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Vince Makins dropped the folder in Captain Brock Tailor's lap. "Your mission is simple. Read the files. Assemble your men. Do what you do best." Captain Tailor glanced at the folder, then fixed his eyes on Vince.

"This better be good, Makins." Brock warned Vince as he picked up the folder and flipped to the first page. the word 'Classified' was plastered just about everywhere he looked.

"Good or not, it's your job. I know you can get it done, Tailor." Brock sighed heavily and lit a cigarette. After reading the first paragraph he knew the assignment would push him and his team to the limits.

"We're good, Vince, but we ain't invincible."

"Ultimately, you and your men are all expendable. You must know that. I mean, why else recruit from the prison herd? The War Pigs program is all about meat. Recycled meat." Brock's eyebrow perked and he shifted in his chair.

"Well then, recycled meat is about to take out your trash."


This is the first in my new series featuring the different merc groups in the Starcraft universe! The first episode in my series is War Pigs.

"The War Pigs were a Terran Confederacy military program, used as an alternative to neural resocialization, as they could retain their unique talents and expertise. Convicted criminals serving a life jail term or a death sentence were taken from the general prison population and sent on dangerous missions. They were considered expendable."


As always, my Roleplays are very open. If you want to make a character who isn't a War Pig, you must already have an accepted War Pig before I can consider your second character.

Your characters will carry through the RP series. Please put a little effort in them :)

<RPer Name>
Primary Weapon of Choice:
Secondary Weapon of Choice:
Defining Characteristics:
Backstory: (Must include how/why he was convicted.)

NOTE: As this roleplay goes on, the date and time, and therefore new applications, will change. Therefore, pay attention to what kind of characters should be joining and what events and technology in the Starcraft universe have taken place or are available.

In game time: February 2500
Reserved, just in case
You know, the only reason EP isn't over yet is because of school and my being on hiatus.
Okay well then I'm doing my own little "Purge" of JRB lore and restarting it now. The rest of the RP's can catch up later if they want, but EP is taking too long. The rest of us who've been waiting to make a RP should just follow me in a new wave of RP's.

Thanks for your support, Zarkun.
I'll get a char up soonish. Will edit them in.

Name: Alison Chau
Age: mid 20s
Primary Weapon of Choice: Gauss rifle with incendiary ammo / Flamethrower
Secondary Weapon of Choice: 20mm heavy pistol / 12 in combat blade
Defining Characteristics: buzz-cut black hair, flint-like gray eyes, angular face, 5' 8"
Backstory/Dossier: Alison grew up in one of the nastiest slums on Tarsonis and survived innumerable gang fights. Recently volunteered to join the confederate military, only to commit over a dozen accounts of arson. In court, she requested to serve her sentence by joining the War Pigs.
Notes: Surprisingly self-controlled and emotionless for a hardcore pyromaniac. Highly skilled with explosives and turning anything into burned-out shell.
Looking good, Warhawk! Be sure to include how Alison was captured.

This might sound like a dumb question, but is Alison male or female?
09/17/2013 11:25 AMPosted by ThaneKrios
Looking good, Warhawk! Be sure to include how Alison was captured.

Is this set during, before or after the events of SC1, and by about how many years?

09/17/2013 11:25 AMPosted by ThaneKrios
This might sound like a dumb question, but is Alison male or female?

Name: Rob Alwin
Age: 24
Primary Weapon of Choice: C-14 Gauss Rifle
Secondary Weapon of Choice: Trusty Magnum, similar to Jim Raynor's, that he pulls out in a pinch.
Remote controlled mine with a propeller allowing it to fly, designed by Rob.

Defining Characteristics: Rob stands at a medium height and build, with brown eyes and crew cut black hair. He wears a somewhat lighter version of Marine armor, preferring a little extra mobility but still able to take quite a few hits. In other words, his armor looks pretty much like that of a traditional War Pig.

While originally an easy-going happy person, Rob's years in prison have made him rough and hostile, though not to his comrades.

Backstory: Rob joined the Confederacy at a young-ish age as a pilot of a Wraith. Rob, with several years of commercial flying behind him, quickly became well-known among the Confederacy airforce ranks.

However, Rob's promising career as an ace pilot quickly turned to one as a war criminal mercenary. During a skirmish with rebels, Rob received bad intel from a superior on a strike zone. In an event that Rob would never forget, the resulting air strike killed dozens of innocent Confederacy civilians. In order to cover his tracks, the superior officer framed Rob as the sole one responsible, resulting in Rob's imprisonment.

While Rob may have entered prison as an innocent man, surviving in prison meant becoming a criminal. He ended up stealing from and killing more people in prison than he did during his entire military career. Rob, who originally followed a code of honor, hated what prison had turned him into. When offered a chance to become a War Pig, Rob took it up immediately, desperate to escape prison and possibly redeem himself.
09/17/2013 05:20 PMPosted by Warhawk
Looking good, Warhawk! Be sure to include how Alison was captured.

Is this set during, before or after the events of SC1, and by about how many years?

This might sound like a dumb question, but is Alison male or female?


This RP takes place in 2499, two years after the War Pigs were organized. You can be an original member, or a recent newcomer.

@SneakMind: Excellent! One of the best characters I've seen in a very long time!

09/17/2013 07:46 PMPosted by SneakMind
Primary Weapon of Choice: Marine Assault Rifle

C-14 Gauss Rifle
Sorry, not familiar with the actual dates in the SC timeline. When does this take place in comparison to the fall of Tarsonis, the brood wars, and the dominion's reconstruction of Korhal?
Sorry, my bad, should've assumed that.

It's a year before the fall of Tarsonis. To the average civilian and military personal alike, Aliens don't exist. Only very high Confederete officials know the Zerg exist. The Sons of Korhal are still just a terrorist group. The Guild Wars ended ten years ago.
Alright. Will edit my char sheet accordingly.

Nuke and Sneak should also do the same...
Name: Timothy “Timmy” Faerton
Age: 30
Primary Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle
Secondary Weapon of Choice: SMG
Defining Characteristics: 5‘9, Medium Build, dark brown eyes, short black hair, long scraggy beard.
Backstory: Was found distributing anti-Confederate propaganda, sentenced to death for treason, but he retracted all he wrote, and the Confederacy decided to “reward” him by sending him here instead.

I'll make my own char in a bit. but for now here is Dac's since he can't post for himself at the moment.
alright fixed mine. It's rebels instead of zerg, and I changed assault rifle to c-14 gauss rifle.

And thank you for the compliment Thane :D

edit: fixed the confederacy thing
I didn't even notice a few errors in character sheets >:(

The Dominion doesn't exist right now. Dacder(Or TLM) and SneakMind need to swap Dominion for Confederecy and it looks great.

After that, accepted to both.

@Nukester: I will accept that character if you wish, but I have... A proposal you might particularly enjoy. It needs to be discussed in private. I forget what our DA chat is called, so I haven't been able to get in there. Do you have an e-mail?
09/18/2013 01:04 PMPosted by ThaneKrios
I forget what our DA chat is called, so I haven't been able to get in there. Do you have an e-mail?
JoeyraysOverflow. Or while searching for a room you put in Starcraft and it should pop us up on there.


Markus isn't in it, he was in it earlier hoping you were there but then he had to do something.

And also, I was told to tell Sneak that Vikings didn't exist during Confederate times. Oh, and Widow Mines don't exist either.

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