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1d Starcraft 1 and brood wars co-op I have downloaded all of the coop campaigns for the original StarCraft and brood wars campaigns and want to find people to play some or all missions with. let me know if interested. I also play starcraft 2 coop, arcade, versus and whatever else on there thanksSpectre17890 1d
2d (2)EYE OF THE STORM EYE OF THE STORM Protoss Command Ship Gantrithor, Low orbit over the planet Aiur. // INFORMATION Tileset: Jungle Type: Veteran Level Campaign Player(s): 1-2 Map Size: 192x192 // HISTORY Fenix and Zeratul led an attack on two cerebrates that controlled the broods that helped defend the Overmind's nesting area. Hoping to kill the cerebrates, throwing the Overmind's defenders into disarray, allowing the protoss to plan an attack on the creature itself. Jim Raynor, a terran Tassadar had befriended on Char, gave the aid of his men in the attack. Tassadar's followers moved in from the south-east, Tassadar piloting the command ship Gantrithor into the battle, while Raynor's Raiders positioned themselves in the north-west with Raynor commanding from their flagship Hyperion. // AUTHOR NOTES I added a few twists to make the 2 player version more interesting: It is playable in both Starcraft & Brood War. (Expansion settings are disabled with the exception to build Dark Templar. No, you can't build Dark Archons, just the same abilities as the original Dark Templar from the map.) I added "Fenix" (Dragoon) as a playable hero. I added a hero "Torrasque", to constantly spawn and harass the players during the game. I added AI for (Terrans) player. (All you have to do is open the map change player 7 Settings to Computer.) // DOWNLOAD 2d
3d Protoss mission 10 - side used the most I just completed the last Protoss mission on the original campaign. Just out of curiosity, which army that you can control did you use the most to complete the mission? Tassadar's army, or Jimmy's army?GeneralKrang1 3d
3d Cloud Save Functionality Hey all, I formatted my PC yesterday and clean installed the latest version of Windows 10, which went great. I re-installed StarCraft: Remastered and was pleased to see both my settings and Hotkeys properly saved to the Cloud, but it looks like my Profile did not, and save games only go so far back (and the only ones there were from Custom Games). I assume Cloud Saving with StarCraft: Remastered does _not_ back up your Profile and Campaign progress, or am I missing something obvious. If so, I'm assuming I can unlock all the missions again using cheats, and if I wanted to back up my own Profile and Campaign Progress, what files would I need to copy to do so? Thanks.Juxtapose0 3d
5d Too hard Dear Blizzard, I don't recall the original version being so difficult. The game starves us from resources, thus upgrades are affected and hits us with overwhelming waves... Really unbalanced fight for those whose APMs are low. Can you have an easy difficulty level added for us casual players? We just want to relive the story not win a trophy with the master players. Remember Diablo III (hard level) where so many casual players complained at the beginning? That same unsatisfied feeling is back and worse still you cannot tone the difficulty down... :(AKEE32 5d
May 14 Custom Campaign Recommendations Since there is no map showcase forum for StarCraft/Brood War, I am taking the liberty to post my request here. I hope this is not a problem. So I have been replaying SC/BW a lot these last days. Sadly, given how easy SC1 campaigns are, I have already made it to Brood War and at this rate I fear I will have run out of single-player content in a couple of weeks now. I previously considered giving Insurrection and Retribution a shot, but as I said before, they do not look very polished and I do not feel like spending more time editing them than playing them. Are there SC/BW custom campaigns worth checking out? I know of Legacy of the Confederation and a few others, but the problem with them is that they tend to be way too heavy on micro-management for my liking; combined with SC/BW's pathfinding, they are often just too frustrating for me to enjoy. What I am looking for is a reasonable challenge and hopefully an engaging enough story.JohnnyZeWolf33 May 14
May 9 What is the 3rd cerebrate power in Terran 8 So, in the final Terran mission in the Brood War, so what was the 3rd Cerebrate power? 1st Cerebrate is Invincible Sunken Colony 2nd Cerebrate summons unlimited Ultralisk Hero and 3rd Cerebrate power is ...? Building infested Terran is hardly a power for the final Cerebrate that guarding the Overmind.Kilometer14 May 9
