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I was only saying how that usually played out. Never said it had to happen. I'll work on the Ghost some.

Edit- Question, can I make his backstory classified since he IS a Ghost?
Sure, it can be classified, but it needs to be on the Character Sheet. Backstory shapes a character, moves a character. What a character has experienced will change him. You need to write it out and it needs to be logical.
It's usually logical.

Edit-I can assume he isn't convicted, simply admitted to the GP.
GP? Ghost Program? People aren't convicted, then thrown into the ghost program... They're chosen from a young age when they have psionic potential.
GP=Ghost Program. And I know that, I'm simply saying I can assume things went normally.
Ooohhh, Gotcha. Yeah, you can assume he was a normal ghost, but you still need to write it. You can't tell me nothing significant happened in the Ghost Academy... You either became a ghost, or broke trying. Maybe he had to watch his friends get broken? Maybe he almost broke? Maybe he did break, but came back? Maybe he was lowest in his class? How did all this affect his character?

What are his psionic side-effects? Headache? Nosebleed? Cramps? Get creative! Get in deep!

Even if you have all this stuff in your head, it needs to come out in the backstory.
I actually still need to do the description XD Don't worry, it'll all be there.
If it's not too late to join...


Name: Cedric des Kincarron.

Age: 37

Primary Weapon of Choice: C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle.

Secondary Weapon of Choice: Knife.

Defining Characteristics: Very refined - handsome in a "highborn" sort of way... the near perfect shape of his face marred by a wideness of the eyes that suggests inbreeding. He is an albino, but due to an interesting series of events, he wound up undergoing serious alteration. He is now tan skinned and blond, but retains his pinkish eyes. He seems nice enough, but when he's distracted a sort sneer at the world in general creeps onto his face. He has a dramatic flair and a love for expensive food and wine.

Backstory: Cedric was born to the aristocratic Kincarrons, a very nice place to be born under ordinary circumstances. Of course, with Cedric's luck he picked the one bad time in the last two hundred years to enter that particular family. Family enemies finally managed to eliminate his father, and with his mother already dead from disease he was left the sole living Kincarron. He immediately proceeded to gamble away his considerable fortune - but there is where the impoverished noble cliché ends! He immediately saw the foolishness of his actions and began to turn towards more productive ventures. He salvaged the estate, but discovered it could no longer support him. Unperturbed, he sold almost all of the family holdings he retained and, ah, invested the proceeds.

Before long he was living quite well again, only this time his home was Deadman's Port, not Tarsonis. He built up a smuggling network, trafficking exotic substances. He made a point of catering to wealthy customers, especially those he considered fellow "nobility." He was indirectly responsible for the invention of several "high class" illegal substances, and even dabbled in the slave trade (not that such a thing actually exists, of course).

Sadly, he eventually fell back into his gambling ways; only this time he gambled not on cards, but on one of the Old Families of the Confederacy. They treated him like a common smuggler, a... a peasant! Fuming, he decided to just take a little extra compensation on the side. His client found out, and before he knew it the Ghosts were after him. He barely escaped by faking his death and getting an extensive "makeover."

He had lost everything, but he had gotten used to that. Many of his attempts to get his wealth back had been only briefly successful before leading to abysmal failure and near-death experiences (the disadvantage of shady work), so this was nothing new. He hadn't tried being a pirate yet, so he decided it would be an interesting career to give a shot. Once again, his terrible luck struck him: his incompetent captain got the ship captured during its first raid and didn't even have the guts to go down fighting or try to escape.

While the Confederates were preparing him for resocialization, they discovered to their amazement (through DNA analysis) that Cedric des Kincarron lived. He was well known in the underworld (and to the government) as a cunning strategist and deadly fighter, so he wound up with the War Pigs.
Too late, sorry. :P

Accepted. Definitely an... Interesting character, I'll give you that.
I think he was just trying to tweak my delicate self.

*sniff* :'(
I was kidding, of course he's in.
"Do you mind if I make a Ghost, low level of PI. 5 or 6. There in case things go to the !@#$ter. If not, perhaps a Firebat? I would like to join, but I think it would be nice to have one of the two."
I already got dips on the Ghost, so HA!
"PARTNERS!" My face morphs into the forever alone meme and I start flailing about.
This is the required Warpig first.

