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The year is 2022, and mankind is fighting a war amongst itself like it's never fought before. Abandoned cities and homes, corpses, skeletons and ruins abound across the world, World War III leaving it's mark everywhere. A voice echoes in the room you're sitting in on an airship, telling the tale of your powers origin. "During the dark ages, some members of the human race could perform incredible feats, such as summon a sword from thin air or pull their sword to them after being disarmed, or even shooting fire from their own hands. This became known as magic and was the source of many great legends. However, a little known fact was these powers were gifted to humans who were meant to fulfill a special role in history. However, as time went on, these roles began to become scarce, with the "wizards" who filled them soon fading into myth as well. Myth became legend and legend became nothing as each tale was forgotten and man's need for the wizards vanished. Soon he became technologically advanced, gaining enough confidence that kingdom attacked kingdom, then country attacked country. For hundreds of years, this was the cycle, peace, war, peace, war; until the fights began on the home front. At first they were left alone, thought to be kidnappings and murders with a well learned criminal master mind. That was before the messages and video feeds from military units began pouring in, showing and mentioning strange soldiers that could do strange things, some reports even claimed superhuman things. One, however, stood out in particular. Specialist James T. Hitchcock, the 145th Infantry Regiment's Second Platoon's radioman was out on patrol in the area of Zimbabwe when a small group of the soldiers attacked them. The video will pick up just moments before the attack."

"-so I told the @ss wipe to take it up with the Sergeant. He refused and we got in a fight." A man somewhere behind the Specialist said. Conversation like this proceeds as they watch their lanes of fire when a bird call comes from the right of Hitchcock, prompting the men and Hitchcock to look in that direction. Holding up a hand to stop the lines, he signals and all of the soldiers shift their aim towards the source-just as the call's owners attack. A small group of soldiers leaps out and tackles several riflemen, weapons appearing in their hands in strange flashes of light. The remainder of the platoon opens fire on them, and down several, forcing the remainder to begin attacking in earnest, shifting targets as quick as they could. One lunges at Hitchcock and knocks him over, his assault rifle clattering into the dark. As a clawed hand rose to strike for his throat, Hitchcock threw up his arms, sure it was his last moments as he squeezed his eyes shut. Through his shut eyes, he saw a brief flash of green light and felt the weight of the person suddenly fly off him, a sudden yelp of pain erupting from her. Slowly opening his eyes, he's surprised to see a spiked shield on his right arm, blood from the girls's wounded hand dripping from a spike. Looking at the girl, he noticed she was writhing in pain and blood was flowing profusely from the wounds. Without a second thought, the Specialist stands and leaps, slamming the shield onto the her head.

The video ends and a man in a formal suit walks into view, the color of which reflects his aura, a deep blue. "You all are here because your aura's are pure enough to be of use to fighting the reemerging threat against us. After careful analyzing of Mister Hitchcock's body, it was discovered he had inherited, through a long line of medieval magicians to modern day soldiers, a pure green aura. Had he not, he would have joined his friends in death." He looks over each of you, his eyes measuring you and evaluating you. "Looking at some of what was described, we discovered that medieval wizards used not magic, but their auras to fuel their spells. Here, you will do the same." A large curtain removes to show a beautiful valley, forests and clearings and a lake and river seeable; and at the end sat Northern Lights Academy, the place where you would learn to use your aura to fight back against other nations and even terrorist cells. "Welcome, to Northern Lights."