May 1 Insurrection vs Retribution Insurrection is better, right? It has a better story and somebody edited it to make it suck less. What are your thoughts?TheMechanix7 May 1
May 1 Enslavers failed logic I am at 3a mission. I think i heard this correctly, like the most of you ''SCHEZAR CAME TO PLUNDER THE PROTOSS TEMPLE TO OBTAIN THE CRYSTALS TO CONTROL THE CEREBRATES''. Aldaris wants all terran dead! And yet.. In the mission the Shezar terrans are allies with Aldaris protoss. WTF??? How do you read this folks? I mean how do you explain that what should not be??? The mission is HARD already, mostly because once you assault the protoss base, the terrans immediately notice this and attack YOU! It's a super irritating script or some kind of error/glitch with these factions working together, i have no words... I mean Starcraft is full is bizzare alliances, but this one should not be possible.Artas19843 May 1
May 1 Defilers in E II and E VI I am wondering how to use Defilers in a way that it can help speed up the progression with how I beat a level as compared to how if I just made a bunch of Ultras, Zerglings, and Hydralisks to streamroll through everything. Got ideas?KimmoZero2 May 1
Apr 29 Pathing fixed? The paths units used to take in SC1 were bad. They get a fix?NeoSpartan38 Apr 29
Apr 28 Project: Hydra -- co-op for 1.21+ Hey everyone! I'm back with another co-op project for Remastered. This time it's an overhaul of the original campaigns, starting with Rebel Yell. The first five maps of the campaign have been released, so go check them out here! Project: Hydra's key features are... ‎* SC:R compatible ‎* Redesigned maps & AI ‎* Modified techtrees & heroes * New main and side objectives * Comprehensive tutorial You can read more at the link above, and download the project by clicking on the link below! Hope you guys enjoy. Let me know what your thoughts are!!LhRiib6Y!ajZeFv6qAwGTtBRJAyAIfQPr0nogo11 Apr 28
Apr 19 help with a lost save hey, so i formatted my computer expecting the save files would be in the cloud but now i have to start again, does someone have a save or can point me to an online page where i can download the save? my last mission was where raynor and kerrigan meet, and you have to destroy an enemy base across a river, it must be around mission 8 or 7, if someone had a backup save of that point in the campaign i would appreciate it, since i dont have the will to go through those missions again.jaster1 Apr 19
Apr 16 "Tough talk, Jim..." "...but I don't think you have what it takes to be a killer." In hindsight, Kerrigan's prediction is pretty funny. Particularly considering that she has been able to read Jim's mind since long before she was infested, and would know better than anyone that his bark was worse than his bite.Paviel11 Apr 16
Apr 14 Terran Mission 10 How do you beat this mission? I've been stuck on this one for quite a few weeks. I build 5-6 tanks on the right side, build a bunch of marines for anti-air support, and bulid 5-6 more tanks and 12 Goliaths so that I can attack the red base later on after making some upgrades on pretty much every structure I can build (with the exception of maybe a few armor upgrades, usually the ones for the ships). Things are pretty good at first. I'm blowing up the tanks, Goliaths, soldiers, and ships that are attacking the place. Then after I build 12 Goliaths and 5-6 more tanks, I send out my marines, tanks and Goliaths to attack the red base. I usually demolish them with that combo. But by the time I destroy the red base, the vespene geyser gets depleted and I've pretty much mined almost if not all the mineral patches in my base (and I tend to still have a lot of them left until after building hiring a bunch of units to assist me, usually marines due to gas shortage). I try expanding afterwards, but when I do that, I get my new spot ambushed before I can even have enough units to defend my new spot or my original base gets ambushed, usually by ships and ghosts, but sometimes also tanks and other stuff. It's really annoying spending an hour on it only to end up getting demolished. What can I do to win this one?GeneralKrang6 Apr 14
Apr 14 So carriers can purify? It wasn't 100% established in starcraft 1 that carriers had such a powerful beam weapon for purification but in many of the before mission slide shows carriers are shown in orbit above worlds purifying them wonder why carriers were never able to use that purification beam in game maybe like a yamato cannon with limited energyZeratul8 Apr 14
Apr 13 OK. Someone tell me how to beat Omega No matter what I try they burn my base. Protoss Dark Archons particularly make me crazy with their Mind Control, and Zerg have lousy air defense anyway compared to Terran and Protoss (need to make Guardiands and Devourers). Any tips and hints?Henri12 Apr 13
