Savagery Among the Orderly Pre-RP

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"We are the Protoss. In the current days we are known in the form of orderly, powerful, homogenous, and nearly divine beings. If we dived further into our technology, we would be at a god-like status, just as our own guides were, the Xel'naga, but we value stability too much for that. We are known as beings of uniformity, as well as great and noble warriors. But I have seen our true nature. I have seen our race during the Aeon of Strife. I have seen ourselves as the beasts we truly are. You have most likely heard of what it was like, but that is nothing compared to experiencing it. We were more savage than the Zerg, we had a distrust of each other that even Terrans wouldn't imagine, and our blue blood flowed freely across Aiur. I can divulge the full secrets of this time of destruction through the eyes of the most civil of our race during those dark days, the eyes of the Shelak Tribe. I will show you our tale, if you wish to know it, and have the strength of mind." The old Preserver of your colony says this to you, the adults had always said that he was off, that he was slightly insane, and you had started to agree now.

This is an RP about the Aeon of Strife, and will be taking place early on. You will be an early Protoss of the Shelak Tribe, and the technology would be stone age era, but shields and Psionics are still capabilities, although shields are not augmented by technology. The Protoss have a few classes, however these are basic guidelines as to your Psionic potency, your physical endurance, your shields, and skills, they are not strict and narrow-minded.

Having trained to focus their Psionics to combat purposes, Psi-Warriors have strong shielding, and are quite well trained in the use of melee bludgeon weapons. However, their disipline in the use of ranged weapons and sea-faring techniques are quite thin. Often times they are seen as barbaric, although they can be considered the most loyal. They are not quite as capable of using Psionics beyond their shields and improving muscle reactions.
Starting Ability: Harden- The Psi-Warrior increases the strength of his shields greatly for a short time, making them near indestructible. At the end of the duration the shields are lost for a small amount of time.

Keepers are highly educated, for the savages of the Aeon of Strife. They dedicate themselves in the research, defense, and capturing of Xel'naga artifacts. They are disciplined in the ability to form devastating attacks with pure Psionic energy, but as such they often put very little into their shielding, although it could be different where they have great amounts of shielding, but as they go into the offensive the shielding disperses. They hold little discipline with weapons and few know the way of the sea.
Starting Ability: Meditate- The Keeper enters a state of meditation, in which his/her shields strength increases Immensely. protecting them from harm. During this state, they will be incapable of movement or fighting, but will heal their wounds. Upon exiting their meditation, their next attack or ability will be strengthened heavily.

They are well-trained in the forging of items. Artisans have recently entered military roles when they are of weapon and armour smithing. As such they are poorly disciplined in Psionics, and are not trained to endure hits. They rely on their superior technology to claim victory. Although they have superior weapons and armour, it is not overwhelmingly such. With the rest of the world plunged into the world of the stone ages, Artisans are capable of working a basic copper-like metal, and not to the proficiency that it is extremely strong.
Starting Ability: Empower- The Artisan uses the little Psionics (s)he has and empowers their weapon for a short time, allowing for more powerful strikes.

They have utilized their Psionics to be able to mask themselves, although not to the point of invisibility, and some of the more powerful are capable of making illusions. They most usually will use bows and knives to deal with their threats. Their energy put into their masking and illusions have caused weakened shielding and their need for nimbleness has put their armour to very little.
Starting Ability: Echo- The Stalker creates an echo of his/her voice somewhere among the battlefield, bringing attention to that area if from a relatively concealed area.
Note: The Stalker will be a very hard to use class, even as a guideline due to its reliance on stealth. You need to be very aware of the battles, the environment, and most of all, you will have to think the absolute most about everything to avoid detection and being attacked.

