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I nod wordlessly and look over at Jack as he speaks up;
"Something tells me we're going to like this place a lot less for the next couple of weeks... So when do we get settled in?"
He asks with his usual cheerful attitude.
Jerad responds the the man, his voice at a medium tone, though sounding rather dry and cold. "It provides many different opportunities. The possibility of things lurking there is far too high. I suggest to keep us within a certain boundary due to inexperience in the field of combat against these, things." The young tactician proceeds to turn around and continue stroking his bird, which was now watching the people, every detail being taken in. Having its keen eyes was helpful to see every detail. Every chip in the armour, every detail of expression, every reflex. It was more than a dangerous pet, it was a valuable asset to strategizing.
"I like the look of this place. Much more color than the town I am from back home." I lean against the wall near Jarlburg but face the man that was talking. Jarlburg just quietly stares out the window.
All the new arrivals could feel the airship begin to descend towards the valley and the man smiles to himself. "The scenery is indeed impressive, but as for things that lurk, there is no such thing. We made sure of it so that new trainees could familiarize yourselves with the valley. Simply," he points towards a part of the valley were a multiple lights were flashing, including black, "avoid that area. Some of our older aura users marked it as their training area and have a tendency to punish those that don't pay attention; especially new trainees."
I don't pay attention to the man as I just sit against the wall my knees hugged to my chest and away from everyone else not caring what they can do or what they are like.
I look over at Jarlburg giving him a don't even think about it look.

I sigh and pull away from the window looking around at the group.

I notice that the one girl was staying away from the others and ignoring the orientation. Noting that no one else was paying her heed, I walk over and tap her on the shoulder lightly, ready to use my Super Armor if I needed to. "Hey, you alright?"
I look up and give the boy a slightly annoyed and very shy look. "Yes I'm fine." I stay put and look away hoping he would go away.

"You don't look fine." She was shy, which was understandable, but she couldn't be alone the whole time if she was gonna get through this. "In fact, you look scared out of your mind."
"I'm fine. Really." I keep from looking at him really just wanting to be left alone. Though he was right I was scared and I really wanted all of this to just be some elaborate dream but I could still feel the blood of the people who attacked me on my hands so I knew none of this was actually a dream.
I look out looking at the area with the black.
"I wonder how a tangle with them would go... Maybe I should wait until I am more experienced until I find out... You know what they say curiosity killed the cat.
But then again I'm not a cat."

"Right. Well, since it seems you don't want to talk, I'll be back in my seat, looking out the window." Turning away from the girl, I go back to my seat and sit down, waiting for the airship to touchdown so I could move around a little more.
Jack gives me an overly stern look;
"You better be staying out of there punk."
He says, a totally exaggerated glower in his voice.

I sigh and roll my eyes, chuckling none the less;
"Jack!... I'm not kind of person who goes looking for trouble. I'd be more worried about you anyway."

He shrugs and grins, instantly returning to his normal demeanor;
"Fair enough. I was just making sure the good man's point got through that thick skull of yours."

"F' you."
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Isaac hears the man's warning
"Ah... Thanks for the advice."
He can't believe they are already being told where to not go.
This already feels like the home I escaped from.
I get up and go to an actual seat while we descend. "I wonder how many people are already here ... and how much I'll have to interact with the others." I mutter to myself as I sit and buckle in.
I take note of the people around me. I listen to music on my iPod, I imagine I won't be able to for a long time after this. The shy girl makes me curious, but I understand how those people are and decide not to bother her. I look at the others and see they probably wouldn't hold a decent conversation either.

I sigh, "Why are human's so practical..."
The airship could be felt leveling out just moments before it sets down and the engines are cut. The man turns to the new trainees. "Welcome to your new home," A door opens on everyone's left and a ramp lowers down to the ground where several yearlings, trainees who had been there for a year, are waiting for them, "these yearlings are here to help you adjust and learn your studies. You are allowed to keep your personal effects and memoirs, but do not abuse that right, or it will be confiscated."
I unbuckle and look down the ramp frowning and not getting up from the seat I was in. "Great ..." I whisper to myself.
Jack hops to his feet and grabs our stuff, tossing me mine;
"Come'n no point in waiting around."
He says, heading down the ramp.

Shrugging, I shoulder my bag, and follow Jack down the ramp.
Isaac is one of the first to step out of the airship.
Glad to get out of that thing. Confined spaces... ugh.
Isaac stops for a second, taking a look back the way the airship came.
Definitely don't need any memoirs. The whole reason I'm here was to finally travel and see the world.

"So uhh... hey! I guess I could use some tips or something like that."
Isaac scratches the back of his head
"I'm fine with anybody really. Oh and uh as for my aura color it's uh..."
Isaac clenches his fist, feeling the fiery Red aura pulse briefly.
"I'm pretty sure I'm red."

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