Apr 11 3v1 Omega I've created a flipped perspective on the final map of SC that pits 3 players against a souped-up AI script that runs Kerrigan's base. As of right now the map is not final and will continue to be updated, but I figure it functions well enough to open it up to the general public. You can find out more about it here: Or you can just download it here:!GtxzhKiC!RfKRG9AyLRGdaaNLZJVatAPr0nogo11 Apr 11
Apr 10 Save doesn't work. I don't know why it happens. First time I thought that I just forgot to save before exiting game. But now it happened 3 times. I'm doing save game i.e. name '1' and when I get to next mission and I do a save on this one it looks like it doesn't work because when I load from that save it always loads previous state saved on this file.Havoc5 Apr 10
Apr 7 LOOMINGS (Terran Campaign) COOP Version. LOOMINGS Terran Prologue Campaign, COOP Version // INFORMATION Tileset: Badlands/Installation Type: Veteran Level Campaign Player(s): 2 (Single Player disabled) Map Size: Varies // HISTORY Journey to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and take command of an elite team of Confederate Marines in the Precursor Campaign. Whether you're new to real-time strategy games or a skilled veteran, you'll be faced by the challenge of leading your troops to victory over powerful and truly alien opponents. Can you restore peace to the fringe-world of Chau Sara? // AUTHOR NOTES I've redone the entire Loomings Campaign for the Terrans, and added in a few additions: It is playable as COOP, meaning 2 Players only! (If a player leaves, the game ends) It is playable in both Starcraft & Brood War. (Expansion settings are disabled) I added "Hardmode" (Difficulty) Trigger, for an extra added level of game play. Simply move any unit to the beacon at the Start of every game. (after 2 mins, Hardmodes are automatically disabled) // SPECIAL THANKS A few AWESOME people helped me play test more then once and continued to show support: OH_Man@USWest - Fellow SC1 Map Maker, except this dude is Guru at RPG maps! Corbo@USWest - Made a full play through with me and helped with some End Mission Triggers! Sanae@USEast - Who also did a full play-through and helped me balance out the Flannum Installation! Terranoxic@USEast - Who not only helped me test these COOP maps, but others of mine as well (Thanks man!) Roy@SEN - Cuz why the heck not? This guys helps me in almost every question I have for map making. (Thanks for the 2 player victory Trigger man! // DOWNLOAD Apr 7
Apr 5 Question about Eye for an Eye According to the Wiki, the objective is to destroy both Nexus in the blue and teal bases. I did that with 2 separate forces with Guardians at about 10 minutes but the concluding dialogue did not play and I'm stuck wondering what I did wrong. When I killed the teal Nexus the first dialogue played as normal, then shortly after that, I killed the blue Nexus. Was I supposed to kill other buildings first before the second Nexus?KimmoZero1 Apr 5
Mar 26 Pro tips not obvious to help you win Parasite Ultralisks, Overlords to scout the enemy base for free when they're getting mind controlled. Dark Swarm a Ghost if detected. Dark Swarm Science Vessel and Plague it. You can mind control back even the likes of Aldaris and win the mission. Casting defensive matrix on spider mines will keep them being detroyed even if detected. Your turn.Henri3 Mar 26
Mar 20 Dark Origins Level Glitch? I was playing BroodWar and for the last 7-10 levels of the zerg campaign i used cheats. Anywya I got Dark Origins but after I finished playing it and I got back on to finish the last Zerg mission it wasn't on the mission screen. It just went from Zerg Mission 9 to 10. Is this a glitch or can you only play the level once?Vincenzoclaw2 Mar 20
Feb 28 The Complete SCBW Fan Campaign Listing Download Masterlist:!ukZyjSLK!hJ_3L_ZJeQ44awZwPGCdKA Number of campaigns curated: 200 Originally posted by Church on CampaignCreations, this StarCraft Fan Campaign Listing boasts the most complete list of custom campaigns created for SCBW. If you have information on any missing projects, please post below. As a disclaimer, please remember that many of these campaigns have mod components that will only function on version 1.16.1 of StarCraft. ... SEN thread: (most up-to-date) CC thread: (the original) Feb 28
Feb 20 what im missing ? hey guys i played sc for years it was my first RTS game ever i did play the campaign back then but stuck at some missions and didn't finish it now i started the comp-gin again this time i understood the story but i feel the conversations are missing something or maybe there is some novels i need to read i feel there is a gap in reactions like jim when he met sarah on char for first time after it infested ? also when mengesk met sarah ? what u guys say ?iOwn6 Feb 20
