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5h Global Matchmaking update Greetings all, We've just deployed server side improvements towards our global matchmaking algorithm! These updates heavily favor more latency performant matchups. Please give it a go and let us know what your experience. As always your feedback is very much appreciated.Matt Sherman43 5h
19h Patch 1.21.3 Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors, Patch 1.21.3 has arrived! Features & Improvements Updated the global matchmaking algorithm to heavily favor more latency performant matchups. Join the conversation here: Revised custom game map distribution with cloud support. peer-to-peer downloads will only occur if the player is unable to obtain the map via the cloud. Optimized custom game packet re-sending if we detect poor connectivity between players. Revamped the lobby latency display bars to more accurately represent latency between players. For additional information please see the following post: Added dynamic turn rate support for custom games. DTR is now the first option on the turn rate slider. Optimized the performance of the matchmaking game results screen. Doubled the CCMU bullet limits to 400. Additional EUD map support Added the following characters to the allowed rebindable hotkeys: ' ; . , \ [ ] Bug Fixes The /f la command now displays the current User that is logged in rather than combing both the previous and the current Users' friends. Edit: Missed changes: Improved stun support to prioritize proxy if it detects lower latency over direct connection. Changed stun to retry if fails to recv packets after timeoutMatt Sherman51 19h
2d 1.21.3 Lobby latency bars Hi all, In our ongoing efforts to combat latency in SCR, we've revamped the custom games latency bar system to make it more meaningful for players. First, it's important to distinguish between the latency bars displayed on the game search screen vs the latency bars in the game lobby. In the game search screen, the latency bars are based on geodistance (the distance from you to the advertised game host) and therefore are very approximate. We do not show actual latency here because it would involve a lot of packets being sent to hosts and back, and would be somewhat akin to DDOSing the host. In the game lobby screen, we do show actual latency. We've revamped the system in 1.21.3. Now, the latency bars depend on which turn rate the host has selected. The meaning remains the same regardless of turn rate: 5 bars - high confidence that this player can play at selected TR on low latency 4 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on low latency 3 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on high latency 2 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on extra high latency 1 bar - the player is unlikely to be able to play at selected TR, or has no connectivity to you In 1.21.3, we have also rolled out our Dynamic Turn Rate system for custom games as an option. The meaning of the bars in this case are: 5 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 16 on low latency 4 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 12 on low latency 3 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 10 on high latency 2 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 8 on extra high latency 1 bar - the player cannot play at any TR on any latency It's also worth remembering that latency is a moving target - ping times can change (sometimes dramatically) during the course of a game (or even while in the lobby), which means these bars are a guide only. There's no guarantee that a player will maintain their current connection - it could get better or worse with time. Finally, and importantly, the current latency bar system only measures latency between you and the other player. StarCraft uses a networking algorithm that is optimal when all players have good connectivity to all other players. Therefore, it's incumbent on all players to make it known to the host if they have particularly poor connectivity to another player. In future we'd like to investigate elevating all latency times to the host so that the host can be properly informed.Grant Davies33 2d
3d Random Tower Defense -English Ver Download Hello everyone, I am the author of the Random Tower Defense map that is very popular in S. Korea. I am releasing an English version of the map: or Enjoy! If you are looking for a problem or improvement, please contact me. kongze1004@naver.comRTD26 3d
