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Feb 5, 2018 CROWDS on Twitter - Season 7 Ep25: All Good Things About half a year ago, we've begun a little experiment to tap into the potential of the playerbase to help itself when it comes to a variety of issues that may not necessarily require contact with Blizzard customer support, such as technical issues or game-related questions. A number of volunteers, experienced at Blizzard games and interested in lending a helping hand to fellow players, have signed up over the months, contributing to our efforts in seeing our players' problems resolved. This CROWDS program was a player-based support initiative that allowed volunteers to help their fellow adventurers via Twitter, using an Android-based mobile app tied to our own social media channels. This app allowed participating helpers to see and respond to tweets that were asking Blizzard for help. You can find more detailed information on CROWDS and how to use the app on our support site article. Alas, the initiative has run its course and we are preparing to lay this program to rest as we proceed to look for other ways to improve the reach and efficiency of our support. Before this curtain will close, however, we wanted to run one last season in order to give everyone a chance to assemble one last time, to make use of this tool for a few more weeks, and to have a last shot at qualifying for our rewards. No matter whether you're a veteran CROWDS helper or want to give this a try before the opportunity fades, all are welcome to subscribe to the app and help their fellow gamers! These are the rewards from which you may pick, should you manage to outshine most of your fellow participants: Hearthstone: Card Packs (x7) Heroes of the Storm: Loot Chests (x12) Overwatch: Loot Boxes (x11) StarCraft II: Co-op Commanders (pick any 2 and/or share with a friend) StarCraft II: Announcers (pick any 2 and/or share with a friend) NOTE: Please be aware that using protected Tweets may prevent others from viewing your responses, disqualifying you from participation. Be sure to set your Tweets to public in order to remain visible and eligible for potential rewards!Vrakthris0 Feb 5, 2018
Aug 16, 2017 Forum Guidelines & Information Welcome to the Technical Support forum for StarCraft Remastered. This forum exists to provide StarCraft Remastered players a place to discuss technical issues with each other and Blizzard Tech Support staff members. Blizzard Tech Support staff regularly monitors and replies to this forum (between 8am-8pm Pacific, weekdays) and will do their best to assist you with your issue. If you cannot resolve your issue through the forum, we recommend checking our Knowledge Center for resolutions and workarounds for common issues at and if unable to locate a solution, please go ahead and create a new post regarding your issue using the guidelines below. Please keep all posts on topic. This means technical issues, advice, and discussion of technical issues. Bug reports should be directed to the bug report forums. Game discussions, criticism, or commentary should be posted in the General Discussion forum. When requesting assistance with or discussing an issue, please create your own thread unless a topic for the issue already exists. Do not hijack threads with your new topic. Posting an issue which is similar but different from the original topic means that your request may be missed or the original request ignored. Please post a subject with a clear summary of your issue. Starting posts with "I need help!" or "Can't play no matter what" only serves to make your issue harder to resolve. We understand that emotions can run high while dealing with technical issues, but posting in an abusive or disparaging manner will not be tolerated, and does not advance our goal of providing assistance to the widest audience of customers in this forum. Please do not post direct contact info for other companies. It is acceptable to post links to websites where contact info can be found, but posting the information here on the forum is not permitted. To provide feedback on a ticket or customer support response you have received, please utilize the survey system built in-game or on the online ticket. We hope that this forum can continue to be a place where users can find quick resolutions to their issues. To help do this we ask that the Forum Code of Conduct and forum guidelines be observed at all times when contributing to discussions.Eloemaz0 Aug 16, 2017
Apr 28, 2017 Windows 7 Connection Troubleshooting Greetings, We've found some players are unable to connect because TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 is disabled by default on Windows 7. Check that TLS is enabled with this guide: Cheers, Classic GamesPete Stilwell0 Apr 28, 2017