Countries the US is at war with:
North Korea

Important Neutral Countries:

Terrorist Organizations:
Al Qeada
The Taliban

Name: Ryu Cortez
Aura Color: Green
Abilities: Entrench- Creates a bunker from his aura, allowing allies cover and firing positions, Super Armor- Summons armor around himself that's so thick he could survive several shots from a tank. Unable to move during use due to it's weight.
Armor: Full suit of Kevlar armor
Description: 5' 9", messy brown hair, no scars, large, muscular build from weight lifting and working out, Sky blue eyes
Summoned weapon(s): Pair of sword tonfa
Backstory: Ryu always stood up for the little guy growing up, putting himself between them and bullies on multiple occasions and always getting in fights. However, he never picked the fights, which kept him from getting expelled despite the number of them he'd been in. During one fight, the bully, who had been known to have weapons on him at school, usually knives, pulled one on Ryu and stabbed at him. In that instant Ryu's Super armor activated, causing the blade to snap in two. The armor vanishing, the bully simply stared at Ryu as Ryu stared at himself, dumbfounded. Soon after a teacher was given information on Northern Lights, who passed it to Ryu's parents. Now he's on the airship.


Name: Dante Konta
Age: 13
Aura Color: Yellow, slight tinge of red
Abilities: Light footed (Generally good at being stealthy and quiet), Taunting

Armor: Light standard issue Kevlar vest (painted black and lightgrey the outlines of pouches and armor) under a black winter coat (inside is white), black cargo pants (white Korean characters "Stealth" along left leg) with hardened leather on the insides, black painted combat boots, black mask (white sharp teeth and skull nose painted on) and silver ballistic shades (black tinted lenses)

Description: About 5'9" in height, very light body build. Has a scar on his right cheek from a passing bullet. He is very quick on his feet, very agile and prefers to be sneaky and deceptive. He has spikey black hair and has one yellow eye, and the other is dark brown. He has tan skin and is of Asian/African-American decent. When he isn't wearing armor, he has a black winter coat on (no matter what temperature), black shirt (normally with a skull theme) and similar pants and black running shoes.
-Personality: He is very open minded and quite blunt and enjoys telling jokes and isn't very serious a good portion of the time. He is also very good with words and can think of many things on the spot, but also can be very influential over people and his positive attitude rubs off on people in times of crisis, or panic. He rarely panics and has a strong will, but that doesn't mean he can't be broken. His ambition is always noticed by his superiors, and some of his peers and he is very intelligent, but his outgoing personality makes him appear stupid many times, and his way of thinking is very absurd to common people, so he is normally labeled as odd, or weird.

Summoned weapons: 2 spectral daggers, appear to be very old and ornate design, but very effective in killing.

Backstory: Born in a relatively small, but still notable city in North America. His mother died shortly after he was born, and his father had moved to Canada, so that the child could be raised by his brother. Dante's Uncle was a very mysterious man. He has hinted at being Ex-Special Forces as well as their father before him. His Uncle had decided to send him to a private school when he was 8, since then he had started training with his Uncle as an aspiring fighter. He learned many fighting styles including Taijutsu and Kendo. He was introduced to firearms when he was 10, and practiced to become a better shot for years, but just found an interest in blades. One night, shortly after he turned 13 he was awoken by a crashing sound, someone busted into his house. His uncle was out that night and he was by himself. He decided the best thing to do was to fight them, but there were 2 men, one was armed with a pistol, the other a knife. He was scared but didn't show it. He threw a book at the one with the knife and managed to ambush him around the corner and disarmed him. The other man shot at him, the round narrowly missing him and it scratched his right cheek though, leaving a long scar. The overwhelming feeling of hatred and fear caused him to find some inner power and 2 spectral daggers that looked ornate and old designed. With finesse, he threw one knife at the man, hitting the shoulder holding the gun, then he charged at the man and stabbed him under his chin, instantly killing him. His partner escaped and he called the police on the situation. After hearing the story, a man, he didn't look like a police officer, spoke to him about an "Academy" and that he already spoke to his uncle about it. He agreed to attend.


