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Hey, just remember that Nukes character is there to be a pain in the @ss, and that he probably plans on having him killed at some point.

Just a guess, anyways.
He did that in Zanon's RP and tried to jack the RP. Trust me, it's bad juju.
His character doesn't concern me. His RPing of NPC's and making crap up does.

Attention Nukester:
Post #43 on Page 3 of the first thread is hereby removed by power of the DM.

  • The only crew on the ship is the War Pigs. The "Security Marine" does not exist.
  • Voluntarily taking the power of the DM to RP an NPC without DM permission.
  • Creating another RPer's Character's history without author's consent.
  • Thank You.
    "It isn't a half-asked (I doubt you meant assed) character. I did put thought into making him. And it isn't gonna be an OP RP stealer as the second. Also, I, unlike some people, am starting to put in some flaws into my characters. Darrell I plan to make an overconfident fool who will be useless with his weapons at first, but will learn how to use them throughout the RP(s).

    "And I take offense to the RP stealer. I have never taken over an RP. Only person I can think of who has done so is Draconus. And why do you distrust me so much yet are allowing Zarkun to have a Ghost? He has been known to pull major bull!@#$ (no offense to you, Zarkun). I will admit I have made OP characters, but ever since I first joined Joeyrays, I have had my writing style mature, and I want the bringing in of a new age of AABSNSPEWP-ness (Above average yet still not supernaturally powerful, even with Psionics)."
    That acronym is a bit of a mouthful...
    Very well, SF, you made your case. You made it well, too. Derrell is accepted.

    I respect your want to make AABSNSPEWP characters, but you have to understand, Zarkun's character has already pushed me over the edge with Psionic characters. I don't like them - especially if they have the slightest hint of OPness. I regret to inform you, your character will be met with extreme scrutiny.
    09/23/2013 05:36 PMPosted by Zarkun
    makes getting information from beautiful women all the easier.


    You mean ugly women.
    Name: Mercedes Hadison
    Age: 23
    Primary Weapon of Choice: C-10 Mk. VI
    Secondary Weapon of Choice: Combat Knife/Flash Grenades
    Defining Characteristics: Bright blue eyes with little tiny specks of brown here and there.

    Backstory: Mercedes was eleven when she was taken, torn away from a loving family. She was found to be Psionic, albeit barely. Her PI clocking in at 5.5, she was capable of telepathy as long as she put effort into it. The Confederacy tore her away from her family, a marine putting a bullet between the eyes of her father as he fought to keep Mercedes from them. She had sobbed for days until the memory wipe, yet they kept her name. Perhaps from them seeing it pointless to remove, or maybe from seeing it as something beautiful, it is not fully known. She was trained as a killer, turned her to one who was unforgiving and merciless, yet her core cheerful personality always remained. It was part of her. Mercedes had become a good infiltrator and marksman, although lacking in the department of physical execution, even with her training, she never was as good as the other Ghosts in trials of physical strength.

    Mercedes was placed into the first mission at her youthful age of twenty-one, her agility, stealth, and accuracy proving valuable assets throughout the mission. Though perhaps the most remarkable thing about her, is that at one moment she can be a distracting, cheerful, and even obnoxious girl, and the next a silent cold blooded assassin set out for blood. Mercedes has gained a loyalty to the Confederacy, and will even sometimes search the minds of those around her to see what they think of, what in her mind is a, benevolent empire.

    Other: The capabilities of Mercedes is her stealth, agility, and marksmanship. However she will only engage in close combat if absolutely necessary due to her little muscle mass and incapability to enhance it with Psionics.
    How do you plan on incorporating Mercedes with the RP?
    He suggested my partner earlier, but I'm still looking for an opportunity to bring Johnathan in.
    Nuuuu... I switched tabs and it deleted my app -.-

    I'll repost it in a bit.
    "Someone to watch over the War Pigs, they screw up, she could try (emphasis on try) to fix things, cover the trail if they become sloppy, or even just give assistance if it is absolutely needed. And yes, perhaps just to be the partner of Johnathan."
    @Zarkun: Wait- I have an idea.... >:3
    No, hahaha. We got it all sorted out.
    09/24/2013 10:41 AMPosted by Nukester
    Don't see why my dear fellow.

    It doesn't matter if you see why. I'm the DM, like it or not.

    09/24/2013 10:41 AMPosted by Nukester
    Only makes logical sense to structure the crew with some sense of order.

    It's not your place, Nukester, it's mine. The crew is only the War Pigs because they're expendable. Their ship is complete crap, too. That's what the War Pigs are suppose to be, completely and utterly expendable.

    09/24/2013 10:41 AMPosted by Nukester
    I can see you over-analyzing this and my purposes, and as such to save you some sleep, I will capitulate to your request, however absurd it may be. I will not remove the post, as it is very cool, but I shall diminish my original intent of making it.

    You're not capitulating if you keep it there. It is not "Very Cool" and nobody sees it that way. If you want to have your character do a background check on the Captain, fine, but let me tell you what it is. You have no right to make another RPer's backstory. This is basic RPing courtesy and if you can't respect that, you're out.

    'diminish my original intent of making it'?

    Nukester, you're pushing it. You don't even have a War Pig before you made Commervac and I'm this close to deporting you from the RP. This isn't that big of a deal, just delete the post.
    09/24/2013 09:09 PMPosted by ThaneKrios
    This isn't that big of a deal
    "Shouldn't of said this, Thane... Nukester will just reply with a subtle, yet rude, 'if it is not a big deal, why are you not letting it slide'."
    09/24/2013 10:08 PMPosted by ShadowFury
    This isn't that big of a deal
    "Shouldn't of said this, Thane... Nukester will just reply with a subtle, yet rude, 'if it is not a big deal, why are you not letting it slide'."

    Very well, let me clarify. It isn't RP altering, character changing, or power fluctuating to remove the post. Letting it slide, however, might end in being RP altering, character changing or power fluctuating.

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