Character Format:
Name: (Can just be a first)
Class: (If there are too many of one class, I will have to put a limit and some may have to switch classes)
Age: (Be reasonable with this, Protoss are long lived. The age of 100 ain't gonna be old enough)
Appearance: (Just in case you're retarded, you must be Protoss)
Weapons: (Stone Age tech if non-Artisan, if Artisan, very early Bronze Age)
Abilities: (The starting ability of your class, plus one custom. Within reason and stick to a class-oriented one)
Backstory: (Isn't really needed, but it is kind of helpful)

"This feels a little premature to be putting out, but whatever. I will likely make some edits, and suggestions are acceptable."
Seems interesting, but as I'm about to start school, I'd rather not find myself over-stretched. Once I get back into the rhythm, I may join, provided that I have the time. (and that this is still open of course)
prolly will make a Keeper. just need a bit of time to think and write up the char.


Unfortunately, my power cord broke. I am currently borrowing someone else's computer to type this and they are glaring at me and requesting it back...


I have no idea which class to be, though...
I may join if I have time. No promises though, as it is I'm barely able to post in Epilogue (mind you, that's mostly because I don't really know what to do there :/), and then school's starting soon, and I also promised to apply for Sandbox. So maybe.
He is very muscular from working in his forge, but otherwise not very large. Has green eyes. His psi-tendrils are very long. There are several purplish scars on his face, caused by carelessness or bad fortune while working.
Long knife and hatchet. Knows how to use a bow somewhat proficiently, but doesn't have a bow and doesn't know how to make one (though he does know how to make arrows).
Empower, ???
Un'dara is fairly quiet. He is not a warrior at heart, preferring the safety of the Shelak Tribe's holdings. He has gone out to battle in the past, and knows how to fight, but is not very skilled in combat.

Not going to choose my second ability yet. First I'd like to know:

Would creating a weapon or trap at a forge/worktable/etc count as an ability, or would that simply be given since he's an Artisan?




Body shape is lean, often wearing ropes with a several shamanistic beads hanging from his belt. Carries a journal hanging from the same belt.

Doesn't carry weapons.

Meditate, Rejuvenate (Heal ally wounds and removes fatigue. Power varies on amount of energy spent).

Resson is peaceful and difficult to truly anger. Prefers to avoid fighting and take in the knowledge around him, but is willing to fight if necessary. However, he avoids killing whenever possible.
08/27/2013 11:20 PMPosted by Naitsrich
Carries a journal hanging from the same belt.

It wasn't till nearly the very end of the aeon of strife that the Shelak learned to draw (Only Savassan and Temla to be exact) so only after the Aeon of Strife would the Protoss have really learned to write.
Fegel actually has a point there ... I'll work on a char soon
Name: Kaas
Class: Stalker
Age: 277
Appearance: Rather young and has a smoother complexion and his skin is one of the darker shades of purple-blue ish color. He wears a dark, long tunic and matching mask. He has a long scar on his eye from a battle with a powerful warrior.
Weapons: Carries 2 knives made from a durable black slightly transparent rock, much like a gem. One is hooked the other is a bit longer and curved. And a shortbow.
Abilities: Shadow Step - Steps become almost noiseless for a short time. (This includes any gear I have on me makes no sound as well)
Backstory: to be written
Name: Kora'sani
Class: Keeper
Age: 250
Appearance: Slender well toned and slightly shorter than most protoss standing just under two meters(seven feet but she stands about 6'9"). Her tendrils extend from behind a small head crest bound together by a leather strap. She generally wears leather robes with a belt at her waist.
Weapons: Claws(ALL protoss have these), a bone knife and makeshift sword made of bone with stone shards as the blade.
Abilities: Meditation, Psionic pulse(generates a wave of energy that repulses foes and might end up causing injuries)
Backstory: N/A

Name: Aldranis
Class: Stalker
Age: 238
Appearance: 7‘4, Muscular but lean, light blue skin color, Short Tendrils. He wears a very light brown leather armor, as well as a mask over his face made from bone, which is painted black.
Weapons: Serrated Stone Knife; Small Reflex Bow w/ Arrows, And a stone club as an emergency weapon.
Abilities: Echo, Blend (Mixes with the environment, becoming completely invisible for a short time. Does not have usual invisibility powers for a time after this.

