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As the airship lands, I close my notebook and clip my pen onto the pocket of the coat I was wearing. I wait for everyone else to leave the ship, mentally going over the rough map of the facility I had sketched while airborne, before calmly standing and walking out of the craft. I wait at the back of the group of arrivals, surveying the other students in front of me.
Not everyone disembarked...
08/19/2013 08:35 PMPosted by Zarkun
Not everyone disembarked...
OOC: I know. I realized that after I posted. Just ignore what I said until everyone else gets out.
I disembark the ship quietly constantly watching everyone except for Greggor who was right behind me smiling like a fool.
"You really shouldn't be smiling Greggor. Least not like that, you look the part of the fool." I say in our native language (Norwegian)

"Let them think that. If they approach me like I am a fool and try to fight me like I am a fool then they will not expect what is coming their way." I reply in same tongue.
I take my bag by the top handle and hold it behind my back and walk out slowly, keeping away from everyone else, but staying close enough so I don't appear to be straying away.
"As long as I get to listen to music while I sleep then you won't have to worry about a thing." I say as I walk out onto the ramp, one earbud in the other hanging out.
As the ship lands Jerad scoffs. The fools would have no idea what is lurking in there since they cleared it. It is very possible that new things moved in. His eagle, due to it being constructed through his mind, hears his thoughts and nods. He slowly comes to his feet, already having looked everyone over. He would not manipulate anyone, as such a thing is cowardly, but he would see who he could receive the support of if a disagreement was had between him and another, be it a student or the idiots running the place.

Kevin nervously rises, and walks over to the gather group leaving the shuttle and trips over himself, falling on his face. As he starts getting up, feeling miserable, the screeching bird from earlier comes over and helps him up before flying back, its owner shaking his head, almost making him feel worse, but the fact that the other boy's bird came to help Kevin, the negative feeling was battled off. Kevin heads up to catch up with the others, feeling a tiny bit better, but still rather miserable.
Waiting on you, Sneakmind. I'll give you til I wake up tomorrow, then I'm DMing everyone to where they need to be.
Times up.

IC: As the last of the trainees disembark, the airship takes off and begins a patrol route over the valley, it's large caliber weapons looking for anything out of place. A man in a green suit, the Northern Lights symbol on his shoulder, steps forward and looks everyone over. "Welcome to Northern Lights Academy, where auric training is our speciality! Each of you has been assigned to a yearling with an aura of similar color, and those assignments will be announced....now." Pulling out a list, he starts to read from it. "Dante, you are with Bianca Stride. Bianca, be nice and no hurting your charge. Jerad, you are with Theo Moore. Theo, keep him out of trouble. Ryu, you're with Ben Goodman. Kevin, you're with Trey Regan. Alexander, you're with Frank Donald. Jack, you're with Amanda Westland. Isaac, you're assigned to Forest Hunt. Kaerin, you're with Jeremy Verson. Eric, you're with Gregory Herman. Greggor, you're assigned to Herman Rosfer. And Harrison, you're with Manny Korson. Find your match and familiarize yourselves with them." With that, he steps out of the way. A young brunette girl approaches Kevin, offering a hand in greetings to him.

"Hi, I'm Trey. You Kevin?" A young man, wearing a suit of leather armor, approaches Harrison, a pair of rapiers strapped to his back and looks him over.

"Names Manny. You're Harrison I presume?"

OOC: The rest of you just have the appropriate gender approach you, or you approach them and I'll handle descriptions.
OOC: How do we find these people, do they have name-tags or whatnot?
Well, in your case, Koro, CR's female is your guide. But yes, name tags.
Ah, okay.

IC: I look around for the girl I was assigned to. "Hmm, Bianca Stride... I'm probably going to forget before I know it!"
"Yep..." I respond distractedly, looking at the airship's structure as it lifts off before looking back at Manny to respond properly. "Yes, I'm Harrison Eltis."
I sigh as I walk off looking for the person I was assigned to. Eric wasn't far behind but he was also looking for the person he was assigned to.
I walk over to my assigned guide my bag over my shoulder and a curious yet shy look on my face.
Manny nods and notes Harrison's appraisal of the airship. "Don't be getting any ideas. That airship is the primary transport for all of us, not to mention nigh on impossible to bring down. Let's get you to our room, shall we?" A young man with a large minigun hanging on one side approaches Eric, his blonde hair swaying in the wind and his green eyes burning with barely contained fury.

"You Eric?" A young man with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes watches Kaerin approach then offers a hand to her when she's close enough, a brace of throwing knives across his chest.

"I'm Jeremy. Kaerin?"
"I noticed, that's why I was looking. Well designed aircraft." I nod and give a "lead on" gesture.
"Yes what's it to you?" I say through a thick accent looking towards the young man.

I sigh and shake my head. "Eric play nice." I say in our native tongue before heading off.
"I'm your guide, Gregory. Let's get you to your room then test your abilities." He turns and heads towards what looks like a dorm. Manny nods to Harrison and leads him in the same direction as Gregory was going. A young man with red hair, hazel eyes and a large spiked shield on his back approaches Greggor.

"Are you Greggor?"
I nod and take his hand timidly. "Yes. N-nice to meet you ... I think."
I follow behind Greggory. "I presume you intend to test my abilities by means of combat."

"I am. You must be Herman Rosfer." My accent was a little lighter than Jarlburg'd but it was still thicker than usual.

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