I made something for you guys...

Joeyray's Bar
It's an ugly URL, but when It's finished and on the JRB site, which is pretty much done, it will be better.
The link above is to Xtra forums for more private talk and polls. Though you might like.
Hey man, thanks! This looks like it will be the perfect place for KO to have a discussion about whatever he wanted to discuss...

And, are you still interested in RPing? I'm still interested in that one RP you had that never took off about Arcturas Mengsk when he was a private in the Confederate Ranks.
Oh, Yeah, I could revamp that. Tha'd be fun!
You remember what I called it?
No I don't... If I did, I'd dig it up and launch it myself!
I'll try and get that set up.
Please do! I look forward to it!

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