4d EUD Discussion Greetings all, We plan on offering high level support for EUD. The emulator does not support EUD maps that touch StarCraft graphics. An unsupported EUD map, when played, will cause the game to issue the following message: ”Sorry, this EUD map is not compatible with StarCraft Remastered.” The emulator tries to support all other maps, however, there could be cases were the EUD map exercises features that we did not account for in the emulator and hence one might get this error: “Sorry, this EUD map is not supported. Please report the map on the StarCraft forums.” cheers, -MattMatt Sherman126 4d
Feb 14 ASL5 dates set: It’s on! ASL Season5 News. 2/24 Seoul preliminary 2/25 Busan Preliminary 3/11~ ASL5 (10 weeks) Preliminary maps : Matchpoint / FS / Neo Jade Because of Bisu's military service, one of the seed will be selected by wildcard match.InkedChemist20 Feb 14
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17h ScmDraft 2 – Creating maps since 2003 What is it: ScmDraft is an un-official map editor for StarCraft. It supports all map-making features available using the default map editor (StarEdit), but also supports additional features such as non-isometrical and extended terrain (Most common example of this is creating backwards ramps and wider ramps) which are used in most pro maps, direct sprite placement, copy+paste, brush management, extended map-debugging capabilities, and many more. I am currently in the process of finalizing the first official release in several years, ScmDraft 0.9.0. The newest alpha build is available for download here: together with screenshots of the new features. This page is updated every couple of days with updated builds, as time allows. Configuration: When starting scmdraft the location of the starcraft data files should be automatically detected. If this is not the case, then click “Edit” in the profile select screen to access the profile options, and set the starcraft path in the corresponding field. To skip the profile select screen, add ‘-profile=Default’ to the shortcut used to launch ScmDraft. (Update the name of the profile as desired) System Requirements: I have not tested on anything older than Windows 7, however it is designed to run on windows XP. Other OSes: I have been told that the current version works reasonably well under WINE on Linux and MacOS, with occasional graphical glitches. Reporting bugs: In order to simplify bug reporting, please provide as many details as possible. If you run into a reproducible issue, either launch the program with the –console command line switch (e.g. via shortcut properties), or open the console from the debug menu located at the right. Include any warnings and errors which are printed to this window. If you encounter a crash, include a full dump if possible (Task manager -> process details -> scmdraft -> right click, create dump file), or include the automatically generated minidump if not. Changes between ScmDraft 0.8.0 and the current build: Vastly extended the overlay options. It is now possible to visualize the terrain height, whether terrain counts as cover (provides dodge chance), building and unit placibility, set creep to transparent, and many other settings. Visualize unit attack, detect, and vision ranges Pathfinding region display. This is what the game uses to determine a rough path from point A to point B. This tool helps resolve unusual mining and pathing behavior. Various symmetrical terrain options. Use this if you want to make a map with mirrored or rotational symmetry without creating the rough design by hand. Added new unit, unit-sprite, and pure-sprite palette windows. Reworked palette windows for doodad palette, and user-defined brush palette. Use the user-defined brushes to share predefined map chunks such as extended ramps. Reworked the tileset palette to be resizable in all modes Completely reimplemented the map settings window. Also added string filtering, multiple wav import, more… Updated the UI in general to use more modern controls. Fix player fog of war preview to take obscuring doodads into account Many many bug fixes, stability improvements, performance enhancements, and internal structural improvements. Many other minor changes. Note: Some options available in ScmDraft 2 are provided for backwards compatibility with StarCraft 1.16.1 and may not function with 1.18 / 1.19. (Such as extended player colors) Use this thread to post feedback, suggestions, and report bugs.Sinsanity264 17h
