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2d Patch Preview: New Ranking System Please leave your comments about the new ranking system and other changes coming to patch 1.22.0 in this thread. Thank you!Traysent128 2d
2d Patch 1.22.0 notes Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors, Patch 1.22.0 has arrived! This patch features a new ladder, updated profile UI, and ramp art for mapmakers. Features and Improvements New ladder For a more in-depth ladder overview please visit: Season 1 is now live! Players will begin the new season unranked. After 5 placement matches, they will be placed into a league. Frontier League data will help determine pre-placement MMR. We’ve implemented a new rank-based league system familiar to long time veterans of Brood War. S Rank – Top 1% of players A Rank – 7% B Rank – 21% C Rank – 21% D Rank – 21% E Rank – 21% F Rank – 8% MMR decay has been added to S Rank. New rewards for Season 1 Anyone who logs in during Season 1 will receive an exclusive portrait. After being placed into a league, players will unlock a corresponding colored portrait border. Players can toggle the border on and off in the Collections tab. Players who reach the S, A, or B leagues will earn unique portraits. S league players will receive an animated portrait.New Seasons UI Easily identify your performance metrics in current and past seasons. View your wins and match history. View global winrates by race for each map in the ladder map pool.Updated competitive map pool (2) Blue Storm 1.2 (2) Heartbreak Ridge 2.1 (2) Polaris Rhapsody 1.0 (3) Aztec 2.1 (4) Roadkill 1.13 (4) Circuit Breakers 1.0 (4) Fighting Spirit 1.3 Ramps New ramps for the editor! 18 new ramps in 8 different directions. The width of each of the new ramps can be extended to the mapmakers liking. 1-4 ramps per tileset: Ash, Badlands, Jungle, Desert, Ice, Twilight, Installation and Space Platform. Ramps are also compatible with SCMDraft 2. Collections Updated Collections UI Show off your ladder status by displaying your league colors! (S) Gold (A) Red (B) Purple (C) Blue (D) Turquoise (E) Green (F) White Easily equip console & building skins and toggle portrait borders. Bug Fixes Dynamic turn rate will stabilize before allowing network latency changes. Known issues The /stats chat command is still pulling data from the Frontier League.Corrections Installation tileset ramps were not addedMatt Sherman119 2d
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5d EUD Discussion Greetings all, We plan on offering high level support for EUD. The emulator does not support EUD maps that touch StarCraft graphics. An unsupported EUD map, when played, will cause the game to issue the following message: ”Sorry, this EUD map is not compatible with StarCraft Remastered.” The emulator tries to support all other maps, however, there could be cases were the EUD map exercises features that we did not account for in the emulator and hence one might get this error: “Sorry, this EUD map is not supported. Please report the map on the StarCraft forums.” cheers, -MattMatt Sherman151 5d
Aug 2 1.22.0 hotfixes Hotfix Patch Notes: -Crash related to anticheat updates -Inadvertent blockage due to 1.22.0 anticheat updates. -Crash related to the retrieval of the map list on the matchmaking settings screen -Season 1 is now properly called Frontier League --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hotfix Patch Notes: - Our highest frequency intermittent crash. - Fix for the loading performance of portraits in the collections tab - Inability to perform Single Sign On Mac. In addition, last night we addressed an issue with match results failing to process. We are investigating whether we can retroactively apply games not processed in this outage window, but matches should be processed properly going forward. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hotfix Patch General -Bonjour service correctly installs again. -Fix for launching the game offline -Profile Panel - Seasons - Global Win Stats Per Race are determined more accurately. -Fix for certain player profiles not loading correctly -Performance improvements for player portraits in chat channels EUD changes: -Changes to the latency are ignored -Re-added support for address 0x005193A0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hotfix Patch General • Fixed an instance causing matchmaking failures. There is still work to be done here, but this should alleviate the number of global failures. • Seasons history was not displaying maps played for certain profiles. • Updated Seasons UI to display "Wins" instead of "Your Wins" • Frontier League mmr data is now available in the Seasons UI • Added support for MMR nightly % adjustment • Added sound effect for the continue button in the news UI. Additionally, we've worked with the Discord team on resolving an incompatibility with their latest patch. If you still have problems with SCR freezing on startup, and you're using Discord, please ensure you are patched to the latest Discord versionMatt Sherman4 Aug 2