Name: Greggor Gersol
Age: 14
Aura: Green with blue tint.
Abilities: Fortify (Increases amount of damage he can take), Unrelenting (Focuses on one target and will not stop pursuing until the target is dead or is routing)
Armor: Standard issue military gear. Wears flak jacket with out much encumbrance from it.
Description:Short light brown hair and fair skinned, stands at 5'8" and body builder like appearance. Has blue eyes no facial hair as of now and not noticeable scars.
Summoned weapon: Heavy mace.
Backstory: Greggor grew up in a backwater town in Norway. He met Eric Jarlburg when on his way out for a small fishing trip. Eric at the time was a small rather short tempered individual who was picking a fight with one of the local children who happened to also be short tempered but also larger than Eric. Greggor intervened quickly by grabbing Eric and taking him with him. In time the two became friends and eventually discovered their aura, which were faint at the time.
When Greggor turned thirteen he was contacted by a recruiter about his aura and how to train himself to make better use of it.

Name: Eric Jarlburg
Age: 13
Aura: Red with yellow tint
Abilities: Blood rage (Goes into a berserker like state but the more damage he takes the angrier and deeper into the rage he gets until he blacks out from injuries), Whirlwind attack (Pretty self explanatory)
Armor: Lighter than usual military gear allowing for more maneuverability.
Description: Stands at 5'9" has short blond hair and hazel eyes. Muscular build like Greggor. No scars or facial hair.
Summoned weapon: Morning Star.
Backstory: Eric was orphaned when he was around six years old and lived in the streets of a small Norwegian town. He often got into fights with other local kids due to his short temper and it almost cost him more than he realized, if it wasn't for Greggor he would have found out. Greggor had intervened the conflict between Eric and an older and much larger child. After making friends with Greggor,\ Eric started to mellow out a small bit learning to control his temper, though at times it is still an issue. After Greggor had left for Northern lights Eric resorted back to living off the streets and getting in trouble. He was caught stealing food and was put in a holding cell for a few hours before being contacted by the Northern Lights recruiter, who gave him a chance to turn his life around and get out of the small town.


Name: Kaerin Teidia
Age: 13
Aura Color: Blue with a few small swirls of red
Abilities: Replenish Quiver, precision long shot(boosts the force behind an arrow allowing it to go farther while also making it more precise)
Armor: Leather covered with a weave of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar that is flexible.
Description: young and slender. Her arms are stronger than they look. Shoulder length blonde hair. about 5'3" and quite shy around people she doesn't know.
Summoned weapon(s): Recurve Long Bow and Arrows. The arrows are all the same in look for the most part. Basic hunting arrows with smallish tips designed for general use. Upon closer inspection each is inscribed with groups of Nordic runes which make out various words or phrases which in turn provides the arrow with a boost that otherwise wouldn't be possible. The energy to power the arrows is generally gathered from plant animals and enemies.
Backstory: Born to a middle class family she has had a love of archery and Norse culture since she was quite young. She has always been shy around people she doesn't know and awkward in social situations she couldn't avoid. Shortly after she turned 13 while she was walking to her local archery range she was jumped by what she thought would just be a small group of bullies. They turned out to be very dangerous and after either killing her or taking her. She of course had her own bow and set of arrows that were meant only for basic target shooting. One went down with an arrow to the eye before they ripped the bow from her hands and broke it. In a fit of rage she summoned another along with fresh arrows inscribed with Norse runes. Another couple fell before her recruiter who had been out on a stroll just happened to show up and jumped right into the fray helping her finish the attackers off. She collapsed to her knees shakeng as the bow and arrows vanished. With her recruiter she went home distraught and waited for her parents to get home. Once they got home the four talked and Kaerin joined Northern Lights.

Name: Theo Moore
Age: 14
Aura Color: Blue tinted Red
Abilities: Steady Aim, Suppressing Fire
Armor: Leather Jacket, Kevlar Vest, Reinforced Leggings, boots... !@#$ that wont look stupid.
Description: Thick dark brown hair. couple of inches long. 5' 6", still growing as he is only 14. Hazel eyes, athletic build.
Summoned weapon(s): PDW is summoned permanently. Better that way.
Backstory: Was born and raised in Chicago. Not much is none about him as he keeps to himself and doesn't exactly have many friends. Though one day he was swing a bat as an automated shooter shot the baseballs out. Each time he swung a spark of blue went off... the ball striking the target every time; right in the center. Someone from the government had observed this... spying like they always do. So when he got home, they were already there talking to his mother about how he's doing at school and if he would like to go to a "Private School". Now it was pretty much a lie... but the mother bought it and she asked her son if he wanted to go to somewhere... different. He readily agreed... he didn't know anyone back home anyway. So mother and son decided to write back with each other... especially after Theo found out that this wasn't a school, it was a place to turn them into weapons but it was too late. The mother died in a house fire...


