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14h 2019 priorities Hi folks, Now that we’ve released our final patch for 2018, and because I’ve failed in my quest to do more regular dev video updates (does BlizzCon count?), we wanted to cover something that several people have asked about this year - our roadmap and priorities. These are some of the larger items we’re tracking - it doesn’t cover everything, and it’s entirely possible that I missed some items during exporting from our database. Feel free to comment below on things you agree with, disagree with, obvious things we've missed, etc. All constructive feedback helps. Just please remember that we’re a small team here on SCR, and we have to be realistic about what’s achievable. If everything’s a priority then nothing’s a priority. So let’s concentrate on the most important issues for the near future. There will be more opportunities down the line to circle back to lower priority issues. The standard suite of disclaimers apply here folks - priorities may change, no timelines here, things may drop off the list, no guarantees on anything, etc. etc... y’all know the drill. So without further ado - here is our priority list as we head into 2019: [P1] Team matchmaking [P1] 64-bit [P1] Further league divisions (investigation) [P1] Racepicking (investigation) [P1] Disconnections from server [P1] Matchmaker algorithm improvements [P1] Relaxed input [P2] Show opponent's rank in matchmaking pre-game popup [P2] Add a "Watch Replay" button somewhere in the post-game UI [P2] Force players to actively choose their race in a game lobby [P2] Abort game start if a player leaves a lobby during the countdown (investigation) [P2] Display race of each player in-game in the diplomacy popup [P2] Options menu performance improvement (and general web UI stability improvements) [P2] Observer desyncs [P2] Friend request error message [P2] Worker count in replays (investigation) [P2] Unit count in replays (investigation) [P2] API to replace the web calls that relied on [P3] Minimap separator line in certain configs on certain maps [P3] Consolidation of some or all gateways [P3] /stats to show league rank of play (investigation) [P4] Clan [P4] BWAPI DONE [P1] [1.22.3] Replay autosave naming [P2] [1.22.3] Restore disconnect stat TEAM MATCHMAKING As I mentioned at BlizzCon, although we had hoped to roll this out in 2018, it unfortunately didn’t happen for us this year. We’re very excited to get this work done, so it’s a top priority heading into 2019. We haven’t decided yet which mode we’ll roll out first (2v2? 3v3 BGH?) but once the base of team matchmaking is done, it will be a much less difficult task to roll out other modes that make sense. 64-BIT Not the most exciting task for players, I know. But essential. Apple will be eliminating 32-bit apps next year, and at some point it’s reasonable to expect Microsoft to do the same. We’re planning a phased rollout of our 64-bit client in 2019, which means we’ve been spending a lot of time on this recently, and will continue to do so into 2019. As I said at BlizzCon, if you’re still using 32-bit Windows, it’s time to start thinking about 64-bit (you still have a good amount of time, but good to have this on your radar early). FURTHER LEAGUE DIVISIONS This is an investigation into a world where we have more ranking categories, e.g. A+, A-, B+, etc. If we decide it’s a good thing, it will turn into a development task and we’ll reprioritize. REPLAY AUTOSAVE NAMING I’ve posted about this previously. We had a version of this implemented based on community feedback, but once we took it to QA and our own playtests, we all agreed we could and should do a little more with it. So we circled back around for a full design pass and we have a new, improved version of this going through QA validation now. Unfortunately it was just a little too late to make this patch, but we’re optimistic that we’ll pick it up in the next patch. RACEPICKING It’s a pretty hot topic now that we’ve put work against the prevention of ladder dodging, and there are two sides that have opinions we need to listen to and decide on. This is an investigation task where we take community feedback and decide how to approach this thorny topic. DISCONNECTIONS FROM SERVER We know that players are still getting disconnected for reasons that aren’t obvious, and this has been an ongoing investigation in 2018. The good news is that we recently reduced those disconnections by 90% - but the number is still too high and we still have work to do on this. MATCHMAKER ALGORITHM IMPROVEMENTS The balancing act of SCR matchmaking is matching as many people with the Korean population as quickly as possible without having a deleterious impact on latency. One area we’ve identified as possible to improve is for people who have decent connectivity to Korea to be able to use their actual latency rather than a guess based on their region. It’s been a lot of work, but we’re getting close to rolling this change out. The flipside