Feb 12 On Frontier League Greetings Executors, Cerebrates, and Commanders, Thanks to everyone playing the new matchmaker; there are definite problems, but we have priority fixes incoming. Thank you also for the input to help source the bugs and your patience while we get things sorted. We want to shed some light on the situation and talk about next steps: Known Issues The system designed to verify game results is disposing of matches it should not Leaderboards do not match Season stats (caused by above) Navigating away from the Chat Channel disconnects queued players from matchmaking Matches are sometimes made against ghost players (because they navigated away from Chat) Sometimes Leaderboards slightly exaggerate a player's points (who isn't happy about having their rating pumped up by order of magnitude of a thousand?) Things In Motion We're honing in on the cause of match results not being applied - this will be a server fix that we will announce, but won't require a client update A server deploy will also fix the exaggerated score issue We have a client fix in test for disconnects from matchmaking We will be resetting the Season when these issues are resolved Hot Topics Will there be 2v2 or larger matchmaking? Yes. Timeline is dependent on getting current implementation of 1s stable and confidence in the rating system Turn rate? We are evaluating changing the turn rate, but do not have an official stance yet. Long term we would like to create a system that can adjust turn rate based on latency between players. Emphasis on long term. Cheers, Classic GamesPete Stilwell141 Feb 12
Oct 12 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista Greetings, Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors, StarCraft Remastered will no longer support XP/Vista as of next patch. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. StarCraft Remastered will no longer run on these older operating systems once we've ended support, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade ASAP. Please reference the system requirements for additional support details here.Cydra0 Oct 12
1h Show some love to Warcraft 2 I know this is for star-craft i just wanted to leave blizzard some feedback, first all i love you guys and all your games. i'm not sure where to submit this but i would absolutely love to see Warcraft 2 as well as the expansion beyond the dark portal remastered for the PC. I absolutely miss the !@#$ out of those old classics and while i love Warcraft 3 reign of chaos i'd love to play through the second one a time or two again. Thanks for the great games love y'all PS, and especially that dwarf trio side scroller can i get that again, I miss that %^-*!Beezer625 1h
1h I can't say his name, but please ban him We all know who the guy is, and if the OP (me) says the name it's considered witch hunting so I won't because we know who it is anyway. Please, Blizzard. He's making multiple accounts and having conversations with himself, even going as far as to argue with himself for some reason. This forum is not constructive anymore and people are leaving. I will be leaving too if he is not gone in the next week. Please... his accounts make up almost 50% of posts on the forums now.Heart10 1h
3h This matchmaking system is pointless Current matchmaking can't judge the level of players and it's not seperting the players properly. People keep remaking their ID and destroying lower mmr people. As the result. all the diffenrent level of players are mixed in the simillar mmr and the players have to play unblanced or one sided game which is really boring and desperate. You must limit the ID per account as one just like SC2 or you must conjoint the mmr in the same account.LaCalm0 3h
3h This matchmaking system is pointless Current matchmaking can't judge the level of players and it's not seperting the players properly. People keep remaking their ID and destroying lower mmr people. As the result. all the diffenrent level of players are mixed in the simillar mmr and the players have to play unblanced or one sided game which is really boring and desperate. You must limit the ID per account as one just like SC2 or you must conjoint the mmr in the same account.LaCalm0 3h
4h Matchmaking 1100 mmr Very long wait times, up to ten minutes? Is there a way to solve this?Reichtoffen1 4h
11h I like how unfair ranked is Mhmm i win a few games Now i'm up against players with apparent god tier apm that can macro well and micro all these multi-pronged attacks while also taking a 3rd base 10/10 matchmaking btw Oh yeah also i love the fact that dark templar don't trigger your alert because they 1-shot drones totally 100% fairDaisyTheFAB1 11h
12h Request the 'Irradiate' patch Now x1 Irradiate : 3..3..3..3..3.. x2 Irradiate : 6..6..6..6..6.. x3 Irradiate : 9..9..9..9..9.. x4 Irradiate : 12..12..12..12.. When used many times, it should be widened rather than increase the skill's damage.스팅3 12h
15h Logged out? Is anyone else getting logged out?CountdownPek5 15h
17h Numerous people simultaneously "drop" in-game Several times so far, in the midst of a custom game, 2-4 people will "drop" from the game on the dot, as if someone pulled a trigger. No one is lagging, everyone has a stable connection, and they "drop" without a lag box popping up. We mentioned 'drophacks' but it's happening in different maps on different days with completely different random people. Also noticing issues with sporadic latency bars. When joining a lobby everyone will have 1-3 bars now. Then it'll shoot up to 4-5 bars after a few seconds. Would these issues be related?Theroux2 17h