Name: Isaac Gray
Age: 15(max training age)
Aura Color: Red with yellow tint

Abilities: 1. Accelerate: While already quick, Isaac utilizes the aggressiveness of Red to speed up his movement drastically for a short while. Defensively it allows him to dodge attacks, get to cover, and if needed retreat at incredible speeds. Offensively, he can gain ground on his enemies quickly and get amazing flanks on the opposition, as well as run distractions and bait.

2. Knockout Punch/Kick: Isaac harnesses all the power of Red and combines it with the close quarters style of yellow to unleash a fast and insanely powerful kick or punch designed to take out opponents in a single blow before they can even react.

Armor: Focusing on speed mostly, Isaac packs on just enough protective plating to stop stray debris. In civilian settings, Isaac wears a white tanktop and over that a brown leather jacket that he takes off in hotter environment. For pants he wears jeans.

Description: Isaac is Caucasian with dark blonde hair but with golden eyes. He has a larger than average height for his age. He is quite tan, and has a friendly complexion, although his eyes can sometimes intimidate people as they seem to burn like fire.
Summoned weapon: AA-12 automatic shotgun

Backstory: Isaac, having lived his entire life in the beaches of Southern California, has spent his life doing nothing but making friends with his natural charisma, training in martial arts, fighting in the streets, and traveling around his city on his beloved bicycle. Bored of constant sunny blue skies and "perfect" California weather, Isaac's red Aura can be explained by his pent-up fiery ambitions and dream to leave his hometown, but mostly his history of violent street fighting. Refusing to conform to any gang and taking on any opponent has led him to create many enemies in his life, endangering himself and at times his friends. Isaac's red angry aura comes from the rage he feels towards those who would hurt his friends. The flicker of yellow comes from his lifetime of pent-up desires that has ended up turning him into a fighter, as Isaac's constant street fights compelled him to take up martial arts at a very young age, and has showed promise ever since. His friendliness and desire for fun also contribute to this tint. While an ordered military life and leaving his friends behind did not seem appealing to him, Isaac is excited for the adventure ahead of him. Isaac prefers the shotgun over all weapons because it requires little precision and benefits the most from aggressive strategies and tactics.


Name: Alexander (Al or Alec) Blake
Age: 13
Aura Color: Blue tinted Green
- Tactical assessment: Allows Alec to size up the situation an gain insight on the enemies plans/tactics/etc.
- Smoke screen: A thick smoke screen that enemies cannot see through but allies can.
Armor: Kevlar and carbon fiber armor
Description: 5' 4", slightly tanned, mop of black/brown hair, blue eyes, slight build.
Summoned weapon: Great bow
Backstory: Best friends with Jack for as long as he can remember, Alec is the quieter of the two preferring to see how others do things before trying them himself. An aspiring strategist, Alec enjoys tabletop games and anything else with a strategical element. Frequently picked on due to his slight size and quiet nature.

During a fight with a group of bullies, both of them showed hints of their powers and seriously hurt a number of the bullies. Due to the unusual circumstances of what had happened, the fight was quickly gaining public attention. Naturally, the Gov quickly caught wind of the whole thing and offered a way out of the public spotlight; joining the Northern Lights Academy.

