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1d Patch 1.21.5 Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors, Patch 1.21.5 has arrived! Features and Improvements Updated the Frontier League Map pool to replace Jade and Match Point with ASL Season 5 maps Transistor and Gladiator. Red vs Blue is now the default player colors for Top vs Bottom multiplayer 1v1 games. Optimized player profile performance. Streamlined basic chat command help by listing all available commands when the user types /help. Multiplayer setting including the game name, map file, game type, teams, speed, and turn rate are now preserved even after a player re-logs. Bug Fixes Fixed a crash that was intermittently happening upon launch. Fix for player receiving “Error# 112 Storm Error” after attempting to load saved custom games. Character data such as time played, and overall stats were carrying over if players created profiles using the same name in different regions.Matt Sherman181 1d
Mar 6 1.21.3 Lobby latency bars Hi all, In our ongoing efforts to combat latency in SCR, we've revamped the custom games latency bar system to make it more meaningful for players. First, it's important to distinguish between the latency bars displayed on the game search screen vs the latency bars in the game lobby. In the game search screen, the latency bars are based on geodistance (the distance from you to the advertised game host) and therefore are very approximate. We do not show actual latency here because it would involve a lot of packets being sent to hosts and back, and would be somewhat akin to DDOSing the host. In the game lobby screen, we do show actual latency. We've revamped the system in 1.21.3. Now, the latency bars depend on which turn rate the host has selected. The meaning remains the same regardless of turn rate: 5 bars - high confidence that this player can play at selected TR on low latency 4 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on low latency 3 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on high latency 2 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on extra high latency 1 bar - the player is unlikely to be able to play at selected TR, or has no connectivity to you In 1.21.3, we have also rolled out our Dynamic Turn Rate system for custom games as an option. The meaning of the bars in this case are: 5 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 16 on low latency 4 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 12 on low latency 3 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 10 on high latency 2 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 8 on extra high latency 1 bar - the player cannot play at any TR on any latency It's also worth remembering that latency is a moving target - ping times can change (sometimes dramatically) during the course of a game (or even while in the lobby), which means these bars are a guide only. There's no guarantee that a player will maintain their current connection - it could get better or worse with time. Finally, and importantly, the current latency bar system only measures latency between you and the other player. StarCraft uses a networking algorithm that is optimal when all players have good connectivity to all other players. Therefore, it's incumbent on all players to make it known to the host if they have particularly poor connectivity to another player. In future we'd like to investigate elevating all latency times to the host so that the host can be properly informed.Grant Davies52 Mar 6
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2d EUD Discussion Greetings all, We plan on offering high level support for EUD. The emulator does not support EUD maps that touch StarCraft graphics. An unsupported EUD map, when played, will cause the game to issue the following message: ”Sorry, this EUD map is not compatible with StarCraft Remastered.” The emulator tries to support all other maps, however, there could be cases were the EUD map exercises features that we did not account for in the emulator and hence one might get this error: “Sorry, this EUD map is not supported. Please report the map on the StarCraft forums.” cheers, -MattMatt Sherman142 2d
2d ScmDraft 2 – Creating maps since 2003 What is it: ScmDraft is an un-official map editor for StarCraft. It supports all map-making features available using the default map editor (StarEdit), but also supports additional features such as non-isometrical and extended terrain (Most common example of this is creating backwards ramps and wider ramps) which are used in most pro maps, direct sprite placement, copy+paste, brush management, extended map-debugging capabilities, and many more. I am currently in the process of finalizing the first official release in several years, ScmDraft 0.9.0. The newest alpha build is available for download here: together with screenshots of the new features. This page is updated every couple of days with updated builds, as time allows. Configuration: When starting scmdraft the location of the