Jul 25 ScmDraft 2 – Creating maps since 2003 What is it: ScmDraft is an un-official map editor for StarCraft. It supports all map-making features available using the default map editor (StarEdit), but also supports additional features such as non-isometrical and extended terrain (Most common example of this is creating backwards ramps and wider ramps) which are used in most pro maps, direct sprite placement, copy+paste, brush management, extended map-debugging capabilities, and many more. I am currently in the process of finalizing the first official release in several years, ScmDraft 0.9.0. The newest alpha build is available for download here: together with screenshots of the new features. This page is updated every couple of days with updated builds, as time allows. Configuration: When starting scmdraft the location of the starcraft data files should be automatically detected. If this is not the case, then click “Edit” in the profile select screen to access the profile options, and set the starcraft path in the corresponding field. To skip the profile select screen, add ‘-profile=Default’ to the shortcut used to launch ScmDraft. (Update the name of the profile as desired) System Requirements: I have not tested on anything older than Windows 7, however it is designed to run on windows XP. Other OSes: I have been told that the current version works reasonably well under WINE on Linux and MacOS, with occasional graphical glitches. Reporting bugs: In order to simplify bug reporting, please provide as many details as possible. If you run into a reproducible issue, either launch the program with the –console command line switch (e.g. via shortcut properties), or open the console from the debug menu located at the right. Include any warnings and errors which are printed to this window. If you encounter a crash, include a full dump if possible (Task manager -> process details -> scmdraft -> right click, create dump file), or include the automatically generated minidump if not. Changes between ScmDraft 0.8.0 and the current build: Vastly extended the overlay options. It is now possible to visualize the terrain height, whether terrain counts as cover (provides dodge chance), building and unit placibility, set creep to transparent, and many other settings. Visualize unit attack, detect, and vision ranges Pathfinding region display. This is what the game uses to determine a rough path from point A to point B. This tool helps resolve unusual mining and pathing behavior. Various symmetrical terrain options. Use this if you want to make a map with mirrored or rotational symmetry without creating the rough design by hand. Added new unit, unit-sprite, and pure-sprite palette windows. Reworked palette windows for doodad palette, and user-defined brush palette. Use the user-defined brushes to share predefined map chunks such as extended ramps. Reworked the tileset palette to be resizable in all modes Completely reimplemented the map settings window. Also added string filtering, multiple wav import, more… Updated the UI in general to use more modern controls. Fix player fog of war preview to take obscuring doodads into account Many many bug fixes, stability improvements, performance enhancements, and internal structural improvements. Many other minor changes. Note: Some options available in ScmDraft 2 are provided for backwards compatibility with StarCraft 1.16.1 and may not function with 1.18 / 1.19. (Such as extended player colors) Use this thread to post feedback, suggestions, and report bugs.Sinsanity291 Jul 25
Jun 22 1.21.3 Lobby latency bars Hi all, In our ongoing efforts to combat latency in SCR, we've revamped the custom games latency bar system to make it more meaningful for players. First, it's important to distinguish between the latency bars displayed on the game search screen vs the latency bars in the game lobby. In the game search screen, the latency bars are based on geodistance (the distance from you to the advertised game host) and therefore are very approximate. We do not show actual latency here because it would involve a lot of packets being sent to hosts and back, and would be somewhat akin to DDOSing the host. In the game lobby screen, we do show actual latency. We've revamped the system in 1.21.3. Now, the latency bars depend on which turn rate the host has selected. The meaning remains the same regardless of turn rate: 5 bars - high confidence that this player can play at selected TR on low latency 4 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on low latency 3 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on high latency 2 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on extra high latency 1 bar - the player is unlikely to be able to play at selected TR, or has no connectivity to you In 1.21.3, we have also rolled out our Dynamic Turn Rate system for custom games as an option. The meaning of the bars in this case are: 5 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 16 on low latency 4 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 12 on low latency 3 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 10 on high latency 2 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 8 on extra high latency 1 bar - the player cannot play at any TR on any latency It's also worth remembering that latency is a moving target - ping times can change (sometimes dramatically) during the course of a game (or even while in the lobby), which means these bars are a guide only. There's no guarantee that a player will maintain their current connection - it could get better or worse with time. Finally, and importantly, the current latency bar system only measures latency between you and the other player. StarCraft uses a networking algorithm that is optimal when all players have good connectivity to all other players. Therefore, it's incumbent on all players to make it known to the host if they have particularly poor connectivity to another player. In future we'd like to investigate elevating all latency times to the host so that the host can be properly informed.Grant Davies55 Jun 22