Name: Jack Falkner
Age: 14
Aura Color: Yellow tinted Red
- Adrenaline boost: Gives Jack a boost in strength, reflex, speed, etc.
- Vicious Strike: Deals high damage and is capable of rendering the target helpless should the attack hit right (ie hamstring)
Armor: Light kevlar and carbon fiber armor
Description: 5' 8", slightly tanned, long(ish) black/brown hair kept back it a ponytail, green eyes, Athletic build.
Summoned weapon: Klingon Bat'leth
Backstory: Best friends with Alec for as long as he can remember, Jack is the more outgoing of the pair and usually the first to strike up conversation. Just as much of a geek as his friend he also has an endless love for Star Trek. Always standing up for Alec, Jack has an incredibly vicious streak when it comes to dealing with bullies.

During a fight with a group of bullies, both of them showed hints of their powers and seriously hurt a number of the bullies. Due to the unusual circumstances of what had happened, the fight was quickly gaining public attention. Naturally, the Gov quickly caught wind of the whole thing and offered a way out of the public spotlight; joining the Northern Lights Academy.


Name: Jerad Morris Talmon
Age: 13 and a half.
Aura Color: Blue, a few tiny specs of red.

Abilities: Summon Vicious Crowned Eagle (at a smaller size and allowing me to use the line 'Kewee kewee mother f*cker), Death Sentence (this is basically an extremely high powered shot charged with energy).

Armor: A deceptively strong (think leather type strength) fabric trench coat, pants, and shirt created through study of spider silk. His right shoulder has very thick hardened fabric of the same sort to protect his shoulder from his Eagle's claws.

Description: Short (5 feet) with with very short brown hair and dark green eyes. Jerad boasts the look of little muscle. This is deceptive (just as his armour) as he very nimble and is still capable of using a rifle without change in direction through recoil strength. He seems to rarely smile, and hardly ever complains, even in great amounts of pain, and will fight authority when he deems it being idiotic. He is an intelligent young boy who looks at every possibility and considers the chances. He often finds himself in the back firing off his weapon with accuracy while figuring out flaws and strengths of allies, enemies, and of the strategy. The young boy oddly enough does have a few jagged and rather nasty looking scars despite his age. His summoned Crowned Eagle is found on his shoulder outside of combat almost constantly.

Summoned weapon(s): Scoped bolt-action rifle with a retractable bayonet (it is manually retracted and extended).

Backstory: Not much is known of his life, he barely utters a word of it. The only thing people have actually gotten out of him is that his mother died. Hell, the only thing the government actually has on him is a copy of his birth certificate and the last time he had went to a hospital, something to do with the worst of his scars that finds itself just above his hip, but nothing about he sustained it.

He had pickpocketed the wrong person, a gang began to team up on him. A crowned eagle appeared in the sky and was forming more in a blue light as it dove and killed someone. Jared beat the !@#$ out of someone. Agent saw. Agent asked a few question that were answered with few words as possible. Jared followed agent to the academy willingly.

Name: Kevin Donald Harris
Age: 14
Aura Color: Green, no tint.
Abilities: Barrier, Blockade
Armor: A strong looking carbon fiber under padding with steel plates on chest, shoulders, forearms, thighs, and shins.
Description: Kevin is tanned and has very short hair and dark blue eyes. He has a very bulky build and stands at six foot four.
Summoned weapon(s): Tower Shield (A large and thick shield with a line of spikes across the middle)

Background: Kevin hails from a farm in Southern Saskatchewan. His aura was discovered during him defending some cattle on his farm, a large shield had appeared on his forearm as green light found its way there as a coyote leaped. Instinctively he had swung his shield, sending the coyote reeling, and soon fought off the others.

Several days later a few men in suits had approached his parents and told them about their sons gifts, and after much talking, several shattering glasses and argument, his parents finally turned him over, under the promise that he would be kept safe and would return to them as shortly as possible. Kevin was dragged away, and was required to speak to his parents every week.