Feb 18 Zerg Campaign - OMEGA So, which enemy base that you guys always go first? Mine was Protoss, Red Terran and White Terran. It was mainly because the Protoss was so easy to break compare to Red Terran. I also like that there were a distinction between Red and White Terran here. Red Terran has strong anti-ground defense with terrible air defense while White Terran has strong anti-air defense but with a weak ground defense.Kilometer15 Feb 18
Feb 10 3 player terran campaign This is my first map pack, a three player version of the starcraft campaign. So far, there is only the first 10 terran mission, but I am working on the zerg missions. You can download the maps from the link below Feb 10
Feb 9 Modifying BW.mpq I was trying to modify BW.mpq with zezula's. It seems that my client reverts any changes. Any way around this?Lalo4 Feb 9
Feb 5 StarCraft: Inconsummate -- Custom Campaign Hello everyone! StarCraft: Inconsummate is my latest SCBW campaign project. The campaign can be downloaded now by visiting the release party at the link below! And you can watch the trailer here! Inconsummate requires version 1.16.1 of StarCraft. Screenshots and a brief overview of the project can also be found within the release party, but to summarize: Inconsummate is a fully-voice-acted six-map campaign set on Aiur, and boasts two powerful new heroes with unique mechanics; custom terrain to facilitate visual storytelling; custom AI scripts that take the challenge to a new level; an impactful story that will appeal to lore buffs and laymen alike; and much more! If you have any feedback regarding the campaign, please let me know by posting below!Pr0nogo1 Feb 5
Jan 27 Insurrection Remastered Mod Hello again. I while ago I released Insurrection Remastered, a reworking of StarCraft: Insurrection I made. Now I've come with a modded version of it, adding custom unit quotes and some changes to many units' stats, between other things. Like most mods, it only works with 1.16.1, at least for now. The idea of the mod is to make the campaign more immersive and different. You can find it here, in the description you can also find a download for 1.16.1: I'll appreciate feedback and suggestions, and apply changes if I see fit. Have fun.Vorgozz19 Jan 27
Jan 25 reset upgrades how to reset upgrades and technologiesshmv5 Jan 25
Jan 23 What kind of campaign do you want to play? To those of us here who still actively create and play custom campaigns in brood war, what kind of content are you looking for? I personally am fond of classic build-and-destroy campaigns with a vast scope and a macro focus, but I've recently grown an appreciation for campaigns with a smaller scale to them, such as You Must Survive by DarkenedFantasies. I'm also very interested in campaigns that present their narrative and story concisely. You don't see those too often, though. There are a lot of campaigns that have very long and drawn-out stories that I feel could have been told less clumsily; Flame Knives, Aeon of the Hawk, Vile Egression, The Fenix, and the list goes on. In addition to my personal interest in the community's thoughts, I'll also be using this topic to gauge interest in certain kinds of stories and campaigns, as well as what players value in a project. Do you play campaigns for the story, or for their gameplay? Maybe both? Do you like a hefty amount of mod changes? Do you like it to be difficult and challenging, or more familiar and safe? I want to know what you guys think and what your preferences are. Mirrored from SEN: Jan 23
Jan 23 Switch trigger - How to use? Can anyone teach me how to use SWITCH trigger in the StarEdit? In fact, can you create any type of campaign without relying on SWITCH trigger? or SWITCH is essential for advance mapmaking?Kilometer3 Jan 23
Jan 21 Going to finish Insurrection campaign soon... Any other recommended campaigns to play? Preferable with a voice actors and long campaigns. Also, why is zerg always win in these kind of campaign?Kilometer1 Jan 21
Jan 10 What's the Shortest Time You Have M3, M4? I'm talking about Mission 3 and Mission 4, Episode VI. Noticing my improvement on playing, I decided to see if I could beat the Campaign faster than when I did at the time Remastered initially released. Mission 3 took me about almost 40 minutes because I was trying to infest all five Command Centers. Mission 4 took me about 25 minutes. My APM in both was sub 200 which was unsatisfactory for me and Mission 4 was particularly frustrating for me because I kept getting off to sloppy starts that it made me pound my desk a few times. I suppose what I'm asking is that if it's possible to beat Mission 3 and Mission 4 in shorter times and what you do to get it done.KimmoZero5 Jan 10