starcraft data files should be automatically detected. If this is not the case, then click “Edit” in the profile select screen to access the profile options, and set the starcraft path in the corresponding field. To skip the profile select screen, add ‘-profile=Default’ to the shortcut used to launch ScmDraft. (Update the name of the profile as desired) System Requirements: I have not tested on anything older than Windows 7, however it is designed to run on windows XP. Other OSes: I have been told that the current version works reasonably well under WINE on Linux and MacOS, with occasional graphical glitches. Reporting bugs: In order to simplify bug reporting, please provide as many details as possible. If you run into a reproducible issue, either launch the program with the –console command line switch (e.g. via shortcut properties), or open the console from the debug menu located at the right. Include any warnings and errors which are printed to this window. If you encounter a crash, include a full dump if possible (Task manager -> process details -> scmdraft -> right click, create dump file), or include the automatically generated minidump if not. Changes between ScmDraft 0.8.0 and the current build: Vastly extended the overlay options. It is now possible to visualize the terrain height, whether terrain counts as cover (provides dodge chance), building and unit placibility, set creep to transparent, and many other settings. Visualize unit attack, detect, and vision ranges Pathfinding region display. This is what the game uses to determine a rough path from point A to point B. This tool helps resolve unusual mining and pathing behavior. Various symmetrical terrain options. Use this if you want to make a map with mirrored or rotational symmetry without creating the rough design by hand. Added new unit, unit-sprite, and pure-sprite palette windows. Reworked palette windows for doodad palette, and user-defined brush palette. Use the user-defined brushes to share predefined map chunks such as extended ramps. Reworked the tileset palette to be resizable in all modes Completely reimplemented the map settings window. Also added string filtering, multiple wav import, more… Updated the UI in general to use more modern controls. Fix player fog of war preview to take obscuring doodads into account Many many bug fixes, stability improvements, performance enhancements, and internal structural improvements. Many other minor changes. Note: Some options available in ScmDraft 2 are provided for backwards compatibility with StarCraft 1.16.1 and may not function with 1.18 / 1.19. (Such as extended player colors) Use this thread to post feedback, suggestions, and report bugs.Sinsanity284 2d
6d On Frontier League Greetings Executors, Cerebrates, and Commanders, Thanks to everyone playing the new matchmaker; there are definite problems, but we have priority fixes incoming. Thank you also for the input to help source the bugs and your patience while we get things sorted. We want to shed some light on the situation and talk about next steps: Known Issues The system designed to verify game results is disposing of matches it should not Leaderboards do not match Season stats (caused by above) Navigating away from the Chat Channel disconnects queued players from matchmaking Matches are sometimes made against ghost players (because they navigated away from Chat) Sometimes Leaderboards slightly exaggerate a player's points (who isn't happy about having their rating pumped up by order of magnitude of a thousand?) Things In Motion We're honing in on the cause of match results not being applied - this will be a server fix that we will announce, but won't require a client update A server deploy will also fix the exaggerated score issue We have a client fix in test for disconnects from matchmaking We will be resetting the Season when these issues are resolved Hot Topics Will there be 2v2 or larger matchmaking? Yes. Timeline is dependent on getting current implementation of 1s stable and confidence in the rating system Turn rate? We are evaluating changing the turn rate, but do not have an official stance yet. Long term we would like to create a system that can adjust turn rate based on latency between players. Emphasis on long term. Cheers, Classic GamesPete Stilwell144 6d
