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10h 2019 priorities Hi folks, Now that we’ve released our final patch for 2018, and because I’ve failed in my quest to do more regular dev video updates (does BlizzCon count?), we wanted to cover something that several people have asked about this year - our roadmap and priorities. These are some of the larger items we’re tracking - it doesn’t cover everything, and it’s entirely possible that I missed some items during exporting from our database. Feel free to comment below on things you agree with, disagree with, obvious things we've missed, etc. All constructive feedback helps. Just please remember that we’re a small team here on SCR, and we have to be realistic about what’s achievable. If everything’s a priority then nothing’s a priority. So let’s concentrate on the most important issues for the near future. There will be more opportunities down the line to circle back to lower priority issues. The standard suite of disclaimers apply here folks - priorities may change, no timelines here, things may drop off the list, no guarantees on anything, etc. etc... y’all know the drill. So without further ado - here is our priority list as we head into 2019: [P1] Team matchmaking [P1] 64-bit [P1] Further league divisions (investigation) [P1] Replay autosave naming [P1] Racepicking (investigation) [P1] Disconnections from server [P1] Matchmaker algorithm improvements [P1] Relaxed input [P2] Restoring the disconnect stat (investigation) [P2] Show opponent's rank in matchmaking pre-game popup [P2] Add a "Watch Replay" button somewhere in the post-game UI [P2] Force players to actively choose their race in a game lobby [P2] Abort game start if a player leaves a lobby during the countdown (investigation) [P2] Display race of each player in-game in the diplomacy popup [P2] Options menu performance improvement (and general web UI stability improvements) [P2] Observer desyncs [P2] Friend request error message [P2] Worker count in replays (investigation) [P2] Unit count in replays (investigation) [P2] API to replace the web calls that relied on [P3] Minimap separator line in certain configs on certain maps [P3] Consolidation of some or all gateways [P3] /stats to show league rank of play (investigation) [P4] Clan [P4] BWAPI TEAM MATCHMAKING As I mentioned at BlizzCon, although we had hoped to roll this out in 2018, it unfortunately didn’t happen for us this year. We’re very excited to get this work done, so it’s a top priority heading into 2019. We haven’t decided yet which mode we’ll roll out first (2v2? 3v3 BGH?) but once the base of team matchmaking is done, it will be a much less difficult task to roll out other modes that make sense. 64-BIT Not the most exciting task for players, I know. But essential. Apple will be eliminating 32-bit apps next year, and at some point it’s reasonable to expect Microsoft to do the same. We’re planning a phased rollout of our 64-bit client in 2019, which means we’ve been spending a lot of time on this recently, and will continue to do so into 2019. As I said at BlizzCon, if you’re still using 32-bit Windows, it’s time to start thinking about 64-bit (you still have a good amount of time, but good to have this on your radar early). FURTHER LEAGUE DIVISIONS This is an investigation into a world where we have more ranking categories, e.g. A+, A-, B+, etc. If we decide it’s a good thing, it will turn into a development task and we’ll reprioritize. REPLAY AUTOSAVE NAMING I’ve posted about this previously. We had a version of this implemented based on community feedback, but once we took it to QA and our own playtests, we all agreed we could and should do a little more with it. So we circled back around for a full design pass and we have a new, improved version of this going through QA validation now. Unfortunately it was just a little too late to make this patch, but we’re optimistic that we’ll pick it up in the next patch. RACEPICKING It’s a pretty hot topic now that we’ve put work against the prevention of ladder dodging, and there are two sides that have opinions we need to listen to and decide on. This is an investigation task where we take community feedback and decide how to approach this thorny topic. DISCONNECTIONS FROM SERVER We know that players are still getting disconnected for reasons that aren’t obvious, and this has been an ongoing investigation in 2018. The good news is that we recently reduced those disconnections by 90% - but the number is still too high and we still have work to do on this. MATCHMAKER ALGORITHM IMPROVEMENTS The balancing act of SCR matchmaking is matching as many people with the Korean population as quickly as possible without having a deleterious impact on latency. One area we’ve identified as possible to improve is for people who have decent connectivity to Korea to be able to use their actual latency rather than a guess based on their region. It’s been a lot of work, but we’re getting close to rolling this change out. The flipside to using actual latency is that folks with poor connectivity will not be able to use VPNs to trick the matchmaker into matching them with Koreans and getting terrible matches as a result. Therefore, it will be a win for latency across the board. RELAXED INPUT Since the release of 1.18 we’ve talked about relaxing the input behavior of SCR - many people believe that not being able to accept keyboard input while the mouse button is depressed is a goofy system. At least one of the launchers in the old days changed this behavior. In the strictest sense, this was by-design in the original SC code. But we’ve now reached out to a lot of people on this issue, and the overwhelming believe is that this should change (including Korean pros). We’ve actually already made the code change. The next step is rolling this out to a PTR environment for people to test and provide feedback on. RESTORING THE DISCONNECT STAT Due to a totally new server infrastructure in 1.18, we lost the ability