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I remember the Crash, it t'was truly an adventure where I threw some things into a bowl with a spicing of OP characters.

Even though I never was able to make an ending for the poor thing.........

The child was an experiment on the ship, created by Zanon. It was a pretty interesting character, too.

Keeping the story on the ship would be nice, considering that the story was on it for about one part out of the 15ish parts that this rp was around.
Exactly. It'd definitely would be much more interesting to see what kind of horrors would await the ragtag band of mechanics, scientist personelle, and a good few human experiments thrown together.
And perhaps...
a certain Changeling would appear... young, unknowing of what he is, and what he is to do with his newfound intelligence~?
Should make for some good comedy. Did in the original, after all. ;D
Though, Nait, do you have skype, by chance? We could potentially collaborate? The inspiration does come from YOUR old RP, after all. ^^
I do, in fact, have a Skype, and I wouldn't really mind chatting you either since I do believe we're around the same age.

After sitting on the idea of making a remake of (without all the shenanigans from the previous one), I do have some ideas of my own.
Alright then. Skype's SlenderBurrito. C:
SB, the changeling takes the shape of a SlenderBurrito and then proceeds to dominate the food chain. It is all going as planned.
But of course.
The plan shall continue, as planned, and unhindered.
SB, the Burritoling. C:
*burrito-s in the corner
It feel like I've missed something... yet nothing at all.

*Begins tinkering with an odd device. As I work, I change through multiple forms, the first a gnome. Then I dematerialize and rematerialize at the counter in normal form*

Hmm.... I'll have a Prismatic Void. Make sure that it's Prismatically Aligned.
A shot from a Prismatic beam comes through the window behind xer, miraculously only harming him. "There's your Prismatic Alignment."
10/26/2013 07:12 PMPosted by Zarkun
miraculously only harming him.

Nothing like a laser blast that harms you to wash away all your pain from nearly getting annihilated by most of the hostile species in one side of the galaxy or the other... *Writes a Reminder to enslave the Krakens at one of the Stargate Addresses*
I then proceed to deliver an atomic piledriver on xer's head, which turned out to literally be atomic.
Oh god, I remember these interactions.
Xer gets (insert various methods of utter obliteration and annihilation)-ed, then just springs back up like a freaking Water Bear.
"Well, he's yet to spring back up, so maybe that one did him in." I start washing away the ash and burn marks, making sure to get things cleaner than before.
Might I ask, my burrito-bro, what your story shall be called?
*Rematerializes, more harmed than was actually done*

So much for this thing... *Bangs the device then tosses it out the door, as it explodes, an equal amount of damage is inflicted upon myself*

Blasted device... So much for Prototype Mk 17...
I scratch my chin thoughtfully, finishing my cleaning perfectly. "It would seem atomic radiation is his weakness."
Well, my dear Split Personality, I believe something pertaining to at least a semi-well known, yet relevant saying. Perhaps something from one of my favorite Brits, Mr. Winston Churchill.
"We are all Worms, but I like to think of myself as a Glow Worm."
"You can always count on Americans to do the right thing: Only after they try everything else."
"I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I'll be sober and you'll still be ugly."
I really don't know. None of those make a good title.
Personally, I rather enjoy the last of those. It has certain.........pah, to it.

However, a personal title is not what I was referring to. The subject of my inquiry is the potential narrative of yours which has reached my ears.
---Reserved for Bar History & Events---

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I take it over. (Zanon's PRP Bar, parts 1-4)

Thundercrash takes it back. (Thundercrash Bar Dimension)

I take it back (Zanon's PRP Bar, parts 5-7)

I leave for a few days, and will it to Draconus (The New Bar, Parts 1-2)

Smylez hijacks the new bar. (Chaos)

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Zanon creates the United Bar Directorate [UBD] Clan.
Smylez Creates a list of RPs that could be completed or finished with a bit of work.
Chesty returns as BlackBear
Zanon gets stuck on planet employment.
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