Oct 12 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista Greetings, Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors, StarCraft Remastered will no longer support XP/Vista as of next patch. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. StarCraft Remastered will no longer run on these older operating systems once we've ended support, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade ASAP. Please reference the system requirements for additional support details here.Cydra0 Oct 12
28m The new ranks system killed S/A ranks value Nothing more to say to it you useless pieces of #@#&@! Starcraft S ranks should be the top 1% of a ladder as it has always been blizzard now made S/A/B ranks available for everyone the letters are worthless now CHANGE IT BACK !@#$%!Revenge61 28m
31m NOob question Noob, how do I watch a sc1 replayHarttinya1 31m
33m Skin date? Building and unit skins where they are? I don't see any skin in the game so i wanna know in what moment they are ready, some buddy have a idea of the date?Jesus635 33m
35m Reasons to play starcraft in 2018? >awkward AI and pathin issues >restrictive metagame forcin you to mostly use the same units per matchup or risk a high loss rate >Requires asinine levels of dedication and practice and preparation to even play multiplayer at a decent level >People can block your hatchery and mildly annoy you >ZvZ exists >Nobody cares for the esports scene and starcraft as a franchise is irrelevant and the only people playin and super dedicated players, which is apparently so large you can sit in queue for 10 minutes for 1 ranked game. Let's face it even the youtube starcraft community is dead, there's no sense of a community anymore, or hype for the game, all that's left is PIG or other random "how to improve" channels, no more fun channels. >balance patches will never happen so the game will always be the same no matter what, even starcraft 2 is guilty of this because blizzard is slower than snail and doin things >you will lose more than you will win unless you are a god. Fun detected? >blizzard literally doesn't care at all about this game and has moved on to overwatch and all the other random crap they're doin these days. Did i mention it's been months since the last dev post and the best we've gotten is a team queue ON THE WAY? Reminds me of dark souls remastered except that game still had more effort put into it campaign is pretty decent tho, starcraft 2 kinda ruined the magic of the storyline but w/e I can smell the downvotes but this game is so dead i can't muster any care in the world cuz this game kills my soul but seriously i would rather play league of legends and league is trash. Then again, at least you can casually pick up league and MAYBE have some sort of fun with it? Starcraft is only fun in singleplayer mode, or i guess in customs that i never play cuz im not poor and can afford actual video games, instead of knock-offs smh. At least an expansion campaign (new one duh) would add somethin to this remaster. Only reason to play starcraft is mostly esports and esports is borin and dumb. Actually esports alone probably killed my passion for the game because it reduced it to "i must win and climb" and the lore sucks butt and is completely uninterestin because of starcraft 2. hmm what else? When i come back to work i dont wanna have to do more work, but that's what starcraft is, more work. It's a literal chore of rememberin build orders, lookin at replays, mind-gamin your enemy etc and i dont care cuz i have a life and better games to play. Sometimes i get a decent game that actually feels fair but most of it is "you didnt throw 90% of your life away to learn starcraft so now u lose". Overrall ded gaym who even plays starcraft anymore literally? Old people, ur all old people 0/10 on rotten tomatoes. Huh no wonder why RTS is irrelevant in 2018DaisyTheFAB41 35m
57m Cant login to Starcraft original I have had the account WheatThins for years and years since the old game was out and now it says there is already an account with that name but yet it wont let me log on. ive had the account name on every server including Starcraft 2, and am wondering why i cant log in with my name when i have done it before *recently*WheatThins3 57m
4h Drop Hacks I mostly play UMS, but drop hacking seems to be prevalent again from the amount of people who either drop and disconnect themselves, drop entire games, or drop with others. It even happens in lobbies with people just dropping instead of leaving. What gives?Nolidor16 4h