to accurately report disconnects. Eventually we decided it was better to hide this stat than to show something that we couldn’t guarantee was accurate, so we hid disconnect stats a few months ago. However, we acknowledge that there is value to this stat in organizing custom games (not so much in ranked because the player takes a loss in a disconnect event). So, we’ll be looking at whether we can get the disconnect stat to be reported accurately and - whether or not we can - whether we should restore the display of this stat to users. SHOW OPPONENT'S RANK IN MATCHMAKING PRE-GAME POPUP Show as a border color the rank of the opponent before entering the game (and possibly the MMR too). ADD A "WATCH REPLAY" BUTTON SOMEWHERE IN THE POST-GAME UI This would serve as a fast way to watch the replay of the game just played. FORCE PLAYERS TO ACTIVELY CHOOSE THEIR RACE IN A GAME LOBBY This would prevent players from forgetting to choose a race. ABORT GAME START IF A PLAYER LEAVES A LOBBY DURING THE COUNTDOWN We need to investigate the feasibility of implementing this feature. DISPLAY RACE OF EACH PLAYER IN-GAME IN THE DIPLOMACY POPUP Just in case you missed or forgot the race of your opponent. OPTIONS MENU PERFORMANCE Since we use CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) to power all of our new menus (including Options), it can take a while for the web browser to spin up on demand on some PCs. We’re still using quite an old version of CEF which causes many pain points, so we’d like to upgrade CEF. This and some other efforts will hopefully improve the performance of the options menu. Some of those optimizations we attempted to roll out in 1.22.2, but it introduced other issues with missing UI, so we've rolled it back for now. OBSERVER DESYNCS Occasionally we see a situation where an observer will desync from the other players, seeing a different view of the game to everyone else. This is a tough nut to crack - so the more reports we can get of this, the better - video & replays would be great. FRIEND REQUEST ERROR MESSAGE This is a pretty simple one (but important) - some of our error reporting around friend invitation failure is ambiguous and can lead people to believe that the friends system in general is misbehaving. We’d like to tighten this up. WORKER COUNT IN REPLAYS We’re at the investigation stage of figuring out: Whether this change is universally supported How to represent the info on the replay UI UNIT COUNT IN REPLAYS We’re at the investigation stage of figuring out: Whether this change is universally supported How to represent the info on the replay UI API TO REPLACE THE WEB API THAT STARLOG.GG RELIED ON In our continuing efforts to support the community, we’d like to offer a replacement API for CONSOLIDATION OF GATEWAYS This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time - but the gateway part of our server infrastructure is essentially the 1998 server code, and it still underpins SCR, WarCraft 3, and Diablo 2. Therefore, we haven’t been able to make this change without impacting the other games. With WarCraft 3 being Reforged and having an active team on it, and us getting more control of the Diablo 2 codebase and update system, this starts to become more of a reality. What this means is that we could combine US East and US West into just 1 gateway for US for example, or combine all gateways into just one (which would effectively deprecate the concept of gateways). CLAN It’s early days for this feature, but we’re looking at what we can do to build out a clan system to replace the old clan system. BWAPI This is always something we’ve wanted to do, and we did make some progress towards this in 2018, so we’re hoping that we can continue to fit in work towards BWAPI in 2019.Grant Davies105 10h
Jan 8 Patch 1.22.2 notes Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors, Patch 1.22.2 has arrived! Features and improvements Added code to penalize ladder game dodging Players will now receive a sound alert when someone joins a game lobby EUD: Added support for euddraft’s Unlimiter plugin Bug Fixes Fix for IGR leaderboard dropdown in an IGR environment Fix for HD Jungle ramps Fixed instances where game settings were not being saved properly to the cloud (Thanks to the forum member "Pete" for helping us debug this) Fix for /stats on invalid users Fix for sending friend requests in LAN game lobbies The BlizzCon 18 console will no longer leave graphical artifacts on screen after switching to a new console option Multiplayer profiles will now default to whichever character was previously played P.S. BW Fam Within the next few days we'll be posting a general development update. The goal being to provide added transparency against our priorities heading into 2019 GLHF, and Happy Holidays! -MattMatt Sherman74 Jan 8
Mar 26, 2017 Forum Guidelines - Please Read Welcome to the StarCraft discussion forums! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of StarCraft with your fellow players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. Search The new search function at the top of the StarCraft community site is extremely robust. Please be sure to use it to look for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer before creating your forum topic. Making a new thread on an existing subject will likely result in your thread being deleted. If you continue to repost it you're likely to have your posting privileges suspended for spamming. Worst of all, you'll be making the other forum goers upset that you didn't take a minute to search before posting. Rating The new rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, and demote unhelpful posts, or even report posts that violate the forum code of conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with a thumbs up, and a thumbs down icon. Clicking the 'thumbs down' icon you can choose from a few options. Dislike will rate the comment down. If enough people dislike a post it will be darkened, or