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Unloading the pallet in an organized fashion, I head of to the comp and take a look at the modified schematics;
"Now... What first?..."
"Probably the where we are going to put the engine. Need that up before we can get the engine in place and making sure it works."
"Cooter what are they dooin?" Bubba asked over the radio, clearly confused, "Don't know, don't care, just shoot em dead!" The modified vehicles fire a volley of Heavy Hell Fire Missiles which bring the weakened Overlord down, Bubba then started firing at the other Overlord with the Auto Cannon's and Cooter fired two shots at the Overlord with his Siege Cannon.
The Overlords move into position above the two vehicles, and the purpose was clear. The Overlords drop the Screamers right on top of the vehicles, and slam into the Hellbat, off-balancing it, and tipping it over. Hydralisks drop down among the chaos, unleashing a volley of spines at close range directly into the tank, not knowing that the pilot of the tank was in the middle of it. The Screamers claw away at the armor of both the tank and the Hellbat, threatening to strip the vehicles of their armor.
"Sheet Bubba we may have to activate our Super Escape Plan!" as Cooter says this he spun his tnks turret around, knocking any zerg on top and on the hull off before converting back into Tank Mode and driving away while shooting at the Zerg, "We will have to activate the plan." as Bubba said this he gave the Screamers a face full of napalm before transforming the tipped over Hellbat into Hellion mode, knocking the Screamer's off and fleeing, while they were stupid they knew when they were outgunned and out numbered. "Hey Bubba atleast we have sum soveniors." he said referencing to the Hydralisk spines that had almost shot into the cabing but were just barely stopped by the armor.
The Cerebrate recalls the Screamers and Hydralisks, but watches through the eyes of the Mutalisks as they dive down and attack the vehicles before flying off. The Cerebrate orders several drones down via Overlords while sending the Screamers and Hydralisks around the perimeter and having them burrow down.
The two then pushed a button in their vehicles (more like hitting them multiple times) and the ground between the houses began to open up and a launch pad with an old Medivac stocked with beer which had been modified with multiple turrets. Cooter shot one last volley of Hell Fire missiles before they drove into the Medivac and flew away, activating the Emergency Thrusters.
Why do I get the (gut-wrenching) feeling that these are going to become recurring characters...
09/04/2013 06:39 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Why do I get the (gut-wrenching) feeling that these are going to become recurring characters...


Also if Jen gets accepted you could maybe invade the planet she lives on with your Splitters.
Perhaps. HOwever, Melekor is not really the planet-invading type.
The Cerebrate focuses the Mutalisks on the Medivac, and watches the Hatchery grow. It turns its attention back to the Medivac and focuses the Mutalisks on the rear of the vehicle. It then turns its attention to the Hatchery, sending the drones to mine while sending an Ultralisk down to rip the structures apart.
OOC: Well maybe he would send a small squad of specialists to try to capture her. If he tries to convince her to join she will just say no because as long as her home (Paradise) is all right she would give two !@#$s about what happens to the outside universe.

The Turrets on the Medivacs turn on the Mutalisks and begin to fire, when it reached orbit the Medivac began to warp out. The Ultralisks made short work of the shoddily made structures, however their was still the problem of the remaining turrets which had been out of range during the initial attack though Ultralisks could clear them out in minutes.
09/04/2013 06:57 PMPosted by FegelKitteh
as long as her home (Paradise) is all right

Well, in that case... that might have to change.
The Cerebrate morphs drones and Overlords to expand the Swarm's control, and orders the Mutalisks to work with the Ultralisk to clean up the remaining turrets. It then orders a Queen, the last member of the group it came with, down toward the planet to oversee the Hatchery. The Cerebrate debates going landside itself, but instead peeks back into the Void while work began.
Bob swiped a rag across the counter, clearing away the worst of the grime. He grimaced at the layer of filth that still remained, sighed, and turned away, reaching for a handful of peanuts.

"Hey Bob, mind if we git some o' them over here?"

With a dazzlingly yellow smile, he dumped peanuts into a bowl and set them on the counter. "Sure thing, Gerry. So, how's the wife doing these days? She gettin' out of it?"

The other man scowled. "Ain't seen no light at the end uh this tunnel yet. She's still in the hosp'tal. Doct'rs 'r sayin' she might not make it."

Bob shook his head sadly. "Sure don't seem fair, does it? A man'd think they'da figured out how to cure that stuff in the last five hundred years 'r so."

Gerry sighed. "Jess like you say, Bob. 'S gettin' t'where Ah think Ah cain't take another day o' it."

The proprietor leaned across the counter. "Don't let it git yer hopes down, pal. I know it seems hopeless, but sometimes that's what life's about, right? Sometimes 'tis the hard things in life that make it worth livin'. Bess may be in bad shape, but ya got 'er, right? Ya ain't livin' apart like Elvin 'n' his woman."

Bob watched to see the effect of his words. After a moment, Gerry smiled faintly. "Yew always got some words o' inspiration for me, Bob. Don't know what Ah'd do without ya."

"I'm jest a fellow man. I know what yer goin' through. Sometimes that's all it takes."

Gerry looked up. "Didn't you lose yer woman to cancer?" He ducked his head. "Sorry. Jess Ah heard that offen someone."

The bartend's jaw tightened slightly. "Naw, don't worry. S' been years. A lot longer'n you might guess. Reckon I'm past that."

The conversation was interrupted by two newcomers, one a tall, muscular woman with red-blond hair and a contemptuous countenance, the other a thin man with strange looking glasses and a blue tattoo of some foreign letter on his face. Bob's eyes narrowed. He hadn't seen them around before, but he knew who and what they were. "Hold on, Gerry. Think I might need to talk to these folks."

The big man glanced at them. "You gonna need..."

"I'll be fine. They're just some old friends, you might say."

Gerry grunted. "Reckon Ah'll give ye some room, then." He got up and left. Bob stared. That was unlike Gerry.

"Greetings... Bob." The tattooed man looked slightly embarrassed using that name. Bob allowed himself a small smile. That was one reason why he'd chosen this name, actually. "There is something we would like to discuss with you."
XD, best parody ever.
Parody? What is this "parody?"
Parody of Bubba and Cooter. And what evil plan do you have, blowing up Paradise would probably just make her hate the Splitters.
It's hardly a parody, more like an addition.

And I won't blow up Paradise. ANd if I do, Melekor will be sure to make her think he showed up just to save lives.

*light bulb*



So you are going to send Digon after her or you are going to have him cause utter havoc and make it seem Melokor saved the day? Still when she realized what she would be used for ( The enslavement of the Korprulu) she would leave.

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