to using actual latency is that folks with poor connectivity will not be able to use VPNs to trick the matchmaker into matching them with Koreans and getting terrible matches as a result. Therefore, it will be a win for latency across the board. RELAXED INPUT Since the release of 1.18 we’ve talked about relaxing the input behavior of SCR - many people believe that not being able to accept keyboard input while the mouse button is depressed is a goofy system. At least one of the launchers in the old days changed this behavior. In the strictest sense, this was by-design in the original SC code. But we’ve now reached out to a lot of people on this issue, and the overwhelming believe is that this should change (including Korean pros). We’ve actually already made the code change. The next step is rolling this out to a PTR environment for people to test and provide feedback on. RESTORING THE DISCONNECT STAT Due to a totally new server infrastructure in 1.18, we lost the ability to accurately report disconnects. Eventually we decided it was better to hide this stat than to show something that we couldn’t guarantee was accurate, so we hid disconnect stats a few months ago. However, we acknowledge that there is value to this stat in organizing custom games (not so much in ranked because the player takes a loss in a disconnect event). So, we’ll be looking at whether we can get the disconnect stat to be reported accurately and - whether or not we can - whether we should restore the display of this stat to users. SHOW OPPONENT'S RANK IN MATCHMAKING PRE-GAME POPUP Show as a border color the rank of the opponent before entering the game (and possibly the MMR too). ADD A "WATCH REPLAY" BUTTON SOMEWHERE IN THE POST-GAME UI This would serve as a fast way to watch the replay of the game just played. FORCE PLAYERS TO ACTIVELY CHOOSE THEIR RACE IN A GAME LOBBY This would prevent players from forgetting to choose a race. ABORT GAME START IF A PLAYER LEAVES A LOBBY DURING THE COUNTDOWN We need to investigate the feasibility of implementing this feature. DISPLAY RACE OF EACH PLAYER IN-GAME IN THE DIPLOMACY POPUP Just in case you missed or forgot the race of your opponent. OPTIONS MENU PERFORMANCE Since we use CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) to power all of our new menus (including Options), it can take a while for the web browser to spin up on demand on some PCs. We’re still using quite an old version of CEF which causes many pain points, so we’d like to upgrade CEF. This and some other efforts will hopefully improve the performance of the options menu. Some of those optimizations we attempted to roll out in 1.22.2, but it introduced other issues with missing UI, so we've rolled it back for now. OBSERVER DESYNCS Occasionally we see a situation where an observer will desync from the other players, seeing a different view of the game to everyone else. This is a tough nut to crack - so the more reports we can get of this, the better - video & replays would be great. FRIEND REQUEST ERROR MESSAGE This is a pretty simple one (but important) - some of our error reporting around friend invitation failure is ambiguous and can lead people to believe that the friends system in general is misbehaving. We’d like to tighten this up. WORKER COUNT IN REPLAYS We’re at the investigation stage of figuring out: Whether this change is universally supported How to represent the info on the replay UI UNIT COUNT IN REPLAYS We’re at the investigation stage of figuring out: Whether this change is universally supported How to represent the info on the replay UI API TO REPLACE THE WEB API THAT STARLOG.GG RELIED ON In our continuing efforts to support the community, we’d like to offer a replacement API for CONSOLIDATION OF GATEWAYS This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time - but the gateway part of our server infrastructure is essentially the 1998 server code, and it still underpins SCR, WarCraft 3, and Diablo 2. Therefore, we haven’t been able to make this change without impacting the other games. With WarCraft 3 being Reforged and having an active team on it, and us getting more control of the Diablo 2 codebase and update system, this starts to become more of a reality. What this means is that we could combine US East and US West into just 1 gateway for US for example, or combine all gateways into just one (which would effectively deprecate the concept of gateways). CLAN It’s early days for this feature, but we’re looking at what we can do to build out a clan system to replace the old clan system. BWAPI This is always something we’ve wanted to do, and we did make some progress towards this in 2018, so we’re hoping that we can continue to fit in work towards BWAPI in 2019.Grant Davies159 14h