with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of the violation. You can only rate each post once. Use it wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Guidelines In addition to the forum Code of Conduct, here are some common courtesy guidelines to follow. While these do technically fall within the bounds of the Code of Conduct, these cover more specific examples of common errors that will lead to thread deletions or posting privileges being revoked. The StarCraft forums are for discussion of topics directly related to StarCraft The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topics not related to StarCraft,, or Blizzard are subject to deletion. Don't post in all capital letters, use a misleading title, excessive punctuation, non-standard symbols, etc. While everyone wants their posts read, we ask you to refrain from using these types of tactics in order to bring more people to your thread. Let your post stand on its own merit. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Using the words Blizzard, Blue, or any community team members name in a thread topic is frowned upon Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge his or her post, and we understand that. However, use of such words in the topic does not help that come to pass. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Posting "First" or IBTL constitutes as spamming You will be suspended if you create a post that is intended to call out that you achieved a specific reply number in a thread. This is considered spamming. Posting IBTL (in before the lock) is not helpful and if you feel a thread should be moderated please use the rating button to do so. Do not bump posts The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping very old threads for no reason (called 'necro bumping' or 'necroing'). Petition posts are frowned upon These are discussion forums, and as such we ask that you hold discussions. Creating a thread to ask for replies as votes is not a discussion. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Do not post about locked or deleted threads Posts that are moderated have a reason behind the moderation. It's up to you to read the forum code of conduct and these guidelines to determine what you did wrong, learn from your mistake, and attempt to post again without breaking any rules.Traysent0 Mar 26, 2017
1d ScmDraft 2 – Creating maps since 2003 What is it: ScmDraft is an un-official map editor for StarCraft. It supports all map-making features available using the default map editor (StarEdit), but also supports additional features such as non-isometrical and extended terrain (Most common example of this is creating backwards ramps and wider ramps) which are used in most pro maps, direct sprite placement, copy+paste, brush management, extended map-debugging capabilities, and many more. I am currently in the process of finalizing the first official release in several years, ScmDraft 0.9.0. The newest alpha build is available for download here: together with screenshots of the new features. This page is updated every couple of days with updated builds, as time allows. Configuration: When starting scmdraft the location of the starcraft data files should be automatically detected. If this is not the case, then click “Edit” in the profile select screen to access the profile options, and set the starcraft path in the corresponding field. To skip the profile select screen, add ‘-profile=Default’ to the shortcut used to launch ScmDraft. (Update the name of the profile as desired) System Requirements: I have not tested on anything older than Windows 7, however it is designed to run on windows XP. Other OSes: I have been told that the current version works reasonably well under WINE on Linux and MacOS, with occasional graphical glitches. Reporting bugs: In order to simplify bug reporting, please provide as many details as possible. If you run into a reproducible issue, either launch the program with the –console command line switch (e.g. via shortcut properties), or open the console from the debug menu located at the right. Include any warnings and errors which are printed to this window. If you encounter a crash, include a full dump if possible (Task manager -> process details -> scmdraft -> right click, create dump file), or include the automatically generated minidump if not. Changes between ScmDraft 0.8.0 and the current build: Vastly extended the overlay options. It is now possible to visualize the terrain height, whether terrain counts as cover (provides dodge chance), building and unit placibility, set creep to transparent, and many other settings. Visualize unit attack, detect, and vision ranges Pathfinding region display. This is what the game uses to determine a rough path from point A to point B. This tool helps resolve unusual mining and pathing behavior. Various symmetrical terrain options. Use this if you want to make a map with mirrored or rotational symmetry without creating the rough design by hand. Added new unit, unit-sprite, and pure-sprite palette windows. Reworked palette windows for doodad palette, and user-defined brush palette. Use the user-defined brushes to share predefined map chunks such as extended ramps. Reworked the tileset palette to be resizable in all modes Completely reimplemented the map settings window. Also added string filtering, multiple wav import, more… Updated the UI in general to use more modern controls. Fix player fog of war preview to take obscuring doodads into account Many many bug fixes, stability improvements, performance enhancements, and internal structural improvements. Many other minor changes. Note: Some options available in ScmDraft 2 are provided for backwards compatibility with StarCraft 1.16.1 and may not function with 1.18 / 1.19. (Such as extended player colors) Use this thread to post feedback, suggestions, and report bugs.Sinsanity346 1d
