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IC: "Understood... would be nice to get a small repair ship with sleeping areas inside of staying with the main fleet." Daniel says waiting on John to get in.
[John Jr]
"That might be a bit easier to pull off though most repair ships are fully automated. There are a few that are not but act like a hive unit to command the automated ships." I enter the elevator.
IC: "Sounds good so where are you going to head to now?" Daniel asks hitting the button.
[John Jr]
"To check on Victoria before I leave for my ship."
IC: "I may as well join you and check up on them and Myra." Daniel says now following John
[John Jr]
I nod as we wait for the elevator doors to open. Once the do so I step off and mentally scan for where Victoria was. Once I had an idea of where she was I make a beeline towards her.
08/19/2013 04:13 PMPosted by FegelKitteh
"We are the Swarm my Cerebrate, all of the Zerg you can sense, and many more are part of the Swarm."

The Cerebrate's tendril brushes past a cocoon, the creature inside growing to fulfill whatever role it is told to fulfill. The Cerebrate wraps the tendril around the cocoon, causing the inside of it to glow. The Cerebrate withdraws the tendril quickly, not knowing that it had sent energy into the cocoon to enhance the organism growing within. We..... are Swarm? What does..... Swarm do? It sends, a tendril lifting a larva up closer, as if to inspect it closely.
Dal'ree tilts his head before responding. Very well. I will speak to your organizer.
I keep going on my way to the Medical bay. A number of various ideas flitting around in my head so as to occupy my time and I didn't notice John's mental scan.
I find her a after a few minutes of searching near the medical bay.. "Hey how is it going."

Right let me see if I can find him real quick... The man start wandering about the ship looking for John Jr.
"The Swarm survives, the Swarm strives for perfection my young Cerebrate." I admired the Cerebrate' inquisitiveness and I also made sure to closely examine the creature that the Cerebrate affected in the cocoon once it had hatched.
I stop and look at John. "Hi." I also note Daniel with him and nod.
Where....are we? The Cerebrate inquires, putting the Larva back where it was. It floats slowly away, heading elsewhere in the creature.
[John Jr]
I walk over to Victoria and give her a rather tight hug.
"I'm getting ready to head on over to my ship. Figured I'd let you know and say goodbye."
I nod returning the hug. "Thanks I'm still debating on whether I want to transfer or not. oh ... and Myra could use a room ... I think she would prefer a mostly private one and with Daniel ... if you can manage it."
IC: "I'm here no point in talking like I'm not." Daniel says looking around the medical bay.
[John Jr]
"Right, just let me know. I will see what I can do for Myra and Daniel but with the amount of people we have I offer no certainty."
"We are inside my Behemoth, which is in space." I say to the Cerebrate, following it down the passages of my Behemoth.
"Thanks John. And I know you are here Daniel. I wasn't talking like you weren't here."
Are.....we going somewhere? Is..... the Swarm moving? The Cerebrate asks, its tendrils brushing alongside the insides of the creature, although it doesn't leave any impression that it was touching it. Is..... the Swarm seeking something?

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