Backstory: Born to a family of Keepers in a rival tribe, he and his 4 brothers were all fiercely competitive growing up. When it was found he was a Stalker, and his brothers were all keepers, they began taunting him and bullying him. To combat this, he began playing tricks and jokes on them. The bullying and jokes both got more intense, until finally, his parents had enough and sent him off to a group made up of several other Stalkers, which was founded as both a refuge and training center. One day, their distrust of the Stalkers too great, the tribe attacked the small refuge. The others were killed, but Aldranis escaped and sought refuge at the Shelak tribe, where he now is arriving.
08/28/2013 03:45 PMPosted by FegelKitteh
It wasn't till nearly the very end of the aeon of strife that the Shelak learned to draw (Only Savassan and Temla to be exact) so only after the Aeon of Strife would the Protoss have really learned to write.

Wow. I actually looked up the Aeon and the tribe beforehand.......

Well, not a big deal.
08/27/2013 02:03 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Would creating a weapon or trap at a forge/worktable/etc count as an ability, or would that simply be given since he's an Artisan?

"I think it would be given, but remember that it would take a rather long while to create, well, anything."

08/28/2013 04:53 PMPosted by Korozain
Weapons: Carries 2 knives made from a durable black slightly transparent rock, much like a gem. One is hooked the other is a bit longer and curved

"To tell the truth, I am rather unsure about the knives... Yes, they are rock, but the hooked and curved parts also seem like they would take quite a bit of work and expertise, additionally, this makes me think obsidian, but just doesn't shatter. Which in itself, is extremely hard to work with. Additionally, I don't believe there was true shaping of weapons besides sharpening in the stone ages... I'll need to think on it a bit."

08/28/2013 05:10 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
a bone knife and makeshift sword made of bone with stone shards as the blade.

"Same issue as with Korozain's. I am fine with the bone knife, but I am unsure about the sword. It would be hard to bind together the stone shards (unless constantly exerting Psionic energy upon it) and knife were easier to make, Find a rock or bone, shape it into a sharp triangle shape, and use sinew to make the blade attach to the knife. So I will think on it a bit."

"Dacder, for the back story I am slightly unsure as well... It is a time of warfare, and due to the Shelak being big targets and Stalkers being assassins and all, well, Aldranis would be completely untrusted, and maybe even killed for looking at someone the wrong way or touching a weapon when in conversation."
Name: Orakin
Class: Psi-Warrior
Age: 326
Appearance: Thick-set Protoss with shorter psi-cords. Roughly 7' 10", scarring all along the body which he somewhat displays to his enemy. Loosely-fitting clothes and a pair of greaves, along with a pair of worn hide forearm guards, looted from a past enemies.
Weapons: A thick club with a rock at the end, Rocks, Claws
Abilities: Harden, Frenzy (Noticeably increases speed in both movement and attacking)
Backstory: Born within the Shelak tribe with a lust for combat. Although it has toned down a bit from what it was previously, sometimes the urge comes back in the form of a battle frenzy, but he keeps himself in order when the fighting begins.
Glad to see this getting back online.

Thanks for answering question, SF.

For my second ability: Psi-Shout.

Has an effect on psionic foes somewhat like screaming in a Terran's ear at the top of your lungs. Disruptive, distracting, painful. Will stun the weak willed and momentarily daze the strong willed.
"Sorry about abandoning this, again, but I am really damn lazy.

"Dacder, you, and everyone else, must understand at this time someone not from within the tribe would be heavily distrusted, so with this knowledge, are you absolutely sure about that backstory?

"Jester, it looks good and it will be good to have a more durable guy on the team.

"Morph, after the explanation on Deviantart, I suppose your sword works.

"Seems good, Knarled.

"And for all you with melee weapons, don't charge in like you are invincible. For Jester this is lessened due to him being rather durable, unlike the rest of you, but it does still apply to even him. I will be starting this, well I hope for next weekend."
"Anyone remember this still? I think I'm gonna boot it up on Wednesday/Thursday."
yes been wondering when it would launch

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