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Hm... Both of you have a point. Maybe... If you can't offer a better logical explanation, Zarkun, then we'll just see how it pans out IC.
Eh, it's about the only non-BS reason I can think of in all honesty. Another one could be a friend from his former unit sent him a letter or something.
10/15/2013 06:47 PMPosted by ThaneKrios
Also, what are you talking about? It's fine with me. I just don't see how much screen time he's going to get.

I was just joking around.

10/15/2013 06:47 PMPosted by ThaneKrios
I didn't chose for Cedric to die, you did. I didn't even initiate it. You did. Then you agreed with Lekrog to kill them both. I didn't agree for you. Remember that when you're killing people in LVH.

That wasn't aimed at you! I'm not angry at anyone over his death. Any comments I've made that may have indicated that were in pure jest. I'm just sad that he died. I'm mourning the passage of a character who died young, before reaching his true potential.
@Zarkun: Then you're going to have to leave it up IC. I hope Hank can make the right impression.

@KO: Okay cool ;P I'm sad he died, too. I'm really sad that his last few posts weren't longer than a paragraph. You could have expanded on the character tenfold before he died. Same with Reggie :\

I had actually grown to really like Reggie... Now Hank is replacing him :P

Oh, by the way, Zarkun, just wanted to give you a little shout out. I can tell you're putting effort into Hank and he's coming to life. I can't wait until he actually starts becoming unique and defined.
10/15/2013 07:14 PMPosted by ThaneKrios
You could have expanded on the character tenfold before he died.

Perhaps... but I like bringing out a character's psyche slowly, with occasional bursts (in soliloquy style or during a moment of revelation to someone close to their heart) speeding things up. What I did put in for him seemed almost forced to me, a desperate attempt to show some of his internal workings before he died.
Absolutely. No, I completely hear you, man. A page of in-depthness would've been cool though, that's all I was saying.
Thane would it be a bad idea to RP out Jame's induction to the War-Pigs?
Like him getting pulled out of the prison and given the offer and such?
Yes, what a horrible idea!


In all seriousness though, I'm not sure how that'd work. If you want to make an elaborate entry post, go for it (When I give the cue).

I recommend having an epic flashback soon after you're introduced.
Whoo! That was one giant wall o' text.

Any thoughts on Alison's character or my text wall?
War: all I have to say ... epic ... to both ...

Thane could I get Bianca some new armor? I have a legit reason for her to know about the armor she'd get all I have to do is type up the details for it once I get home from work ... I'll also do my new char when I get home from work.
If the armor is reasonable and you have an excellent reason for knowing about it and having it, yes. I'm sorry, though, I will be not be gracious.
for the armor:
CMC-460 Lightening
About quarter(maybe half sorta on the fence about that) again larger than standard marine armor. Four primary booster jets located on the lower back provide primary thrust for drops and limited powered flight. Four secondary boosters act as stabilization positioned on the back of the shoulder folded up under the armor and then on the armor's stomach with similar protection. Instead of the usual visor there is a helmet with an advanced HUD. The HUD has an ammo counter, armor integrity and while using the jump jets a set of avionic instruments.

as for how she knows about it:
I know I didn't put this in her back story but she invested what she could during her time in the confederate military mainly in Cirion Munitions Corporation. Over time with the help of a person hired to manage her investments the few dozen stocks she started with grew to a large enough portion to have a 1% controlling interest in CMC. Also her investor is an old friend she hasn't talked with much in the last year or so ...
Okay, as cool as your armor is, there's no way we could have that technology in this current date. The Terran's didn't have CMC suits that could fly until the beginning of the Second Great War with Reapers and even they don't really have CMC suits, it's more like light armor with a fatty jetpack. Also take into account that whether this CMC suit is a 25% larger or 50% larger, it's still going to be way too heavy for "booster jets".

Even if these booster jets could propel the huge suit, you'd have to store all the highly explosive fuel in the suit, making you a living bomb. Just to counterbalance this, it would require huge plates just to protect the fuel tanks. This would be extremely heavy and require the suit to be even bigger. But if the suit is any heavier, the booster jets couldn't propel it and around and around we go.

Those are the logical issues with the armor itself. The rest looks good.

As for how she knows about it? I assume you mean "Cirion Multinational Corporation" In which case is ridiculous. You're telling me an average foot soldier owned 1% of the most profitable and huge company in the Korprulu sector? Where did she get this money? That's a ton of freakin' money.

How do I know this even happened? You could have just added this to her backstory just to have this opportunity.

Just like I told Zarkun, even if you can't feature this CMC variant in this RP doesn't mean you can't in some of my other RP's. In a couple decades this might be feasible, which means in the other Mercenary RP's in this series you could have this armor.
I would like to point out that they had the CMC-230 ... it COULD 'fly' with 'booster jets' even though it was very limited. This is basically an upgraded version of the 230. as for the 1% stock this happened over time with buying and selling stock. This is a VERY valid way to get money even today. She started with very few and grew it. I guess 'a few dozen' would be inaccurate at first.

I do know that the 230 was discontinued due to 'reliability issues' which weren't really specified in the book 'Heaven's Devils'. And they didn't have any large fuel tanks or the like either.
10/17/2013 07:24 AMPosted by TheLostMorph
War: all I have to say ... epic ... to both ...

Woot! That's always nice to hear. Thanks.
I'm gonna have to back Morph on this one, even in the wiki it says that they could fly. It also never says there's fuel tank involved. For all we know, it just super charges the regular exhaust and that's the boosters. His armor is more advanced than mine though....
@War: Sorry, I didn't see your post. It looked great! Keep it up!

Pertaining to the Armor:
The CMC-230 XE was a prototype. The earliest version of new and untested technology. You're telling me that this new armor of yours is a more advanced prototype? It was discontinued for a reason, why would your version not have the same fate? Besides, unreliability issues could mean anything. Maybe it exploded half of the time? Maybe the fuel tanks leaked? Maybe it simply wouldn't start up half the time? We don't know what that means, so we can just accept that it was unreliable enough to discontinue the entire project. If they discontinued the whole project, you can assume it was pretty dang unreliable.

Pertaining to how you know about it:
So... Let me get this straight? You want your character to have connections to the most powerful company in the Korprulu sector, you have these connections because you bought millions apon billions of dollars worth in stock and now you want to get in contact with a friend who's just going to give you this advanced prototype worth probably a ton of money? Why? What's in it for him? What's in it for them? What's in it for the Confederacy? Why should they let you have it, anyways?

@Zarkun: Sorry man, this isn't up for vote. It doesn't matter if you back him. Wait, you're telling me it super charges the regular exhaust enough to lift a huge CMC suit? That's some crazy supercharge.
I was just throwing a theory out there more than anything. Never read the Heaven's Devils book myself.
I do believe it was discontinued more for the fact the trainee's died or were crippled more often than not while using it in training ... honestly I have no damn idea how they lift the suits ... just gonna say fekk it with all that then ... I'll just have bianca ask for a new suit in-general since I have nothing left to use to defend that arguement ... and honestly? who knows maybe someone got a hold of an intact 230XE and tinkered with it in his/her spare time eventually upgrading it to a base of the 300/400 series ... could have even been a really low budget project carried on by some CMC engineers ...
Hey fellas,

Nice RPing out there! Just wanted to inform you guys there will be another time skip. After this meeting with Vince Makins, we will fast forward to the next time the War Pigs are dispatched, which is right in the middle of the Great War.

This mission was actually more of a prelude. The real stuff is coming up.

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