6d Patch 1.22.3 Notes Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors, Patch 1.22.3 has arrived. Welcome to Season 3! Features and Improvements New Zerg themed ranked play rewards. S,A,B,U rank portraits and frames. Map pool update: (2) Cross Game 1.06 (2) Overwatch 2.2 (3) Medusa 2.2 (4) Circuit Breakers 1.0 (4) Fighting Spirit 1.3 (4) Ground_Zero 2.0 (4) Colosseum 2.0 Ranks: S Rank – Top 1% of players A Rank – 7% B Rank – 21% C Rank – 21% D Rank – 21% E Rank – 21% F Rank – 8%(Note: For the first two weeks ranks will be MMR bucketed based on last season's data. After which we will switch to the percentage-based breakdown above.) Other Overhauled replay information screen and replay file name format Friends presence notifications can now be toggled on and off with the chat commands /f on and /f off /dnd will also ignore presence notifications from friends. Additionally, when /dnd is now toggled feedback will be provided as to whether it’s on or off Added /f o as an alias for /f lo Re-enabled disconnect stats Bug Fixes Fixed a bug introduced in last patch which caused replays to go out of sync when any player left the game. Note * existing replays created under that patch will not be repaired – they will remain broken GLHFMatt Sherman77 6d
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Feb 21 1.21.3 Lobby latency bars Hi all, In our ongoing efforts to combat latency in SCR, we've revamped the custom games latency bar system to make it more meaningful for players. First, it's important to distinguish between the latency bars displayed on the game search screen vs the latency bars in the game lobby. In the game search screen, the latency bars are based on geodistance (the distance from you to the advertised game host) and therefore are very approximate. We do not show actual latency here because it would involve a lot of packets being sent to hosts and back, and would be somewhat akin to DDOSing the host. In the game lobby screen, we do show actual latency. We've revamped the system in 1.21.3. Now, the latency bars depend on which turn rate the host has selected. The meaning remains the same regardless of turn rate: 5 bars - high confidence that this player can play at selected TR on low latency 4 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on low latency 3 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on high latency 2 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on extra high latency 1 bar - the player is unlikely to be able to play at selected TR, or has no connectivity to you In 1.21.3, we have also rolled out our Dynamic Turn Rate system for custom games as an option. The meaning of the bars in this case are: 5 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 16 on low latency 4 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 12 on low latency 3 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 10 on high latency 2 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 8 on extra high latency 1 bar - the player cannot play at any TR on any latency It's also worth remembering that latency is a moving target - ping times can change (sometimes dramatically) during the course of a game (or even while in the lobby), which means these bars are a guide only. There's no guarantee that a player will maintain their current connection - it could get better or worse with time. Finally, and importantly, the current latency bar system only measures latency between you and the other player. StarCraft uses a networking algorithm that is optimal when all players have good connectivity to all other players. Therefore, it's incumbent on all players to make it known to the host if they have particularly poor connectivity to another player. In future we'd like to investigate elevating all latency times to the host so that the host can be properly informed.Grant Davies58 Feb 21
Feb 19 ScmDraft 2 – Creating maps since 2003 What is it: ScmDraft is an un-official map editor for StarCraft. It supports all map-making features available using the default map editor (StarEdit), but also supports additional features such as non-isometrical and extended terrain (Most common example of this is creating backwards ramps and wider ramps) which are used in most pro maps, direct sprite placement, copy+paste, brush management, extended map-debugging capabilities, and many more. I am currently in the process of finalizing the first official release in several years, ScmDraft 0.9.0. The newest alpha build is available for download here: together with screenshots of the new features. This page is updated every couple of days with updated builds, as time allows. Configuration: When starting scmdraft the location of the starcraft data files should be automatically detected. If this is not the case, then click “Edit” in the profile select screen to access the profile options, and set the starcraft path in the corresponding field. To skip the profile select screen, add ‘-profile=Default’ to the shortcut used to launch ScmDraft. (Update the name of the profile as desired) System Requirements: I have not tested on anything older than Windows 7, however it is designed to run on windows XP. Other OSes: I have been told that the current version works reasonably well under WINE on