May 12 Arbiter Total Recall Hey gang! So the StarCraft world is abuzz after some videos showing the Arbiter "total recall", and some people are keen to get our read on the situation, so here's what we think: What took you guys so long? Given the current trajectory, we estimate all features of StarCraft will be discovered by the year 2114 (although we expect the final 7 discoveries will be made by super intelligent AI). OK, OK, more seriously: Speaking from the dev team's perspective, this is our view at this time: Since its release, a fine line has existed in BW between exploits and glitches. Some glitches we all accept and they become a part of the core experience. Indeed, you could argue that these glitches define SC. Others become exploits and they are banned from tournaments. It can take time (sometimes years) to truly understand whether something is a glitch or an exploit - and ultimately that decision needs to be made by the entire community. We've undertaken to largely take a "hands off" approach to the gameplay of SC. With all of the above in mind, we see no reason to take immediate action on this issue. It will of course be a decision that individual tournament organizers make as to whether it's permissible in that particular tournament. From a personal perspective, I think it's amazing that a video game 20 years on can still deliver these kinds of exciting discoveries! StarCraft truly is the game that keeps on giving. Bring on the next 20 years of StarCraft!Grant Davies25 May 12
Oct 12 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista Greetings, Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors, StarCraft Remastered will no longer support XP/Vista as of next patch. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. StarCraft Remastered will no longer run on these older operating systems once we've ended support, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade ASAP. Please reference the system requirements for additional support details here.Cydra0 Oct 12
1h /ban command NOT WORKING Hello, i have a problem with /ban command, at Op dM- in west, im using the acc dM- in order to ban ppl, but when i ban someone, he can enter again and again to the channel so its broken, can u fix it please? one person its harassing me lolWhite5 1h
1h A cheater playing the starcraft:Remastered. I need to report this player, dbms2017, who is using some hack such that the probe mining is exaggerated. The minerals in his main bases are endless and never mined out.dxxd1161 1h
2h Protoss Scouts Thought experiment: If I were to hack the Star Craft source code such that Bisu and Stork could not produce Scouts, would they know?Mr1337105 2h
7h This game died because Because of the unit selection limit, building selection limit, black minimap, bad pathing and not being able to see how many workers you have at a mineral line Change my mindGoldenar27 7h
10h Win condition I was playing last night with a friend. I expanded to several different bases and had probably 6 nexus. I left a couple defenseless due to the proximity to my friend's bases. He started to attack them, I choose not to defend because I was merely losing the nexus and probes. When he destroyed 2 nexus, I was eliminated. When did this become a win condition?zninja1 10h
12h How this game could have been big This post will break down every stage of this game 1: When it was first announced, everyone's hopes were sky-high, it was like a new game to make up for the horrible state of blizzard RTS games at the very least compared to their other games Everyone thought that the game would receive changes and be revived There were exiting GSL streams that were fun to watch and gave the slightest hope of the game being alive, but these were the peak of the game, anything that came after only suggested the game was dead At this point, not a single person doubted for a second that blizzard would fix the pathing, black minimap, unit selection limit etc. without a second thought Stage 2: Only going downwards from the first stage, people found out there is noting new here at all, whatsoever, other than new graphics and all the hype was for nothing, anyone who's not a !@#$ing moron is gonna tell you that and no, I don't care about the ladder system Stage 3: This is it, the game is dead and blizzard will let it stale so there is only straight downwards from here and it's still miles ahead of SC2 Well, time to wait another decade for blizzard to announce what their unannounced project is, and I know how utterly naively optimistic that isGoldenar12 12h
14h Remastered probe model looks very different Just out out of curiosity why it was changed so drastically with those huge antennas sticking out? Is it still possible to improve it? Here's the comparison pictures. SD: HD: Original probe mining:ǂQuaD1 14h
19h NO Alliance with AI? Can I NOT make an alliance with the AI in the game? I'd like to play a 2v2 or something, with a computer on my side. After playing many Single Player games, and not finding any way to create alliance or teams between computer players and self, I decided to play with the map Editor hoping I could do something there.... NOPE!! Trying to setup the Force Teams option, it explains right there; "Can not create team with computer players and human players on same Force Team" (not ver batem).... WHAT???? Why are we NOT able to create teams, alliance, with Computer Players (AI) on same team as Humans? Anyone? Thanks, Dman SwarmerDmanSwarmer5 19h
1d Creation Issues; Any map Editor experts? Creating a map... you can't use even balance of RAMPS on both sides of map? Their is ONLY available ramps facing the SW, and SE of any grid block on the map?? So If I was a ramp off the SW side of one elevated platform in the NW corner of map, than I want a ramp on the NE side of an elevated platform on the SE corner of map... and it's not available to build?!?!DmanSwarmer2 1d
