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I nod and look around surveying the tunnel some.

I walk over to Sylva and John glancing at the mercs and listening. I was a bit on edge even though they were likely friendly.
"We've been here for a'couple of weeks. The government I guess forgot to tell you Geists that we control this area as our base of operations. Now if you want to see the boss then you gotta go inside, okay," the soldier was explaining to John about this.

[Academy Ruins]

Cynthia quickened her pace as they rounded around a corner in the tunnel. "It is possible that they incorporated the DNA into their system to help fight back intruders or anyone that could cause harm to them. So we can't be picky at this point and we must go with what we manage to get."
"If that is so ... you'll be part zerg ... and I know you don't want that ..."
Morph, FS has a post for you.
Melekor awoke in a cold sweat.


That was the name in his mind. He had his answer. Was it worth it? He looked at himself. He was shaking, he was pale, the veins stood out on his skin, every muscle in his huge body bulged with strain. He couldn't see his own face, but knew it looked horrible. His hands were rippling, reflexively, compulsively trying to change their shape into a thousand things at once.

His first guess was that this was not worth it. The drug his prescient pet had given him had wracked his body and mind with pain. The hours of nightmare he had just escaped from left him drained from unconscious thrashing and dry-throated from screaming in terror. He was glad his room was soundproofed and sealed tightly. He could not afford to be seen like this.

He glanced at a chronometer. He had been here for a long time, held in the grip of drug-induced slumber. His servants would be wondering. He was exhausted and felt hungry as he had not for a long, long time. He starved himself on occasion, knowing it gave him strength, but... there was a difference between self-inflicted pain that could be banished at any time and a foreign pain that might not be dismissed so easily.

He fairly hurled himself out of his kingly bed. He needed food and needed it now. He devoured the small platter of fruit sitting on his reading table. Not filling, but enough to sate his starvation until he could clean himself up. He couldn't go before his minions like this. He would not suffer himself to be humiliated in such a way.

A few minutes later, he walked out of his room smiling regally and with his clothing and mane carefully adjusted. He ordered food brought to him and ate it as quickly as he could without sacrificing his dignity. The whole time, though, one question remained in his mind: Was that torture worth it?

He doubted it was, but now that it was over he was going to reap its bounty, no matter how small.
The Behemoth is soon within orbit of the planet and I show the Cerebrate the perfect place to construct a Hive Cluster, it was a massive field of Rich Minerals, Vespene Geysers, and Crystalized Vespene. The only Terran presence was two run down houses, some Vespene Harvesters, and a ring of Auto Turrets surrounding the property.
The Cerebrate watches the turrets, and sends out a few Overlords, loaded with Screamer Zerglings and Hydralisks. The overlords fly down, closing in close with the turrets and absorbing the fire. Two Overlords stay back, unloading their cargo some distance away and dropping Hydralisks down to fire, while, up close, the four overlords unleash a swarm of Screamer Zerglings on the turrets and hovering nearby.

The Cerebrate observes the increasingly injured Overlord, and begins to morph another to replace it, while observing the auto-turret from its eyes, as if to watch how it works.
The turrets shoot the Screamer Zerglings as soon as they are unloaded, however their tough carapaces were rather hard for the bullets to penetrate and cause full damage and their sharp blades sliced through the turrets with ease. Meanwhile an alert is sent to both houses that some of the turrets are shooting at something.
[Flint Sr]
I laugh slightly at the broodmothers futile attempt to unlock my genetics. She would first off need much more than what little blood and other genetic material that her little zerg collected off of me and my body was, or at least should have been, destroyed with KLR9.

[John Jr]
I sigh slightly and shake my head.
"It is likely that they told Poltergeist that you were here and no one updated the information or it just didn't get passed along. As for speaking with you commander I would like to. Please lead on." I say as I lower my weapons but not my guard.

I send the same transmission as before to the registered comms of Amanda Apollo and the landing station of this particular hanger.

