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[John Jr]
"She did explain that she hadn't been with anyone and I have noticed that yes at times she can be childish. She has excluded herself from making a lot of friends though because of her lifespan. That is how she put it anyway." I lean against the wall as the elevator descends arriving shortly where the smokers where allowed.
IC: Daniel lights up his cigar and walks deeper into the smokers area. "Its one of my worries too.. but I've learned that people die when I was a merc... I don't think she has learned that lession yet or came to an understanding that we are all just ripples in time.*
"You seem too have let yourself get conflicted with my old body. You just wanted that experience and even once I change back it doesn't mean we are going to be doing anything extreme." Cynthia was just trying to remind Jake that there were more important things at state here.
"I know. Once you have your body back we both have work to do. Lots and lots of work to do." I release her from the hug and head back over to the computer. "The faster we get this done the sooner we can get back to work."
[John Jr]
"Maybe, many people are ripples in time. Then you have people like me and the other changelings, while still ripples we extend ourselves longer than many." I follow behind Daniel looking around a moment.
"Are you worried that she might lose it if Sylva or you dies?"
IC: "It is possible.. just to me she is still in an age of inncents almost and I just don't want anything to happen to her that she may regret." Daniel says taking a long puff on his cigar.
[John Jr]
"I think I get at where your going with this...." I pause for a moment sighing slightly.
IC: "Something wrong?" Daniel says looking at John
[John Jr]
"Just seems like your giving me the 'I am her brother and if you do anything to hurt her' speech. Though I an probably jumping to conclusions."
IC: "Well I was going to do the I'm her brother and if you hurt her you and I will have a long chat." Daniel says with a stren tone. "For the most part I'm just explaining things at the moment"
[John Jr]
I nod simply.
"I don't plan on doing anything that might cause her any harm or make her regret anything."
IC: "Good.. she really just met you and I don't want her doing anything she will come to regret later." Daniel says as his cigar burns.
[John Jr]
"Right..." I mutter softly think back to a few hours earlier. "Was there anything else that you wished to speak about?"
"Get some rest Myra I have some other work to do and I'll see about getting you a new room with Daniel." I say helping her into my bunk.

"Thanks." I give a slight smile as I curl up and try to get at least some rest.

Smiling I head out of the room and head off to the medical bay to see if I was needed.
IC: "Personal chat guess not just want to hear you promise you willn't do anything to Victoria that will land you in hot water with me. Anything the fleet needs funds equipment ships?" Daniel asks taking another long puff.
[John Jr]
"Not as of yet. I plan on having us jump to a few abandoned outposts that Poltergeist and governments before had. We will go from there with that"
My mind was still going on about what Victoria and I were doing earlier. Part of my conscious was nagging at me as I did promise Daniel that I wouldn't do anything that Victoria might regret earlier as well as the fact if she transferred over to the Illador she wanted to move into my quarters.
IC: "Sounds good.. Well I guess I better go find some place to use as a room untill we make it there.. If we need anything I still have a few contacts that maybe able to drop supplies when need be." daniel says putting his cigar out.
[John Jr]
"Thanks Daniel... For boarding accommodations if there is no room on this ship I am sure one of the others has room. I can have the captains check around if you would like to help speed up the process."
IC: "I'm ok bunking with the rest of the grunts I do perfer my own room but still no need for speical treatment." Daniel luaghs as he starts to the elveator.
[John Jr]
Following behind Daniel.
"Understood, just figured I'd put that out there since most quarters are assigned with four people to a room generally. I was also trying to help making your search for a room easier not try to get you out of bunking with the grunts because you still might be."

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