Nov 16 EUD Discussion Greetings all, We plan on offering high level support for EUD. The emulator does not support EUD maps that touch StarCraft graphics. An unsupported EUD map, when played, will cause the game to issue the following message: ”Sorry, this EUD map is not compatible with StarCraft Remastered.” The emulator tries to support all other maps, however, there could be cases were the EUD map exercises features that we did not account for in the emulator and hence one might get this error: “Sorry, this EUD map is not supported. Please report the map on the StarCraft forums.” cheers, -MattMatt Sherman153 Nov 16
Sep 23 1.21.3 Lobby latency bars Hi all, In our ongoing efforts to combat latency in SCR, we've revamped the custom games latency bar system to make it more meaningful for players. First, it's important to distinguish between the latency bars displayed on the game search screen vs the latency bars in the game lobby. In the game search screen, the latency bars are based on geodistance (the distance from you to the advertised game host) and therefore are very approximate. We do not show actual latency here because it would involve a lot of packets being sent to hosts and back, and would be somewhat akin to DDOSing the host. In the game lobby screen, we do show actual latency. We've revamped the system in 1.21.3. Now, the latency bars depend on which turn rate the host has selected. The meaning remains the same regardless of turn rate: 5 bars - high confidence that this player can play at selected TR on low latency 4 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on low latency 3 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on high latency 2 bars - the player should be able to play at selected TR on extra high latency 1 bar - the player is unlikely to be able to play at selected TR, or has no connectivity to you In 1.21.3, we have also rolled out our Dynamic Turn Rate system for custom games as an option. The meaning of the bars in this case are: 5 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 16 on low latency 4 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 12 on low latency 3 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 10 on high latency 2 bars - the player should be able to play at TR 8 on extra high latency 1 bar - the player cannot play at any TR on any latency It's also worth remembering that latency is a moving target - ping times can change (sometimes dramatically) during the course of a game (or even while in the lobby), which means these bars are a guide only. There's no guarantee that a player will maintain their current connection - it could get better or worse with time. Finally, and importantly, the current latency bar system only measures latency between you and the other player. StarCraft uses a networking algorithm that is optimal when all players have good connectivity to all other players. Therefore, it's incumbent on all players to make it known to the host if they have particularly poor connectivity to another player. In future we'd like to investigate elevating all latency times to the host so that the host can be properly informed.Grant Davies57 Sep 23
Oct 12, 2017 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista Greetings, Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors, StarCraft Remastered will no longer support XP/Vista as of next patch. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. StarCraft Remastered will no longer run on these older operating systems once we've ended support, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade ASAP. Please reference the system requirements for additional support details here.Cydra0 Oct 12, 2017
4h About Scouts, Balance, and Maps Yes, Scouts are god awful !@#$ty. They're arguably the most cost-ineffective unit in the game (Ghosts?). Personally, I had always theorized about giving them the "Detector" ability in order to 1. Fit their concept as a scout! The way it is now Corsairs are superior scouts in every way - cheaper & faster to produce, faster in movement 2. Give the sight upgrade an actual meaning - would no longer be the most pointless upgrade in the game 3. "Slightly" buff Protoss in PvZ, since P has historically been underpowered in pro-play Problem is, who knows what "slightly" could actually mean in practice? What if this completely negates cloaked Wraiths vs Carriers for example? "Balance" is not a topic of discussion that should easily be thrown around. Let me now explain why it is a BAD IDEA to make any balance change, no matter how seemingly small. We all need to accept the fact that it's practically impossible to have PERFECT balance between the 3 races ALL THE TIME. Each race has its strengths and weaknesses depending on the terrain and its tactical implications - which is why the game is balanced around maps. The reason why BW is considered to have such good balance is because over the years, players and mapmakers have established metas that have allowed the 3 races to have a near 50:50 winrate between all match ups when averaged over all maps that ever existed (at least in pro-play), all the while being unique in artistic design and play mechanism. This may not sound like much and we all take it for granted now, but it's a feat that no other RTS game has achieved thus far. It was made possible thanks to 20 years of research, practice, and ingenuity of the best players in the world. We are naïve to think that we can manipulate some numbers here and there and try to "improve" upon this formula. Even the devs admit they intended none of this. Once a handful of people, who are not even the best players, start sitting around a table and making balance changes, they put this fragile state at risk no matter how good their intentions are. They wouldn't possibly be able to consider all the variables that exist and will result. Now having said all this, I do believe that for BW to remain competitive as an e-sport in the years to come, there needs to be continuous changes in the game. Players and spectators alike get bored of games that do not change. Then what is the