4h Give new players a chance! I just created a game titled "beginner / low apm". After I lost, the stats showed that my opponent had 365apm. Same can happen in team games. They could be lots of fun but then there is one great player (he might be in my team) who destroys everything. I know trolling around seems to be a part in the SC community and I can often smile about it, but sometimes I would be happy if Blizzard could somehow ensure that noobs play with noobs only. I'm not talking about ranked (even this is hard for beginners). Also, I'm not talking about "finding other beginners" and only be able to play with them in the hope that they're online whenever I am. I know too less about the game to make suggestions how to achieve this, so I just wonder if you'd have an idea what could be done to make the game a bit more noob friendly. For instance, would it be reasonable to have an option to enter which apm is allowed and when people get ingame above it they're punished somehow. I don't know, for sure you have better ideas... :-) The game is old, and there are lots of awesome players out there. That's great. Still, the Remaster isn't old and it could be a reason for some people to try out the game. Wouldn't the majority be happy if more and more new players join the game? Why do some people have to scare them away? Why do you have to join a noob game but then play like a pro with 300 apm, clearly knowing every detail about the game? Don't get me wrong, quite often it's just better noobs I encounter, and that's fine. I don't mind losing if the setting is fair. I met a few new players online, and all of them complained that way too often they create games already knowing that most likely a player will join who thinks it's fun to briefly defeat someone who knows 600% less. I do not even improve thereby since the skill gap is too big, so it's a waste of time (for both, I would say). I just get bored, others get frustrated. Blizzard, you want new people to join the game? Give them a place, that's all I'm asking for. It surely won't hurt the skilled players but ensure that people do not regret buying the game at all. Thanks. Oh, and you don't have to tell me that SC1 is a tough game, that (or how) I have to pracice in order to improve, that losing is part of the game, that there always will be some trolls around, that they are just better noobs, etc. Totally aware of this, and as I said, I don't mind losing, I'd just rather do so in a noob friendly environment.totaln00b28 4h
7h bossman killing team mates bossman killing team mates in 2x2 games and never got ban for that here link of the replay : or its same replay but 2 different uploads.Aiwekas8 7h
10h Why is my new thread being deleted? The title says it all.noobcake0 10h
1d StarCraft 3? I don't want to unneccessarily disappoint anyone, but it seems that this Blizzcon dosen't have much SC related stuff, with the absence of a starcraft-dedicated character on the Key art (there is Probius, but he is from Heroes of the Storm) which begs the question..... Do you guys think there will eventually be a third Starcraft? If so, what do you think of it?Cam98 1d
1d broodwar unable to set dragscroll speed So i bought broodwar, because i am tilted with sc2. There is no option to set drag scroll sensitivity and drag scroll speed is out of contol. Well this suck, i am so used to this, it will probably take some time to get used to play without it. I played game made wall and lings runned through :D i have no idea how to wall of in this game LOL I use dragscroll intuitiveli and carema moves to the corner, because sensitivity on this is insane and there is not option to disale this lol. I saw at beta custom hotkeys and there are none LOL. I guess i wasted 15, nice remaster no hotkey customization ... Oh there are but still not for cameras and cannot disable annoying dragsroll Wait time 300second, estimated 30...GOFAI18 1d
1d Empty record despite games Hi there, My record still shows as 0-0 unless you were to open up my profile and look at my stats. Any way to address this?oxtQ0 1d
2d Please add a offline installer or zip Please, I need to play from school library and don't have good connection there (we will play in LAN).ForeverScrub7 2d
2d Please enable the profile link feature I am a Korean user. Our Korean users are very dissatisfied with the ID link function. When the existing ID link function is available, it is possible to specify the upper / lower case distinction freely, and it is easy to freely link and delete the classic ID. However, the link function has been closed with sudden patch without any notice. As a matter of fact, my classical ID has been buried without linking. ID link function can be regarded as a feature of user's personality. Please reopen this function or make periodic open so that users will not be disadvantaged.SaSin1 2d
2d first Gen Players 90's to 2005 Anyone left out there? I know most of us have kids\ families\businesses etc. but I cant be the only one left. any clan _EVO_ members? add me hit up channels EVO and Evolves. maybe game some time.H3ro4Hire7 2d
2d The damage of sunkens to marines How comes that Dark Templar has 40 damage and kills a marine whereas the sunken can't kill a marine, although it also deals 40 damage?QuirkyTurtle1 2d
2d Bug? How comes that the dark templar deals 40 damage and kills a marine with one strike, but the sunken can't kill the marine, although it also deals 40 damage?QuirkyTurtle2 2d
2d i'm F rank and get placed VS 180+ apm players ...why?Computer13 2d
