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I'd like to expand my music library! Share anything you listen to.
Even music from video games is acceptable.

nb4 rickroll, just no.
Seether, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Bullet For My Valentine, Slipknot, All That Remains.

Seether sample, Broken:

-Just a fantastic song. Makes me emotional every time.
-It's acoustic, so if you have an open mind at all, you'll love it. Just listen to the song.
-It's got Amy Lee in it :DDD Her voice is like an angel.

Three Days Grace sample, Chalk Outline:

-Blood pumping, great song.
-Artistic and arrhythmic
-If you like rock, this is the best there is.
-Awesome chorus :D

Breaking Benjamin sample, Until the End:

-Another Blood pumping song. One of my favorites.
- If you like hard rock, this is the best there is.
-Fantastic rhythm and tempo
-Another awesome chorus :P

Bullet For My Vallentine sample, Tears Don't Fall:

-If you like Metal, this is amazing.
-Chorus makes me die of amazingness
-Dat Double Bass :DDD
-Breath-taking intro :P "LETTTSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Slipknot sample, Dead Memories:

-This is alternative Metal. Also pretty mainstream. If you like Rock and you are open minded, you'll like this.
-Yet another amazing chorus :P
-If you've ever been in a relationship and aren't anymore, the lyrics speak right to you :P
-Incredibly artistic poetry used for lyrics.

All That Remains sample, Two Weeks:

-If you like heavy metal, this is the best there is.
-Extremely mainstream, if you like Rock at all, you'll like this.
-The Chorus, prechorus, and verses are amazingly blood-pumping. You'll be singing along by the second time you listen to it.

Let me know if you want more samples.
As for Video Game soundtracks, Mass Effect 3 stands unchallenged.

Leaving Earth -

Best soundtrack ever and makes me cry when it plays in-game :P

I Was Lost Without You -

When you're curling up with the love of your life before entering the last battle ever to face the galaxy, this song has power.
It's debatable on the Mass Effect part. And you are forgetting that certain songs fit a certain mood more so than others so a few of those Mass Effect songs in my opinion wouldn't go well at all with just about every thing. It all depends on the mood you are trying to accomplish.
Very true. The Mass Effect music is well placed in game and toys with your emotions. But when you just listen to it alone, it wont have the same effect. Gorgoroth unchain my heart nothing better to get you pumped to play
You my friend just opened one hell of a can 'o worms. This could be interesting.

Q-Factory (Epic Music)
- Eternal Empire

- Imortal Awakening

- Strength of Steel

Riptide Music (Epic Music)
- Ultraviolence

- Untied We Stand

- Pyrotechnics

Two Steps From Hell (Epic Music)
- Archangel

- Run Like Hell

- To Glory

Will probably add more.

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