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Apr 7 Matchmaking/ranking system for 2v2? I know i'm getting a bit ahead of myself but i was wondering whether or not 2v2 is going to have a matchmaking and ladder/ranking system in 1.18. Both ICCup and Fish had a ladder system for 2v2 (none for 3v3 and 4v4). 2v2 games have always been very competitive in the BW scene, there's currently official 2v2 matches in BW leagues (for example in the recent ASL team battle league). source: Apr 7
Apr 6 HunCraft: Genocide In 2001, a group of hardcore StarCraft fans created an expansion for SCBW. This expansion was perhaps the most detailed one of all, featuring custom voice acting, a campaign for each of the 3 races along with a secret mission, a new unit for each race, new characters, new soundtracks, 8 minutes worth of animated cinematics, new portraits, and old characters that Blizzard didn't mention in the main story. Except, there was a tiny problem: The whole thing was in Hungarian and never saw the light of day outside the country. Furthermore, due to legal issues, the team could only distribute the expansion for free. Unfortunately, they went bankrupt before they could translate the thing into English for the enjoyment of the rest of the world. No longer. Three months ago, I took up the burden of painstakingly translating every single thing there was into English so that those who do not speak Hungarian can enjoy the game. Now, the long task is complete: The expansion is ready. I have uploaded it to the Internet, along with a set of instructions on how to properly install the translated version. Here is a thread where I provide instructions on installation. I must warn you,though, there are campaign spoilers discussed further down: And here is a spoiler-free thread on another forum, complete with me translating some articles in Hungarian gaming journals,detailing the story behind HunCraft:Genocide and its demise, also with instructions on installation: Here are some screenshots from the game: Apr 6
Apr 6 Ladder Season Schedules When does the current season (Season 3) end? I can't find any information about this. ThanksPorcoRosso1 Apr 6
Apr 5 Please add a offline installer or zip Please, I need to play from school library and don't have good connection there (we will play in LAN).ForeverScrub10 Apr 5
Apr 4 Dragoon Gum is still prevalent Back when Blizzard announced SC:R, the issue with Dragoon gum was under one of many issues (not a feature) they promised to fix. It is March 2019 and the game's been out for nearly 2 years and this is still a thing. Along with this issue, the 2-decade old P2P system is still ruining most games. I get that this game is barely played by anyone but a few hardcore veteran players fueled by nostalgia but this is still sad. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised with how Blizzard has gone downhill since the Activision takeover.SamwiseGenji4 Apr 4
Apr 4 Things that make me very sad Things that make me very sad 1) Very low player base. At mornings EU has less than 100 players, it's even less/equal to iCCup thus it makes playing ladder impossible. I know many people are sleeping, go to work and etc. but I don't think that's only because of it. People just don't wanna play this game, the launch hype is gone. I have nothing to criticize or to rant but I just want to shout out: how about being more active? Where's your passion for this game? I personally think playing couple games with coffee before work is refreshing me, like doing exercises. I don't know, maybe devs should implement more rewards, maybe achievement system. So fellas, pls get your lazy to ladder and fight! <3 2) Noob bashing. Please, pretty please stop joining "noob only" titled games if you got more than 200 APM (not talking about 300 APM scundrels). You are ruining new players experience and force them to quit. In future you will end up playing vs. no one or better player who will smash you. That's unhealthy. "Git gud" behavior won't make them stay for too long because this is the hardest to master game. 3) Map hackers It's more common on US servers and playing vs. them makes me the saddest person. Antihack system should be improved. These are my free thoughts as today. Thanks for listening. GL&HF.CognacLover49 Apr 4
Apr 4 Custom Hotkeys in Competitive So the ASL lobby says custom hotkeys are enabled. Cool. But I was shocked to see people rushing to the defense of classic hotkeys. "Flash didn't change a thing and he's still dominating". Yeah Flash probably has the most deep and practiced hotkey action in the entire scene. Of course him switching would have probably the highest cost of any player. Do you really think in 5 years the champion won't be using custom hotkey setup? About custom hotkeys, do people really think that classic setup has advantages over custom setup? The only way you would gain by sticking with the classic setup is you want to maintain high performance without a transition period that would take time correlated to how much you have deeply practiced the old setup. I'm quite confident that there are time gains to be had by removing hand movement required for classic setup. No matter your hand position, it's another thing to keep track of in your mind and there's more physical movement because no matter your hand position, the keys are just more spread out so there's more area to cover in the same amount of time.ppppp8 Apr 4
