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Apr 21 Custom SC2 Campaign Storyboard Help. Hello everybody. Let me start off by saying that I'm no fan of SC2 and ever since the release of LotV, I've been working on a custom campaign to "reboot" SC2 but recently I've gotten a severe case of writers block and have been second guessing myself to point that I'm just stuck. I would really appreciate some help from the community so that hopefully I can finish by the end of this year. Apr 21
Mar 10 Save doesn't work. I don't know why it happens. First time I thought that I just forgot to save before exiting game. But now it happened 3 times. I'm doing save game i.e. name '1' and when I get to next mission and I do a save on this one it looks like it doesn't work because when I load from that save it always loads previous state saved on this file.Havoc6 Mar 10
Mar 5 Didn´t you miss something important?! I seem to remember some bonus missions for zerg when the overmind created abathur from many spieces. I´d like to request blizzard to add this bonus missons into the Classic campain on permanent basis. I thought it was cool tbh! I just don´t understand why you would remove them? Bring 'em back plz :) In kind MistressMistress24 Mar 5
Feb 28 What makes the UED so powerful? In Brood War the UED is depicted as in my opinion unrealistically powerful posing a threat to the merciless and numberless zerg, and the incredibly advanced and psionically powerful Protoss how is that even possible? My only guess is that the UED spans over so many worlds and is in such massive numbers that even a small expeditionary force is numerically much larger than the koprulu terrans and especially the protoss but I wouldn't think the zerg my problem is that they never truly specify what makes them so powerful as I said numbers is a possibility but comes into question when the UED faces zerg and technology is no excuse whatsoever because they use technology identical to the Koprulu Sector terrans which is incredibly far behind the Protoss still so what is it that makes the UED so unstoppable?Zeratul14 Feb 28
Feb 18 Project: Hydra -- co-op for 1.21+ Hey everyone! I'm back with another co-op project for Remastered. This time it's an overhaul of the original campaigns, starting with Rebel Yell. The first five maps of the campaign have been released, so go check them out here! Project: Hydra's key features are... ‎* Redesigned maps & AI ‎* Modified techtrees & heroes * New main and side objectives * Singleplayer mode You can read more at the link above, and download the project by clicking on the link below! Hope you guys enjoy. Let me know what your thoughts are!!isgnwY5K!AdnJkYif_H42WmC55u8y2Q edit: The 1.16.1 version has arrived, along with a host of small fixes and optimizations. A 2.0 version is in development but still has a good amount of work before it ships. I'll post here when I have some more to show!Pr0nogo66 Feb 18
Jan 29 Any tips on Enslavers II 4B - Turnabout Hi there. After playing Remastered for some time, I decided to go back and play some SC BW on the original engine... because nostalgia. In the past I've played through all six campaigns multiple times and I've also done Enslavers I. However, I had never tried Enslavers II, so i decided to give it a go. I finished the canon campaign, in which you destroy the Crystals and kill Schezar, with relatively no trouble (mass Carriers in M1, mass Gateway troops in M2, mass Shuttle drop on top of the Crystal in M3, some micro on M4A and an infinite number of Dragoons on M5A). However, my attempts to beat the B campaign have been failing so far. Currently I'm stuck on the second part M4B - Turnabout. The first part is a lot of fun and quite easy to breeze through with some good micro, especially when you know the layout of the map after 2-3 attempts. BUT once I get to the Terran base it goes from bad to worse. To beat the Zerg I rely on a heavy mech strat - 3 Factories, pumping Tanks and Goliaths around the clock. Yet, I usually only get as far as destroying Orange, expanding on top of one of their former bases and maybe launching an assault on the choke point towards Brown and Green, when I get overwhelmed. The sheer amount of Mutalisks/Guardians/Ultralisks that Green has is simply stupid. I suppose that if I deny them the expansion in the center of the map, I could keep their numbers down, but I have been unable to find a strat that secures this expansion. Maybe I'm just playing too slowly, I dunno. Anyway, any tips on how to work through the level?Nikstar4 Jan 29