Name: Bianca “Vixen” Stride
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Aura Color: Yellow with Red Tint
Abilities: Breeze Channel (Increases her speed with the use of Aura. Meaning her strikes with the Machete will be much more lethal or she could use the extra speed with dodging or running.), Sucker Punch Flurry! (A series of quick, and generally painful; sucker punches that also catches the opponent off guard for another series of pain racking attacks and techniques.)
Armor: Kevlar, also wears a visor to help keep dust out of her eyes
Description: 5’ 6”. Seafoam green eyes. Mahogany red/brown hair. Caucasian; slightly pale. Hair style is that of a bob and a ponytail. Wears a bandanna around her neck; reminds her of the time of a sweeter and fun life. And a nasty looking scar on her left leg.
Summoned weapon(s): Machete
Backstory: She is your casual sit at home child. That was a lie. I fact, she had a carefree and adventurous life that got her into her fair share of trouble and scolding. One of these such things would be the occasional daredevil trick that could result and extreme physical and mental harm.
One day it really did change her attitude when Bianca got in a fight at school and ending up making a kid go blind by splashing something in the eyes. They were chemicals during a lab assignment in science class. She was expelled and went to the Alternative Center.
If only things could get any worse, they did. While taking a stroll in the woods back around from the house; something caught her fancy. Anything that took her mind off of what happened would feel better. Another lie was shrouded within the mind of this girl. Lying to her as the fate of destiny crept upon the young life.
The shriveled sounds was that of a young baby coyote. All alone by its lonesome. The mother was nowhere in sight and that was one grave mistake Bianca made when she got to close to the young pup. The mother came walking back; snarling. A mother was usually always protective of their young when in the wild.
Her leg was torn to shreds by the animal; muscles ripping and tearing. There was alone one thing left to do… Bianca picked up a nearby rock while panicking. In a split second it was all over. The blood everywhere.

Recruitment: Bianca was in maybe only one sport. And that sport was basketball. She would dribble the ball, run down the court, or fake the passing to another player. In one game she was giving off small streams of what appeared to be yellow off of the ball while toying with the other players, Though when she got aggressive with the ball, bits of yellow with a faint tint of red could be seen, but not by the naked eye. An official saw this and made the call. A day later their house was being visited by government officials; telling the parents about the bright future ahead for this young child. They declined the invitation as Bianca didn't need the help as she was happy without it. Some time later after the incidents and very shortly after the second one that involved the coyote, Bianca contacted the officials back since they gave the family their number if they ever wanted to change their mind.


Name: Harrison Eltis
Age: 14
Aura Color: Blue, slight green tint
Abilities: Summon Sentinel (Summons a drone which follows mental commands. Fairly fast moving, but can be destroyed fairly easily. Armed with a 20 kW laser.), Envision (Highlights the location of all living creatures in an area. The size of the area affected depends on what level of concentration is possible.)
Armor: Black trench coat and pants over light kevlar armor. Provides a little protection against lower caliber pistol and rifle rounds, but anything more powerful than a .223 rifle round will be almost totally unaffected.
Description: 5' 8", very intense electric blue eyes. Paler than usual skin, as a result of little time spent outside. Slightly longer than usual straight black hair. Usually wears a set of dark glasses. Weaker than average and with a slight build, but very good with technology. He is very suspicious by nature, and as such most people avoid him, and he likes it that way.
Summoned weapon: Bolt action rifle with a 4x - 22x scope. Fires decently powerful 6mm rounds with very good accuracy and range.
Backstory: Though he never talks about himself unless absolutely necessary, Harrison is known to have always been a quiet and secretive person, with something about him that suggests he wants people to keep their distance, and that they would be wise to do so. The son of military researchers, he learned to be a very good programmer at a young age and helped the government without their knowledge via his parents, showing them programs and ideas he had created, which they would then present to their superiors as their own. Though he was never able to effectively build the things he designed, he would often spend hours writing and sketching out ideas for experimental weapons, a subject which had always interested him.