2d Matchmaking Broken Hello, The current matchmaking system is not correctly matching similar skilled players. I've been playing on the ladder nearly everyday since release of this patch, and noticed that the matchmaking is all over the place. Either I will be playing someone that is significantly worse, or someone who is an amateur pro player. Very rarely will I play a match that is fun, and not completely one sided. I understand the MMR system in SC:R is new and it will take time to adjust. But I wanted to voice out my current experience of the ladder so the developers are aware that things are not as good as it should be.NostrA13 2d
3d StarEdit Campaign Tutorial Hello all, In April I'll have some time off, and one thing I was thinking of doing was learning StarEdit, as there's a Campaign idea I've been developing that I want to try making. I have not used StarEdit before though, so does anyone know of and can recommend a good Campaign tutorial? Videos or written is fine with me. Thanks!Juxtapose110 3d
3d Profile error has come to exist again The problem of profile error that caused trouble in the past has happened again with this patch. My ID is' $ oUL`tOp` and this error also seems to cause an error in the profile when certain characters are included. There is currently no function that can modify the profile of this ID. Please correct it as soon as possible.SoUL10 3d
4d Today Remaster 1year day. It's the first anniversary of Starcraft Lima. Why is Blizzard not doing anything? Don't ignore it as a game without people. It is a reaction that contradicts the first anniversary of Overwatch.SizMin2 4d
4d Things that i need to play I used to play this game a lot back in the day, when ive heard 2 weeks ago there was a version that worked with windows 10 and had better graphics, window mode etc i was happy. But then there are a millon things that are simply not there as features... i was wondering if it will come a time where this things will be abvailable, this are: Better offline computers to play against, like easy, very hard etc A way to train particular stuff offline like units atacks etc so i dont have to play people and lose points just beacsue i dont know how to split workers as an example, or how to use delfiers while moving an army a better repetition mode where i can watch passed games but analize everything to exhaustion, right now you cant see how players are using groups or what they click or see? but i noticed you can do see what players see in first person? ToggleUP4 4d
4d Cursor too Small/Big Hey Blizzard, Could you allow for us to adjust the size of the cursor? Using Software cursor makes the cursor giant when hovering over units/buildings, and using Hardware makes it small. Would be really nice to adjust size of cursor.NostrA4 4d
4d Horrible Matchmaking Latency Why do I constantly get matched against people from Peru and Australia who have the !@#$tiest internet known to man? I'll gladly wait longer than 2 minutes if it means saving half an hour of my life and the frustration of playing a game on TURN RATE 8-10 WITH EXTRA HIGH LATENCY. It's so much worse than not playing at all, to the point where I'd rather just quit and take the loss. I'd rather wait an hour without finding a match, and that's not even necessary since there's a huge pool of players whom I can play on TR16-24 with. Seriously, how hard is it to just not match people against players where the game will be TR8? The matchmaking takes latency into account, so why is there not a bottom limit? Yeah, you've changed the algorithm about ten times, and this has always happened. I've played since this garbage was in 1.18, and there hasn't been a single iteration where TR8 games didn't exist. I can forgive the fact that there's still numerous bugs with profiles, stats, messaging, rankings, menus, and the UI. Yes, it's pathetic that you can't fix those, but it can be overlooked for the gameplay. TR8 completely ruins that gameplay with a 2 second delay on every action making micro impossible and rewarding retards with garbage internet for abusing the fact that no one can micro against their all ins that they do every game, because they know micro isn't possible. If a Korean plays below 22 TR they get pissed, but somehow it's acceptable to %^-* non-Koreans by placing them against people who are still using dialup. iCCup and Fish Server were so much better than this trash "remastered" game, which let's recall was released with half the features missing and even more bugs, causing a large portion of the player base to quit, to the point where it will never recover. Great work, Blizzard Starcraft Remastered team. I don't expect a response to this since you're too busy doing God knows what to actually make a working game.Sero1 4d
5d Is there any option to mute in-game chat ? I found annoying while playing hunters and someone spam chat or sending private msgs. Is there any option to mute any msg in game ? On iccup there was some command like /dnd what off any kind of msgs and private msgs and chat during playing game. Do we have somthing like that in sc rm ?Acrux1 5d
5d SC 1 Editor, Map settings with ki interact Hello, I have a problem. I want to interact with two ki. It works well because I put them in another group, but I do not win the game.If I have turned off all ki in the opponent team, the "win trigger" is not used.I always have to turn off my ally's ki to activate the trigger. Now my question: can I do it like in "top versus bottom"? That the people with the ki are in a group? I assume that Starcraft thinks that these are still enemies that I have to turn off. But I do not want that. I would like to have a top versus bottom only in the map settings. Sorry for the bad english had to translate it with google. Thank you in advance :)Leonard0 5d