solution? History has already shown us the answer: MAPS. New maps are what kept StarCraft fresh all these years. New maps allowed the meta to continue evolving. Maps made BW's "perfect" balance possible. It's disappointing to see that Blizzard isn't doing more to support them. Hire professional Korean mapmakers. Don't force them to exploit some bugs but instead provide them with a better editor that features interesting gimmicks like destructible walls. I don't know, make teleport portals, terrain that slows, damages, heals. If they're imbalanced they simply won't be used. But make the tools available anyway and let the meta evolve around them. Let the gamers be creative and the game WILL last another 20 years. Guaranteed. TLDR; Scouts suck, but buffing them is not the answer - change and balance in the game should be made with new maps and Blizzard should do all that it can to support their production. edit: bolded TLDR because people don't bother to read and start posting assuming I'm suggesting to change the Scout lolikJublia35 4h
9h Remastered graphic error Hi. I'm head of Korean community EDAC We found so many graphic error in Remastered. I know remastered means revolution in graphic area. But it has so many error. You can check below google docs....there are a lot of weird graphic.. Please fix it as soon as possible.뫼니에르6 9h
11h Keep observing after being eliminated Hello Grant! may we have this function in nvn mode please?Keep observing after being eliminated.dukepersie3 11h
1d Peru players Why on earth would anyone in the world, except Peru players, ever be matched vs someone from Peru? They're playing with sub dial up or something. Every game is a slide show. This has been a known fact since the existence of SC. Matching up vs these guys game after game? Come on. If you can't figure out to isolate these people, gl being smart enough to figure anything else out. Not happening. I'm the last person to complain about lag, but this is utter stupidity. Games vs Koreans lag way less, yet we're excluded from playing them for the most part. Nice.Playa15 1d
1d Fix Matchmaking Too many South Americans on US West-- practically every game has intense lag and bad manner because of South Americans, I play with a friend that lives in Maine, I live in California, we get 24 Turn rate jokingly easy, I have never had above 14 turn rate playing with randoms, fix the servers please.Ziggy8 1d
1d Zerg Control Group Tips When it comes to the amount of units, no other race comes close to Zerg. I'm trying to figure out how to better control my army, and I wonder if anyone would care to share any tips for us nooby zerg players to help us on our way. Some questions I have are, is it a good idea hotkey a bunch of your hatcheries, or is army more important? Another I have is what's the best way to hotkey lurkers? They are rather troublesome to work with sometimes.PheoNIX3 1d
1d Opponent's MMR remains a Mystery I made a post about this a while ago. Personally I would like to see my opponents MMR and rank going into a match. This matches real world scenarios better. You never go into a competition blind IRL. In every other sport (and most e-sports too) on the planet, you know your opponents win record prior to the patch. Why is Remastered match-making blind? IDK. Some "MVP" tried to explain to me last time I posted and it just sounded stupid. At the VERY least, we should be able to see our opponents MMR or /stats them or w/e at some point even after the match. Last time I checked there was no convenient way to check records before during or after a match. Currently people are recommending use of a 3rd party web site called So basically you could theoretically look up your opponent at any time using a 3rd party website. Why you can't through Blizzards AAA games, I'm not sure. That is just another simple hole that needs to be patched up.CloudHead5 1d
1d Rollback previous Patch Can we roll back to the previous patch? Most recent patch is too buggy. Especially replays are just corrupt 100% of the time. When a player is eliminated or leaves early in a game. It's been awhile now, what's the deal with the fix? Can't be that hard right?SecondGear1 1d
1d Piddling Graphic error 2 Please check this place. English is poor, but please understand..슈퍼도치2 1d
1d Desyncing Seriously. You guys have to make this a top priority. The whole de-syncing and dropping players stuff is getting out of hand. I can live with one of 10 games getting this kinds annyoing stuff, BUT lately every other game is de-syncing and people drop from the game. YES this isnt an issue in ladder and it might not seem like to be big problem, since ladder is all it needs eh? But if every other 3on3 or 4on4 game de-syncs and kicks out people, you will lose a lot of the remaining player base. Just today I wasted like 1,5 hours or in-game time due to three de-syncs. And NO I dont mean people disconnecting on their end, but several people getting dropped and this can only be a game-internal problem. And I know you posted this in your Priorities 2019 thread: "DISCONNECTIONS FROM SERVER We know that players are still getting disconnected for reasons that aren’t obvious, and this has been an ongoing investigation in 2018. The good news is that we recently reduced those disconnections by 90% - but the number is still too high and we still have work to do on this." But honestly, who made this statistic that it got reduced by 90% ????? I never experienced this on 1.16.1 and now it happens SO OFTEN. Maybe you meant, you actuallly increased those disconnections by 90%? Or you are just being sarcastic. Sorry if this post seems to be offensive, but I really need to vent off my frustration about lost gaming time due to stupid bugs. I do not mean it aggresive... JUST PLEASE FIX THIS FOR GOD'S SAKE...................................chrisolo2 1d
1d What's the best SC custom RPG map? The title say it all.Energik2 1d