1d When does Blizzard allow an iscript? Is Script Allow When?푸른사나이2 1d
1d Build Orders I'm starting to play more of the old Brood War maps against the AI as I did twenty years ago. In SC2 I know the standard hatch gas pool for Zerg. Is there something like that for SC1?AncientOfDay15 1d
1d Immersion-breaking pixellation, bad remaster Pixellated portrait, not very noticeable on still frame, but when moving the horizontal line is very shifty, sometime it gets think or disappears. Terribly pixellated sci vessel due to bad rendering, bad sharpening and bad details. Looks copy pasted from another game by an amateur model. I have seen "Starcraft II in Starcraft I" mods which do a better job than this... Pixellated firebat, look closely, the pixellation ratio isn't even consistent with the building, much less the terrain. Shifty and dirty stick-out pixels everywhere. A better rander than others due to it being "Mostly" smooth, but also has off color stray pixelsm, which change with animation frame and are dirty and lazy. "Bonus": Try to zoom in on a red reaver. Some parts up fron't don't even remap, they stay blue on any color. Original SC dodn0t even have this problem. ANd it DOESN'T run on native graphics on f5, the resolution is only simulated, so you either get lego land or blur mode: Original, in original size (Unplayable on current): Lego land: Blur mode: (Both in display size) Compare the UI for an easy reference, the original is both sharper and NOT pixellated. Guess the renders and render modes done by some subcontracted total amateurs with no experience with isometric sprite games at all. I am a developer and people within the vintage RTS modding scene put more love, not even experienced modders that release their games for free would never peddle pixellated and badly rendered graphics to their downloaders and fans. Fortunately I can't even play the game now due to it being "out of frequency" for my monitor when I tried to put it on "fullscreen", with no option on the config file to fix it (lulz). Well there goes my preorder. I guess I will be playing 1.16.1 forever.NimoStar4 1d
1d Explaining Bonjour As someone in the networking field, it's upsetting to see the amount of users throwing a fit over Bonjour. Yes, it's by Apple. No, it's not crapware. It's a protocol and it's like 50kb. It comes with StarCraft, you do not have to install it. Only enable it. Bonjour is Apple's implementation of zero-configuration networking (zeroconf), a group of technologies that includes service discovery, address assignment, and hostname resolution. Bonjour locates devices such as printers, other computers, and the services that those devices offer on a local network using multicast Domain Name System (mDNS) service records. Bonjour was most likely implemented to help avoid the legacy hardware issues that come with long standing games like StarCraft, making a hardware compatibility issue much easier to work with.NotGayDragon23 1d
1d StarCraft: Remastered Questions Hi all, I plan on picking up StarCraft: Remastered for Starcraft's 20th anniversary in a little over a month, and I have a few basic questions I'm hoping you can all answer: 1) Is the "Precursor" and "Enslavers II: Dark Vengeance" Campaigns included in the download, or do they still need to be downloaded separately? 2) Can you adjust your resolution with Remastered, or does it auto-detect? 3) Is there a pre-set for Hotkey changes to StarCraft II style, just like the sequel has a "classic" Hotkey profile? 4) Are changes to Hotkeys also saved to the Cloud? 5) Can you switch between HD and SD mid-game? 6) The dialogue, unit and building sounds and responses, and music are re-sampled at a better quality and not re-recorded, correct? 7) On US East or the Americas, whichever the Server is called now, how's the Multiplayer population for basic 1v1 Ladders? 8) Out of idle curiosity, is there a population playing Multiplayer for Vanilla Starcraft? 9) I noticed even in StarCraft Anthology, the main menu now has the ad for Remastered as opposed to the option for the Campaign Editor. Is the Campaign Editor completely gone, or simply accessed from elsewhere? Thanks all, and apologies if these have already been answered elsewhere!Juxtapose14 1d
2d Error 6:9 I've been getting this error when trying to play Brood War since I purchased and installed it. There has not been any change. I've looked at every single forum topic on this issue and not one solution has worked. Anyone else?mokupo3 2d
2d Download failed Hey Classic Team, for a couple of weeks, every time I open up Starcraft: Remasterd I get the error message "download failed" when the game tries to download the setting data from the blizzard servers. And if I try to load a campaign savegame in the cloud save, I get error "5:21" and it won't load. I am playing on a macbook pro 13˝ early 2015, running mac OS X 10.11.6. Starcraft: Remastered Version 1.21.3 and 1.21.4 What I tried to get it running again: 1. deleted the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/StarCraft 2. deleted and reinstalled Starcraft 3. deleted and reinstalled App 4. deleted the folder as well as the 2 Apps and reinstalled all I still have the same problem. Is there anyone out there who can help me? Would be nice. Thanks in advance. Cheers -Yiria-Yiria7 2d
