[Bug] What happened to Data object explorer?

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When viewing a unit in data editor, I could see attack actors, missile units, attack sounds, missile models, and other values that were tied to the unit in some way. Highlighting weapons showed these ties to the attack actors, and missile unit through launch missile effect. Other data fields would cross link to show everything involved in that object.

But... This is no longer the case, making it much harder to duplicate units. I cannot see many of the various data objects that are connected to the unit in some way, yet the unit requires them to function correctly. This is very inconvenient in many ways: it lengthens development time and makes more room for errors. It also makes it harder to track everything that is connected to the unit and trace errors in the various fields.

I really want a response Blizzard I'm upset about this change in the editor and I see nothing about it anywhere, no explanation as to WHY it was changed. It's been the same for years now, why try to fix what's not broken? Or is it broken? If so can we get a fix? Can I please get some kind of response on this issue because I'm losing interest in SC2 editting unless I get some kind of workaround to get the editor to work the way it used to.
So Basically it impossible to make unit duplication for Tower & Mobs in a Tower Defense or make the process of a map like WoW TD or Nexus War Squadron very annoying and rather taking Forever to fix the problem
Why this thread was unanswered ? This is a very important issue blizzard

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