Apr 3 Dude Perfect vs Dark Swarm I have this idea for a short comic, and I can see it working out for either side. You may have heard of the Dude Perfect channel on YouTube, mostly known for their insane trick shots. Now what I'm wondering is if these guys could hit something under a Zerg Defiler's Dark Swarm. So I came to ask the Broodwar community about it. It's the group who can hit with grim accuracy in a bunch of circumstances vs the orange cloud which protects everything under it from projectiles.RandomRaider0 Apr 3
Mar 31 [KSL] Blue units on Blue maps, feedback I don't know if the KSL production will ever read this tread but I wanted to point out how uncomfortable is to watch games with a blue player color on a blue (twilight) map. I know that the qualifiers have been using random colors and hopefully they will keep that way for the whole season but as an alternative, KSL might simply press Shift+tab when a map is blue to switch the player color to teal. Thank you and keep the hard work #KSLteamStampelle0 Mar 31
Mar 28 Upgrade skins Make the other skins available for others now. We who didnt pre-order should have the opportunity to upgrade our skins for say 10-15 dollars more. Its easy money in the bank for blizzard and probably an easy fix :) whos with me!SMURF891 Mar 28
Mar 28 Insane AI gets Resources? Um why if i set the AI to Expansion Campaign Insane do they start with 2000 Minerals and Gas??? im pretty sure they never used to in the old days.EvilNecroid8 Mar 28
Mar 27 HOT TOPICS FOR 1.20 Greetings Executors, Cerebrates, and Commanders, We very much appreciate your feedback. The team is still heads down on supporting the release and has been working through the critical issues. We’ve also been paying attention to feedback and formulating a plan. As promised, here is the opening round to address your feedback and requests: Features • Ladder Seasons - The Frontier League’s purpose is exploration and collectively pioneering what will eventually be used in future Seasons. The first Season will begin after we have stability and your sentiment that the match system is ready. • Team Matchmaking has always been an intended feature. First, we intend to refine the 1v1 experience and then will build out the 2v2 framework. Work will start on 2v2 after the close of the Frontier League. • Dynamic Lighting requirements for 2D are quite different to 3D. Backstory: Sprite based games require every angle and every animation frame to be a separate image. All those sprites are loaded to VRAM on the graphics card. Dynamic lighting requires another complete set of sprites to be loaded; doubling the required memory to play. There aren't variable levels of lighting in 2D - it's all or nothing. 2.2GB of VRAM is where the combined size of the sprites ended up. We intend to investigate avenues to reduce that requirement. No promises, but we’ll see what we can do, and update when we know more. • Profiles / Leaderboard are continuing to receive updates independent of game patches (they are based on web technology that we can push with server updates). Upcoming releases will include: equipped Portraits appearing in History, Leaderboard, and Chat Channels; optimization of response and load times; updates to History within Profile; adding Seasons within Profile; online/offline indicator and navigation to Profile from Leaderboards. Edit: The online/offline indicator and equipped portraits appearing in history / seasons are proving more difficult than expected. We will potentially revisit these at a later time. As of patch 1.20.5 Portraits are now visible in the chat channels and we are currently working on making them available on the Leaderboard. • Chat commands have gotten a lot more complicated with the blending of legacy and modern chat systems. There are some commands that we may not be able to reconcile in the new world order. We will create a dedicated post around this topic and address missing, broken, and misbehaving commands. • CCMU (Cannot Create More Units) has been a topic we didn’t have the bandwidth to properly investigate prior to release. We found said time, and have explored a method for supporting CCMU without breaking replays – the key reason we were holding off. We believe this is a request we can support before year’s end. • EUD (Extended Unit Death) was another tough nut to crack. A composite armored Abrams’ walnut. Very rare. They taste too good not to crack though. Similar to CCMU, we have created methods to support a handful of the most popular existing maps. Another independent post will be created to cover this