6d Why we have 2 separated ladders in 1 ladder? I mean, foreigners cannot play vs Koreans, in real we have separated ladders, its stupid see foreigners on list near to some ex koreans pros, when in real they cant play eachother, and the lvl difference is so big that it doesnt make any sense this ppl are at same MMR lvl. Why do you pretend that ladder is common and why we have to watch how you make us fools. Just make separated ladder for Korea server if you need separate this holy cows. Now outside Korea ladder is unplayable. I understand there was lag before, but now i see like some ppl play on VPN with Koreans on TR20/16 and there is no problems. Top foreigners now have to play vs super chobo players and makes stats like 50-1 gettin +0 points maches. Please do somethin with that! P.S. One more, please fix tabbed-protoss-minimap in SD mode, background should be black as in other races, not cloudy.poegim12 6d
Aug 12 9 Hatch openings for Zerg? Are there any merits to 9Hatch openings for Zerg? I have just seen an opponent do this against me, and then I remembered that I used to do that back in the days too. I do not know any build order that starts off with a 9 Hatch...SuDDenLife4 Aug 12
Aug 11 UMS Maps Archives Got this from Reddit. There are vast map archives that you can browse & download. All you'll need to do is put the maps in your map folder and host them and others will be able to download them from you. Together, all of these archives probably contain every notable map ever made. I've personally looked through them and was able to find all of the maps I could remember the names of. I've come across a few Tower D, and Evolves on Renaka.StormPanzer73 Aug 11
Aug 11 Are placement matches accurate? I lost all of the five placement matches and expected to start in F league but was placed in E league with an MMR of 1384. The first "official" game went totally wrong, my opponent was way ahead and his apm was three times as high as mine. I don't think the evaluation is somehow close to my (much lower) skill level. Do I have to expect to lose 30 times now before I'm placed correctly? If so, should I rather create a new profile and give the placement matches another chance, hoping to be placed lower in order to have equal opponents? Of course, I'll keep on trying. Blizzard writes that I have to expect to have a 50-50 chance of winning/losing, but the question is in my head and I'm just curious about your thoughts. Thanks!totaln00b6 Aug 11
Aug 11 Additional contents for Remastered? Hi, guys, Just wonder if it is possible that remastered could come up with additional contents to make the game more exciting, i.e.:- 1. Customary units and structures skin bundles according to the lore, example:- Aiur Protoss, Shakuras Protoss, UED Terran, Mar Sara Terran, Char Zerg and the likes. 2. Commanders (with unique top-bar abilities) according to the lore, example:- Commander Tassadar, Zeratul, Admiral Dugalle, Samir Duran, Kerrigan aka Queen of Blades, or the Overmind. The concept for the commanders will be that Amon is not the main subject and its more towards multiplayer-like 1v1 commander, 2v2 commanders, 3v3 or 4v4 commanders. An example will be like in 1v1, player 1 chooses commander Tassadar and player 2 chooses commander Dugalle, and they battle it out multiplayer-like, with heroic abilities. Of course, it will not be 100% balanced, but these are additional contents that starcraft remastered players can enjoy aside from single player campaign and the main multiplayer. Well guys, what are your thoughts? This will be what I think of as the future plan in say, 2 to 5 years from now, after the developers completed the 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 multiplayer scene?William0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Pre-order Skins Any plans to make pre-order skins available for purchase? I know alot of my friends are withholding purchasing this game until its made available. Its a remastered (upgraded) graphics version of the game. Seems idiotic to buy it without the new skins.Nitocris2 Aug 11
Aug 10 Game crash on start Hi, SC is crashing when i start it today - just staying at the picture before the menus. I didn't have such problem before. Anyone else got the same problem?COLD9 Aug 10
Aug 9 Rank borders are not dynamic "After two weeks of players battling online, the MMR range for each rank will be percentage-based and will be adjusted every day at 8:00 am PDT to keep each rank balanced. Because of this dynamic adjustment, players who happen to land on the border between ranks may find themselves in a different rank after the daily rebalancing." (; 08.07.2018; 11:20) This is still not the case. I wanted to bring this to your attention!SuDDenLife11 Aug 9
