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"For now we are simply sedentary, though we are seeking perfection. Soon however, we will be moving, and you will be given your birthright." I send, slithering alongside it.
THe Swarm should be cautious in dealing with what once was.

Another Behemoth decloaks alongside Scylla's.

I am Brood Mother Shal'Thas, creature Scylla. Your skill with unconventional essences is known to me. If you will assist me with a... project, I will share its produce with you.
My...... birth......right? The Cerebrate stops suddenly, looking at Scylla. A note of confusion was in its psionic voice as it floats. A Roach approaches, called by the Cerebrate.

Heading for the com room, I shake my head. "I'm done with this, Alicia. Let it go." With that, I vanish up the stairs.

"Fair enough. then I as that you respect our daughter as who she is."
I reply, following close behind.

As my parents head out of sight, I turn to Leah;
"See? it's fine."
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"Terance is homophobic... If it weren't for me wanting less relationships in these RPs, I would have an army of same sex couples charge that planet of his."


THere are, of course, two angles from which to approach the issue.

1. Logic.

2. Morality.


Reasons to eliminate practice:
-Spreads disease amongst users.
-Does not produce offspring; bad for society with need for more workers.
-New practitioners often created through harassment; parasitic reproduction form.

Reasons to allow practice:
-Has no real effect on non-practitioning societal members.
-Self-exterminating when practiced responsibly.
-Does not produce offspring; good for society with too many workers.


Reasons to eliminate practice:
-Condemned by virtually all 'traditional' religions; destructive for religious society.
-Not found in nature.

Reasons to allow practice:
-Preventing practice interferes with individual autonomy.
-Condemned by virtually all 'traditional' religions; good for anti-theist society.

Those are my thoughts. Hope nobody is offended by that. That is my logical analysis of the situation.

As a libertarian leaning towards conservative, I have no problem with allowing the practice. I simply don't wish to hear about it (individuals should keep it to themselves).
"I am intrigued Broodmother, though I must ask if you are independent or if you work for a greater power. And the Swarm was far superior back in the days of the Cerebrates and the Overmind, so the logical step would be to bring the Swarm back to it's former glory."

I then turn towards the Cerebrates, "My child it is your birth right to command a Brood." As I say this I began giving him all my knowledge on Cerebrates.
"Right so what next then?"

[John Jr]
"Your welcome..." I lean in and kiss Victoria rather deeply and passionately. "I'd better be off now."
I return the kiss just as deeply and passionately. "OK I'll come see you later." I say pulling away so he could blink if he was going to.
[John Jr]
I smile at her as I blink away arriving on the bridge of Illador.
"Alright what is our status? Are we ready to move yet?"

"Almost sir we still are waiting for ship 4 to confirm the coordinates sent to them."

"Right then what else do we have going on?"

"Nezareem ships came into the area but then disappeared shortly afterwards. One dark templar is requesting parlay now. I can patch him through to your console now."

"Do it.."

In a matter of moments the Templar could see me on a screen aboard his ship.

"Greetings dark one."

"When I say it's over, I usually mean to drop it. I will not support something I disapprove of."
"En taro Tassadar, Mercenary." He almost utters mercenary as if it were a rather disgraceful name. "As your subordinate should have told you, I wish to discuss an alliance in the fields of battle. The new threat is more than the Daelaam can hold at bay alone, unlike previous opposition."
[John Jr]
I ignore his sour disposition towards my being a mercenary.
"Right, and what is this new threat to your people?" I ask as I cross my arms looking at the protoss. they were stubborn and it would take a lot for them to bend their backs and ask for help.
"Off in a huff when you don't get your way. As usual... But Terance dear, I'm not asking you to like it or support it, just accept the fact that your daughter is a lesbian. And if you're not willing to do it for me.. than do it for her sake."

I shrug;
"I'm really not sure. Apollo had some sort of plan when he came here.. but he didn't share it with me as usual."
"Sounds like Ivan sometimes. I guess we can go talk to your mother at least..."

I glance at Leah and shake my head.
"I only did that twice and that was years ago."

"We can discuss this when the fate of the Sector isn't hanging in the balance. Nothing you say or do will change my mind, end of discussion for now." Opening the door, I step in. "Now if you'll excuse me, I've some hell raisers to contact."


Coming back from the training range, huffing slightly from the revamped training bots, I look at Amanda. "What didn't I do as usual?"
I sigh and nod, heading back downstairs.

"That's true... Ah yes, Apollo, just why did you stop by here? Your message didn't say.."
"Just lead on when you are ready." I say as I nuzzle my head against hers.
Getting off if Zarkun doesn't respond shortly.

"Will do..."
I murmur, holding her close.

Reaching the bottom of the staircase, I smile as I watch my daughter and Leah;
...if I hadn't met Terance... ah, save that thought for another lifetime girl...
OOC: He is playing ToR right now last I knew.

I wrap my arms back around her closing my eyes as I rest my head on her shoulders.
Alright. I'm off then.

Resting my head atop hers, and start to relax, only to pop my head back up as I hear my moms voice;
"Well.. I'm glad to see the two of you getting along so well."

"Thanks mom."
I say quietly, blushing a little.

Alicia snorts and turns her attention to Leah;
"Well you have to be something in order for my daughter to blush over you. The last time she did that was when she brought home her first. I'm Alicia Remington."
She says offering a hand shake to Leah.

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