rich topic. • Replay UI will be better, faster, stronger. New additions include parity with the appearance and features of Observer and a shiny new production tab. We’re told you can’t beat that new tab smell. Issues • Profile Already Exists Error 3:12 is caused by Profile names that already exist - this can include 'soft deleted' Profiles designed to safeguard against losing Legacy Profiles. We are aware that this is still effecting some Profiles and are investigating a server fix. • Mac Intel 3000 crashes are a bug in the driver code, and we have asked Apple to investigate it further, and will update when we know more. • Campaign Mission progression cloud saves will be in an upcoming patch. • Protoss Console in 16:9 revamp is in the works. Brian has some cool ideas you guys will love. • Blocked Options/Hotkeys appears to be caused by updates to some anti-virus software. We have reliable information that you defeated them on Ladder and this is their revenge. We’ll have a fix out soon so you can have access back without extra steps like whitelisting or disabling anti-virus.Matt Sherman137 Mar 27
Mar 26 Keyboard command to see all chat during game What is the keyboard command to see all chats during a game? During a game I had someone chatted something, but it disappeared too fast. I asked them to type the message again, but they instead typed a command, something like alt-f7 or something, and all chats during the game came up. What is that command? (and it is not Alt-F7) ThxQranger2 Mar 26
Mar 25 Get Back your SC:BW Maps Here (Body is Ready) Map Packs Archive Download: Premium RPG Collection: Map Creator Lounge: Brood War Discord: Mar 25
Mar 25 APM how to speed up? I have watched many you tube games with flash. How the hell are guys getting 300 apm?FrostyFeet5 Mar 25
Mar 24 How to create game in battle net I 'm just a newbee joining starcraft, I had created a game in battle net server asian but my friend can't see my game, he and me is in the same server but can't see each other 's game. Could any one help us ?satthuhoahon4 Mar 24
Mar 23 SC:R Blizzcon Console Skin Hi. I'd like to buy Special Blizzcon Consoel Skin for StarCraft:Remastered. Blizzcon 2017 Blizzcon 2018 There is no more option to buy a "virtual ticket" for BlizzCon. Dear Blizzard, please kindly advise how we can buy it?MadCatz5 Mar 23
Mar 23 Please enable permanent offline HD mode I bought the game, I don't want to be forced to play with old graphics should I ever find myself without internet for an extended (or permanent) period of time.FilthyCasual9 Mar 23
Mar 23 Nuke Damage Do nukes have a maximum amount of total damage they can do. Like a limit or such? I have landed a couple of great nukes but have noticed that an odd unit or building would still be left. It happened with a sunken colony for sure last night. The stats that I could find say 500 damage or 2/3 hit points on buildings whichever is greater but that doesn't seem to be the case with my testing. Any dev care to explain nuke damage in greater detail? As far as radius and the way damage is dealt?sickr1rider9 Mar 23
Mar 23 Matchup Specific Maps for Major Events Dear KSL and other major event organizers: I recently came across an idea that I'd like to re-post here for visibility and discussion. This idea takes non-standard maps to the next level and can bring some interesting lore / cool storylines to light. Please consider this idea for future KSL or other major events. Outlined through this conversational exchange: --- beef: ... mozzy: ... beef: ...ppppp0 Mar 23
Mar 23 New hotkeys I just got back into this game from last Christmas. I was away for a bunch of yrs. I changed some of the hotkeys for terren from default. Holy smokes what a difference. Terren has always been my favorite choice but now it's so much faster and easier in the heat of a battle.FrostyFeet0 Mar 23
Mar 22 BWAPI BWAPI How ? Can i play agianst it ? in multiplayer?Leonix2 Mar 22
Mar 22 More bugs/glitches in SC 2019 There was that unusual hallucination archon meld discovered recently and then I stumbled into the twilight zone. Go to 9:42 and tell me what is going on. Anyone???DKDKDK0 Mar 22
Mar 22 Wanna chat with observer as option Thanks for the great patch. I often want to talk to the observer. (Especially when playing with friends) However, I'm frustrated because I can not chat with Observer all the time. Can I chat with observers as an option?미르31 Mar 22
Mar 21 BSL Gosu League Semi Finals - NOW LIVE It is time to find out who will move on the Finals. BSL Gosu League Ro 4 Tune in Mar 21