Aug 9 Ladder needs Rework? *Please Sticky* LADDER I just noticed that the ladder ranking distribution changed because of the S ranks coming out or whatever, but now there are so many " A " rank players sitting at 1700 - / + MMR that it kind of really takes the meaning out of being ' A ' rank like it used to be, the significance, the feeling, etc. I have never reached A rank on PGT or iCCup, but now almost anyone can hit A rank, it really makes the letter rankings seem even more insignificant than the MMR #'s in general, I understand there is a lower player pool outside of Korea, but I really think there needs to be the - / + system put back into place because of the fact that these rankings now are not at all even close to holding the weight or feeling of achieving B / A rank on iCCup / PGT in the past. F - > E -> D -> C- / C / C+ -> B- / B / B+ -> A- / A / A+ -> S I think this would be the most proper way to distribute the ladder rankings, as really now being B / A rank holds no weight, even C rank players right now are really like D / D- players most likely. I think the ladder rankings need to be reworked, right now it just doesn't feel the same, the ladder rankings are meaningless right now in my opinion, hopefully it will actually be more challenging and rewarding in the future, as it used to be back in the day. I guess really the is the main purpose of the VPN craze going on right now, as playing only Korean players would absolutely make the rank a little more significant.telecom4 Aug 9
Aug 9 Why map searching has to load? i have a huge map folder, and i mean huge, i collect maps since old times and i like going to map websites and downloading all kinds of maps, i want to have them all, my map folder is around 9 GBS, dont you agree is a lot? The problem is that when i am trying to make a map it takes FOREVER !!! to load, lets say i want to create a game for a friend i want to show the game, something fun like run zerling run, and the map is called zerlingRun2.scx ... i wait sometimes even 3 minutes !!!. How can i make this loading faster?, shouldn't it load one time and then remember it or something?, cant we have a better system for this?, and also, can we use the search bar to search inside folders also?, getting different ways to sort searches by name, date, type etc.. Thank you a lot team.Final4 Aug 9
Aug 9 Dropping inputs after select larva I felt like I was dropping a lot of inputs when I tried to macro with hatcheries and after testing it found there is a slight delay and any input that is done too quickly isn't registered with the larva selected. I'm quite new to broodwar and so I was wondering if this is a problem that has arisen in recent patches or just something I'll have to get used to, Thanks.Nib16 Aug 9
Aug 8 I want Global MM again I have read that many people, me included, do not play against Koreans at all anymore, which I think sounds pretty bad. Do you really need a VPN when playing from EU to play against Korean opponents even at high MMR (2400+)? That is what I have heard - is it true? If so having a "global leaderboard" does not make sense anymore. Don't stun servers etc. fix the latency issues mostly?? My turn rate for games against Koreans was not that bad when playing from Central Europe before (8>= x <=16). I want a global MM again.SuDDenLife19 Aug 8
Aug 7 Please fix SMURFFING I created a thread yesterday but it got deleted, why? i don't know, this is a coherent request by all means. Stop deleting my threads, Blizzard needs to fix this and i will explain why in detail. Smurffing is when someone creates a new server name in the same Blizzard main account, so people can have several names with different ranks on different servers. I am fine with that, i don't say "take this from people", by no means, what i am trying to say is that Blizzard should balance this a little bit more. Yesterday i won 3 games, each one gave me 8 points, against players that at my level are very good, i am 1400 mmr, so 8 + 8 + 8 = 24 mmr points, but then i encountered a player named "GosuDark" i open my stats with Numpad 0 and he is wins: 0 lose: 0 disconects: 0. So then i ask him: "are you the GosuDark that is playing the pro league?" and he answers "yes this is a new account, i am 2300 mmr". Well i try to play and of course i lose, then i get to see the mmr and i lose 34 POINTS !!!! how is this even possible? how on earth is this system even possible? and this is considering that i knew him because i check the pro league brackets, how many of this people are lurking in lower ranks? Please Blizzard fix this: Let people create new Name Tags, but rank them based on their highest account, so if someone has a 2300 account and the main is Protoss make them fight people that are near them, not me struggling 1300 and 1400. I understand that they might be struggling on their main 2300 account, so give them lower level players, but don't go all the way to the bottom to play with me!! that's unacceptable If i HAVE to play them because of the player pool size or whatever then don't make me lose that many points... its unfair, this is like chess players creating new names and winning people that are just trying to learn how to make the basics and taking points from them. IS NOT GOOD FOR THE SPORT, make a system where we will lose less points please, and if we win them lets us have more points also !!, in what situation a pro league player is ok playing someone that is just learning? and if they have to play, why would you take all the points he worked for in the last hout. If another player has a Terran 2300 account, but he creates a new account to play Zerg, then let that pro player fight us, but if he creates a