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Is it possible? If so, what do I have to do?
It shoudl be possible. However many people have reported problems with it. Could you describe your experience?

Internet access is one of the requirements to play Starcraft 2, but there is an offline play option for the standard campaign. Offline mode will start up automatically if the game does not detect an internet connection on your computer.

Note that you need to log in at least once to before offline mode becomes usable. You will also need to occasionally log in to to update the game and keep the option of offline play available.

Also note that achievements and other online functionality are not available in offline play.

I can't even get into campaign mode when I'm not connected to the net.
i too can not get it to run anything offline, first after .5 i couldnt even get it to open to the menus, since updating it i can at least get to the log in page however it tells me i cant do offline on the starter edition, even though my clearly shows i have the full version.
Did you really just necro a 27 month old thread? It would've been better to just make a new one.

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