Apr 14 SC and SC:R Installation Guide. In an effort to help folks get Starcraft and Starcraft:Remastered installed and launched, I put this together as a quick checklist. If after going through it all you still have trouble with the install and/or launch, visit this troubleshooting thread for more assistance: [Link removed as page no longer exists. Simply make a new post here in the Tech Support forum] Installing/Updating the Blizzard App In order for the Starcraft install option to appear, the Blizzard App must be updated to the most recent version. If you need to install the Blizzard App, doing so will provide the most recent version. The installer can be downloaded from your account management under Games and Codes>Download Clients: If you already have the the Blizzard App installed, but there is no SC tab, log out, close the app, reopen and log in. That should prompt it to check for and install updates. If there is an update available, there will be small, blue progress bar that appears under the "Blizzard" menu button in the upper left, and when it finishes, you will be prompted to restart the app. SC:R Advertisment Once the Blizzard App is fully up to date, a new "SC" tab will appear on the left. Click it to jump to the SC page: If this is you first time to the SC page, you will be presented with a large SC:R advertisement. Click the "X" in the upper right to close it and continue: NOTE: The advertisement displays regardless if SC:R has been purchased or not. So if you have, don't worry, just close it out. Installing SC and SC:R NOTE: SC and SC:R are a single game client, that is, both are contained in the download. What determines if the remastered content within is unlocked is whether or not SC:R has been purchased. At this point, those familiar with the Blizzard App will find that from here forward, things work exactly the same as the other Bliz games. But for those who are not familiar, first click on the "Install" button in the bottom left, and then "Start Install" in the next window to start the installation: Once complete, simply click the "Play" button where the "Install" button used to be. Playing Starcraft:Remastered [ul]If SC:R has been purchased then the remastered content will be available in-game. Once SC is launched and open, use the F5 key to toggle between the original and remastered content. NOTES: At the time of this post, there is a known issue where the remastered content will spontaneously toggle on and off between sessions. So if the game loads up with the original content, just use F5 to bring the remastered back up.Leviathan25 Apr 14
Feb 26 Guidelines/What to do if needing support Hello! My name is Duke, Technical Support MVP. I do not work for Blizzard, but I do work and consult with them as far as their endeavors on and support for the forums go. As a ranking community member I am able to serve you in an official capacity as I have access to lines of communication and lots of experience in helping those in technical need. I assume at some point we will receive a blue tech from Blizzard, but for now I will act as the chief technical assistant to you here. You can also expect to see some of my counterparts here. For assistance, please include: Operating system and basic computer specs. All relevant information pertaining to your situation For simple questions, please write them out thoroughly. I am quite savvy and can assist you in a wide range of technical issues, even those not StarCraft related, though we like to keep things on that topic. I can also speak to speculation and questions you have concerning the remastered edition, as it is not out yet. For issues relating to your account, you must understand that for your own privacy and account security, we can not openly discuss much here on the forums. Should you need help outside of something you think possible to fix without intervention, most of the time you will be directed to create a support ticket. For bugs, please see the Bug Report forum section and specify all details and weather or not you can cause it to occur. Also, google and searching the forums for similar questions usually helps. I will gladly expand this thread later to include common questions and problems should trends begin to appear. Following these simple guidelines (not rules) will help us help you best and in a timely manner. Thanks! ~DukeDuke55 Feb 26
Apr 25 Red Pings After Pressing Start I play daily and this started happening to me yesterday. Whenever I make or join games, as soon as the game's countdown starts my latency goes from normal to all 1 bar red. This means there's a huge pause at 0 seconds where everyone suspects I'm a lagger, so it prompts them to get angry and then leave the game immediately. However, there's absolutely no lag from my end after the game starts. I have pretty good connectivity and never experienced or heard of this issue before. Nothing changed with my computer or settings. Furthermore, I can be certain that my Internet is still functioning normally. Is this a known issue? If so, what steps can i take to resolve it? It's really bothersome and I want to fix it ASAP.Kevin3 Apr 25
Apr 24 BLZBNTAGT00000907/BLZBNTAGT000008FC, Missing Play Button I get the "install" button on all my games all of a sudden. If i press "locate the game" and choose the folders, I get the "update" button and when i press that i get an error message saying "Something went wrong between our server and your client. Give it another shot." "More help: BLZBNTAGT000009097" What has happened!?Aginor7 Apr 24