new Terran account how on earth is fair to play a 1400 MMR?, please Blizzard..I know this is a extremely important request, i know i am not alone at this, most of the people i talk over on Discord hate surfing, its been around since forever but at least before you where able to dodge a game by leaving a room !!. Please Blizzard be considered, Starcrat Remastered has a new beautiful Raking system, this has happened to me several times, i win 3 or 4 games in an hour and a half of gameplay then i lose everything against a PRO that created a new account "just because he is addicted to winning like a crack addict", please fix this behavior, make the game better, please. Most of the good players are old and mature people, but some of them just don't care and like winning games vs noobs, its alright they don't care, when i complained to another guy that i also 2000 mmr he told me "dont complain with me complain with Blizzard!!!". :(hydra201828 Aug 7
Aug 6 Maporino! - A Cross-Game Mapmaking Contest Welcome to Maporino! 2018 presented by Jayborino and DeltronLive Maporino! is partially organized through the Jayborino Discord. Join us here: Please read the server welcome-rules channel when joining. CONTEST RULES: -Your entry must be playable in one of the following: StarCraft II, Warcraft III, StarCraft Remastered, or StarCraft Brood War (1.16.1) -Your entry must be PvE, meaning Player/s versus Environment: the computer, AI, etc. -Entries with PvP, meaning Player versus Player, will not be eligible if it is forced, but can be included only if it is optional and the main focus of the map is PvE -Entries can be single player or cooperative with up to 3 players total (1-3) and as many AI allies or opponents as you want -You may only begin work on your entry after the contest has officially started; if you're reading this, then it has officially started and you're good to go -You must submit your entry on or before October 5th, 2018 11:59 PM EST -Only one submission per person/team -Do not use others’ content without permission and credit -Jayborino and DeltronLive may omit submissions they deem unfit After the deadline has passed, we will review and play all entries then declare the winner(s). You can submit and update your map any time prior to then. Submit early to allow your map to get feedback from your peers, as submissions will be posted on Discord for other folks to play. Only your final update/submission will be judged. SUBMISSION STEPS: -Send submissions to, which will then be posted to the maporino-submissions channel on the Jayborino Discord -Submissions, whether meant to be played online or offline, must be sent to with the subject line “Maporino 2018: [Map Name]”; the body should contain the number of players required, who the submitter is (and who they are on the Jayborino Discord if applicable), your map itself (or a link to the online version of your map), and instructions for how to initiate your map JUDGING -Judges are Jayborino and DeltronLive -Eligible submissions will be showcased by Jayborino and DeltronLive once the deadline passes -Being fun to play is the most important factor to our judging; other major factors to consider when creating your map include accessibility, creativity, story/theme, and difficulty balance -Excessively long submissions will be judged on approximately the first 70 minutes of play time CONTEST PRIZING -1st Place wins a $50 value code as well as a special role on the Jayborino Discord -1st Place and honorable mentions will be announced/praised in a video reveal after all entries have been played -There will be a runner-up chosen for each game that receives at least 3 entries. Runner-ups will receive a $20 value code as well as a special role on the Jayborino Discord -Winner/s will receive one million Jaybucks, a currency accepted absolutely nowhere Maporino! is not sponsored by, or affiliated with, Blizzard EntertainmentDeltron0 Aug 6
Aug 6 new players/practice matches? Hey all, I'm new to BW online and looking for more inexperienced players to practice with. I'm not even above 100 APM yet so if you're much faster than that or have you're build orders down to a science... you might not have a challenge or have a ton of fun. If you're with me on that part, it'll be nice to challenge eachother and get better/practice while keeping it all for the sake of fun and learning. If you're an experienced player i'd still love to play against you as well but only if you're looking to help/instruct. As far as stuff I personally have been using to practice: Liquidpedia so far has proven to be a really good resource. It has everything from practice routines, build orders and build order timings for every race/match-up; and things to develop and build your EAPM, ETC. It also has definitions of ALLLLLL of those things as well if that was all Greek to you ;). I also have been watching the "Lets Learn Starcraft" playlist on youtube from Day9. If you don't know it... check it out... it's seriously helpful and Day9 makes it actually entertaining. Alas with all of that, I definitely am still not great at any of it, and need a lot of work. The A.I. is good but it lacks human error and logic. Hence, this post looking for other inexperienced players. Let me know if you're interested or just bored ever. Thanks! :) - Deadweight8 or WThomasDrumsWThomasDrums2 Aug 6