Name:Darrell Kellis
Age: 39
Primary Weapon of Choice:Submachine Gun, allowing for quick movement
Secondary Weapon of Choice: Needle Gun
Defining Characteristics: Deep green irises with a ring of brown on the edges. A scar extending across the palm of his hand from a knife fight, an olive skin tone due to Arab ancestry. Not too bulky, but still a well-exercised bit of muscle.

Backstory: Darrell came from a poor family living in the slums of Tarsonis. He had made his money from underground fights with knives and fists, something his family greatly disapproved of, his father even going so far as to refuse to take anything that Darrell offered him. Even when Darrell's old man was dying, he would accept money for medicine. After the death Darrell became harsher, and even turned to alcohol. If I had just decided to make an honest living he would think. Eventually, the man snapped. He walked out in public, a slaughtered a group of people in a store, including the clerk. Landing him in prison, with a life sentence hanging over him, only thing saving him from capital punishment being his pleading of guilt.

Other: He brings nimbleness, something that allowed him to survive through the countless underground fights. Although never learning how to wield a gun, he will at first be very incapable, but he is a quick learner, allowing him to eventually become useful with his weapons.
09/23/2013 05:12 PMPosted by ShadowFury
This is the required Warpig first.

Hold on. I don't want a half-assed character just so I can deny an OP RP stealer.
Name: Johnathan Wither

Age: 44

Primary Weapon of Choice: C-10 Canister Rifle

Secondary Weapon of Choice: Needle Gun/ Bowie knife

Defining Characteristics: Stands about 5 foot 11 and a half inches. Fiery red hair, sea blue eyes with darker skin, though clearly Caucasion. Medium sized, muscular and althletic build. Handsome face that makes getting information from beautiful women all the easier. Wears a slightly modified HES, allowing him to carry more ammo and his Bowie knife.

Backstory: Johnahan Wither was born to a middle class family on Tarsonis, his father was a mediocre News Anchor and his mother was a waitress. Neither one had ever had the thought cross their minds that maybe their son had psionic potential. For 10 years, he went about a normal life, from being born to attending fourth grade at his elementary school. Of course, that's also the day he displayed his latent abilities during lunch. He'd always been the target of bullies growing up, and each year it had gotten a little worse. James Nesar, a kid around Johnathan's age and twice his size, cornered him where the teachers couldn't see and started taunting him with the help of some friends. James was also from a wealthy family, so he loved to flaunt his wealth. Having had enough, Johnathan locked eyes with James, who slumped over a moment later, nothing more than a vegetable. Sent home, he told his mother what happened and she, who knew the reward for turning over children willingly, called the Confederate wranglers. Three hours later, he was on a shuttle to the Ghost Program, his once middle class parents now wealthy enough to retire in style. Upon arrival, he was tested for his PI, which was a 7. From there, he began the conditioning and training that created a Ghost. For ten years he struggled to make his overseers happy, pushing himself to the limit and beyond. He watched fellow trainees he called friends break and be sent home or break and become cold and emotionless. Eventually he broke as well, after watching one of his friends take a bullet to the head during a live fire training exercise, becoming cold and unfeeling, but not without emotion, though he hid it behind a cold mask well. Once he graduated, he was immediately put into the field against groups like the Sons of Korhal and other anarchist groups, helping the Confederacy secure several key objectives during battles.

Here you are, one Ghost. Also, rein in Nuke before he jacks your RP.
09/23/2013 05:36 PMPosted by Zarkun
Here you are, one Ghost.

You plan on... Making more?

The character is a wee bit cliche, but accepted nontheless- WWWWAIIITT... He's 44? Holy crap... Don't tell me he's had no character development since graduation!

09/23/2013 05:36 PMPosted by Zarkun
Also, rein in Nuke before he jacks your RP.

I was trying to decide whether I should take action or not...
On the cliche part, I typed what came to mind. He won't be overly cliche as an RP character however, if at all.

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