2d Unable to Join Custom Games Starting today I'm unable to join games for Asia/Korea servers. Anyone experiencing the same? I tried live chat support but my fears came true. I was directed to standard webpages for connecting latest patch bla bla bla... I purchased Starcraft specifically to play custom games. Now that I can't join the games, it is basically broken for me. I contacted live chat and my fear came true - they directed me to standard webpages that wasn't latest patch, etc. The latest patch which broke the replays (again) doesn't really help. I've refrained from purchasing all future Blizzard games since things seem to break at random. Don't tell me the developers are working hard and all...we all do. But either it works or it doesn't. Period. Unfortunately, at this stage, the game is broken for me. Disappointed since I've been a fan and player since young and had bought multiple titles. I bought remastered purely to support Blizzard coz I think it's a good game. Anyway, time to move on to other games since I can't play this anymore...QuirkyTurtle0 2d
2d BOT for Channel MODERATION PLEASE Hello, with the recent changes to BNLS for Diablo 2, the only way to load a bot is through the Blizzard API bot program, or a bot called "SphBot" (Both are extremely difficult to use and not user friendly). Blizzard, when are you going to fix your API / Bot process to make it more user friendly? I have been using bots for years and I can barely understand how to get this bot MADE BY BLIZZARD online, it shouldn't take a programmer to load a bot for clan / channel moderation in 2019, this is ridiculous.... Sources : Shortly after the server maintenance on January 4th 2019, a new version check system was applied to Diablo 2 on the server side. We are looking into this but there is no ETA on a fix. This leaves only WarCraft 2 and Diablo 1 working on official servers. This would affect all bots and not just StealthBot, and affects both BNLS and local hashing. This is for the following errors: [BNLS] Error! BNLS failed CheckRevision. Please check the settings of your bot and try again. and [BNCS] Warden.dll does not support checkrevision for CheckRevision.mpq 1/4/2019 11:41:42 [BNCS] Make sure you have the latest Warden.dll from [BNCS] Local hashing failed. There may be some bots that connected quickly enough after the reset, before the changes were applied, that are still online. They got lucky for now but will likely be kicked off soon during the nightly refreshes. In-game bots use a different system and I do not know how they might be affected by this. We don't support them here. If you still need a bot in your clan or op channel, and you do not have a WarCraft 2 CD key, your only remaining option is the chat API. This is the system that Blizzard has for chat bots moving forward. It provides a very limited set of features and won't work for everyone's needs but it's the only thing left right now. StealthBot is not directly compatible with the chat API but I have made a program that allows StealthBot to interface with it, which you can download on GitHub, where I have full instructions for the process: This bot is NOT easy to use, please help and make it easier for Clans / channel moderation to work, it is the year 2019, we are not in the dark ages anymore Blizzard.....telecom2 2d
2d DOTX - Defense Of The Xelnaga (UMS map) hello i would like to know if someone is currently playing DOTX, is a very interesting game with a system similar to dota, today the version 18 exists, i haven't the download link but they have a facebook page. i would like to find more people to play it, since we are a small communityR4yn0r2 2d
3d Can't directly whisper friends ... I can /f m, I can /w users, but if I /w friends I get this message and they don't see what I send. Anyone else have this problem?OmniScourge1 3d
3d Corrupted Replays After the most recent patch replays do not work. No replay works at all unless it is a 1v1 replay or a replay in which no one leaves until the game is over. Players leaving the game corrupt the replay so it is unwatchable. This seems to have been with the most recent patch. Is there any plans to fix this issue. On a side note, please implement a way to disable minimap ping from showing. I have option of turning off everything else including music, alerts, portraits, "offensive" terran death animations but not that annoying distracting map ping that people use to troll.ThomasPaine2 3d
3d 30% of my games still undeceided Really 30 % because the oponent disconectJFDeimos2 3d
3d To cheat or not to cheat in single player!? Can I use cheats in single player campaign? I'm using not remastered edition.DoctorMozG8 3d
3d cant beat brood wars protoss mission 7 At the end where kerrigen attacks the other guy even when he gets to zero health I don't beat the level. he heals and it keeps going. Is there a trick to this level?HadesCharism3 3d
3d Installing Starcraft on LInux (Jan 28 2018) Hello Linux users!! I'm putting together this guide for people who are not completely Linux savvy. I've been searching a good stream line way to just get Starcraft RM working on Linux smoothly without too many complicated steps. I found that the easiest way at least for me is through Lutris. So lets start by installing it. (I'm using Linux mint 18.3) Go to and follow the steps to install it. Then once installed open it up and browse games. Then search "Starcraft" click the Starcraft Remastered selection. "" Now BEFORE you install it, go to the terminal and install the needed files. sudo apt-get install libgnutls30:i386 libldap-2.4.2:i386 libgpg-error0:i386 Ok once that finishes you can go to back to the browser and click the install tab, it should open up a window asking you if you want to open the link with lutris, click "open link" go through all the steps until it opens up the Starcraft installation window, the just press continue and agree to the terms. once it gets to the log in screen. Log in, and after that directs you another window DO NOT PROCEED, type this in the terminal.. killall Agent.exe Okay now look back at the Lutris menu and check that it will create the shortcuts. then click finish. Everything should now be done! to start the Starcraft installer, go ether to the shortcut or Lutris window and click Starcraft Remastered then finish the installation Cheers! (Edit) You might need to right click Starcraft and configure wine tricks from windows XP to windows 7 if it tells you your OS is unsupported.bitblox20 3d
