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Jeremy chuckles lightly and beckons towards the dorm. "We can sort out the first impressions after you're settled in." Greggory simply grunts, a hand resting on the trigger of his minigun.

"It won't be me you're fighting though, I'm just here to keep you in one piece until you've been here a year." Herman nods, offering a hand. "That I am. Seems we know where to go for help. You seem sturdy."
I follow him closely. "OK.'
I accept the hand.
"I guess you can say that I am sturdy."

"I'll be fine even with out your help..." I state quietly.
Jack propels me forward towards the group of mentors, whispering in my ear;
"Who knows, you could get lucky and end up with a cute girl..."

"Jack! Would you knock that off for once?"

"Nope. 'cause the day I do, is the day you know something's wrong."

Rolling my eyes, I step forward, looking for my mentor.
Theo didn't shake hands or anything with Jerad. He was keeping the formalities until later. "I know you have some questions but for now let's get to know what you need to work on. I will conduct a couple of simple tests and pertaining to how well you perform then I'll figure out how we shall help you out. Can you handle this," said Theo; trying not to be mean but just stating the fact that this will help out in the long run, "Jerad?"

Bianca gave a little playful smirk towards Dante; walking closer and closer to him while keeping one finger pointed at him and then finally resting on his chest. "So cute! I don't know if you are trying to woo me with your silliness or just plain crazy!" Dante on the other hand couldn't tell if Bianca was joking or being serious. Though just then- Bianca jumped over Dante and then onto his shoulders like a piggy back ride. "Now let's go!"
I am surprised and almost fall over but I catch myself and don't let her fall, but I enjoy her personality so far. Rather eccentric and energetic. Like me!

"Where to M'lady? Assuming you are Bianca Strider?"
A black haired youth with cloudy gray eyes stops Jack and Alec, looking over the pair. "I'm looking for an Alexander. Which of you is him?" Herman chuckles and nods, his eyes very watchful though.

"Good to hear. The sturdier the better. Shall we go to our dorm?" Gregory growls softly, glancing back at Eric.

"Don't be so sure. The fourth years here tend to like to pick on the new arrivals. Especially the reds, hot headed...of course, I'm a red, like you, so we'll join in on it some day."

OOC: The area immediately around the Academy is open for use as practice fields and football fields. In the Academy, which consists of the main building and a couple dorms, is a gym, lunch room, auditorium and classrooms.
Bianca frowned but Dante couldn't see her face since she was on top of him and Dante was giving it his all to keep the two of them from falling over. "I don't know. Let's go somewhere where there is plenty of space and stuff to work with."

OOC: Zarkun since you are the DM I would like to know more about the area(s) that I can take them over to. Just so I have an idea of what I'm working with.
I stick out my hand;
"That would be me. Call me Aec if you will."
The youth ignores the hand, instead meeting Alec's gaze and beckoning to the dorm. "I'm Frank. Let's go get you settled into our dorm."
I nod, lowering my hand;
"Lead on then."

Jack shakes his head in amusement and looks around at the remaining people in search of his mentor.
Frank leads Alec away just as a girl with bright pink hair, twin shortswords strapped to her hips, backflips over Jack and lands in front of him, a smile on her face. "Hi there! You're Jack right? Oh boy are you a cutie!"
Jack grins and shakes his head;
"I should have known. If you're looking to hit on somebody, you aught to pick my stoic friend over there. He could use the company. And yes, I'm Jack."
He says, pointing to Alec's retreating back.

Edited in my response in Epiloge.
Amanda laughs and takes Jack's arm, leading him to the dorms. "I wasn't hitting on anyone, simply making an observation. How about we get you settled in and then to the sparring rooms for the testing?"
Amanda? Is this some kind of revenge?...

Jack laughs, following along;
"Sounds like a plan... Though you've yet to share your name, miss."
Bianca yelled out to the other second-years; disappointed. "Aw, we have to take them to the dorms first?! Well that's no fun." Her face was now right in Dante's. "So~ Looks like we have to make you feel at home first~"

Theo heard the others as well. "Come on, Jerad. You'll be bunking with the rest of us guys. They do it like that due to the older kids mostly."
Possibly. >:)

She laughs again and stops, giving a small curtsy before laughing again. "I'm your guide, Amanda Westland. Second year yellow, at your service."
Jack nods, laughter in his eyes;
"Lead on then miss West."
Taking Jack's arm once more, Amanda leads Jack to the dorms, looking for room 309, the room he'd be sharing with Ryu.
Dropping his bag on the floor, Jack stuffs it under the bed and turns back to Amanda;
"Alright, let's hit the mat."

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