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And ever since "Reckoning," I think many people are a little paranoid about RP hijacking. Not that Reckoning wasn't fun, it just... wasn't Naitsrich's by the time it was over.
I have a question.

Is that "dear parameters" or "clear parameters?"
Fine, Nukester, but if that post is anything more than


by the end of the day, you're gone. c l e a r?
I don't know if asking this is pushing it, but could I give Hank a CMC-330 model armor I made? I can explain if needed.
You invented a CMC model? Give me the specs and I'll think about it.
It's got a small grapple and pulley system on the back for vertical ascension and decent, but only used planet side. It's placed about the middle of the exhaust, but in no way tampers with the exhaust. Slightly improved NBC protection, though nowhere near as good as the CMC-400, which I'm still unsure on whether or not it exists at this current time in SC history. On the left wrist is a laser for marking airstrike targets, or sniper should he not be in that position, and on the right one is a single use tazer that has to be recharged for an extensive time before it can be used again. Shoulder mounted flashlight, standard for the 300 and 400, and of course the rest of the CMC stuff. Oh, and it's got an extra visor mode, used for urban combat. Penetrative vision, basically used to see through walls, which is generally used in tandem with a sniper rifle, like the Bosun. There it is.
There's no way that is available in this point of SC history xD

That's like top-of-the-line stuff. It doesn't even have any weaknesses to go with all your added strengths, which is fine, but that makes it more advanced and therefore, further down the timeline.
Just checked the Wiki, it would be available as the 400 was available at this time and point.

The suit was in service by 2491[10] but was still considered new eight years later at the beginning of the Great War.[19]

Tis a direct quote.
BUt that sort of equipment would have been reserved for the Confederacy's finest, not expendable criminals.
I can tweak as needed, remove some of the features til a later date. I was just giving a full runthrough of what I had, as Thane asked.
Yeah, the War Pigs don't get new equipment. You're right, I guess it's feasible, but the War Pigs certainly wouldn't have it. Sorry :\

But, Hank can receive it later when they... Hm... How do I say this? Nah, I wont. He can have it later when I specify >;3
I might see about Bianca getting a newer version of the 230 thunderstrike armor ... maybe ... first I'd have to actually come up with the !@#$ for it though ...
Right now, everybody has the standard CMC-300 Powered Combat Suit with small customizations (Visor Art, mostly).

Warhawk never specified whether Alison has a first generation CMC-660 suit or just a CMC-300 suit with flamethrowers and Commervac doesn't have a CMC suit.

If you want different CMC suits, you'll have to actually find it. Please let me approve it before you find it. Thank you.
Bianca has a CMC-230 XE Thunderstrike armor suit with a few tweaks so it would be a bit more reliable but provides about the same protection as a CMC-300 suit. I put that IN her char sheet and you approved it! also Firebats at this point had modified CMC-400 suits.
Right, right, yeah, forgot about that xP

You're going to need a source for the second statement about firebats, morph. I'm reading from the Wiki differently.
hmm ... nevermind ... sure looks like they are wearing modified CMC-400 suits ... during the first great war anyway ...
Name: James Greer
Age: 26
Primary Weapon of Choice: Gauss Cannon (Yes it is real. http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Gauss_cannon
Secondary Weapon of Choice: Torrent SR-8 Shotgun
Defining Characteristics: Stands at 5'7". Shaved head and gray eyes. Has tattoos all over his body ranging from rather explicit to a simple skull that is tattooed on his face. Muscular build and tends to talk to himself.
Backstory: Growing up in the slums of a large city planet he grew up in a very harsh area. While he was still in his early teens he started into the life of crime with petty burglaries to make enough funds to stay alive and provide for his drug habits. During one such job he was confronted and the first reaction he had was to strike the person on the head with a heavy rod knocking the man unconscious. Shortly after he had struck the man the authorities arrived and from there he was in and out of prisons for several years.
After his third full year in prison James decided to try to straiten his life up. He had a job that didn't involve illegal activities and was in a stable relationship. One day he came home from work early to surprise his girlfriend and found that she had been cheating on him with his best friend. With a brief confrontation he lost his temper and punched a wall clean through breaking three finger and his wrist.
After he had broken up with her he started back into his old habits of using hab, turk, and when he could get them stim packs. One night he over dosed on both at once and had a very bad reaction which caused him to hallucinate that people where aliens and monster that where trying to kill him. Naturally his fight or flight reaction started and he ended up killing at least fifteen people and injuring twenty more. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for man slaughter and was set for resocialization. Strangely he was resistant to the resocialization and left in a prison cell until he was given a chance to join the War Pigs.

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