3d One year later, my current feedback Exactly one year since I last posted here, wow! am I still being used as a profile template for update previews? Probably not, oof. Uh... I wanted to make this short, but wtf happened? Seriously? One year and no 2v2 ladder? No lag fix? Literally 365 days, one whole year, I decided to keep my mouth shut and wait for updates. This hasn't been a week for me, or a month. I waited a YEAR for team ladder and lag fixes, among other things. In 2017 we were told to chill out and wait. In two weeks it'll be 2019 and the game is exactly the same. One guy made wLauncher. One guy made mca64Launcher. One guy made Chaos Launcher. One guy made the largest Korean Brood War server to ever exist that became a pillar of the Brood War scene. How many people does it take to update a game they themselves created? How many dollars? How much time? Is there something I'm missing here? I keep being told I'm rude to devs for talking like this, but like... are we just supposed to quit? "Literally unplayable" is a stupid meme. However, SCR is walking a frail and beaten bridge outside of Korea right now. I love StarCraft, dude. It's my favorite !@#$ing game. I can't believe I uninstalled it to make room for other games. I want to play every day like I did on Fish, but I'm an adult now. I didn't have responsibilities when SCR was revealed. Now I have a job to pay tuition for a double major. I'm in a serious relationship. My family is in shambles, I have real life %^-* going on. I can't be expected to spend twenty minutes finding the fastest VPN node of the day anymore, that's simply not worth my time. For me and probably most reading this, StarCraft isn't another game we can rage quit when the devs screw up. It has become a staple of our gaming lives. When a revitalization is promised by Big Blue themselves, imagine our dismay when we see the same thing every... single... day...NotGayDragon25 3d
5d broodwar unable to set dragscroll speed So i bought broodwar, because i am tilted with sc2. There is no option to set drag scroll sensitivity and drag scroll speed is out of contol. Well this suck, i am so used to this, it will probably take some time to get used to play without it. I played game made wall and lings runned through :D i have no idea how to wall of in this game LOL I use dragscroll intuitiveli and carema moves to the corner, because sensitivity on this is insane and there is not option to disale this lol. I saw at beta custom hotkeys and there are none LOL. I guess i wasted 15, nice remaster no hotkey customization ... Oh there are but still not for cameras and cannot disable annoying dragsroll Wait time 300second, estimated 30...GOFAI27 5d
5d Starcraft startup problem When i start game, screen goes fullscreen and i can't play the game or do anything, because it goes 1080 when my screen is 756, so i can't play it. I tried changing screen resolution in settings, didn't worked.Rulet5501 5d
6d Op UGL @ USWest Hey if any of you enjoy playing Fastest Map Possible (FMP) type maps, be sure to check out Op UGL on USWest! It is the most active SC:R channel on USWest, a welcoming community, and a great place to find competitive and noob-friendly matches. We are also home to the StarCraft World (SCW) league where hundreds of players regularly compete for attractive prize pools. Stop by anytime and say hi!islanti2 6d
6d Brood War: 2 Players vs 1 AI?? Is it possible? If so, how? Thanks!Kenya1 6d
Jan 8 Replay Format Documentation Hi, I would like to get the documentation of SC:R's replay format in order to write a website that could be used to collaboratively study games. This would lead to something similar to what the Chess world have: one can upload a game and both have computer-aided analysis and humans comments. See Lichess's Study to get the idea: I bet it would help build some very valuable learning tool. Any hint would be appreciated :) -Ssheda1 Jan 8
Jan 8 Music from Starcraft Hello! Simple question, is it legal to use soundtrack from Starcraft in non commercial video? Sure, with note where this music was taken from? Thank you!Delf3 Jan 8
Jan 8 Places Other Than B.Net? Hi there, I'm just wondering if there are places other than Battle.Net where players get together online to play games? I'm asking because now - just as ten and fifteen years ago - I face the usual problems of getting a meaningful game of six players going (whether a standard game or a variety of Use Map Settings maps - it doesn't matter) where someone doesn't leave in the first minute, give up, or quit for some other reason. It's impossible to filter players in a meaningful way, and after days (sometimes weeks) of not being able to play a single game...well, it's rather frustrating. Are there people out there who are willing to actually commit to a game? To play it through no matter what? To try different and new things? To play something a few times to really learn it and understand it and really communicate with one another to develop powerful and emphatic strategies that make a game fun and rewarding? I love this - but I find no one online who is willing to share this kind of experience; and sadly my friends mostly aren't gamer types, so LAN parties aren't a thing for me. :/ Where might I go to find people actually willing to play a game?Gidoza5 Jan 8