Mar 21 Ongoing missed opportunities I can't help but wonder if Blizzard is whiffing on potential opportunities to make money on this game. There was a lot of momentum when the remaster was announced and in the early stages that they failed to capitalize on. In short, I think that additional revenue and momentum can be recaptured by offering DLC, and that old and new fans of this game would not mind a pay wall for good new content. I think we would all enjoy (and pay for) new content such as new campaigns with voice acting on parallel story arcs. A fantastic example of this would be something akin to Antioch Chronicles. The next few suggestions may take development rework that would be impossible to implement, I don't work on this game so I don't know. However, adding a coop mode akin to Starcraft II could also be profitable as well. Other ideas include incorporating new unit and building skins, creating assets for two dimensional rendering of Starcraft II units such as the Odin, Mothership, Collosus for map editing and custom games/campaigns that is in the vein of the old brood war art style. Someone else wrote in a suggestion about having special rules for different seasons which is interesting as well. Change nothing about the core of the game, particularly in multiplayer and ladder, save for adding team game ques. Many of us would welcome a simple random teams que with no ladder at this point while ladder is being finalized. I think even if you implement features and additions to this game that are similar to Starcraft II, there is still a differentiated audience in the people that appreciate the play-style and aesthetics of brood war's art and rendering.CheeseSteaks5 Mar 21
Mar 20 All chat in observer mode Please at least give the lobby creator the option of letting observers talk in all chat. The vast majority of the time the observer is a friend anyway, so I see no reason not to let them talk to the players.svsv3 Mar 20
Mar 19 I Have an issue - Mouse operation Mechanism * First, I'm korean. Please understand that i've bad english == I have an issue with Mouse operation Mechanism It still has a problem, because different sensitive with version 1.16 Difficult to describe in words, so i brought images and videos. [ This is Remastered] [ This is version 1.16] as you see, there is quite different of Location of Mouse Cursor & Drag Box if i uncheck "Hardware Cursor" , then, Cursor and Drag Box will match. but point is it has very bad mouse Sensitvity when i uncheck 'hardware cursor', so i have to check 'hardware cursor' in Semi-compulsively, and then we have Finely different mouse sensitivity with previous version of starcraft. here is low-speed video comparison 1.16 version Remastered i wish you guys fix this thing..cautionary2 Mar 19
Mar 18 Move Bonjour dialog to LAN Please move the "Do you want to enable Bonjour?" dialog to appear only when clicking LAN. Or if you really want to ask it, remember if I say "Cancel" and only ask again if I click on LAN. Currently I'm getting spammed by it every time I log in. I don't want to install it, stop asking me. No means no. :DQuirinus3 Mar 18
Mar 18 Harassment player Player name YeahWell harass me wiht bad language in game but after the game too,so here is my proff and also i can show the replay,thanks! Mar 18
Mar 18 Fix players online per server text Can you fix counter of players online per server on gateway selection menu? Sometimes it shows around 200 on Korea which isn't possible and 3000 on EU where I see only few lobbies open. It's not accurate at all.CognacLover0 Mar 18
Mar 18 ORIGINAL AND RM This is probably not possible but if we are trying to get more people to play starcraft allow people to play broad war and rm on the same server weather you have the new remastered. Myself I have an old computer and broad war. I'm not spending to play remastered on a newer PC. Food for thoughtFrostyFeet4 Mar 18
Mar 18 Cant see Profiles Anymore ._. I create a topic because no one dev cared about other comments. Before last updates i could see my profile Which includes historial of matches, and could download the replays, wins and loses, my average apm... It was accesible when i clicked my portrait with SC logo, also i could do the same and had the option "View profile" from my friends on my list. Why, suddenly, it not visible anymore?Maximus6 Mar 18
Mar 18 What is turn rate? I don't get it.CleftAsunder31 Mar 18
Mar 17 Release Real Time Lightning Why this options need 2gb vram? we are using new gen gpu's on 20 year old game and you thinking 1gb hd7850 or gtx560 cant handle this? limit that options for the memory ram not for vramMyth10 Mar 17
Mar 15 Server lag in KOREA. The KOREA server isn't working properly now, every time we play slowest speed with lag for a week already. I think this happened in the middle of the game, and when the game is over, it's go back to the initial menu. so need to reconnect to server too. Please fix this problem.why is server lagging.LazyTurtle2 Mar 15
Mar 15 Cant see stats or replays When I login and choose which name I'm using in the top right I have my player icon. Before I could click on that and watch replays see where my stats are. For a few weeks when i click on the icon nothing happens. Any ideas??FrostyFeet4 Mar 15
Mar 15 We want a faster game We want a faster game Only # x2 now # X3, # x4, etc. are already in use by many users. Hope you can fix it soon.sauoory5 Mar 15
