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I open my eyes and sit up curious as to the strange sound. "John is with Sylva ..." I slowly get up taking hold of a katana.

I follow close behind John but remain silent.

I wait on the landing pad eyeing the mercs.

[Near the Ruins of KLR9]
A good sized fleet drops out of warp near the destroyed asteroid and goes right to work Salvaging and looking for any possible survivors.
More movement is heard from behind the door. It sounds similar to that of zerg claws on a metal floor. Judging by the sound though it doesn't seem like what ever it is is trying to escape.
I slowly move towards the door curious my katana ready but not ignited. I also reach out to try and psionically sense what was behind the door.
The creatures mind was definitely zerg but it wasn't linked to any high zerg. Not much more could be sensed aside from that.
The creature stops moving as soon as Victoria's mind brushed against it's own. It didn't recognize the mental presence and curled up tightly in a corner of the room it was in watching and waiting....

As the ship sits there, the empty universe around it begins to stir.

Off in the distance, getting closer, there are bringers of death. They have awakened, confused and frightened, and now are lashing out as their first instinct, led by a leader with no other goals in mind but a destiny that it hopes to fulfill. It hopes to bring back the glory of those lost, to restore it’s own sense of order to the universe, to regain the power and prestige of what was once feared but now is unknown.

And it’s minions approach, to begin it’s goal, to set into place this creature’s destiny, to start something which, as far as they are concerned, cannot be stopped. This is the beginning of an era, this is the beginning of the end.

On board the ship an alarm goes off alerting the crew that something was nearing. The salvage ships quickly return and the ship's crew prepare for fight and/or warp jump.
"... why the hell would John keep a lobotomized zerg around ..." I open the door keeping my katana ready as I look around for the zerg.

I arch an eyebrow and glance at John but don't bring up what I was getting from Victoria right now.
The creature looks towards the door it's head tilting slightly as Victoria opened the door. It didn't recognize her scent at all. It stays curled up in it's corner watching her curiously.
"What ... Why would John keep you around?" I sort of ask it touching its mind again gently as I look it over but keep a slight distance.
The creature looks are her again curiously not really responding. It slowly uncurls itself cautiously approaching Victoria smelling her.
I keep my guard up keeping an eye on the defiler but let it smell me.
It snorts after a few minutes of smelling Victoria then retreats to it's corner curling back up.
In it's mind Victoria can see images of John's father tending to the defiler as though it was a pet and then images of John doing the same. Then an audible memory sifts into view mentioning it's name. Garreth.


Having probed at the ship, the Zerg attack now gets much more intense. The Mutalisks dive in, taking shots against the hull, trying to cause what damage and casualties they can. The Corrupters focus on the more important parts of the ship, and keep their distance, as several of them fire upon the bridge, creating a scene of hellish chaos. Far away, Kalmire smiled.

The crew of the ship quickly start manning the defensive turrets taking down as many of the fliers while the ship finishes readying for warp jump to the rest of the fleet.

An alert is sent to the mercenaries that were currently approaching KLR9's wreckage.
Warning multiple defense systems are still active.
Approach at your own risk.
"Garreth ... interesting name ... so your a pet ... still going to talk with John about you later ..."

The General reads the message and nods sending it to the rest of his men. {Stay on your toes and disable any turrets that get in the way. Try not to destroy them if possible.} Several dropships leave the larger Capital ships and head for the ruined station. A number of Fighters also zip out organized into squadrons of 12 as they provide cover for the dropships.
The defiler lets off what sounds like a snort again before curling up tighter in it's spot.

[John Jr]
I turn to face Sylva real quick. "Figured you might have stayed with the group."
"Ok ... I'll leave you alone then ..." I exit the room closing the door behind me before laying back down.

"Eh ... I'd rather make sure you don't get into any trouble ..."
Four Screamer Zerglings peel off and rush toward the tanks, and as another turret buckled under the attack, half the Hydralisks peeled away and started engaging Cooter's tank, sending high-powered armor-piercing spines.
Cooter hopped into the tank and quickly shifted the thing into Siege mode and fired four shots at the Hydralisks which turned them into bloody paste on contact. The Hydralisks spines impaled themselves into the front armor of the Siege Tank, embedding themselves deep inside the thick armor and hull. Bubba had gotten into his modified Hellion and raced towards Cooter. When he had gotten infront of Cooter's Tank he quickly transformed it into Hellbat mode.

Hearing something off in the distance, Kalmire turns its attention to the void from which this message came, and without hesitation responds.

Yes, New beginnings, but perhaps also the restoration of what once was. To go back, rather than to go forward.


Unphased by the turrets thundering around them, the Zerg continue their brutal assault, upping the aggression even more, and starting to cause serious damage, as well as severe casualties to those inside. Without fighter craft to oppose them, the Mutalisks do as they please, performing acrobatic maneuvers when needed to avoid turret fire, and concentrating their own fire on the turrets in response, destroying several of them.
The Cerebrate watches the vehicles, and recalls all the Zerg back into the Overlords, leaving the weakened Overlord and an empty one to continue toward the modified vehicles, with the others trailing behind it. The Cerebrate sends Mutalisks down, but debates on whether or not they will be actually needed.
I nod;
"Awesome. Let's get all this unloaded and see about putting this bloody thing together."
I say, thumbing the frame for the ship and start to unload the pallet.
"Yes but at this point we don't have much choice, now do we?" Cynthia was being more assertive and perhaps a nice clean death shall come for her once it's all over...

[John and Company of Mercs]

"We are almost there. You may keep your weapons on you though if you threaten someone with them or shoot someone then we are shooting you or taking your gun away. Okay? Okay." They rounded a corner and a quick code was pushed in.
[John Jr]
I frown at the merc who was talking to me.
"My weapons should be the least of your worries right now."

"Sounds like a plan." I say as I assist in unloading the pallet.

The captain of the curses and issues the order to jump even though the coordinates for it where not finished.
In a matter of seconds the ship disappears from the view of the attacking zerg and work on getting back to the main fleet.

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