Linux and MacOS, with occasional graphical glitches. Reporting bugs: In order to simplify bug reporting, please provide as many details as possible. If you run into a reproducible issue, either launch the program with the –console command line switch (e.g. via shortcut properties), or open the console from the debug menu located at the right. Include any warnings and errors which are printed to this window. If you encounter a crash, include a full dump if possible (Task manager -> process details -> scmdraft -> right click, create dump file), or include the automatically generated minidump if not. Changes between ScmDraft 0.8.0 and the current build: Vastly extended the overlay options. It is now possible to visualize the terrain height, whether terrain counts as cover (provides dodge chance), building and unit placibility, set creep to transparent, and many other settings. Visualize unit attack, detect, and vision ranges Pathfinding region display. This is what the game uses to determine a rough path from point A to point B. This tool helps resolve unusual mining and pathing behavior. Various symmetrical terrain options. Use this if you want to make a map with mirrored or rotational symmetry without creating the rough design by hand. Added new unit, unit-sprite, and pure-sprite palette windows. Reworked palette windows for doodad palette, and user-defined brush palette. Use the user-defined brushes to share predefined map chunks such as extended ramps. Reworked the tileset palette to be resizable in all modes Completely reimplemented the map settings window. Also added string filtering, multiple wav import, more… Updated the UI in general to use more modern controls. Fix player fog of war preview to take obscuring doodads into account Many many bug fixes, stability improvements, performance enhancements, and internal structural improvements. Many other minor changes. Note: Some options available in ScmDraft 2 are provided for backwards compatibility with StarCraft 1.16.1 and may not function with 1.18 / 1.19. (Such as extended player colors) Use this thread to post feedback, suggestions, and report bugs.Sinsanity362 Feb 19
Nov 16 EUD Discussion Greetings all, We plan on offering high level support for EUD. The emulator does not support EUD maps that touch StarCraft graphics. An unsupported EUD map, when played, will cause the game to issue the following message: ”Sorry, this EUD map is not compatible with StarCraft Remastered.” The emulator tries to support all other maps, however, there could be cases were the EUD map exercises features that we did not account for in the emulator and hence one might get this error: “Sorry, this EUD map is not supported. Please report the map on the StarCraft forums.” cheers, -MattMatt Sherman153 Nov 16
Oct 12, 2017 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista Greetings, Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors, StarCraft Remastered will no longer support XP/Vista as of next patch. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. StarCraft Remastered will no longer run on these older operating systems once we've ended support, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade ASAP. Please reference the system requirements for additional support details here.Cydra0 Oct 12, 2017
14h APM how to speed up? I have watched many you tube games with flash. How the hell are guys getting 300 apm?FrostyFeet2 14h
19h Things that make me very sad Things that make me very sad 1) Very low player base. At mornings EU has less than 100 players, it's even less/equal to iCCup thus it makes playing ladder impossible. I know many people are sleeping, go to work and etc. but I don't think that's only because of it. People just don't wanna play this game, the launch hype is gone. I have nothing to criticize or to rant but I just want to shout out: how about being more active? Where's your passion for this game? I personally think playing couple games with coffee before work is refreshing me, like doing exercises. I don't know, maybe devs should implement more rewards, maybe achievement system. So fellas, pls get your lazy to ladder and fight! <3 2) Noob bashing. Please, pretty please stop joining "noob only" titled games if you got more than 200 APM (not talking about 300 APM scundrels). You are ruining new players experience and force them to quit. In future you will end up playing vs. no one or better player who will smash you. That's unhealthy. "Git gud" behavior won't make them stay for too long because this is the hardest to master game. 3) Map hackers It's more common on US servers and playing vs. them makes me the saddest person. Antihack system should be improved. These are my free thoughts as today. Thanks for listening. GL&HF.CognacLover30 19h
23h SC:R Blizzcon Console Skin Hi. I'd like to buy Special Blizzcon Consoel Skin for StarCraft:Remastered. Blizzcon 2017 Blizzcon 2018 There is no more option to buy a "virtual ticket" for BlizzCon. Dear Blizzard, please kindly advise how we can buy it?MadCatz4 23h