2d Can we fix the pathing in this game? It's so broken... units derping around 24/7... no formations... The devs should take a look at Red Alert 3. Maybe hire the guy who directed that game.Enigma48 2d
2d What is your favorite upcoming feature? Mine is 1v1 ladder ranks and 2v2 matchmaking.StYliShGuY7 2d
2d Will there ever be a proper balance patch? Just wondering. Heard rumors a long time ago and had my interest piqued.Apocalypse6 2d
3d Are there unintentional disconnects? I thought that the “Waiting for players” screen was mostly caused by deliberate lag outs, but as of recently, I’ve been questioning that. There have been some games that may have the same scenario played out, where a game without extreme lag suddenly loses connection, but other parts of the story may explain a different background. I played against a guy who I thought disconnected at first, but then claimed he didn’t, and then he said to check his stats for proof. Sure enough, he had a very low disconnect to loss ratio. After this, I kept looking at people’s stats on the ladder, and they all showed the same thing. According to the patch meant to fix disconnects, an intentional disconnect counts as both a disconnect and a loss. That would mean that if suspected disconnectors were doing the action intentionally, they should have a high amount of disconnects in their stats, and that story isn’t being told in the stats of any player that I’ve seen. Later, I noticed that I was experiencing disconnects more so in clusters. During some points in playing multiple games, there would be consecutive disconnections, and they were happening with other connection problems, like the “you’ve been logged out” and “error occurred match making” messages. This is still just a theory, and it doesn’t prove that there are no more intentional disconnectors, but it does suggest that there might not be very many players who deliberately pull their internet. My theory is that it’s something to do with the servers. So, when are servers going to improve?RandomRaider0 3d
3d MSF code entry I know the code for MSF Maximum is 32335, in what order to you enter it? the boxes are top, top left, left, bottom left, bottom.quank0 3d
4d SD graphics Font Fonts in SD graphics for other languages, including Korean, are displayed in remaster fonts.굴거미1 4d
4d How to get over 100 dislikes StarCraft Broodwars (and 2) are so bad. Well except for that remaster, that remaster was so good. Didn't lag, didn't crash at all and the of all. Blizzard always paying attention to their community. For example, they've putted 2v2 team match making in the game for all people to enjoy, intelligent AI, and just so many more. But the game will unfortunately be as great as FarmVile. FarmVile was just the best game ever made. Blizzard notes on FarmVile.FieryChar11 4d
4d PTR Build For Crashing Players Greetings Commanders, Cerebrates, and Executors, If you are experiencing crashes during start up, connecting to, or when creating games; we have a new build that addresses those complications related to interruptions of the Bonjour Service. Let us know how it's working here. Cheers, Classic GamesPete Stilwell43 4d
4d Imploring sounds alert Hello dear devs, I'm a 2v2 player and I often playing in multitask, when I create or join a game I tab waiting for full lobby. It's happening that I lose the start of the game or people leaving my lobby thinking I'm afk. Please add a simple sounds alert when someone join the lobby, imploring you.Roia10 4d
4d In-game settings usage statistics Do you gather statistics on in-game settings usage? E.g. how many people use real-time lightening, or play with 4:3, or use SD graphics. Things like that.BRuǂQuaD1 4d
5d Mouse lag fix (for most people) Link here: 1. Click 2. Don't minimize it! 3. Done. No need to give it admin, no install, no file snooping, nothing. It's not a virus, feel free to scan it with any program you want. This is a very tiny executable that runs a blank Flash process in a window. It won't take up any of your CPU. I'm sure Blizzard people would know what this is, because I can't explain it. I got it from a different privatized game that suffers from the same lag issues.NotGayDragon19 5d
5d Europe outage bnet offline?WhistlerR2 5d
5d Blizzard's games 64-bit on macOS 10.14 Next release of macOS will require all processes to be 64-bit as 32-bit won't be supported anymore. I already get warnings when starting StarCraft Remastered on macOS 10.13.4 that the game needs to be updated or it will stop working. Hopefully Blizzard has plans to push all of their games to 64-bit.Fallen4 5d