Jan 9 Please add a cheat to select unlimited units I am more of a story person and I loved the 12 unit select when I was a kid, but after playing SC2, I've grown to love the 255 or 256 unit selection they have. It's not as intensive with thinking and I can relax, which is really all my games were for. I'm nowhere near a great gamer and I would never do professional gaming, it's too stressful for me. And yes I understand the hell automatic path-finding would have in the game with this cheat, it's already unbearable enough as it is. Also something else I would like. In order to finish the campaign (and I did resort to cheats after this for a while) The 12 unit select could be fine, but the only quarry I have if there is no cheat being made for unlimited unit selection, is that I cannot see what I macro'd like I can in SC2. I don't have the greatest memory. Maybe zerglings can be implemented as 2 per selection slot?Duckshine8 Jan 9
Jan 5 Remastered question The info on the differences between the base Starcraft+Brood Wars and the Remastered version is kid of limited on the store page. I was just wondering if the remastered version contained more levels? (Or made any other changes other than visual, for that matter.) Thanks! <3RegalRabbit2 Jan 5
Jan 1 A campaign idea. It follows the Brood War campaign but it branches at the Protoss mission where you can attack the young Overmind. You can kill the Overmind with DTs and then the campaign has to go in a massively different direction. If you choose to just pick up the crystal instead, you just play through the Brood War campaign, but in To Chain The Beast, you destroy hives instead of kill cerebrates to nullify the Zerg, because that never made sense.TheMechanix3 Jan 1
Dec 31 How to make a difficult campaign? At this moment, I just throw 2 weak computer with limited resources and upgrades to buy time (attacking my base) for the 2 Difficult/Insane AI with unlimited resources to pump their armies and upgrades. When I am in mood, I would throw 1 ultralisk hero with unlimited respawn in my next map. So I wonder, is there any more tips or tricks to make a fair difficult campaign?Kilometer12 Dec 31
Dec 25 Reupload of "A Starcraft Odyssey" campaigns. Hello, Here are some campaigns that I made a long time ago. Some of you might remember them from back in 2006 (if you ever surfed the intrawebz looking for fan-made campaigns). Anyway, in this latest update I just released, I basically just fixed a LOT of typos. If you never played them and you have time and brain cells to kill, give it a go! :)funkybomber4 Dec 25
Dec 24 So salty because of plague. Really? Plague? What is this bull!@#$ Some earwig-looking-%^- *!@#$ just walks up, wait, let me rephrase that cause he doesn't even walk up he's on the other side of the %^-*!@#ed screen, and he casts some BULL$%^- and suddenly my entire *!@#ing army including my hero units are sitting at 1 hp. That's $%^-ing fun. Here's an idea...remove that bull*!@# from the campaign, because honestly I just can't be $%^-ed to become a *!@#ing Starcraft pro so I can micro my units like a Korean savant in order to avoid that $%^-ing BULL*!@#. The amount of save scumming I have to do in this campaign is unreal because of bull$%^- mechanics like that. Should have never even paid you guys 15 bucks for this old-*!@ #$%^. Old games should be left to DIE, or remastered properly with modern non-retarded balance.Lemonz7 Dec 24
Dec 24 Will my progress be saved if I uninstall I need space on my computer but what I've learned is sometimes progress isn't saved if I uninstall a game. I want to know if its the same with StarCraft, mainly the campaign.Jack0s3 Dec 24
Dec 18 Open Campaign maps in the editor?? Several times now I've seen people upload files of the actual campaign maps that you can open up in the editor. I'd like to open up the "To Chain the Beast" map in the editor. How can I go about doing this? Edit: I managed to figure it out thanks to your responses. Thanks for the help.Lightdeity11 Dec 18
Dec 14 My campaign playthru including Enslavers I have uploaded/streamed the entire campaign including the Precursor and Enslavers campaign. Anyone having trouble with any of the missions feel free take a look. My APM is below 100 and have not played SC1 for many many moons before SC:RM released, and I still think majority of the campaign is really easy. Enjoy. Live stream of the Loomings (Precursor), Enslavers I,and Enslavers II: Dark Vengeance Campaign: Main Campaign mission by mission: Main Campaign live stream at SC:RM's released: Dec 14