1d I Have an issue - Mouse operation Mechanism * First, I'm korean. Please understand that i've bad english == I have an issue with Mouse operation Mechanism It still has a problem, because different sensitive with version 1.16 Difficult to describe in words, so i brought images and videos. [ This is Remastered] [ This is version 1.16] as you see, there is quite different of Location of Mouse Cursor & Drag Box if i uncheck "Hardware Cursor" , then, Cursor and Drag Box will match. but point is it has very bad mouse Sensitvity when i uncheck 'hardware cursor', so i have to check 'hardware cursor' in Semi-compulsively, and then we have Finely different mouse sensitivity with previous version of starcraft. here is low-speed video comparison 1.16 version Remastered i wish you guys fix this thing..cautionary2 1d
1d Ongoing missed opportunities I can't help but wonder if Blizzard is whiffing on potential opportunities to make money on this game. There was a lot of momentum when the remaster was announced and in the early stages that they failed to capitalize on. In short, I think that additional revenue and momentum can be recaptured by offering DLC, and that old and new fans of this game would not mind a pay wall for good new content. I think we would all enjoy (and pay for) new content such as new campaigns with voice acting on parallel story arcs. A fantastic example of this would be something akin to Antioch Chronicles. The next few suggestions may take development rework that would be impossible to implement, I don't work on this game so I don't know. However, adding a coop mode akin to Starcraft II could also be profitable as well. Other ideas include incorporating new unit and building skins, creating assets for two dimensional rendering of Starcraft II units such as the Odin, Mothership, Collosus for map editing and custom games/campaigns that is in the vein of the old brood war art style. Someone else wrote in a suggestion about having special rules for different seasons which is interesting as well. Change nothing about the core of the game, particularly in multiplayer and ladder, save for adding team game ques. Many of us would welcome a simple random teams que with no ladder at this point while ladder is being finalized. I think even if you implement features and additions to this game that are similar to Starcraft II, there is still a differentiated audience in the people that appreciate the play-style and aesthetics of brood war's art and rendering.CheeseSteaks4 1d
1d Move Bonjour dialog to LAN Please move the "Do you want to enable Bonjour?" dialog to appear only when clicking LAN. Or if you really want to ask it, remember if I say "Cancel" and only ask again if I click on LAN. Currently I'm getting spammed by it every time I log in. I don't want to install it, stop asking me. No means no. :DQuirinus3 1d
1d Harassment player Player name YeahWell harass me wiht bad language in game but after the game too,so here is my proff and also i can show the replay,thanks! 1d
1d Fix players online per server text Can you fix counter of players online per server on gateway selection menu? Sometimes it shows around 200 on Korea which isn't possible and 3000 on EU where I see only few lobbies open. It's not accurate at all.CognacLover0 1d
1d ORIGINAL AND RM This is probably not possible but if we are trying to get more people to play starcraft allow people to play broad war and rm on the same server weather you have the new remastered. Myself I have an old computer and broad war. I'm not spending to play remastered on a newer PC. Food for thoughtFrostyFeet4 1d
2d Cant see Profiles Anymore ._. I create a topic because no one dev cared about other comments. Before last updates i could see my profile Which includes historial of matches, and could download the replays, wins and loses, my average apm... It was accesible when i clicked my portrait with SC logo, also i could do the same and had the option "View profile" from my friends on my list. Why, suddenly, it not visible anymore?Maximus6 2d
2d What is turn rate? I don't get it.CleftAsunder31 2d
3d Release Real Time Lightning Why this options need 2gb vram? we are using new gen gpu's on 20 year old game and you thinking 1gb hd7850 or gtx560 cant handle this? limit that options for the memory ram not for vramMyth10 3d
4d Please enable permanent offline HD mode I bought the game, I don't want to be forced to play with old graphics should I ever find myself without internet for an extended (or permanent) period of time.FilthyCasual4 4d
4d Server lag in KOREA. The KOREA server isn't working properly now, every time we play slowest speed with lag for a week already. I think this happened in the middle of the game, and when the game is over, it's go back to the initial menu. so need to reconnect to server too. Please fix this problem.why is server lagging.LazyTurtle2 4d
