Epilogue RP Thread VI

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[John Jr]
"Right.... Well most of our ships do not have bars nor means of purchasing alcohol... Don't want to take a chance of someone being drunk on duty... However I think I can get us something... What would you like?"

"Ah.... Still bothers me that they are arguing about you being with me... Old fashioned or not he is your father."
"You're forgetting the 'stubborn as a mule' part. I don't think I've ever seen that man give ground on anything. The only thing that came close to changing his mind was mom stubbornly overriding his decision."
"I think I'll be there too ... just in case."
IC: "Victoria this is something I would like to do without you there. What ever is good for you I'm not really picky... I do have smuggler contacts if need be." Daniel says in a friendly tone.
I sigh and shake my head. "Fine. I'll be in my room with Sylva if either of you need anything but remember we are in an all girl bunk room." I say before walking off.
"Terance is homophobic... If it weren't for me wanting less relationships in these RPs, I would have an army of same sex couples charge that planet of his."

I walk around the ship I was transported to, my eyelids growing heavy by the lack of anything going on.

Dal'ree exits the Carrier hangar bay, a small edited ship, an upgraded format of the Phoenix, combining its speed with powerful anti-air missiles and a ground troop decimating plasma assault chain cannon. The fleet he commanded, shrouded in a cloaking field, is invisible to the Poltergeist with how far away it was. Approaching a ship of the Poltergeist, Dal'ree sends a message through a channel. Terrans, Hybrids, and fellow Protoss. I wish to speak with the commander of this ship, and negotiate a terms of alliance in the field of combat.

At this point the fleet had started to approach, still cloaked, and invisible to scanners, it stalked forward, draining the energy from the unique ship in the middle of the fleet, something that would require a recharging after this maneuver had been pulled.
"Huh...." I say a bit absent mindedly as I pull myself closer to Amanda.

[John Jr]
"I also don't have much of a preference." I start to walk towards one of the more isolated parts of the ship leading away from the main crowd.

Uhhhh ship captain... I am not sure who is supposed to be captain of this particular ship but I know who is organizing this fleet if you wish to speak with them.
I stop and turn around walking a few paces back and kneel down beside Myra. "Hey ... whats wrong?"

I wipe away the tears and look up giving Victoria a soft smile. "I ... I couldn't get a few of the things that really mattered to me."

"Oh ... I'm sorry. Come with me you can use my bunk its a bit more private anyway." I help her up and make sure to grab her backpack before leading her off my arm around her shoulder supportively.
IC: "Any place I can smoke here?" Daniel asks still following John.
[John Jr]

"Yes there is a desginated spot on most ships for that." I change my route a bit heading for the elevator to get down to the engine room where the smokers area was set up due to the better ventalation.
It took awhile before Cynthia managed to reach the room where Jake was located. "Jake, I figured something out which you may want to hear about. I doubt there would be my blood in here. After all the place wasn't sealed tight against containment and oxygen to help preserve any samples that may have broken and you guys did do a number on this place. So we may not have a sample."
I nod still perusing the computer records. "I know ... but there is still a chance here ... The academy got hit a hell of a lot worse but I ... we ... need to try anyway." I look up at her giving a reassuring smile. "Don't worry ... we'll find something now would you please get at least one of those cloning tubes unhooked so we can take it?"
Cynthia frowned at Jake, knowing already that he couldn't see her and was slightly curious as how this could possibly work. "Just saying... But these are kinda large in size and it could be hard to transport around."
IC: "Sounds good." Daniel says pulling a long cigar out of one of his bags.
[John Jr]
"Right so what was it you wanted to talk about?" I ask as we enter the elevator.

Heading for the com room, I shake my head. "I'm done with this, Alicia. Let it go." With that, I vanish up the stairs.
IC: "What all do you understand about my sister?" Daniel asks looking in his pockets for his zippo lighter.
I go over to Cynthia and look her in the eye. "I know they are big but I can handle the transportation. I love you Cynthia no matter what body or form you are in I just wish we could have had some more fun while you were still a changeling." I say giving her a hug.
[John Jr]
"Like how she will live longer than most humans but not as long as I will or do you mean something else?"
IC: "Well she has never really been with anyone is what I'm talking about... She is also a bit childish and I don't think she understand how her actions can affect others.* Daniel says pulling his zippo out

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