Apr 23 ladder score in previous season My ladder scores that I have ended in previous seasons displayed in my profile has been dropped. I have ended my ladder scores somewhere around 2200 last season (I cannot remember the exact mmr, but was ladder S) and was displayed correctly before, but for some reason, it has been dropped to 1900s couple of weeks ago and has not been fixed then.숑숑군0 Apr 23
Apr 21 "No available slots" when hosting saved team melee Since the latest patch I'm unable to join a saved team melee game that both myself and the host were originally in. The error is "Unable to join game, there are no available slots". We tried both hosting, the player slot shows as open but the other is unable to join. This a new bug?Icenine15 Apr 21
Apr 20 full screen problem HELLO , i have a problem with StarCraft BoodWar REMASTERED , graphics problem i just cannot make full screen to my laptop someone help me i try everythingphantom70 Apr 20
Apr 19 Prepurchase Skins The option to turn off the remastered skins is greyed out for me, which is strange because I did not have them on before the last patch and I never pre ordered this game. It's pretty annoying since I don't really want to see them in game but now they're stuck. Help!Unco16 Apr 19
Apr 18 IMPORTANT hello ... we have two laptops in the same room and we can not connect in the same game ... or I create a game and him doesn't see the game that I created, also the maps that I can se are totally different from his maps. Please help us with this problem. Thanks!exiba2 Apr 18
Apr 18 Mouse Drag Issues Everytime I try to drag and select a group of units, my mouse just stops. I have to then make a secondary movement to get the mouse moving again... Please check into this issue. I am currently using a macbook pro High Sierra 10.13.2 I bought this game like 3 days ago, and haven't been able to play it on my laptop.. Kind RegardsRadlife4202 Apr 18
Apr 18 press PLAY button and nothing happen Just purchase SC remastered, after install and press PLAY button and nothing happen. please helplengchai62 Apr 18
Apr 18 "game is running" startup says "game is running" but i can't find it anywhere? its just stuck thereKipper7 Apr 18
Apr 18 Can't launch the game Everytime I click the Play button, it will say Launching (game running) , then Playing Now, then it returns into the Play button again. BTW I'm using Windows 7LOLje39 Apr 18
Apr 18 Profile gone Long time SC player but just started playing through the remastered version. Beat through terran the other day and now I log in and my character is gone.RocketMaine1 Apr 18
Apr 15 Screenshots Empty I've taken some screenshots in Remastered which I can find in my documents, but they all read as empty, 0 kb, "can't display because the file is empty". Any ideas?Kodiak2 Apr 15
Apr 15 StarCraft manual (german) I buyed StarCraft Remastered, but I can't find the manual (German). Where can I find it? I like the manual of the old StarCraft, because it was full of lore.Anarch3 Apr 15
Apr 13 Issue With Mouse While Attack Clicking Playing SC Remastered Campaign. MacOS High Sierra. Logitech MX Master. Everything is fine when playing custom maps or on bnet. When in campaign I get this awkward mouse stutter where it won't respond to movement and gets stuck in one spot as soon as I hit A and want to move my units somewhere. I have to shake the mouse around to get it to move. Tried all sorts of remedies including reinstalling SC and Logitech Options. Windowed, Windowed Fullscreen and Fullscreen Modes. Mouse sensitivity on and off, as well as the other mouse options. Using the Logitech Dongle as well as Bluetooth. Not sure if error is a result of High Sierra or not. Is frustrating but suffer through it. Seems to only happen when A-Clicking. Does anyone else have this issue and/or have a fix? Edit: Apparently it happens intermittently with M-click and when I click on buildings to set rally points tooGhidorah1 Apr 13
Apr 10 Starcraft Brood war help? I never played the main game all the way through yet...but as for the expansion I want to skip the main game and play it... but when I tried to go through the menu options for brood war..I saw multiplayer and lan connection options only ... I did not see any main campaign options... What do I need to Meet for the requirement to play Brood war? FYI: everything else with the main original remastered starcraft game campaign and starcraft II works peachy...agenthunk6 Apr 10
Apr 9 Campaign Cloud save not syncing between 2 computers? I have a desktop and laptop. I played a few hours last night Ghost campaign, and jumped on my desktop but the save files aren't there. Are they ever going to fix the cloud save issue? Do I have a setting wrong somewhere??NerdBaller0 Apr 9
Apr 15 Translation conversion into Remastered Hello, as Starcraft Remastered does not provide localization for all of the common languages I am hoping to create one using the data from already existing unofficial translation for the original Starcraft + Brood War. Starcraft and its story is simply too much a jewel not to be able to show our dearest who don't speak English what our youth was about. I want to make it happen. Is there someone from technical tier who knows how to translate the Remastered version? I am technically skilled myself but without any guidance or tools I don't know where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!MiracleFlame1 Apr 15