Jan 26 The Complete SCBW Fan Campaign Listing Visual Archive: Download Listing:!ukZyjSLK!hJ_3L_ZJeQ44awZwPGCdKA Number of campaigns curated: 201 Originally posted by Church on CampaignCreations, this StarCraft Fan Campaign Listing boasts the most complete list of custom campaigns created for SCBW. If you have information on any missing projects, please post below. As a disclaimer, please remember that many of these campaigns have mod components that will only function on version 1.16.1 of StarCraft. ... SEN thread: (most up-to-date) CC thread: (the original) Jan 26
Jan 24 I like Ghost Missions Broodwar Terran Mission 2 at second campaign. My Ghosts clear the map in less than 3 minutes.DRAGONLORD1 Jan 24
Jan 24 Who do you think this Marine is? I was browsing some old official stuff and found a Christmas '99 wallpaper: Apart from generally nice art courtesy of Samwise Didier, my attention was caught by the character in Marine armour with a cigar, whose identity seems unclear. His haircut looks somewhat similar to that of Mengsk, however unlike him this character appears to have heavy sideburns and not a full beard. Also his hair is black while Mengsk is more on the salt-and-pepper side. Another assumption is that this could be Raynor, as he appears to attempt to flirt with Kerrigan, handing her a mistletoe. But he doesn't look much like Raynor does he (unless with some artistic license)? BTW, I never thought of Raynor as having black hair before he got that in StarCraft II. The third option of course is that this is a completely random character created in the spite of the moment, but maybe he's got some lore behind him I'm not aware of? I'm somewhat tempted to say Tychus Findlay based on the cigar, but I think it's more or less safe to say that this character had not yet been conceived back in 1999. And again, while neither Mengsk nor Raynor are shown smoking in the game (I don't know about other material), there's a lot of smoking characters in there. I'm not asking who the Protoss character is, but actually I'd assume this could be Fenix. BTW, he seems to have some text engraved on his shoulder pad.MrFlibble4 Jan 24
Jan 12 Tips for Mercenaries II? The second mission of the three "Stukov Series" missions. The one where you're expected to pick a mercenary 'hero', along with an extra 'elite unit' that replaces the normal counterpart of that unit. I can't seem to break out of having to turtle until I'm dead. If I expand too early, the expansion gets smoked. But if I wait until my first base is empty before expanding, the enemy already has a huge lead on research, upgrades, and numerical superiority. Anyone have tips or sure-fire 'easy' strategies for beating this mission?Drlolcat5 Jan 12
Jan 4 Protoss mission 10 - side used the most I just completed the last Protoss mission on the original campaign. Just out of curiosity, which army that you can control did you use the most to complete the mission? Tassadar's army, or Jimmy's army?GeneralKrang5 Jan 4
Dec 28 So carriers can purify? It wasn't 100% established in starcraft 1 that carriers had such a powerful beam weapon for purification but in many of the before mission slide shows carriers are shown in orbit above worlds purifying them wonder why carriers were never able to use that purification beam in game maybe like a yamato cannon with limited energyZeratul23 Dec 28
Dec 17 Protoss Exp Final Mission: Countdown How many of you guys actually defending the temple for 15 mins instead of clearing all the zergs in that map before having both of the heroes enter the temple? For some reason, I always like to commit genocide on those zergs instead of completing the quest.Kilometer12 Dec 17
Nov 17, 2018 StarCraft: Interbellum Custom Campaign Hello everyone, Earlier this year, I took an interest in learning how to use StarEdit. I always wanted to make a Custom Campaign when the game originally launched back in the late '90's but I found the Editor too intimidating at that time. Well, I'm finally doing it, and I'm creating a Custom Campaign entitled "Interbellum." The Campaign is set between the events of Starcraft: Brood War and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, and the story will help bridge the gap between the two games and further explain certain story elements that weren't completely clear. I'm releasing the Custom Campaign in three Mission Packs, each consisting of three Missions. For those interested, the first Mission Pack is done and I've uploaded it to Staredit Network here: I hope you enjoy it!Juxtapose24 Nov 17, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Lost Campaign I lost my campaign progress cuz my hard drive failed. is there any way i can make it to where i was? I was like 1 misson from the last zerg mission in the first campaign.aRealCyborg2 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 (2)EYE OF THE STORM EYE OF THE STORM Protoss Command Ship Gantrithor, Low orbit over the planet Aiur. // INFORMATION Tileset: Jungle Type: Veteran Level Campaign Player(s): 1-2 Map