Stirring is heard from with in John's cabin from a nearby door.
The Cerebrate orders the Zerglings to engage the closest turret, and has the Hydralisks engage the same turret, bringing the Overlords toward the turrets, save for two of them, moving them to get sight on the houses. What was inside is what the Cerebrate was interested in.
Mnemonic Preserver Strain

Memory Archive of Broodmother Shal'thas

Note on Genetic Experimentation

Progress is slow and grudging. The strand is highly complex. My studies have shown that the earliest forms of this essence came from the Swarm - John Flint's powers were derived from the fusion of Changeling DNA into his own weak Terran strands. The essence has obviously evolved since then, though, which explains the almost supernatural powers the creature was endowed with in life. These mutations seem impossible in some ways. Most seem random, but it is almost as if some... higher power guided his evolution. My initial theory, that Terran scientists had experimented on him, seemed supported by earlier genetic memories, but later modifications are easily beyond the power of Terrans. Despite the difficulties I have encountered so far, I will continue to experiment. I have already isolated some strands that may be of use. I feel the glimmering of a plan coming together... but more research must be conducted.

I am most pleased by the results of my joint-effort with the creature Scylla. I do not know how she intends to utilize the strands we spun, but I have already begun to incorporate them into my brood. The Splitters are highly advanced, but not so much as the Protoss. Perhaps once I have acquired the essence of the so-called Chrono Splitters, I will devise a method for finally defeating Protoss genetics, the greatest challenge ever faced by the Swarm. Even failing in that, the Queen of Blades will be most impressed by my accomplishments when she returns. If she returns.
As Shal-thas works more with the essence of Flint Sr she notices that start to alter itself making some of the earlier research almost useless. Flint Sr starts to laugh more from where he is in the Void.
Do you know what it’s like to be abandoned?

To lose everything, to be left for dead, after you did all you could for your master, faithfully, without question? To be forced into exile, presumed dead by the universe, including your former master, who forced you to kill all you ever knew?

No, you do not know what I have been through. All that you need to know is that I will have my vengeance. Once I served her, never again. I must find her, make her pay for what she has done to us, make her pay for her crimes against all. But especially for those against me.

I was her loyal lieutenant, I did all I could for her, I never failed her. I brought her power and success, I did my duty, and was stabbed in the back for it. I destroyed the colony of August, I destroyed my own race who were turned into slaves, I defended Tarsonis, I destroyed Talemetros, I killed my peers, and I defeated the grand alliance against my now-powerful master. I was then used for petty errands, which paved the way for what was to come.

After the errands, I was cast out. I was doomed. But I would not stand for it. I found some of my formers, and convinced them to follow me. I went to the edge of the universe and hid there, I grew. I became strong again. Now, I am ready for my vengeance, to unleash hell on all that is left in the universe, I am ready to fulfill my destiny, the destiny of the TRUE Zerg, not of the imposters that are left.

I.......I, am the Cerebrate. I am hope. I am death.
The Cerebrate turns its attention away from the battle, sighting into the Void, to its anchor within the Void. It glances around in the maddening darkness, looking around. It wonders what else exists within the darkness, and without hesitation, sends into the Void a message, almost like a note to someone or something, anyone or anything. What lies......within the shadows? New opportunities...... new beginnings....... It turns its attention back to planetside, knowing that it had some privacy within the ever-flowing darkness.
The Turret goes down though the three other turrets in range were still firing upon the Zero, targeting the Zerglings first.

Cooter awoke from his sleep, the alarm was going off, he thought it was some of those stinking fiends from one of those mining companies trying to get at his minerals, but the alarm would have stopped by now. He grabs his pair of trusty binoculars to see what was going on. He couldn't believe his eyes, Zerg trying to steal his DANG minerals. As he ran outside to his modified Siege Tank he contacted Bubba over the radio, "Bubba get yer lardass up, theirs some Zerg tryin to steal our dang menerals!" He heard a snort before Bubba said back to him "Let's whack these critters!"
That is so ridiculously exaggeratedly stereotypical it makes me cry.
I return to that was designated as the assembly area.
"Here ya go. Got some more things off the list."

I pause from my work for a moment turning to Amanda and Apollo. "What is the status of Ivan's ship?"

"We'd probably ought to get moving Terra. I'm sure there is much that can be done especially right now."
I honestly thought War had addressed this already.


Noting the message, I hit a button on my wrist PDA that opens the hangar for Delta. "It's here."


Sighing slightly in disappointment, I nod. "You're right. Let's go."
I smile slightly scanning for where the ship was landing.
"Good that means I can get started on making the smaller parts for your mech here."
I turn to face the general area of where the ship landed and start to head that way.

"Don't worry. If we manage to survive this we will have time for other things."

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