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Yes, it is that time again.

BUM! Badadum...

Badaduh-duh duh-DAHduh duh duhduhduh DUN!




DUN! dundundun DUN!

DUN! dundundun DUN...

War! The Bar is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sick Lord Smylez. There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere.

In a stunning move, the fiendish Doy leader, General ShadowFury, has swept into the Bar capital and kidnapped Chancellor Zanon, the leader of the PRP Bar.

As the Chaotic Doy Army attempts to flee the besieged capital with their valuable hostage, two JoRi Knights lead a desperate mission to rescue the captive Chancellor...
If you wish to participate, you must align yourself with either Chaos or Law.

For now I, master Knarled Wundu, am leader of the forces of Law, at least until we rescue chancellor Zanon.

Forces of Law:

Leader: Master Knarled Wundu.

JoRi Master: Zark-an Kenobi.

JoRi Knight: Anakin Skywalxer.

Forces of Chaos:

Leader: Count Smylez.

Doy General: ShadowFurious.

Nonfamous Bounty Hunter: Burito Fett.
JoRi Master: Zark-an Kenobi.
Oh my. O.O
Hmm, can one be on the side of Chaos to create Law and thus be in between?
Wait... what?
What I'm saying is... can thee become a person for Chaos to create Law?
If you can come with an appropriate, cheesy name.
*reads conv. *brain explodes** ILL TAKE IT! XD By that, ILL be with law :3
I call Luke Sky- Wait, I'm already listed?
I wonder how I should partake in this war...
I am the infamous Bounty Hunter Burrito Fett.
I can't think of one... Sadface.
Xer: I included you because I needed someone to be Anakin, and you had the best name for that.

Burrito Fett Accepted.
Seriously, I can't think of anything that sounds catchy, cheesy, though cool. :/
"You have betrayed the triumvirate. You will be executed." I find the boy who likes trains, and set him next to Knarled. The boy utters the sacred words, and a train runs him over, making him a blood splat and a bunch of tiny pieces across the newly formed rail road track.
*looks in horror at the boy's remains*

Why would you murder a child?

You said "him" when the last mentioned male character was 'the boy,' so grammatically speaking it was HE who was slain.

=stabs Knarled in the cyborg eye in order for him to help me come up with a nice, catchy, cool, yet cheesy name as I really can't come up with anything... I truly can't=
Hm... let's see...

How about a CRone Commander? Or maybe you a be a Hutt Cryme Lord?

Those are the best I can come up with off the top of my head.

I go now to play some Twilight Princess.
I'll go with the latter. :P Though I know we wont look anything at all like the people described in the movies and etc... so I'm good... plus I get to lead a Cryme organization.
I get to be a Roachborg with a LIghtsaber. Happy.

*gone for real this time*
I yell "LOBSTER-Y-MAGICAL-POWERS-ACTIVATE" while pointing a staff at KnarledOne, who gets hit by a magical bolt and turns into Zoidberg, except he can spit acid and has a lightsaber.

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