Apr 5 Real Time Lighting not selectable despite GTX1070 Per the title, despite the 8GB vram on my GTX10170, my Real Time Lighting option is grayed out. It seems that it was available , and I used it, in the past, but upon checking today, it isn't anymore. It's unavailable in all 3 display modes. Is there something I'm missing?Leviathan8 Apr 5
Apr 4 for sc support team hi. we are 2019 and how can we have lag playing different server????? example if i join korea server so laggy. do you guys want to fix that problem or just dont give #### about it???? just let you no we all have pretty good internet nowdays and we should join any server without lag. this is so stupid.cash1 Apr 4
Apr 1 Desktop resolution changed My desktop resolution 1920x1980 (updated drivers for nVidia 970 Extreme). Every time I run SC:RE this resolution is changed and when I exit from the game, my desktop shortcuts/icons are completely messed-up. How I can fix the in-game resolution to 1080p rather than a dynamic 4K?GameLinguist1 Apr 1
Apr 1 Map Editor Hello. Blizzard. I am trying to make maps but I cannot launch the map editorAztec2 Apr 1
Mar 31 Cant run Starcraft due to "OpenGL" error I updated drivers 5+ times (as of 2015 because thats the newest driver for my graphics card, Intel HD Graphics 2000) And did a driver roll back a few times. Yet i still get the same error message that ive been getting since i tried to start it. Please get back to me asap, here's the error message 822BAEA2-C0D8-4416-93DA-444717406AA1Omega51 Mar 31
Mar 31 All Updates, Saved Games, Progress, Rewards, everything is gone Hi, My saved games, progress, pics, rewards, everything is gone. Can you please assist? I tried doing the locator, but it did not work. I have a new system. Please assist. Thanks, ZZcylicTKK0 Mar 31
Apr 12 /time and /f list /time cmd does not work "error 3:23" Also, "player has joined game" but I cannot see the game on f list. It just says, "Unranked."RuiN2 Apr 12
Apr 13 May we please add more account names? Please, allow us to have up to 20 names. It's not fair that on Diablo II you allow more characters than you do on SC. When originally, I could unlimited accounts. I know you had problems with bots but that's not truly our fault. Some of us use more than one character to role play or for clans. I understand "smurfing" does exist but the point that I am trying to make I do not have enough characters to play on each server and join a clan. Thank you! 1 main character east 1 main character west 1 main character korea 1 main character asia 1 main character europe 1 clan character east 1 clan character west 1 clan korea 1 clan asia 1 can europe 1 smurf east 1 smurf west 1 smurf korea 1 smurf asia 1 smurf europe Thank you. If you merged the servers, this would not be an issue...RuiN7 Apr 13
Mar 24 You have been logged out. I keep having this error message, You have been logged out after few seconds log in to battlenet, Starcraft. The server connection has been lost. MTR Report: MTR: Start: Sun Mar 24 13:37:50 2019 Blizzard 1.|-- Blizzard 0.0% 10 0.2 2.1 0.2 18.9 5.9 2.|-- 0.0% 10 0.5 0.6 0.4 0.9 0.0 3.|-- 0.0% 10 0.6 0.5 0.5 0.6 0.0 4.|-- 0.0% 10 0.6 0.6 0.5 0.7 0.0 5.|-- 0.0% 10 5.7 10.6 5.6 49.9 13.9 6.|-- 0.0% 10 5.7 7.9 5.6 27.7 6.9 7.|-- 0.0% 10 5.9 5.6 5.5 5.9 0.0 8.|-- 20.0% 10 245.0 214.7 192.7 250.2 21.6 9.|-- ??? 100.0 10 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 10.|-- 0.0% 10 202.7 195.1 185.3 203.7 7.6 24/03/2019 13:37:50 UTC -------------------- Please assist. Thank you.NightRaven1 Mar 24
Mar 21 CANT CHANGE GRAPHICS HI TEAM I am unable to switch to new graphics on starcraft remastered . tried F5 but doesnt work when i log in it offers me to purchase remastered version which i already have. btw - your support cards are impossible to launce - i have no idea which files to attach thanksEyal52221 Mar 21
Mar 21 OS X: Erratic mouse behaviour in SC:R (Unplayable) Original thread: . The thread is displaying a "404 Not Found" on the last page (Page 5), so I'm creating this topic to try to revive it. Even since upgrading to High Sierra, I've been experiencing the same mouse issue in SC:R (Mac), and similar mouse issues on all other Blizzard Mac games. They have been totally unplayable for more than a year. I opened a ticket and posted in the forums, to no avail. The games play great on Windows, and used to play great on Mac before High Sierra. I really wish I could play all these great games I payed good money for, in the Mac computer that they are supposed to support... ORIGINAL POST by ZeroGravitas on 08/15/2017: ...Narshil5 Mar 21
Mar 21 starcraft map creator how do i get the map i created to show up in the custom maps for starcraft? ps not SC2THEONE1 Mar 21