Size: 192x192 // HISTORY Fenix and Zeratul led an attack on two cerebrates that controlled the broods that helped defend the Overmind's nesting area. Hoping to kill the cerebrates, throwing the Overmind's defenders into disarray, allowing the protoss to plan an attack on the creature itself. Jim Raynor, a terran Tassadar had befriended on Char, gave the aid of his men in the attack. Tassadar's followers moved in from the south-east, Tassadar piloting the command ship Gantrithor into the battle, while Raynor's Raiders positioned themselves in the north-west with Raynor commanding from their flagship Hyperion. // AUTHOR NOTES I added a few twists to make the 2 player version more interesting: It is playable in both Starcraft & Brood War. (Expansion settings are disabled with the exception to build Dark Templar. No, you can't build Dark Archons, just the same abilities as the original Dark Templar from the map.) I added "Fenix" (Dragoon) as a playable hero. I added a hero "Torrasque", to constantly spawn and harass the players during the game. I added AI for (Terrans) player. (All you have to do is open the map change player 7 Settings to Computer.) // DOWNLOAD Nov 10, 2018
Oct 21, 2018 carrying egg in zerg mission 2 anyone can tell me how can i carry that egg in original zerg campaign mission 2?ProXFox3 Oct 21, 2018
Oct 21, 2018 LOOMINGS (Terran Campaign) COOP Version. LOOMINGS Terran Prologue Campaign, COOP Version // INFORMATION Tileset: Badlands/Installation Type: Veteran Level Campaign Player(s): 2 (Single Player disabled) Map Size: Varies // HISTORY Journey to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and take command of an elite team of Confederate Marines in the Precursor Campaign. Whether you're new to real-time strategy games or a skilled veteran, you'll be faced by the challenge of leading your troops to victory over powerful and truly alien opponents. Can you restore peace to the fringe-world of Chau Sara? // AUTHOR NOTES I've redone the entire Loomings Campaign for the Terrans, and added in a few additions: It is playable as COOP, meaning 2 Players only! (If a player leaves, the game ends) It is playable in both Starcraft & Brood War. (Expansion settings are disabled) I added "Hardmode" (Difficulty) Trigger, for an extra added level of game play. Simply move any unit to the beacon at the Start of every game. (after 2 mins, Hardmodes are automatically disabled) // SPECIAL THANKS A few AWESOME people helped me play test more then once and continued to show support: OH_Man@USWest - Fellow SC1 Map Maker, except this dude is Guru at RPG maps! Corbo@USWest - Made a full play through with me and helped with some End Mission Triggers! Sanae@USEast - Who also did a full play-through and helped me balance out the Flannum Installation! Terranoxic@USEast - Who not only helped me test these COOP maps, but others of mine as well (Thanks man!) Roy@SEN - Cuz why the heck not? This guys helps me in almost every question I have for map making. (Thanks for the 2 player victory Trigger man! // DOWNLOAD Oct 21, 2018
Oct 15, 2018 Saving an outpost in BW Zerg Mission 6 After trying many times earlier today, I figured out that you can in fact save the right-most outpost from the initial zerg attacks in BW Zerg 6. Aside from being a fun thing to do, it makes the mission pretty easy since you start with a foothold on the mainland. The key is to build sunken colonies to the right of the hatchery and just above the minerals. Enemy zerg will split themselves up between attacking your hatchery and attacking your sunken colonies, which gives them enough time to wipe out the attackers. I was able to survive with 3 sunken colonies and 4 zerglings, with the hatchery at a little under half health. It also helps to build a drone at the top-most base and rally it the the right base, so that you can finish the sunken colonies in time.Dalas1202 Oct 15, 2018
Oct 10, 2018 "closed" "kicked"KiraroV25 Oct 10, 2018
Oct 9, 2018 Website for maps Is there a starcraft version of Hivesworkshop? I've made some maps and I wish to upload them, but i don't know any websites thats like hivesworkshop (and also for starcraft broodwar) I've uploaded it onto but that seems pretty obscure. also if u want heres a link!n2wVXIjJ!pE5akyKzmx2tNBSQrbbRlo0wePkC0mHiceDCPnPS_cYWonderlust2 Oct 9, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Cloud Save Functionality Hey all, I formatted my PC yesterday and clean installed the latest version of Windows 10, which went great. I re-installed StarCraft: Remastered and was pleased to see both my settings and Hotkeys properly saved to the Cloud, but it looks like my Profile did not, and save games only go so far back (and the only ones there were from Custom Games). I assume Cloud Saving with StarCraft: Remastered does _not_ back up your Profile and Campaign progress, or am I missing something obvious. If so, I'm assuming I can unlock all the missions again using cheats, and if I wanted to back up my own Profile and Campaign Progress, what files would I need to copy to do so? Thanks.Juxtapose2 Oct 1, 2018