5d Cant see stats or replays When I login and choose which name I'm using in the top right I have my player icon. Before I could click on that and watch replays see where my stats are. For a few weeks when i click on the icon nothing happens. Any ideas??FrostyFeet4 5d
5d We want a faster game We want a faster game Only # x2 now # X3, # x4, etc. are already in use by many users. Hope you can fix it soon.sauoory5 5d
5d BSL Gosu League Ro 8 day1 - NOW LIVE Today BSL Gosu League Ro 8. Adelscott vs Ty2 and Madinho vs UltrA. Tune in 5d
6d Is 5v3comp Kill4Minerals LXJ-2.1 1 Beatable? I must've played this UMS game like 100x's and i dont think this game is beatable. The upgrades are unlimited but are also nerfed. Early upgrades are instant but as you get higher they get slower to upgrade and cost more expensive with gas. The problem is finding teammates who could survive the rush. The issue here is if you lose one teammate your practically done for because your bases are not separated. And not to mention they spawn in front of your base.SuperMN2155 6d
6d Morph real archons from hallucinated templar? Hey guys, Check this: The full vid is here (check around 1 hour exactly): What does everyone think?forfriends16 6d
Mar 12 how to create kill4mineral Hello players I need support how can i create this map. I mean kill4min. I have map but ther is something miss. When we start playng we have all Like normal, need 300for comander center aso. I need mod or what? pls help me how to do . What i need.Metodius3 Mar 12
Mar 12 Korea server lag issue There is a serious lag after about 9 mins of game start. Many users are suffering from this problem. :( *Edit: Server lag has been fixed. However, disconnections and game records are still a problem. *Edit 2: Server seems to be stable. Mar 12
Mar 9 New Expansion with New Rules: Yay or Nay? Community Survey: Would you like to see a new, second expansion pack to StarCraft: Remastered that introduces new rules, while keeping the Brood War rules as they are? Explanation #1 regarding new rules: Could be anything. Could be reduced price vor existing units, could be new units, could be something that exists in StarCraft II (like trading resources in 2v2), could be something completely new like Protoss Shield Battery recharges Terran Battlecruiser's energy. Everything and anything would be on the table. Explanation #2: New rules would be completely OPTIONAL. You could always set the rules level to brood war and ignore the new stuff. Question: Would you like to see a new Rules Pack aka Expansion set under these conditions? Just post Yay or Nay and only a really short statement why.Grulemugg22 Mar 9
Mar 9 Update and replays Hi, I haven't run Brood War in a while and I saw that there's a new update. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to play offline without updating but it looks like the update auto-started. I paused but it won't let me cancel. The reason I'm afraid to update is because I don't want my old replays to stop working. Will the old replays still work with the new update?Anevilgenius2 Mar 9
Mar 9 What is/was EUD and how does/did it work? I've never seen any function in the campaign editor called "extended unit death", nor can I see how messing with a unit's death can do things you'd be otherwise unable to do :\GMax2 Mar 9
Mar 7 Maphack in remastered Recently, several pro-gamers have been claiming that there are maphack users on battlenet. And 2 days ago, Soulkey, KSL season 2 winner, received a replay from his fan that contains an obvious maphack play: - If you start watching at 6:35, you will see that the supposedly maphack user sends his probe to the corner of his opponent's base to warp gateways on 4-player map. What is even more suspicious is that the maphacker(?)'s probe suddenly stops and move backward near the opponent's base when the opponent player sends his probe to near his entrance to warp a pylon. As the clip linked above shows at the end, the maphack user was ranked #13 on ladder, suggesting that even high-level players are using maphack. Here is another evidence: - Just today, a user uploaded a replay on Korean Starcraft community website that shows another evidence of the existence of maphack. I do not think it is prevalent on battle-net yet but I hope the admin can take necessary measures because a disease like this doesn't take long before spreading out like wildfire. I remember back 1.16 era, it was virtually impossible to play games on official battle-net servers because 7 out 10 times, I would face a maphack player (I actually experimented with sharing vision and seeing if the other player notices or not). I sincerely hope this doesn't happen to remastered now that we no longer have havens such as fish server anymore.dedus22412 Mar 7
Mar 7 Hacks are back; report system The hacks are back. We need a report system instituted or they will very quickly destroy the ladder. Pressure thread to get a response from blizzard on anti hack + better report system [pick up volunteers to man it if you need it, christ, theres a pre-existing pool of people who have done this for private ladders].Dazed8 Mar 7