Mar 20 Dock keeps disappearing after playing SC on Mac Hi I just got my new Macbook Air 2018(MacOS 10.14.3) a week ago and I've been playing SC since then And today I noticed my dock keeps hiding when I close the SC and get back to the home screen. It's not a critical issue but it annoys me because I have to turn off and on 'Automatically hide and show the dock' option every time after playing SC1. Is there any way to solve this issue?Tsurumaki4 Mar 20
Mar 16 Help!! I have starcraft installed on another laptop, but this new laptop doesn't have a disk drive to install the cd. Is there anyway to link the two or transfer details from that one? I can provide my information. My account hasn't changed so it should register. Right?MovieDude1 Mar 16
Mar 16 Helping Win7 SC Users Create SC Shortcut in the desktop Right click on SC short cut -> properties -> make sure the target is correct You probably want to install SC under document or somewhere else, instead of program file. Make sure you run SC by right clicking and run as administrator. Do not run SC with app, unless you need update, that's when you use app. SC should work with Win 7 using this method. Trust me, I've done it multiple times.Core1 Mar 16
Mar 14 The Blizzard Korea doesn't seem to be working at all. A fatal server error has been going on since last week. Check out the contents of the bulletin board below. Mar 14
Mar 13 Starcraft not starting on windows 7 A friend has been unable to play with me mostly because the game just closes immediatly after opening it. He has tried multiple solutions with no results. Has anyone encounter this problem and tried to solve it? Here are some of his specs and solutions tried: Specs: OS: Windows 7 32-bits Graphic card: Intel HD Graphics Solutions: Reinstalling. Using the explore and repair solution. Renaming the executables and opening them outside battlenet client. Checking every box in the compatibility properties of the executables. Deleting a folder and using the explore and repair option Downloading some .dll All of these solutions were tried with and without administator permissions. All of them led into absolutely nothing happening, a process is opened in the task window but it closes immediatly.Rinso20 Mar 13
Mar 13 Game stuck at loading screen I launched the game today for the first time since the remaster was released but for some reason I seem to be stuck at the loading screen right after starting a new campaign. Tried deleting and reinstalling the game but it doesn't seem to have worked. Level editor is working fine.Mamba4 Mar 13
Mar 13 Cannot Log into SC BW Error 6:9 Whenever I try to log into or even just hit the Login button at the top right of the screen and type in my information it tells me "Please check your network connection and try again. [Error 6:9]. Whenever I try to do it through Facebook it says I need to enable cookies in my browser, but I can't access that browser because it is the in game browser. I have tried going into my modem and forwarding the ports 6112, but it did not change anything. I have also added Starcraft to the safe applications in my firewall.iLoveMyWife45 Mar 13
Mar 7 Starcraft Remastered stopped working I have this problem: I bought the remastered a few weeks ago, and it worked perfectly, but yesterday I tried to play, and the game started and the window appeared, but suddenly it disappeared and the app put again the play button without putting an error alert or anything. I tried everything, I run the error test, the test found something and it did the bugfix actualization, but when I tried to play I got the same issue. I uninstalled the game and installed it again, but it did not solve anything. All the other games of the app work perfectly, please help.Colaxo2 Mar 7
Mar 7 intermittent campaign access last post was removed without asking for confirmation. as tittle estates, campaign play has become intermittent. no apparent reason, no error code, to obvious trace of the root cause. i have verified things on my end. things need to be looked at server side. algorithm, piece of code, lack of resource or heavy server load, whatever is responsible for authenticating key is straight up screwing me. i need answers. solutions. whats problem here??????DarcKatana2 Mar 7
Mar 7 5GB on data.00x? I find SC:R takes around 8GB in my SSD, and 5GB from startcraft/data/data/data.00x files. and those big files keep updating. I just wonder: 1,are they necessary? can I delete them? 2, Are they keep increasing?STCTuRtLe2 Mar 7
Mar 3 Noone cant create a game Noone cant create a game for the last 15 min, guys! Error: failed to advertise the game. connection lost while trying to advertise the game (error 5:9) Can you check what is going on? And yes, read the forum topics and can confirm app is allowed via my firewall.OffenceWins4 Mar 3
Mar 2 Twich prime Twich prime detects that my account is in US when in fact is in Europe and I don't get my loot! Pleas help!SoberJax2 Mar 2
Mar 2 Cant check stats In broodwar I cannot click on icon in top right and see stats or watch replays.PLEASE HELP.FrostyFeet1 Mar 2
Mar 2 Bad Game Data Help, please! I have installed starcraft like 5 times now and i still get this weird bad game data error message. What do i need to do?Dregaris1 Mar 2