Sep 17, 2018 Stuck on BW Zerg Mission 8-To Slay the Beast So in this mission you've got two big islands divided by impassable terrain. You're fighting Zerg and Terran. I've managed to eliminate the opposition on my part of the island and I've expanded to all the mineral fields. The enemy keeps sending Guardians, Valkyries to harrass my bases, but that's ok. The problem is dealing with the second part of the map, which also has the Overmind that has to be killed. So here's why I failed so far: 1 - Transporting tons troops from my island that has 6 hatcheries is a pain in the !@# so that's not possible. 2 - I've successfully expanded to the south mineral field on the enemy island, built huge amounts of zerglings and hydralisks (upgraded 3/3/3). I've attacked their entrenched positions, but their defenses are so incredible, all my units just melted. 3 - I've tried an air assault using Guardians and Mutalisks to guard them, but their air defenses, Valkyries, Scourges make that impossible. I just can't find a way. Zerg doesn't have a big tough unit that's good vs air and ground like the Battlecruiser or the Carrier so I can mass and break through their defenses and fighting both Terran and Zerg is incredibly difficult. How do you guys do it?Grieg15 Sep 17, 2018
Aug 28, 2018 Let the map editor change the portrait Let the map editor change the portrait to the file I want. I REALLY WANT THAT ....요시츠네책사풍후2 Aug 28, 2018
Aug 8, 2018 Starcraft Insurrection: Protoss Mission 8 Does anyone have any advice on how to beat the eighth Protoss mission on Starcraft Insurrection? It seems like no matter what I do, the zerg always come ambushing me with overwhelming forces. Seriously! I've tried everything I could possibly think of. Building a command center and making a base with Terran units with the Protoss units as back up? Zerg destroys everything! Building a Nexus and building up a Protoss army? Zerg destroys everything! Try building both with one base in the main spot and the other base at the expansion? Zerg destroys everything! I know Aztech New Media basically dropped the ball when they designed this campaign, but surely there must be a way to defeat this mission.GeneralKrang2 Aug 8, 2018
Aug 7, 2018 Insurrection Remastered Mod Hello again. I while ago I released Insurrection Remastered, a reworking of StarCraft: Insurrection I made. Now I've come with a modded version of it, adding custom unit quotes and some changes to many units' stats, between other things. Like most mods, it only works with 1.16.1, at least for now. The idea of the mod is to make the campaign more immersive and different. You can find it here, in the description you can also find a download for 1.16.1: I'll appreciate feedback and suggestions, and apply changes if I see fit. Have fun.Vorgozz20 Aug 7, 2018
Aug 4, 2018 Campaign save Why didn't blizzard make it where your campaign saved to your account? saves can be backuped to the cloud but why not save it to the account and the computer. My computer hard drive stopped working and I lost all my data. How do i get the data back? Edit: Yay 100th post! but i maybe the only one who cares.CyborgGaming2 Aug 4, 2018
Jul 24, 2018 Zerg Campaign - OMEGA So, which enemy base that you guys always go first? Mine was Protoss, Red Terran and White Terran. It was mainly because the Protoss was so easy to break compare to Red Terran. I also like that there were a distinction between Red and White Terran here. Red Terran has strong anti-ground defense with terrible air defense while White Terran has strong anti-air defense but with a weak ground defense.Kilometer17 Jul 24, 2018
Jul 21, 2018 How to make a difficult campaign? At this moment, I just throw 2 weak computer with limited resources and upgrades to buy time (attacking my base) for the 2 Difficult/Insane AI with unlimited resources to pump their armies and upgrades. When I am in mood, I would throw 1 ultralisk hero with unlimited respawn in my next map. So I wonder, is there any more tips or tricks to make a fair difficult campaign?Kilometer13 Jul 21, 2018
Jul 21, 2018 Passive Kel-Morian AI? So I finally brought myself to try beating Episode VI without cheating. I made it to Zerg 03 and I am rather dismayed by the general passivity of the enemy AI. Only the Brown base seems to be attacking me on a regular basis; Red base has only attacked me twice before I destroyed it, Orange base would occasionally send a couple of Marines and a single Goliath, and the remaining bases did not do anything, even I started to harass them. I opened the map in StarEdit to see if there were triggers that would cause some bases to activate after the player had reached a certain point (like the last two Zerg missions in SC1), but it does not seem to be the case. So basically, I want to know if that is supposed to happen.JohnnyZeWolf6 Jul 21, 2018
