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My eyes wander over the board, lighting up;
"Ah, yes.. I'm just glad my friend here didn't take advantage of it."
I say with a slight grin as I point out the move to my opponent, who simply groans at the lost opportunity.

* * *

Jack gives Dante a careful look before recognizing him from the orientation;
"Yo. You looking for a sparring partner?"
I step into the commons area looking around trying to put names to faces as I walked through the area.
"You know it!" I say, remembering I saw him fight a few days ago.

Star Trek fan, interesting.
Bianca dodged and gave a quick downward slash followed by a slashy uppercut but Theo managed to dodge it while using suppression fire to stop any fast movement from reaching him. "We should stop now," Theo said while reloading another clip, "that's enough."
The girl though just gave these big ol' puppy eyes. "Aw! But I was having so much fun dancing around and trying to cut off your whee head!" Bianca blurted out while laughing.
Isaac spins and throws a kick aimed at the head of an imaginary target
Returning to his battle stance he quickly changes directions, throwing two quick punches followed by another kick, this time his leg striking where his target's gut would have been.

Isaac then relaxes to a casual position and looks out at the massive pristine lake before him. Though the students were encouraged to use the gym equipment, Isaac decided to practice outside.

Why would anyone train in some building when they have this Isaac thinks, taking up his battle stance again to practice another set of moves.
I head towards the training hall my nose shoved in a book I glance up every so often to make sure I don't run into someone.
My eyes wander over the board, lighting up;
"Ah, yes.. I'm just glad my friend here didn't take advantage of it."
I say with a slight grin as I point out the move to my opponent, who simply groans at the lost opportunity.
"Not that one," I say evenly, looking at the board. "Can't keep thinking move-by-move, you need to plan ahead."

I point to Alec's black bishop, indicating a possible move three squares to the upper right of the board for his perspective. "First move, there. His knight is now open to an uncovered attack from your rook, and unless he wants to needlessly lose it, he has to move here," I say pointing with my finger not quite touching the pieces. "Now your white bishop can put him in check without risking being killed, and the only logical place to move would be there, leaving a perfect opportunity for your queen over here..."

I tap the board in the location I was indicating, making an audible click. "Three way fork. Rook, knight, queen, and the queen is also in a skewer in front of the king. He'd have had to sacrifice the queen, as well as either the rook or the knight. Can't execute it now though, you'd have to put yourself in check." I stand back up, starting to move back to the corner by the plant.
Isaac finishes, and begins to meditate, sitting with his legs parallel to the ground and his hands flat on his legs.

I'll probably go back to the academy soon, check up on the others and grab some food.

He stands up, and begins his jog back.
I walk around the commons area observing the other students and their activities.

I sigh and step out of my room and start to wander the halls for awhile. As I walk through the halls I almost bump into on of the other new students who was reading a book while walking. I recognized her but didn't remember her name.
"My apologies. I didn't see you there." I manage through a thick accent.
Somewhere in Afghanistan

The artillery bombardment had been going since 1900 hours the night before, softening up an Al Qeada position for the main assault. Private Jenkins was nervous, so nervous she couldn't even keep her rifle steady when she aimed down the iron sights. Still, once the fighting started, her steel nerves would kick in and she would be steady as a rock. She glanced over to her right at the SpecForce support they had, one of the red aura users making a chaingun appear and disappear to kill time. It was now almost 0500. Soon they'd be moving on the objective. 0455. Taking a deep, calming breath, Private Jenkins turned to her squad leader as he called for a huddle.

Sergeant Hudson looked over each member of his squad, making sure they were as calm as possible before saying anything, the cigarette he'd lit a few minutes before still smoking in between his lips as he took a drag. Jenkins snorted and he laughed lightly. She didn't approve of a soldier killing themselves slowly through the use of cancer sticks. Popping a squat, he started the briefing. "Alright ladies and gents, you got the big briefing from the Captain, so you know the gist of why we're here. Now I'll tell you specifically OUR job this morning. We'll be clearing their hangars and securing any aircraft we come across. If we see those mumbo jumbo users, we call for the SpecForce support and continue on our way. Once we've done that, we secure their intelligence center and capture all the intel we can. Any questions?" As usual, Corporal Lenkins nods.

"Yeah, what if we catch one of their auric users unawares and calling SpecForce puts us in danger?" The Sergeant chuckles.

"Then as per usual, you put a bullet in their skull and continue the mission." The squad laughs and checks the time. 0458. They joke around a bit as they finish getting ready. One of the SpecForce men, wearing jet black dragon scale armor, watched the squad right up until the bombardment stopped. Then he lead his squad towards the objective, just like Sergeant Hudson lead his.
I nod in appreciation and go back to contemplating my next move.

- - -

Jack laughs, nodding towards the gym;
"Shall we get to it then?"
OOC: Finally...

IC: "Been a while since I've fought something intelligent." I say jokingly, following close behind.
Jack chuckles, heading for a sparring ring;
"Good one."
As we get there I stretch for a bit. The good ol' neck twist while I'm at it.

Then I summon my daggers and get in my stance. "Now how's about we do this, huh?"
Jack nods, his Bat'leth appearing in one hand;
"Let's just try to not kill each other. Don't think that would look too good on our records..."
"Probably not. I've already killed one man, 2 would only make my life a bit more complicated.

Unless yer scared."
I say, with a gesture wanting him to make the first move.
Grinning, Jack starts weaving the Bat'leth back and forth in a figure-eight pattern, his hand on the middle grip, slowly walking towards Dante.
I watch the pattern carefully, aware that it can change at any moment, or not at all. I keep my stance and slowly strafe left, spinning my left blade constantly.
Jack doesn't change a single thing except strafing to the right, his eyes never leaving Dante's.
I stop spinning the left dagger when the blade is down then strike with the right dagger to the left and the left dagger low to counter /block.

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