Jan 8 Display hotkeys over commands ingame Hey :) Is it possible to display hotkeys over the commands ingame? (I don't mean the popup when you hover over it. Those work fine for me) I could have sworn that all buttons ingame also showed their hotkey with it the last 3 days I played, but now i don't see any and cannot find a way to make it happen. Was searching ingame for options, looked through forums and tried to find pictures of other players playing with that feature and now i don't know if i simply misremember. Talking about stuff like what button to press to build a Gateway when in the building menu of a probe for example. I feel there was a little G over the icon before. Some clarification so i can finally sleep again would be well appreciated :)KicoS3 Jan 8
Jan 8 Players not "leaving" in replays A number of my recent replays haven't reflected when players that left the game at a certain point in the game actually leave, causing their workers and so forth to continue mining and some units to continue attacking. This causes corruption of the replay. Is there a known cause for this issue?OmniScourge2 Jan 8
Jan 8 stop the lobby join sound So how can i stop this sound please?, i know there is an option to turn the whole background sound off, but i just want to kill the join sound. Any solution?The100YOU7 Jan 8
Jan 8 Throttling computer with game Whenever I'm playing the game, it first starts of smoothly, I can play without any issues and I'm talking in voice chat with my friend. However, after a while, my computer will start throttling for a few moments, my friend claims that I sound as if I had massive amount of lag and I will actually show up in the drop screen for when someone is losing their connection (though in my experience I seldom ever get to the 40 or so seconds needed to actually drop out of the game). Does anyone know how to fix this or why does it even happen in the first place (i.e. a dying CPU/HDD?)LeónEspanto10 Jan 8
Jan 7 Special units and new resources For mid or late game (not for rush) but for tactics introduce new resources like "platinum" just to build supper power unit like odin or other supper unitLukas3 Jan 7
Jan 7 ASL S7 Prelim is having massive trouble UDP games are disconnecting left and right. Anyone at Blizzard know what's going on?Aetis3 Jan 7
Jan 7 SCMDraft 2 Max Supply Is there a way to increase the Max supply of a race in remastered? eg. 200 -> 300 for Terran. I know about the old way having a Unit set to player 217 and a Building to 109 but I think since remastered came out this no longer works.Xevaria2 Jan 7
Jan 6 Another SD Widescreen Thread Is there any chance of SD mode getting 16:9 support? I bought Remastered and enjoy the new graphics and widescreen support, but sometimes I still want to go back to the old look. Remastered is stunning, but the original graphics are what I'm ultimately used to. If 16:9 is specifically a feature of Remastered and Remastered alone, why not unlock the aspect ratio for Remastered owners in SD mode as well? I realize the UI in SD mode was specifically designed for 4:3, so I know it wouldn't be an easy change to make. It's just an idea I would really love to see implemented, if it's at all possible.Emberstone22 Jan 6
Jan 6 Ultrawide Support for Single Player? Can we get ultrawide support for the game? If it's considered "cheating" please allow it for single player and skirmish against the computer. Alternatively, if you want to put in some more work, if someone tries to play multiplayer and is using an ultrawide, just match those people together. Put ultrawide people in their own bucket so only they can compete with one another. That way there are no issues. Thank you.CastorTroy0 Jan 6
Jan 6 Hey, can we implement a Coaches Corner Maybe, like a game where many people can connect to one lobby, a guy who wants to help out newbies connects, the newbie in question who wishes to play connects. Both players play a game out while the observers can freely chat in all-chat, but the Coach can mute players as he wants if they're giving away information intentionally instead of sharing learning experiences. Um, also maybe endless pauses and so that the coach can hover his secondary mouse cursor or something over your base to point out errors (the ability to disable/reenable fog of war on-the-fly would be necessary to achieve this). Another way would be to have both players play out a game, and then activate replay-mode afterwards in Live-time. It would help foster a community experience, thx again.CrossBladeX1 Jan 6
Jan 5 Small Feature Request Hi there, This might not actually be possible, but I thought I'd bring it up because it might be entertaining and amusing. With the new observer option in the Starcraft patch - in theory one could put only AIs as the players and observe them. However, the game won't allow you to start without a human player as one of the main players. Could this be changed so that the game can start anyways if there are only AIs? Watching 4vs4 AIs would be funny. Come to think of it - this could even be a useful feature for some map testing. But if it can't work - oh well. :) Take care and thanks! -GidozaGidoza2 Jan 5
Jan 5 Cannot create game. As in the title.SuDDenLife2 Jan 5
Jan 5 Name algorithm is messed up completely. Hey, this is a ticket for Starcraft:Remastered. You guys have your bad word algorithm completely messed up. The following names come up as a "bad word" which makes no sense. "La.Medic", MaFia.Hunter., La.insaNe, La.Micro, La.SCv" this is completely ridiculous and ruins the ability to join clans. Please can you route this to the appropriate team and have this resolved. It's completely off.FantaSy3 Jan 5
Jan 5 Help me to find arcade map Can you help me to find an arcade map, where you start game with some troops and should defend your command center and attack enemy's center. During the game you can get new kind of troops, which are located around the battle area. Game finishes, when one team destroys another command center.meizuololo1 Jan 5
Jan 4 All can't use skirmish settings? Hi all.One question , can i use skirmish settings in remastered ( I mean chose oponent race,map) like'a NORMAL Brood War or need to donate Blizzard to have that option?PanŚwiata4 Jan 4