Jul 21, 2018 OK. Someone tell me how to beat Omega No matter what I try they burn my base. Protoss Dark Archons particularly make me crazy with their Mind Control, and Zerg have lousy air defense anyway compared to Terran and Protoss (need to make Guardiands and Devourers). Any tips and hints?Henri13 Jul 21, 2018
Jul 21, 2018 Map editor trigger I'm working on a map where a player owns two command centers and I want to add a trigger that happens only if a specific one he owned was destroyed, not if the other one was destroyed (kind of like in the Agent of the Swarm mission, where the mission only ends if the command center at the four missile turrets were destroyed, not if the other one was destroyed). How do I do that?GeneralKrang2 Jul 21, 2018
Jul 18, 2018 Custom Campaign Recommendations Since there is no map showcase forum for StarCraft/Brood War, I am taking the liberty to post my request here. I hope this is not a problem. So I have been replaying SC/BW a lot these last days. Sadly, given how easy SC1 campaigns are, I have already made it to Brood War and at this rate I fear I will have run out of single-player content in a couple of weeks now. I previously considered giving Insurrection and Retribution a shot, but as I said before, they do not look very polished and I do not feel like spending more time editing them than playing them. Are there SC/BW custom campaigns worth checking out? I know of Legacy of the Confederation and a few others, but the problem with them is that they tend to be way too heavy on micro-management for my liking; combined with SC/BW's pathfinding, they are often just too frustrating for me to enjoy. What I am looking for is a reasonable challenge and hopefully an engaging enough story.JohnnyZeWolf35 Jul 18, 2018
Jul 16, 2018 Best $15 I ever spent I had my apprehensions before buying starcraft. I've been playing the warcraft franchise since the mid to late 90's (2,3,tft,WoW). I've attempted to play starcraft on two other occasions once around 2003 and again around 2008. Couldn't get into it I played the starcraft 2 freeversion a month or so ago and I enjoyed it.( Too bad MOBAs killed RTS games [thanks wc3 ;)] ) I didn't want to go too far into it without knowing the story so I bought the SC remastered version. Wow, Blizzard did a great job on this game. I haven't touched multi player but I've gone through the single player campgain and it has been fun, engaging and challenging... especially in brood war (just completed the last protoss mission in Brood war). You all did a great job upgrading it to 1080p. Anyway, just wanted to say I appreciate Blizzards restoration of it's old franchises. If they didn't I wouldn't have experienced this amazing game.iddqd73310 Jul 16, 2018
Jul 14, 2018 I can't beat Zerg campaign mission 10. i usually run out of resources and they murder the expos on the bottom left and right.FizzyElf52 Jul 14, 2018
Jul 8, 2018 New Gettysburg Tips Hi I am stuck on the New Gettysburg mission. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for the mission?CyborgGaming6 Jul 8, 2018
Jul 2, 2018 3v1 Omega I've created a flipped perspective on the final map of SC that pits 3 players against a souped-up AI script that runs Kerrigan's base. As of right now the map is not final and will continue to be updated, but I figure it functions well enough to open it up to the general public. You can find out more about it here: Or you can just download it here:!GtxzhKiC!RfKRG9AyLRGdaaNLZJVatAPr0nogo37 Jul 2, 2018
Jun 12, 2018 about zerk last level i think the ressources of the terran and protos are infinites in the last mission of zerklaure1 Jun 12, 2018
Jun 7, 2018 Rescuable units spawning as hostiles So I am modifying Protoss 2 'Into The Flames' to make it so the player's faction is of a different colour and race, i.e. Purple Zerg. I kept Fenix himself assigned to Player 3 (Rescuable) and I changed the triggers so his forces spawn as Player 8 (Rescuable), with player-controlled Observers spawning on top of them to rescue them upon their creation. However, for some reason, when the units are created after the 15-minute countdown, they turn immediately hostile towards each other. I tried changing it so Fenix's forces spawn as Player 4 instead, but Fenix still spawns as hostile. I just do not get what I am doing wrong.JohnnyZeWolf2 Jun 7, 2018
May 26, 2018 Insurrection vs Retribution Insurrection is better, right? It has a better story and somebody edited it to make it suck less. What are your thoughts?TheMechanix8 May 26, 2018