In school, Harrison was frequently bullied because of his lack of physical strength and tendency not to defend himself when attacked or threatened. However, it turned out that the only reason he didn't retaliate was because he lacked the ability to do so effectively until he discovered his aura. One day, Harrison was caught in an alleyway by a local gang. He allowed them to take his money, as he didn't want to make them any more violent than necessary, but when one of them decided to take his notebook and laptop as well, he lashed out at them. In a flash of blue light, a Sentinel drone, one of the concepts he had designed, appeared behind the gang and killed all of them nearly instantly.

He immediately went back home and continued as if nothing had happened, never speaking of the incident. However, he gradually began experimenting with his aura in his work, finding that he could use it to make things work which would otherwise be impossible. Because his parents worked so closely with the government, it wasn't long before his abilities were discovered and an agent came to his door, speaking to his parents about a special academy. Having never been especially close to his parents and having no friends to speak of, he gladly took the offer, leaving his home without a second thought.


Name: Alex Phenix

Age: 14

Aura Color: red

Blades of Vajra:
as Alex gets more enraged the number of katana's he summons increases until it reaches maximum which is 4. when at 3-4, blades hover in the air (1- normal, 2- angry, 3- enraged, 4- RAGE)

Fueled by Rage(passive): alex has increased strength which amplifies as his rage increases

Armor: trench coat worn over a Standard Kevlar suit

Description: Black hair, eyes with dark red iris that seemed to glow when he got angry, Medium build and average height

Summoned weapon(s):
katana - image: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120315083042/elderscrolls/images/2/23/Ebonyblade.png

Backstory: Alex was one of those kids that really didn't fit into any niche and was quite feared at school. he looked calm and normal but was easily angered, getting into fights often. his parents found him as a hopeless cause, thinking him more of a hooligan more than anything else. they were successful and rich, having no time to deal with their son. once they figured out about his abilities they saw him as more of a freak then anything else so they sent him away to the academy to get rid of him, hoping to never see their lost cause ever again, just arriving as a nooby to the academy.
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I look out into the view in slight awe. I was still so used to barren tundra and harsh moutains rather than lush forests like this one. I look over to Jarlburg who was looking out still sulking slightly. In our native tongue I start talking to him.

"Beautiful isn't it?" He simply nods. "Come on no Jarlburg your not that bad off that you can't enjoy something like this. At least you had the choice of here rather than be stuck in prison cells for much of your life." His expression lightens some as he nods again.
I sit off to the side being shy. I look out at what would become my new home before placing my back to the window. "This should be fun." I whisper to myself pulling out a small book and a pen before starting to scribble in it using Norse runes instead of normal English script.
Jack chuckles and grins, lightly punching me in the shoulder;
"Look at the view! Sure we're going to be working our asses off, but hey, at least the scenery's gorgeous."

I nod a little reluctantly, grinning a bit as well, Jack's manner as infectious as always;
"Fair enough."
Comes my reply as I look over the valley, the analytical side of my brain already considering various offensive and defensive tactics that could be used here.

Noting my gaze, Jack rolls his eyes and groans in disgust;
"Really man? Haven't even been here for a minute and you're sizing up the place from a tactical standpoint? Damn it, can't you just enjoy the view for once?"

I shrug a little sheepishly;
"Sorry dude, it's just what I do."
Jerad looks out the window, his head slightly cocking to the side as he looks at the scenery. The forest was obviously a reasonable place to launch ambushes, but Jerad was no fool. He understood that there would be creatures lurking in there for sure, making an ambush risky. And still, most of the area being forest, what you would want to do is hide yourself within the foliage... And having air superiority, his eagle could give vision of movement due to the keenness of its sight. He looks at his shoulder as the eagle begins to materializing, and at its fool form it releases a shrill "Kewee", most definitely causing pain to anyone's ear drum. and Jerad begins a series of shushes to the bird.

Kevin nervously taps his foot in the corner. Already he missed home, and he looked about at all the people. Several of them already knew another... And the others seemed very anti-social. He felt as if he wasn't gonna end up making any friends to help him deal with loneliness and home sickness here. Sitting there, left to his thoughts, he grabs his ears as the piercing cry of the bird is released. It wasn't helping any...