Dec 11 The Fenix Recently, I was introduced to Pr0nogo's channel by the man himself. I was going to save watching his campaign editing tutorials for after this enervating finals period is over. In the meantime, I thought I'd take a look at his playthrough of The Fenix, one of the first-ever mods, if not the first mod, ever made. Its author was Desler. I looked at pretty much all of his videos up to this point, and I have to say that although it is old and this is probably way behind Desler's rear-view mirror, it's a very jarring and flawed Campaign. I had the following questions in mind as I was watching: -Did he had enough people playtesting this before he released it for play? -Did he have any editors to proofread? So many immersion-breaking errors. -Did he thoroughly test out the function of the A.I? The attacks are incredibly absurd as even in the early going, the waves are just overwhelming. I'm like, very curious. With the custom voice acting, custom music, and the badass intro into the campaign, this looked like it had a lot of potential. It's held back by so many flaws, and could have used a bit more polish. If you want to have a look for yourself, then you just go right ahead here: Dec 11
Dec 9 How Hard Was Enslavers For You? I never got to play Enslavers as a whole so, I want to ask before I pick this mini-campaign up. Can anybody tell me just how hard Enslavers is as a whole? Do I need an insane amount of APM and skill to beat this?KimmoZero19 Dec 9
Dec 8 Dark Origin - disappearing mission? Hey guys, Yesterday I unlocked the secret mission in BW, finished it and proceeded to the next one. On the following day Dark Origin disappeared from my Episode VI list. Is this a bug or it was always like this? I finished BW around 10 years ago but I don't remember if I had to unlock this mission only once, or whenever I started playing Singe Player mode.Chrzanowski3 Dec 8
Dec 8 What In the World Is this Speedrun? So, I took the advice from a previous thread I made asking for speedruns and just looked up myself on YouTube. Then, I saw this: I have absolutely several questions about several things that went on in here. Terran buildings sliding on the ground? Drones invincible after cancelling creep colonies after Hydras attacked and reduced it to 1 health and seemingly sliding over lava? The whole Zerg campaign was just a plethora of glitches and exploitable bugs. I tried the Egression thing for myself where you grab the chrysalis with a drone and then make it build a hatchery on the goal beacon, and it seemed as though you can't do it anymore. Can you even do half the things like sliding Terran buildings in this current version of StarCraft? It had to have been a previous version or something like that. If this is common knowledge, I apologize, but I seriously never seen all this stuff before. That Egression thing, though. Nine second victory. Wow... Would you say, though, that this run is authentic? I'm finding it questionable at best.KimmoZero5 Dec 8
Dec 8 Please Tell Me I'm Not Alone On This (M5, E3) The most infuriating one for me in this particular episode is M5 because three times in a row Tassadar died because of something I wasn't aware of. First time, I approached the installation island from the top-right. I had Tassadar's shuttle mixed with all my main forces. Of course, the spores just HAD to shoot down Tassadar's shuttle. Fair enough. Should have been more careful. Second time, I had Tassadar's shuttle on a separate hotkey. I approached it from the same way I did the first time. I had my first 12 shuttles absorb the brunt of the spores to drop off my main ground army onto the island to take them out. As I brought Tassadar's shuttle in, I accidentally triggered the trash talking between Duke and Tassadar. After that happened, I suddenly failed? He died again? I didn't even see how he did. I was sure I was careful this time. Oh yeah, and I even had scouts for safe measure. The third time, I approached from the left. I had the zealots at the entrance and I had the same as before, Tassadar's shuttle hotkey. I was trying my absolute best to drop him off but the spores from the cliff above the entrance shot down Tassadar's shuttle, and the shuttle itself just wouldn't drop the damn templar because of the weird way dropping works in this game where the transport has to be completely still in order to drop units off. The reason why I didn't drop Tassadar off at the far left side was because I didn't want to risk him getting bombed by Infested Terrans that can OHKO him with 500 damage. Let's not forget about the Scourge you have to dodge along the way to the island itself. Am I alone on my struggles on this one? Because I swear the design of this mission makes it feel like there's so many ways to fail.KimmoZero15 Dec 8