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So. Lekroger is the new bartender.

I finally got my Spawning Pool Party...
Aye I am and congratz. I don't remember when I got mine nor what I had to do to get it.
You just have to play in a party with someone who has a lower expansion level than you or vice-versa.
Thanks for the drink, I'm off to bed.
*The song, What is Love, starts to play and my head begins to tilt back and forth for some odd reason*
Hmm, for some reason every time I hear that song I keep on doing that! I blame, Night at the Roxbury.
Standing up and tossing Kroger some credits, I head for the door, my revolver in it's holster as my spurs jingled with each step. Stopping at the door, I turn around and tip my hat to everyone. "If y'all need me, you got my number." Walking out, I sit on my Harley and start up the engine, the motor roaring to life as I take off down the road, vanishing into the sunset.

Very long time no see! Congrats on MVP!
Zanon! Good to see you around!... Make it over to Darkest Heart when you can, the RP could use the boost of one of your uber-posts.

Very long time no see! Congrats on MVP!

Hey thanks Zanon!
I will admit that MVP is something that I have considered trying to get for over a year, yet it seems that it is a status more reserved for people with a solid grasp on gameplay and an excellent disposition.

While I don't pretend to know all the inns and outs of this game, it isn't like I don't have the beginnings of a clue about it either.

I don't think anyone has anything terribly negative to say about me... so I should be good in the disposition category, and I do try to hear both sides of an argument before forming an opinion...

Ultimately though, who would see my MVP posts outside of Joeyray's Bar? And inside the bar I already have the respect of my peers.

Though it would make it easier to find my posts when looking back on a story...
School is so tiring this year for some odd reason. I know it's on the tip of my tongue yet I can't come up with the reason why. Perhaps it could be the fact that I know have lab in the afternoon now since I'm a senior.
Keep trying, you might one day become an MVP as well. Who knows, you might be the official JoeyRaysBar MVP one day.
09/05/2013 02:56 PMPosted by Duke
Keep trying, you might one day become an MVP as well. Who knows, you might be the official JoeyRaysBar MVP one day.


I have definitely come a long way since:
I'm now totally lost. I'm in the sickbay and still hungry.

Perhaps they have jello in here.
about two years ago.

This also reminds me that my character could not walk in a strait line though a star ship without getting lost :)

I always wound up in an inconvenient situation or in the same place I started (usually the sickbay or the hanger if memory serves)
Oh, and KnarledOne...

I was looking around the history a little and found your:
Allow me to elaborate ...

*dons spectacles*

Mockingjay and Zanon are not respected merely because they have been around for a long time but for other reasons.

Jay is well loved for her excellent (and, enragingly, unfinished) story Jay the Ghost. Also, she very rarely appears, a factor that causes reactions of delight in us middle-aged to old people because we remember fun times with them, times that are now gone. Jake and NickDaMan come to mind here, as they rarely show (though Jake pops up a lot more) and were once active, likeable members of the community.

Zanon is highly respected because of his reputation, mainly. There was a time when he was the sole reason this forum did not degenerate into chaos, simply because he was the most mature poster. He warned people when they started to move into the realm of the inappropriate, disgusting, or illegal. He handled trolls with maturity (Ace comes to mind), moving them towards becoming contributing members rather than just cussing at them. He helped newer posters with the laws of RPing and writing.

He doesn't do that as much anymore for two reasons:

A. He doesn't show up nearly as much these days, so the rarity of posting thing has begun to apply to him (begun? Who am I kidding, he has all but joined that group of people).

B. We, as a community, matured (I think). Most people in here are more tolerant (of trolls, one another's beliefs, noobishness, etc) than they were before. Also, we're all better writers for the most part.

Nice stuff to find.

Random question: Does anyone here use the LIKE button available on these forums?
Yep. I've liked about half of your uber-posts in the original DH as well as the redux. It's damn good writing.
Wait, there is a like button? Damn. :/
Man... I am going through my post history... Talk about blast from the past.

Dear reader,
The above is the work of ROGTARholy. Special posted so that the story could be viewed without having to see the discussion before each choice. I was glad that he did this because it made it very easy to read the complete story without interruptions from IAreLemmons, Myself, and others trying to control the direction of the story.

I Decided to bring this to first page so that those of you newer to Joeyray's can appreciate the fine work of someone no longer around.

I have never used the like button and nor have I actually loved or had a favorite of anything. What can ya say, I'm apparently different but oh well. And a lot of people are different in that regard and honesty I have never looked back through my history of most likely... embarrassment.
09/05/2013 04:50 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Wait, there is a like button? Damn. :/

If you hover over someone's post a like and dislike option appears below the
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