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Accepted, Lekrog. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until the War Pigs get back to base before they can get more recruits. You'll have to wait until the next mission.

Thanks for re-joining! Can't wait to see what you do with this character and I'm bummed to see Reggie go.
I was as well but I think I'll have more to work with James.
I also figured he wouldn't be showing up until after the War Pigs return.
10/14/2013 11:26 PMPosted by ThaneKrios
Would it be possible for a bit of Mercedes and Johnathan, I suppose it would be called, subplotting? Just a bit of speaking prior to implementation.

Expand on exactly what it is you're asking for. This belongs in the discussion thread, by the way. Quote me and reply there.

"Well first off, I posted there because it seemed quicker.

"However, what I meant was the two speaking to each other before they are formally implemented into the RP, as since they will be working together, they would be exposed to each other prior, most likely."
Mercedes? Johnathan? Who and what are you talking about? So you want to talk to them IC before they enter the RP? What? No. You will get time in between missions, if that's what you're asking.

You need to be clear and concise. If you can't be concise, opt for being clear.
the two Ghosts Thane.
I'mma keep my mouth shut and simply say that Morph would be correct.
Oh-Oh-oh... Oh... Ohohoh... OOOOOHHHH, thanks, Morph :P

Ohhhhhkkkaaay... lol...

Ignore my last post of utter confusion, SF.

Uhhm... Hm... Possibly. I'd like to keep any and all spoilers at bay. If you do get interaction, It will be limited to a few clear and well-written posts. Maybe it will give you a place to prove to me your true skills as a writer.
"If there would be any reference, it would be rather cryptic anyhow. And very well. What say you, Zarkun?"
Eh, I don't care much either way. Suppose I'm for it.
Please, only do it when I give the cue. Believe me, it'll be obvious. Remember. Clear, concise, excellent writing. Don't clog the RP or waste my time. I know you two can do it :3

Edit-Also keep in mind the other characters/RPers have no idea what your characters are doing or are there for. Be discreet.
I have two potential character ideas.

1. Confederate handler working with the Ghosts.

2. Confederate official sent to release Cedric due to a pardon secured by a former client. Neither official nor client would be pleased by news of his death.
#1 is a negative for reasons I can't tell you.

#2 ... Is fine with me.

It's got a small grapple and pulley system on the back for vertical ascension and decent, but only used planet side. It's placed about the middle of the exhaust, but in no way tampers with the exhaust. Slightly improved NBC protection, though nowhere near as good as the CMC-400, which I'm still unsure on whether or not it exists at this current time in SC history. On the left wrist is a laser for marking airstrike targets, or sniper should he not be in that position, and on the right one is a single use tazer that has to be recharged for an extensive time before it can be used again. Shoulder mounted flashlight, standard for the 300 and 400, and of course the rest of the CMC stuff. Oh, and it's got an extra visor mode, used for urban combat. Penetrative vision, basically used to see through walls, which is generally used in tandem with a sniper rifle, like the Bosun FN92.

In response to your post before my edit.
Thanks for putting it here, Zarkun.

If you can logically explain why he has it (Good frickin luck) and explain why he still has it (Good freakin, reakin' luck), it's yours.
10/15/2013 06:16 PMPosted by ThaneKrios
... Is fine with me.

That's not the impression you're conveying. ;)

I'm just very sad that Cedric died when he did. I didn't contest his death; he deserved it and there was no realistic way for him to survive. I just didn't want him to die so soon, before he could really begin to shine as a character. I put some work into him, and I grieve his loss.

But don't worry, I will have my vengeance when people start dying in LVH >:]
I believe you mentioned in the actual thread under the table rewards. That would be my answer.
@KO: I didn't chose for Cedric to die, you did. I didn't even initiate it. You did. Then you agreed with Lekrog to kill them both. I didn't agree for you. Remember that when you're killing people in LVH.

Also, what are you talking about? It's fine with me. I just don't see how much screen time he's going to get.

@Zarkun: Still doesn't explain how he knows about it. Although if you can fill that Logical hole, just convince the Captain to request one IC and the rest is good with me OOC.
I'm thinking Hank would just ask for a new suit of armor and since in theory the 330 could be experimental, who better to test it than expendables?
"Any single elite soldier in a controlled environment and on the battlefield afterward..."
Then if the suit implodes in the controlled environment? You've just lost one elite soldier.

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