5d SC:R - fixes, wishlist and considerations Dear Blizzard, Firstly, thank you for all the time and effort put into further development of SC:R. My personal words of appreciation for that. As one of the "core" community members, I'm absolutetly supporting the development happening towards the game, and to make the communication between fans and developers easier, I've created a thread (link below) to collect all needed fixes and possible features to be added. I constantly update the initial post, carefuly evaluating different players opinions. The "considerations" field at the bottom is for things that has been rised but there is no common consensus about if and how these should be implemented. I hope this helps in our SC:R journey. As a "veteran" I would also be happy to discuss any potential upcoming changes, so please feel free to reach out directly! Best wishes, kogetIlIlIlllIIIl28 5d
5d Gateways don't "blink" or show indication Always wondered why Barracks, Stargates, Starports, Factories, Command Centers all blink when producing a unit, however the Gateway doesn't?KanyeWest3 5d
6d shared base for 2v2 i have been playing sc2 since release for free and my favourite mode is the base share which dont exist in here, what makes it impossible to create this option? is something in the code? how can i create a 2v2 shared base map in custom game?Final9 6d
6d This happen Ladder remake? I wish very come and come Ladder System !!IamOneTop3 6d
6d Text in Main Menu Readouts Remember in vanilla SC1, when you went to the main menu and you hovered your cursor over the satillete, or a single-player campaign hologram, and they all had special text describing the object? Like so: But in the remaster, the text is missing: I know it's such a small thing, but it was always a really nice touch. And I'd love to be able to finally read what those little text blurbs said without having to squint or screen capture.Cam1 6d
6d No Production tab, check building production This is only available in replays, i think we all want the same thing when observing a game, do we not?GmC165 6d
May 15 1.19 Bugs (pls post any additional issues) Decided to make a thread to keep things more organized: - Whispering someone makes it so that your chat bar is stuck on whisper, you can't switch back to the chat channel via Tab or anything. Alt + w doesn't work on chat channels either. - Pixelation issue even with bilinear filtering enabled, graphics don't look smooth like they used to. - When you /stats it doesn't show your bnet name, it shows your bnet app ID. - Your friends who are playing SC:BW aren't listed on the top of your friends tab. - Friend list info doesn't get refreshed properly (this didn't work properly in 1.18 either). Someone could be offline and it'll still show him as being online. - Adding people to your friend list in 1.19 is weird, if you already have them added on your bnet app you can't add them again on 1.19 bnet (says we're already friends).. but then you can't become "mutual friends" on bnet (i.e: can't /f l to see what channel he's in). The only way you can be mutual friends with someone is if you already added each other in 1.18. If you /f r them it completely removes them from your bnet app, i assume you can re-add the person on your app by /f a'ing him on bnet.. but will he show up on /f l as a mutual friend? - If you accidentally hit Alt + Shift the menu shortcuts don't work anymore. - Chat whispers to ppl not on your f l dont work. - Bnet app ID shows up on bnet as your username instead of your server id. Feel free to post other issues.TT197 May 15
May 15 Someone floods the Classic Games forums There's someone who floods the General Section of the classic games forums with threads and no one seems to do anything about it. Can someone send a moderator there to do their job? Link: May 15
May 14 Losing Minerals With Extractor Trick Hay guys, I'm losing minerals when a drone with minerals builds a building and then I cancel the building. Is this working as intended or is it a bug? I saw it when I did an extractor trick. I tried building a hatch and got the same thing. I called the help desk but they don't know and suggested I post on the forum.AncientOfDay12 May 14
May 14 StarEdit Campaign Tutorial Hello all, In April I'll have some time off, and one thing I was thinking of doing was learning StarEdit, as there's a Campaign idea I've been developing that I want to try making. I have not used StarEdit before though, so does anyone know of and can recommend a good Campaign tutorial? Videos or written is fine with me. Thanks!Juxtapose37 May 14
May 14 High Resolution with Original Graphics? Hey guys, is it possible to only change the resolution for the Remastered version without having to also see the modified portraits and icons?deepstrasz11 May 14
May 14 Log out after Patch 1.21.5 We are currently investigating an issue where players are being logged out after 1-2 minutes. Thank you for your patience.Matt Sherman6 May 14
May 14 Is there 2v2 ladder yet? Havent checked the game all year still waiting :(EoTRampage5 May 14