Mar 7 Make the ladder map pool mirror KSL or ASL It would be much more exciting if the ladder map pool only had maps that were used in ASL and KSL, Instead of choosing random KeSPA maps from 2008 - 2014. We've played on those old maps for years already. Watching the Korean tournaments, I'm excited to try strategies on the maps, but we never get to.BattleOoze3 Mar 7
Mar 7 Replays are still corrupt... Players leaving or disconnects leading to workers not mining in replays. Please fix...SecondGear15 Mar 7
Mar 6 How to change mouse cursor in SC? I saw some players with different mouse cursor size and color in SC. But I do not see settings for that. How do I change?Core1 Mar 6
Mar 5 Cannot join or create games I purchased SC remaster a while back and enjoyed it but about a month or so ago I start to have trouble joining games and now I just cannot join ANY custom game, or create game. I don't do any ladder but I also find out there's nothing to select game type there for me to try. Didn't need to open up 6112 before but now I did it on the router as well but didn't help. Any clue? This is really frustrating... Jobie99Jobie992 Mar 5
Mar 5 HD upgrade I have bought the Serial from an online shop and downloaded the game via Battle net app. Where do I enter the serial key?ZedSharif2 Mar 5
Mar 5 Delay between 1a2a3a4a Its a big delay between 1a2a3a4a when i play compare to sc2. there is anyway to fix it ? when i 1a2a3a my army in sc2 speed , its only move the 1a : (StriKE4 Mar 5
Mar 5 GeForce Experience - ShadowPlay Currently, SC:R does not support in-game recordings, using GeForce Experience's ShadowPlay. This is possible if I enable desktop capture, however, it would be nice if I could capture the traditional way, as I do for all other games that I play. Blizz, please fix!Çhewychips0 Mar 5
Mar 4 Nuke Damage Do nukes have a maximum amount of total damage they can do. Like a limit or such? I have landed a couple of great nukes but have noticed that an odd unit or building would still be left. It happened with a sunken colony for sure last night. The stats that I could find say 500 damage or 2/3 hit points on buildings whichever is greater but that doesn't seem to be the case with my testing. Any dev care to explain nuke damage in greater detail? As far as radius and the way damage is dealt?sickr1rider7 Mar 4
Mar 4 KSL S3 Maps Blizzard, can you please release the KSL maps so people can practice on them?Wes1 Mar 4
Mar 4 Qualiz Blizzard graphics is: Diablo2fullyaction Warcraft3fullygameplay StarCraft2fullyanimationKimara4 Mar 4
Mar 4 Editing Cinematics Hello. I am currently translating a custom campaign from a foreign language into English. Everything is done, except one thing. You see, the campaign in question features custom cinematics as well, for which I want to do voiceovers. I've recorded the actual audio. However, when I tried to use a video editor called RAD Video Tools to put the audio into the cinematic, a problem arose. When I tried to play the cinematic in question while playing Starcraft, the audio was replaced with a loud, static-y sound. Is there any way to fix this?Alureon0 Mar 4
Mar 3 MK Do you like Mortal Kombat or remembers. And I want to knows what is your hero. My hero is no no I say if you guys too saying. That all for slow kick for UK.Kimara3 Mar 3
Mar 3 Drop Hacks I mostly play UMS, but drop hacking seems to be prevalent again from the amount of people who either drop and disconnect themselves, drop entire games, or drop with others. It even happens in lobbies with people just dropping instead of leaving. What gives?Nolidor36 Mar 3
Mar 2 Is there an any api deployment plan? Hello. I run the SC:R stat site called starlog. The Blizzard API system gives me the battle tag and the Aurora ID of the user who authorized my app. I want to retrieve user's profile data (by aurora id). Is there an endpoint like "get aurora profile by aurora id"?Lael9 Mar 2
Mar 2 Make StarCraft h priority windows process When you start Skype call with somebody or sometimes just alt-tabbing when some weird app is opened the game minimizes itself. Like some windows apps have higher priority. You usually see a normal windows mouse cursor on some screen parts and if you click somewhere in this area the game screen gets minimized. It's very common, easy to reproduce and very annoying during games. Do you think it's easy enough to address? Can provide more details if this gets upvoted. Happens in full-screen mode by the way.BRuǂQuaD3 Mar 2
Mar 1 no supply cap cheat i have a small tv monitor im having trouble reading the code word bunker55aliveinside. Oh now on the forum page i'm pretty sure it's bunker55 alive inside is that right? all in one word like all codes. What exactly does it do? eliminate the need for supply depots and infinite cap?dwight482 Mar 1
Mar 1 fastest map can someone explain to me how to get the fastest maps? I haven't played in years and im just tryna get that/those map(s)... or can someone help me get it somehowSaulG19951 Mar 1