RIP Joeyrays 9/13/13

Joeyray's Bar
Oh Joeyrays I love you so much but it seems that you have finally breathed your last breath, RIP.
*loud explosion, followed by bits of cat flying everywhere*

"Whoops, some of my drink spilt. I really need to be more careful with these portals. But explosion aside, Joeyray's isn't dead. Far, far from it. Its just... education getting in the way. I'm certain that with a little more time, everything will be coming back into its previous order."
Joey Ray's has gone through several dry spells several times, this time because school is starting up. I'm certain that people will start posting after getting used to their new schedules. Perhaps maybe even this weekend. You just have to patient about it.
The forums have been dying down quite a bit with school, and along with that, what was expected to happen in the summer didn't happen, making the forums slower. I'm no prophet, but I predict that unless we get new blood or old RPers return, this section of the forums will be abandoned to time.
Not abandoning these forums unless I become physically incapable of posting for whatever reason. Even if everyone else ends up leaving, I'll still lurk and wait in hopes of a new wave of RPers. Anyways, my guess is that people are busy with school; that's the reason I'm barely posting right now.
pretty much
I'm a little late to post here, but I'd like to point out that this discussion occurs


when summer vacation ends.

To insert a political snark, it's kind of like the way people start talking about global warming every May and Ice Ages every September.
Well, as long as the older blood checks up on the place every once and a while, I'm sure a little dusting's in order. c;

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