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Well Zark so far not much from you last post at the top of the prior page.
KO has created a new changeling that has split personalities.
The work on Amanda and Apollo's mech is moving.
John is bout ready to talk to a merc leader that is CR's character.
Mecha and Jester are working their cerebrate Sub-plot still.

[John Jr]
"Too late? What is that supposed to mean?"
I was getting a feeling that this man wasn't exactly fond of Poltergeist and working with him would be difficult. I didn't have many options left now so I had to work with what I could find.
"What I mean to say is that you aren't late as I was thinking about heading over to the front lines. The areas where the Splitters would have the most interest with first.," Adelric explained to John while deciding to check back on the holographic projector which was being powered by the backup generators that they had found earlier. "Truth be told if you are looking for salvage then you wont be finding much here then our equipment that we are using pretty much."
[John Jr]
I nod looking towards the holographic projector.
"Then my business here is done unless you have something else you wish to discuss."
A snort came from Adelric as he was amused now by John. "You really should come up with a more... permanent plan than trying to salvage everything. Personally I would either take the fight in stealth ops directly at key Splitter forces or you could possibly just pool from the government... resources... money... After all they can't do jack !@#$ by themselves."
The Soldiers at Winchester's camp were safe behind the mine field, it was a sort of stale mate as if the Zerg went over the mine Field they would get blown to bits and mowed down and the soldiers dared not to cross and fight the Zerg,

At Ramona's camp all fire was focused on the Ultralisks and Torrasque and the Thors used their 920mm Strike cannons to pummel them.

The vikings at Tony's camp quickly shifted back into Fighter mode and lifted off and along with half of the Wraith's they began to go after the Scourge and Overseers. The other half of the Wraiths and the Banshees continue to bombard the landbourne Zerg and as time passed their was a steady decrease of craft in the air and an increase in the wreckage on the ground.

The Thor slowly started to get up and the Mercs prepared for another attack by the Worm.

Jen: Right as it looked like I would slam into the water I pull out of the dive and fly right above the water before starting to do a tight turn which caused the tip of my left wing to touch the water and kick up a beautiful spray before I dived into the water.
[John Jr]
I shake my head at the merc.
"I wasn't planning on salvaging everything. I am only taking what my people need to repair the ships we have as well as get our civilians to a safer place. As for pooling resources with the government, by the time they had anything mobilized to be moved to us at least three of my ships would have had their life support fail due to the over crowding on the ships not to mention not all of the ships are at full repair and what isn't repaired could cause more critical errors leading to more unnecessary losses."

"And don't you ever think that I am abandoning this fight. I am gathering what I can resource wise so I can strike back at this blasted Splitters." My voice elevates some as I speak to him. I felt insulted by him, as though he was questioning my the reason behind my decisions.

"Sounds like a plan." I say as I step over to the frame looking at what needed to go where while Jessica got started on the engine itself.
They are only the tattered remnants of a weaker being. Do not let them control you!

But.. they are so strong, and... pleasurable...

They may be useful to you. Just do not allow them to take control!

I hear... I will obey...

Suddenly the being becomes fully aware of the second mind that shares its body, far too foreign... and far too familiar...

Begone! Leave me!

No. You must learn to work as one being. If you cannot, I will unmake you and begin again.
"A weaker being? From these memories I see something different. A powerful man but not fully aware of it.... No self restrained. So much more he could have done, to save his family. To save himself...."

My mind brushes against the other one who I now shared this body with.
"I will not leave as this is my body as well. Like it or not we are one in the same."
Power is relative, young one. The creature whose essence I forged you from was strong. If he had not been, his essence would have been cast aside. But now, now you are born. What once was strong is now weak, for its likeness has been born into the Swarm, and what once seemed strong now pales in comparison to its new glory. That is the way of the Zerg.

Shal'thas looks at the form the creature has chosen for itself, and an idea begins to form in her mind.

Yes... perhaps I know of a way you can serve the Swarm. You speak of a family. They, too, must be made to serve the Swarm as you do. I will soon set you apart from Us, and then you will hunt down all who knew John Flint and give them to me. That is your mission. That is your purpose. Do you understand?
"I understand. Deceiving them shouldn't hold much an issue as long as he is not present and is still alive. I do doubt how ever that bringing them into the swarm will be easy. A few of the memories are fragmented yet are slowly pieciing themselves together... I will see what they yield in information about him and his kind."
I also see your plans, mistress, I remember... someone. A Terran. I see a face... but there is no name.

Shal'thas is pleased. You make rapid progress, my child. Now come, I will show you what must be done...

*fade to black with dramatic music*
Just going to point out that this is gonna fail on it's face because people watched him die.
People have watched him die before.

And I'd point out that people (perhaps unrealistically) didn't question it too heavily before.
Adelric gave a slight smirk as he leaned up against a structurally sound wall. "And before you start being all defensive, I know that you are doing the right thing, in your eyes. But you of all people should realize that you need to think about bigger targets! You need to play smart if you ever want to make it over to the big leagues! And you may have not known this but I *inherited* some very important documents. They could help us all but in the meantime they won't help us until the time being."
He was speaking lightly in terms of what he kept hidden from John and it was clear. Adelric was purposely letting loose information. "Get one of those special crystals from the Protoss if you can so you can work on your own reinforcement structure which you can use to invade Splitter ships with. This war needs sacrifices and martyrs."

OOC: @Knarled, that is blasphemy in the eyes of Zarkun. He will spout his "logical" whims against your "illogical" views.

Quite frankly I'm going to say that it could work. Especially with mental trauma and emotional damage it could very well work. Psychological warfare is very nasty business and can affect everyone. Not even the strongest will can survive.
And not everyone knows he is dead and Knarled is correct. He was "dead" before but now he is gone. Cynthia doesn't know that he is dead.
You see? That is one person that doesn't know he is dead. Ah, you gotta love this kinda stuff...
well at least two people know John is TRUELY dead in that his actual spirit is with the keeper and thus that this is not John Flint Sr at all.

I keep shifting through debris trying to find a more or less intact section of the academy and hopefully the lab they kept blood samples in.

I sit down with a sigh while I wait.

I listen but don't interupt.

The techs get to work but don't start cutting through the door instead they work to hack the controls while the soldiers make a defensive perimeter.
"You really think I have thought about trying to take out the bigger targets? Your more of a fool than I thought. You speak of making sacrifices and taking down bigger targets but here you are holed up here in an old base. Those protoss crystals by the way, you should probably be more specific when you refer to them as there are a few different ones and each has own use depending on the protoss." I step back from the table looking right up at Adelric. "What ever those documents are that you have 'inherited' I doubt they hold much if any information in regards to the Splitters. So now Adelric, anything else you want to add?"

We/I follow the broodmother.

The controls were going to take awhile as they were damaged some and that the main computer system had some of it's coding changed when it was hack previously.
The techs keep working repairing or bypassing the damage and then working around the coding changes. "Keep sharp boys and girls ... I've heard that Polt had some funky !@#$ ... if it aint one of ours or a civie shoot to kill." The groups CO says rifle at the ready and scanning all the time.
A few Soul kissers round the corner of one of the many hallways attached to the corridor the group of soldiers were in bounding towards the soldiers baring their teeth.
The soldiers open up concentrating fire on one at a time to bring them down quickly.
Two of them go down quickly leaving three more bounding towards the soldiers. One manages to get close enough to rip into one of the soldiers killing him rather quickly.

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