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Sup everyone

I play all three blizzard games, sc2, d3 and wow

Do the previous wow collector editions give portraits / things to sc2 and d3? Anyone know? (I know cataclysm does, what about the originals like BC etc) ?

Thanks in advance
Not sure, but I don't believe so. I don't play WoW though, so I don't really know.
Thanks for the reply Owlfeathers! I am just wondering because I love the portraits / stuff you get in D3 and wondering if I'm missing out on some if I don't have for example.. Wrath of the lich king collectors.. I think Cata is the first that offers things like that. Not sure where to search so I apologize in advance to post ni these forums lol
wrong forum
you just had to necro -_-
Luma, what did I tell you the last time you said that? If you don't want it necro'd, DON'T POST IN IT!

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