21h Latency option in matchmaking? Would it be a good idea to test some type of user option selected prior to matchmaking search that allows the user to specify a limit on maximum latency? The ladder has improved quite a bit over the last few weeks, with more frequent occurrences of matches on at least TR12. The dynamic turn rate is also great. However, the matchmaking wait times do currently vary greatly for me, and I wondered if this could be something on which the user might have more choice. I think for example on a weekend evening I wouldn't mind waiting much longer time than usual just to be guaranteed a couple quality TR16 games. Also this kind of option would help to accommodate players willing to put up with TR8 as well as those who can't handle anything less than TR16. Any thoughts?sLeepisT6 21h
1d about victories/loses In profile stats are included the non-ranked matches too? because i saw a player who have 0 ranked matches but in Stats he have 3 loses, so these arent unranked? Anyway in our profile our unranked matches arent included?xromania1 1d
1d StarCraft: Remastered Questions Hi all, I plan on picking up StarCraft: Remastered for Starcraft's 20th anniversary in a little over a month, and I have a few basic questions I'm hoping you can all answer: 1) Is the "Precursor" and "Enslavers II: Dark Vengeance" Campaigns included in the download, or do they still need to be downloaded separately? 2) Can you adjust your resolution with Remastered, or does it auto-detect? 3) Is there a pre-set for Hotkey changes to StarCraft II style, just like the sequel has a "classic" Hotkey profile? 4) Are changes to Hotkeys also saved to the Cloud? 5) Can you switch between HD and SD mid-game? 6) The dialogue, unit and building sounds and responses, and music are re-sampled at a better quality and not re-recorded, correct? 7) On US East or the Americas, whichever the Server is called now, how's the Multiplayer population for basic 1v1 Ladders? 8) Out of idle curiosity, is there a population playing Multiplayer for Vanilla Starcraft? 9) I noticed even in StarCraft Anthology, the main menu now has the ad for Remastered as opposed to the option for the Campaign Editor. Is the Campaign Editor completely gone, or simply accessed from elsewhere? Thanks all, and apologies if these have already been answered elsewhere!Juxtapose4 1d
1d Clan System When is the clan system created? I'm curious about that.갈대1 1d
1d Warcraft III Remastered? What's your view on this? I heard a rumour that they'll probably announce it soon. I personally liked SC:R and found it satisfying to replay the campaign with the new graphics. There are, however, mixed opinions about this. Knowing how Blizzard performed with SC:R, would you be optimistic to think that they'd make a good remaster of WC3? Although I'm more impatient for Warcraft IV, I have to say that I don't find it a bad idea. WC3 is already great the way it is. I just hope the remaster won't be similar to painting over the Mona Lisa.ShyFX1 1d
1d iccup and other Why are this old servers not compatible with remastered? is remastered not able to have private servers or something? and if so, why this decision?, and is this decision final and forever and ever?, what will happen when Blizzard pulls the plug on Sc:RM, where are back to 1.16 if its still alive?ElsoCrazy6 1d
2d more themes//skins for RM Will you guys ever make more custom themes or custom skins for units? I would pay USD for them. Of course with the option to enable/disable it for whoever would rather not play with/against someone who owns them.Converse6 2d
2d we need balance patch we need balance patch .. 밸런스 패치가 시급합니다... 벌쳐(마인데미지 100으로 감소 및 마인갯수2개로감소),디파일러(콘슘삭제),탱크(시저모드 공격력 및 업그레이드 공격력감소),스컬지(데미지 100으로감소(발키리 이용증가)),아비터 너프(스탠시스필드 적용시간 감소) 스카웃(방어력,지상공격력 증가 및 생산속도 감소),다크아칸(마엘스톰 데미지 80적용) 버프해야됨. 리버 가격 300,100으로 고정하고 스캐럽 무료 인터페이스도 요즘게임처럼 약간만 편하게 수정좀 해주세요. 일꾼 붙이는거 자동과 부대지정 유닛수 12에서 24, 건물지정 1에서 5로 유닛 미네랄 넘어가는 버그 수정도 필요lotte13 2d
2d New ladder matchmaking went too far playing vs people 100mmr difference is really difficult in SCR, let alone 200 MMR with the whole MMR deflation going on right now. But playing vs peopel 400-600MMr, even 800mmr right now is straight up unfair for either side. Keep it around 100, 150 max at empty times, but it shouldnt really go beyond that.Jinjin31 2d
2d Zerg against 7AI on Map "Big Game Hunters" Have just completed 1v7 by Terran (Tank&Goliath Combanation) and Protoss (Photon Cannon&Carrier Combanation), but find it hard to hang out against 7 AI using Zerg. Any ideas or replays to guide :P? Just wanna know.Golden3 2d