Why is there a bird on the ship?
He asks himself. Kevin looks up at the bird, gently pecking at the one boy's hair while he stroked it and looked outside. Kevin looked oddly at the two... And is faced with a bit of a thought of him thinking himself truly alone.

I look over the valley, my jaw having dropped in amazement. I had been certain this place would be in some top secret facility in the middle of the desert. Of course, if that were the case, the US would be loosing even more so cause of the lack of varying terrain. When the bird cries out, I flinch slightly, but ignore it for the most part, content to look at the view, a stream flowing by the Academy on the left side catching my attention. Be a good place to go for alone time.

DM: As everyone looks at the view and the forest, small flashes of various colored lights, red, green, yellow and blue being most common, light up certain areas as it can be figured out that those are other students training their powers. The man in the blue suit, the Academy's crest on his shoulder, a polar bear on a sea of multiple colors, all shaded to be bearable, chuckles. "So what do you all think of your new home?"
08/18/2013 09:23 AMPosted by Zarkun
polar bear on a sea of multiple colors, all shaded to be bearable,
That's a terrible pun. :/

Also, what do I do since I'm a second year... would I already be at the place then or would I be accompanying the new guys?
You'd already be there. Could be in the middle of studying, sparring or even goofing off.
I just sit and keep scribbling in my journal.
I sit a slight bit isolated, not wanting to talk to anyone at the moment. I hold a conversation with myself about what it might be like here, and theories of other things.

Then I am interrupted by the man in the suit. I answer, "I just hope it's not boring like a school..."
Target found.

It was a slow day already; patience was a virtue right now for young Theo. Patience was what saved his life early on it seemed. For one could stand aside in patience for so long than become ruined through impatience. It was a simple meaning at that.

Life was hard at first.

Theo remembered a brighter past, only slightly. The rays of the light ahead showed promise that one day… a purpose will be given once he was no longer a tool. A tool was yet a simple term. They were all tools, a weapon to be used to make the world a safer place, right?

The dawning came to mind.

They would die for the sake of peace. There would never be a true peace. One person can’t make all the changes. But many can only slow the inevitable; perhaps that will change with them, Northern Light. The time for real heroes were over. Now it was the time of martyrs and those willing to do whatever was needed; opinions.

The trigger was pulled.

Theo had hit his targets in several places with quick precision and thought process; seemed however that focus was important for all of this. The heart, major arteries, and the temple of the target were shot at. It was only but a dummy so no arteries. “Hey man. I heard we have us some noobies coming in soon,” someone said as Theo heard the voice somewhere near him. A girl, and what a nutjob she is; in a good way.
A small smile was on Theo’s face… she knew when to bug him or not. And they shared a couple of stories from their short lived childhood. “That sounds lovely. Just do me a favor and don’t hurt them too hard. They are only kids after all.”
The girl snorted at Theo, she found the whole thing humorous. “Really? Really?! Ha! We are kids. We just managed to survive a year, that’s all. Though I call dibs on the arrogant ones… they should be broken in first.
Theo shook his head in agreement. “Agreed.”
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"So what do you all think of your new home?"

"It certainly looks nice, but I'm curious as to how defendable the place is.."
I say, ignoring the eye roll from Jack as he responds;
"I'd say the place is freaking gorgeous, minus the tactical analysis from my nut of a friend here."
"He's right to be paranoid. You should always be wary of what lurks in this world..."
The man shakes his head and turns to look out the front view port. "A wise thought from a fellow blue, though it's defensibility is hardly a concern for first years. In the event of an attack, you'll all be evacuated and moved to a safe location until the threat has been dealt with. Then your training will resume as normal." I shrug and continue to look at the stream, wishing I'd had binoculars to get a better look at it. The man looks at Alec and Dante, his eyes calculating, before returning to watching the front. "Regardless of all that, I'm glad you like it. It'll be your new home for the next four years."
I nod and return to my self conversation. "Where were we..? Ah right, the galaxies..."

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