May 23, 2018 Starcraft 1 and brood wars co-op I have downloaded all of the coop campaigns for the original StarCraft and brood wars campaigns and want to find people to play some or all missions with. let me know if interested. I also play starcraft 2 coop, arcade, versus and whatever else on there thanksSpectre17890 May 23, 2018
May 19, 2018 Too hard Dear Blizzard, I don't recall the original version being so difficult. The game starves us from resources, thus upgrades are affected and hits us with overwhelming waves... Really unbalanced fight for those whose APMs are low. Can you have an easy difficulty level added for us casual players? We just want to relive the story not win a trophy with the master players. Remember Diablo III (hard level) where so many casual players complained at the beginning? That same unsatisfied feeling is back and worse still you cannot tone the difficulty down... :(AKEE32 May 19, 2018
May 9, 2018 What is the 3rd cerebrate power in Terran 8 So, in the final Terran mission in the Brood War, so what was the 3rd Cerebrate power? 1st Cerebrate is Invincible Sunken Colony 2nd Cerebrate summons unlimited Ultralisk Hero and 3rd Cerebrate power is ...? Building infested Terran is hardly a power for the final Cerebrate that guarding the Overmind.Kilometer14 May 9, 2018
May 1, 2018 Enslavers failed logic I am at 3a mission. I think i heard this correctly, like the most of you ''SCHEZAR CAME TO PLUNDER THE PROTOSS TEMPLE TO OBTAIN THE CRYSTALS TO CONTROL THE CEREBRATES''. Aldaris wants all terran dead! And yet.. In the mission the Shezar terrans are allies with Aldaris protoss. WTF??? How do you read this folks? I mean how do you explain that what should not be??? The mission is HARD already, mostly because once you assault the protoss base, the terrans immediately notice this and attack YOU! It's a super irritating script or some kind of error/glitch with these factions working together, i have no words... I mean Starcraft is full is bizzare alliances, but this one should not be possible.Artas19843 May 1, 2018
May 1, 2018 Defilers in E II and E VI I am wondering how to use Defilers in a way that it can help speed up the progression with how I beat a level as compared to how if I just made a bunch of Ultras, Zerglings, and Hydralisks to streamroll through everything. Got ideas?KimmoZero2 May 1, 2018
Apr 29, 2018 Pathing fixed? The paths units used to take in SC1 were bad. They get a fix?NeoSpartan38 Apr 29, 2018
Apr 19, 2018 help with a lost save hey, so i formatted my computer expecting the save files would be in the cloud but now i have to start again, does someone have a save or can point me to an online page where i can download the save? my last mission was where raynor and kerrigan meet, and you have to destroy an enemy base across a river, it must be around mission 8 or 7, if someone had a backup save of that point in the campaign i would appreciate it, since i dont have the will to go through those missions again.jaster1 Apr 19, 2018
Apr 16, 2018 "Tough talk, Jim..." "...but I don't think you have what it takes to be a killer." In hindsight, Kerrigan's prediction is pretty funny. Particularly considering that she has been able to read Jim's mind since long before she was infested, and would know better than anyone that his bark was worse than his bite.Paviel11 Apr 16, 2018
Apr 14, 2018 Terran Mission 10 How do you beat this mission? I've been stuck on this one for quite a few weeks. I build 5-6 tanks on the right side, build a bunch of marines for anti-air support, and bulid 5-6 more tanks and 12 Goliaths so that I can attack the red base later on after making some upgrades on pretty much every structure I can build (with the exception of maybe a few armor upgrades, usually the ones for the ships). Things are pretty good at first. I'm blowing up the tanks, Goliaths, soldiers, and ships that are attacking the place. Then after I build 12 Goliaths and 5-6 more tanks, I send out my marines, tanks and Goliaths to attack the red base. I usually demolish them with that combo. But by the time I destroy the red base, the vespene geyser gets depleted and I've pretty much mined almost if not all the mineral patches in my base (and I tend to still have a lot of them left until after building hiring a bunch of units to assist me, usually marines due to gas shortage). I try expanding afterwards, but when I do that, I get my new spot ambushed before I can even have enough units to defend my new spot or my original base gets ambushed, usually by ships and ghosts, but sometimes also tanks and other stuff. It's really annoying spending an hour on it only to end up getting demolished. What can I do to win this one?GeneralKrang6 Apr 14, 2018