2d Half of games failing to start (ladder) Hi, after waiting 500+ seconds of searching I will find a game and then it will just stop and take another 500 seconds to find one that works. 6112 is port forwarded successfully. Gigabit fiber optic, no VPN's or proxies. wDetector says my connections are fine when I get in-game. Turn rates are always 16 even against Koreans and it works very well.Heart2 2d
3d Things you discovered with Remastered. For example... I, who am definitively a retard, thought for the longest time that Protoss Ground Armor icon was actually a samurai helmet.DeusEx4513 3d
3d how can i chose the unit limit of a game? i heard abaut some patch can let create more units on a single game. how can i chose that option? need the map been created for that option? i mean on games online or lan whit friends or partyZeratur1 3d
3d Lag in observer mode I have a problem when observing a game. There is a huge ingame lag when i observe in observer slot (and its fine after i left the game and the others continue to play), but there is none if i observe as a terran player with lifted command center. Also there is no lag when i play custom or ranked 1v1 or 2v2... Can anyone help me?COLD1 3d
3d Remastered offline please There are people like me who love Starcraft but don't always have internet because of where we live or how often we travel. I am very disappointed that I bought Remastered and now I can't play it because I have no internet? What was the point of buying it if it isn't really MY game and I can't play it whenever? Blizzard you should have the HD option unlocked even if we aren't connected as long as you get your purchases. I hope this gets implemented very soon.Scorpio1175 3d
3d When is warcraft remastered coming out? I like star craft but are remaster of every Warcraft game would be amazingNotCapTn84 3d
4d Show the race on diplomacy tab At the diplomacy tab why not display the race of your opponent? Alot of times players when getting matched threw the matchmaker sometime misses to see what race the opponent picked before the game starts, so it would be nice to be able to look threw the diplomacy tab to see what you are playing against.GmC160 4d
4d Patch 1.21.0 Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors. Patch 1.21.0 has arrived. This patch was focused on enabling EUD , updating the CCMU variables, improving our turn rate system, and introducing a brand new map pool for the current Frontier League. Features & Improvements EUD Added an EUD “Extended Unit Death” emulator that supports hundreds of EUD offsets for custom maps. This is something that we have been very excited to deliver for StarCraft Remastered and hope you all really enjoy it. For additional information on EUD please visit our blog: (Link) CCMU “Cannot Create More Units” Brood War enthusiasts can rejoice in the glory that is updated CCMU variables. We have raised the limits of sprites & bullets that can be spawned in game! Additionally, we have added an option while creating a game that allows players to adjust the CCMU limits back to their original limitations. Map Pool Updated the current ladder map pool in the Frontier League to: CircuitBreakers1.0 Fighting Spirit Match Point Longinus II Neo Jade Tau Cross Destination Turn-Rate We have updated our turn rate algorithm to be smarter and better than ever. The new system is more meticulous at determining if the turn rate needs to be lowered and will even increase it. Replays Players can now view their own replays from the profile screen. Bug Fixes General Changes made for Game Speed, Key Scroll Speed or Mouse Scroll Speed should now persist after patches. Pressing U now only toggles replay speed after Alt+Tabbing in and out of the Replay session. The + and = symbols are now working correctly within chat. /where and /whois commands are now working correctly for those that are Blizzard friends and non Blizzard friends. Fixed an issue where some player and race settings couldn’t be changed in the Single Player lobby. Players that navigate rapidly through the client menus will no longer hit a black screen state. Compatibility Fixed a crash on Mac occurring when joining a Multiplayer custom game. Known Issues: Save game is disabled for EUD maps Replays will not be saved for EUD maps A big majority of EUD maps are supported except for maps that change the SCR graphicsMatt Sherman143 4d
4d Larger maps / larger games / more UMS support Was there ever an update on this? Could you imagine where map makers could take this game with 16 players and a much larger map size? And possibly support for moddingnezt7 4d
4d StarCraft Miniatures Does Blizzard ever consider putting out miniatures for the units in the game? Would love to have some nice sculpts at tabletop scale. Minis are everywhere in the boardgame scene now, it should be pretty easy to get some models made if they supply the art.instinctive4 4d
