functioned the same way it does on my desktop or any other games with no problems, however after the patch it seems like the Synapse settings aren't working and it's just going by the mouse settings in system prefs.
This is only a problem in fullscreen mode, when I enable windowed mode the Synapse settings work but Starcraft's performance drops quite a bit.
Is there any way to fix this? As it is now I can't even play Starcraft at all since it's a choice between using wonky mouse settings or having a windowed game that barely runs.
update: fixed this by repairing permissions using disk utility.

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