Mar 14 BSL Gosu League Ro 8 day1 - NOW LIVE Today BSL Gosu League Ro 8. Adelscott vs Ty2 and Madinho vs UltrA. Tune in Mar 14
Mar 14 Is 5v3comp Kill4Minerals LXJ-2.1 1 Beatable? I must've played this UMS game like 100x's and i dont think this game is beatable. The upgrades are unlimited but are also nerfed. Early upgrades are instant but as you get higher they get slower to upgrade and cost more expensive with gas. The problem is finding teammates who could survive the rush. The issue here is if you lose one teammate your practically done for because your bases are not separated. And not to mention they spawn in front of your base.SuperMN2155 Mar 14
Mar 13 Morph real archons from hallucinated templar? Hey guys, Check this: The full vid is here (check around 1 hour exactly): What does everyone think?forfriends16 Mar 13
Mar 12 how to create kill4mineral Hello players I need support how can i create this map. I mean kill4min. I have map but ther is something miss. When we start playng we have all Like normal, need 300for comander center aso. I need mod or what? pls help me how to do . What i need.Metodius3 Mar 12
Mar 12 Korea server lag issue There is a serious lag after about 9 mins of game start. Many users are suffering from this problem. :( *Edit: Server lag has been fixed. However, disconnections and game records are still a problem. *Edit 2: Server seems to be stable. Mar 12
Mar 9 New Expansion with New Rules: Yay or Nay? Community Survey: Would you like to see a new, second expansion pack to StarCraft: Remastered that introduces new rules, while keeping the Brood War rules as they are? Explanation #1 regarding new rules: Could be anything. Could be reduced price vor existing units, could be new units, could be something that exists in StarCraft II (like trading resources in 2v2), could be something completely new like Protoss Shield Battery recharges Terran Battlecruiser's energy. Everything and anything would be on the table. Explanation #2: New rules would be completely OPTIONAL. You could always set the rules level to brood war and ignore the new stuff. Question: Would you like to see a new Rules Pack aka Expansion set under these conditions? Just post Yay or Nay and only a really short statement why.Grulemugg22 Mar 9
Mar 9 Update and replays Hi, I haven't run Brood War in a while and I saw that there's a new update. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to play offline without updating but it looks like the update auto-started. I paused but it won't let me cancel. The reason I'm afraid to update is because I don't want my old replays to stop working. Will the old replays still work with the new update?Anevilgenius2 Mar 9
Mar 9 What is/was EUD and how does/did it work? I've never seen any function in the campaign editor called "extended unit death", nor can I see how messing with a unit's death can do things you'd be otherwise unable to do :\GMax2 Mar 9
Mar 7 Maphack in remastered Recently, several pro-gamers have been claiming that there are maphack users on battlenet. And 2 days ago, Soulkey, KSL season 2 winner, received a replay from his fan that contains an obvious maphack play: - If you start watching at 6:35, you will see that the supposedly maphack user sends his probe to the corner of his opponent's base to warp gateways on 4-player map. What is even more suspicious is that the maphacker(?)'s probe suddenly stops and move backward near the opponent's base when the opponent player sends his probe to near his entrance to warp a pylon. As the clip linked above shows at the end, the maphack user was ranked #13 on ladder, suggesting that even high-level players are using maphack. Here is another evidence: - Just today, a user uploaded a replay on Korean Starcraft community website that shows another evidence of the existence of maphack. I do not think it is prevalent on battle-net yet but I hope the admin can take necessary measures because a disease like this doesn't take long before spreading out like wildfire. I remember back 1.16 era, it was virtually impossible to play games on official battle-net servers because 7 out 10 times, I would face a maphack player (I actually experimented with sharing vision and seeing if the other player notices or not). I sincerely hope this doesn't happen to remastered now that we no longer have havens such as fish server anymore.dedus22412 Mar 7
Mar 7 Make the ladder map pool mirror KSL or ASL It would be much more exciting if the ladder map pool only had maps that were used in ASL and KSL, Instead of choosing random KeSPA maps from 2008 - 2014. We've played on those old maps for years already. Watching the Korean tournaments, I'm excited to try strategies on the maps, but we never get to.BattleOoze3 Mar 7
Mar 7 Replays are still corrupt... Players leaving or disconnects leading to workers not mining in replays. Please fix...SecondGear15 Mar 7
Mar 6 How to change mouse cursor in SC? I saw some players with different mouse cursor size and color in SC. But I do not see settings for that. How do I change?Core1 Mar 6