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Sorry, life called.


I snuggle into Ivan's shoulder again and sigh. "I still hurt you..."
Cynthia gave a thumbs up towards Jake as she walked over a few rocks that were buried over with sand many years ago. The sand already sticking to her sweaty fingers and the wind blowing through the hair attached to her head.

OOC: I noticed how cliche these romances have turned into...
Also, Pyro needs to get a girl now that Terra has a guy.
I smile following Cynthia over to the rocks and looking around ready for anything. "At least it will be cooler underground ..."
The doctor simply nods. "I'll keep that in mind then. If that is all you can return to your quarters or find something else to do." He says as he start on the small mound of paper work that needed processed.

I sigh and shake my head. "I am over it Terra. Stop dwelling on it."
I sigh but nod. "OK call if you need anything ..." I head out and back towards the quarters I was now sharing with John.
The doctor nods. "I will let the next ranking doctor that comes on here in a few know as well." He says just before she leaves before returning to the paper work.

The shuttle land on the landing pad and allow those inside to disembark. John steps off first looking all around for signs of any squatters or anything else that may be here.
"Eh, it should be unless something happened over the year-" Cynthia stepped back as a little button was pressed and the sand underneath her gave way and the light in her eyes were blacked out. A thud could be heard at the bottom as Cynthia woke up during the brief descent.
A muscle felt like it was torn but that was lucky since the sand broke her fall. "I'M OKAY!"
I sigh and shake my head. "Want me to come down or just bring you up?" I call down staying far enough back to not slip in.
"Go ahead and come down! It shouldn't take much longer to get inside if we can!" Her words were bellowing out so they could reach to the top.
I smile and generate an ion shield over the gap and step onto it before descending. "I'm sorry I couldn't catch you with an ion shield ... are you OK?" I ask stepping down onto the sand beside her.
"We shall be starting now Cerebrate." I say and it can feel a newborn Behemoth and the small amount of Zerg inside fall under it's control.

"This test shall provide you with a chance to grow your Brood. You are going to be invading a moon inhabited with Terrans. The reason they have settled their is because of the rich resources found on it. While their is no true army here the Terran Corporations have a lot of forces as they want to defend their resources from other Terrans or they are simply mercenaries or pirates." Along with the message I showed the Cerebrate images of the moon, which orbited a gas giant, and also a good spot to start a Hive Cluster that had a small amount of Terrans on it.
"I said I was okay," Cynthia rambled on as she scooped herself up to her feet; guiding herself as not to fall over again. "Now let's get moving agai-" She stopped once more as she saw one Zergling walked out towards her. "They must have survived when the Academy was taken over..."
I look at the zergling. "Damn ... you bugs can survive anything can't you?" I say half asking the zergling even though I doubted it could talk as I move to Cynthia's side.

I simply lean against him, smiling softly. "No promises."
A small portal opens above the Cerebrate, and it says It shall...... be done, Maker. The Cerebrate teleports over to the new Behemoth, and takes control of the Zerg. The Behemoth turns about and heads away from the main fleet.
I smile as I hold her closely. "Good..."
I reenter Johns cabin and shut the door behind me before looking around to take in the room.

I walk down the ramp behind John my rifle up and ready.
The room is rather neat and orderly much like his former apartment although smaller and it was almost an all in one room.
I smile and plop down onto the couch leaving my stuff in the bags for now. I set my com to loud enough it would wake me up and start to doze off.
[John Jr]
"Right looks clear for now let's move up." I say as I slowly approach the landing pad's elevator down to the main tunnel leading to the area.

CR waiting on you to have someone notice the landing party...

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