4d Standalone or Overlay? Main thing I want to know is is the remaster going to be a standalone product that we'll have to buy separately, or will it be an overlay or add on or something that we're able to get for free/cheap if we already own Starcraft/Brood War? If it's updated graphics and not much else, that's not going to be worth it for me to buy all over again.BLamb2112 4d
4d Specified Spawn Points Map for Top vs Bottem Alright, so I've looked around awhile and I just can't find an answer. Is there a way to have players and NPC's spawn in the same place each game? I love making maps but I find it frustrating that I can't make a team vs team map. But if I did I could not include NPC's. So what I'm asking is if there's a way to create a map witch players and NPC's spawn at there respective sides, and you can switch anything out no problem. Is this possible?? Thanks in advance :)bitblox1 4d
5d Nerf Dark Swarm? Ive always found it a bit ridiculous how ranged attacks with no splash damage do absolutely 0 damage to units under dark swarm. Ranged attacks should at least do a tiny bit of damage, perhaps 20% of the damage that would have been dealt without dark swarm. Starcraft really has emphasis on knowing how to counter certain things and punishing you when you don't counter properly, but not to the extent of dark swarm. If a Terran player doesn't have enough tanks and science vessels and gets his base flooded with dark swarms it's pretty much immediate gg. Obviously this is never going to be changed, but whats your opinion?ThisGoInfern18 5d
5d GPU 80-90% usage After the last patches my GPU using 80-90% of the capacity. I have GTX760 2 GB and i don't have any problem with other games( SC2, Diablo3, LOL).MupoBG3 5d
6d how do you get into the community? I wanna try to take this game more seriously, and get more involved. Ik esports is big and all that but otherwise how does this game look in terms of community tournaments and events for fun? What about clubs or in-game teams and stuff?DaisyTheFAB3 6d
6d Starcraft Remastered on Linux using WINE. Howdy, I am working on getting Starcraft Remastered running on WINE. I am hoping y'all can provide a dependency list for what I need to install in a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 context to get the game running. Once I get it working I will update the Starcraft Remastered Application's page on WINEHQ with a How-To so other folks will have an easier time getting the game running.Skade33 6d
6d Please explain ghost matches. I’d say this happens about a third of the time. The matchmaker will say “Match Found!”, shows the map, doesn’t show the other player, and then goes back to searching.RandomRaider4 6d
Feb 15 Map Editor - Grouping Allies on 4vs4 I am trying to build a map with a split down the middle. My team of 4 on one side and another team of 4 on the other. This way when the map loads my other 3 team members will be on the same side of the map as I am. I have setup my map with 2 forces. Players 1-4 are in Force 1 and 5-8 are in Force 2. Force 1 is setup as Allies with Allied Victory. Force 2 is setup as Allies with Allied Victory. I have verified multiple times that the Players are grouped together correctly on the map. But each time we start a new game, at least 1 of us is in on the other side of the map. Its seems to always be the Yellow player. Can anyone tell me what I am missing in the setting in the map editor to make this work?Savage12 Feb 15
Feb 14 175 days later - no team matchmaking - no ranks - still lag (but fixing, thank you dev team) - hackers in fastest map and hunters on korean server. when they are discovered a hacker they make a new ID. I want to play, it is my favorite game. but i have not played since november because it can not be played like this...jayushigan11 Feb 14
Feb 14 Is 5v3comp Kill4Minerals LXJ-2.1 1 Beatable? I must've played this UMS game like 100x's and i dont think this game is beatable. The upgrades are unlimited but are also nerfed. Early upgrades are instant but as you get higher they get slower to upgrade and cost more expensive with gas. The problem is finding teammates who could survive the rush. The issue here is if you lose one teammate your practically done for because your bases are not separated. And not to mention they spawn in front of your base.SuperMN2153 Feb 14
Feb 13 Can we please remove the speed modifier? Blizzard classics team, I dont understand the reason for adding the speed modifier! I don't want to play the game sped up it is already hard to keep up at FASTEST speed, so I have to avoid these games with the speed increase and that leaves a lot less options ): please consider removing this feature I think it is not necessary and unfairrhOrains9 Feb 13