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I have three ideas for Unit RP and can't decide between them.

The Long Voyage Home - Battlecruiser.
A group of UED loyalists steal a Battlecruiser, then must fight Zerg and worse as they try to return to Earth.

CARRION - Raven.
When the renowned CARRION facility comes under attack by the Swarm, the engineers inside must use Ravens to launch attacks against the Zerg while trying to survive the facility's infestation.

The Zerus Incident - Science Vessel.
A Science Vessel's crew must fight for survival when an anomaly takes them far from the Koprulu Sector to the Zerg homeworld of Zerus.
Either Long Voyage Home or CARRION. I like the idea of Long Voyage Home, and yet at the same time I think it would be fun to RP with Ravens...


My vote goes to CARRION, by a small margin.
Your input is appreciated as always, Owlfeathers.
Well out of those three I think Long Voyage Home and the Zerus Incident would be the most interesting and would possibly last a bit.
I would join either or of those two.
So going with the same system as last time, that gives us

Long Voyage Home - 3


The Zerus Incident - 1

I will wait another day or two for additional votes.
Long Voyage Home seems like it could be fun. It shows that even though you could never make it back home, you tried your best before you uneventful slaughter.
Long Voyage Home takes my primary vote ... would be ok with Zerus also ...
"Long Voyage Home. My vote will change The Zerus Incident only if I can RP as a Primal Pack and leader."

I sit down and continue. "And since I'm too lazy to voice my complaints on a site that might actually have people who care about what I am going to say, I will just complain about the sixth generation of Pokemon here.

"Who the hell in Game Freak decided it would be a good idea to make dragons weak to god damn tinkerbells? I don't know about Japanese culture and their view on fairies, but I bet it isn't mystical creatures with unlimited power. If they were to give dragons a weakness, why as insulting as a god damn fairy? I think fighting type would be a good choice there, as in almost all stories with dragons there is gonna be a strong warrior who triumphs over the dragon. And it isn't like the dragon type needs another weakness, yes they have amazing stats, but seriously. Let's look at the dragon-types that actually matter, as in the pseudo-legendaries. Three of the four of them are given a 4x weakness to ice, two of them lose their resistance to electricity and gain a weakness to rock. One of them lose their resistances to grass and water, and the last one gains a weakness to fighting and bug types. If people want to conquer a dragon type, they will teach their pokemon a god damned ice type move. There are plenty of them that are easy to get, blizzard, ice punch, and ice fang. In every game before you will even encounter a trainer with dragon type pokemon that can hurt you, you have access to ice type Pokemon and at least one ice type move. If there is any type that needs another weakness in my opinion, it is the steel-type."
Zerus though ONLY if we can TO as primal Zerg. Otherwise Carrion.

Also Flame I agree. I personally think they should focus on making some types not complete !@#$. Most poison Pokemon are garbage. Bug type also generally sucks though Gen V gave us some nice ones.
*Looks around the bar for a bit*
Ain't nobody around these past couple days it seems. Starting to look like Joeyray's need a kick start.
My vote is to the long Voyage home, Zerus in second.

About the Dragon-Fairy thing going on with Pokemon, it was a balance decision. Dragon-types were dominating competitions due to their amazing stats and only being weak to a small amount of types. Not many people would come in with Ice-types, because it's weak to more popular types.

The word "Fairy" may not even be talking about the ones like Tinkerbell. It could be referring to demoted angels, spirits of the dead, demons, elementals, or even minor gods. I have been hearing that in some folklore, fairies fought with dragons in some places.

EIther way, Clefairy can actually be called a Fairy now.
Well, I'm just getting busy with school... And between LA American gov & creative writing, I've had a lot of writing to do.
Understandable, really all that I need right now is for people to post in EP. Once that happens it should b moving a bit better.
Mecha, you're up in EP.
There are enough votes in one direction that I'm just eyeballing it. Long Voyage Home it is.

I'm too busy to do it right now, but I'll try and get some prep done and launch it next week.
i must say this forum feels a lot emptier then when i was last here
*attaches bacon to darkra for experimental gains*
Nobody can resist bacon (except for vegans and vegetarians but then they eat tofu bacon). And now Darkra, we need you to lure in and bait out the stalkers and then tag 'em and bag 'em.
I go into a hunger crazed frenzy and eat all the bacon. "what was that? i lost you after bacon"
*the bacon was sprayed with a micro-explosive*
"What do you think the stereotype is for a minor god or demoted angel? Elegant? Only fairy that falls into the that category would be Gardevoir. The rest are feminine and slightly cute child-like things. That makes me think a closer to our conception of fairies. They could have given fairies a resistance to dragons perhaps, but an immunity? That seems like one step too far. How much more likely would it be for a fairy type to appear, then a single ice type move? I actually think they should have gone with a different type, or at least not given fairies such dominance over dragons, I understand that dragons have high stats, but ice type moves decimate them, and all water-types can learn them, like the Nidorans and !@#$lypuff/Clefairy. Even Slaking can learn ice beam, and he has higher stats than quite a few legendaries (albeit having his ability a hinderance)."

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