Looking for starcraft 2 friends :)

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Hi guyz, looking for starcraft 2 friends to play tgt that are nice and are interested in 1v1s and arcade games :)
I'm on NA server and i'm diamond !
Uhhh you should post this in General Disscussuion. This is the RP forum.
He can post it here. I currently can't play, but there are others who play all the time. Just give Thane a chance to see this.
08/14/2013 09:22 AMPosted by Zarkun
Just give Thane a chance to see this.


I'm only gold (I don't care what my profile says, it won't promote me after two whole seasons)

I'd love to play some 1v1's, or even 2v2's, with you

Add me up! :D
hey, what's ur battle tag?


It says it when you click my name on the forum...
the one next to ur name is different from the one u gave me here
LOL, sorry, typo.

It is, in fact, 587

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