Bug Report

Mar 30, 2017 Bug Reporting Afternoon everyone! We're glad to see so many people placing in bugs and helping us polish Starcraft. We're not be able to individually go through and answer EACH bug, but we want to make everyone aware that we are consolidating feedback, bugs, and attempting to reproduce them on our end. Thanks again for everyone's passionMatthew Cederquist0 Mar 30, 2017
Apr 25 Custom/Download Map Filter Single Player On battle net when you Create Game and click on the folder you get a very large wide list and a search box to filter for the map you wish to play Screenshot 1: https://i.imgur.com/e9dIvLk.png On offline single player when you wish to choose a custom map you get the old school dinky list with no search box and only 30% of the maps show up in the list Screenshot 2: https://i.imgur.com/bIV5veU.png For someone with over 3000 maps it is very hard to pick and choose the correct map let alone find itCanadajeff0 Apr 25
Apr 25 Bonjour service not uninstalling. Hello, I've noticed StarCraft for Windows installs Apple's Bonjour Service and this service runs in the background 24/7, even when user not playing. Plus, when you unnistall StarCraft, this service keeps running! User have to do manual uninstall: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Blizzard\Bonjour Service Shift + Rightclick in a blank space inside the folder Open prompt here... Type: mDNSResponder.exe -remove Press WINDOWS+R write regedit Press CTRL+F search for bonjour and delete all results Delete folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Blizzard\Bonjour Service. Could you implement a script to do this when user uninstall? Plus, why is it needed? Why even while not playing? Thanks for reading.keac4 Apr 25
Apr 25 Ladder Player Search still broken Works about 20% of the time any time I search an opponent.Gato0 Apr 25
Apr 24 Probem updating 24.04.2019 I start the game -> tries install update -> doesn,t find the game folder -> wants to install game again. When I indicate game folder place - tries to update and crashes after 2-3 secs. pls hlpJumpyLion2 Apr 24
Apr 23 [Major] Latest patch (1.22) broke replays Most replays are broken since the last patch. I didn't see any topics here but some of my friends are having this problem since yesterday. Can readers please validate and upvote if it's happening to you too? Thank you.Trent2 Apr 23
Apr 23 ladder score in previous season My ladder scores that I have ended in previous seasons displayed in my profile has been dropped. I have ended my ladder scores somewhere around 2200 last season (I cannot remember the exact mmr, but was ladder S) and was displayed correctly before, but for some reason, it has been dropped to 1900s couple of weeks ago and has not been fixed then.숑숑군0 Apr 23
Apr 18 Manca l'Editor Salve complimenti per tutto!!! sono appassionato di Starcraft ma manca l'Editor come mai ??? aspetto risposta. salutiluigi19550 Apr 18
Apr 18 These Times are Lacking I would like to see the opportunity to play SC in a VRheadset, where the pieces are all around you or just an overlay where you're inserted into a nexus, hatchery, command center, respectively just some aesthetic polish. Gonna go extra far - make a gritty out world MMO RPG SC:Ghost and metal gear solid espionage game espionage not meaning cheesy over the top "stealth" either, blending in the stolen "secrets" / sabotaged position(s), assassinated targets, all playing into a greater conflict - The RTS Aspect for your CLAN/esports team, get the team managers/coaches involved even. SHAKE THINGS UP xD I've been crying for months for them to get 3d panels all throughout a football field maybe for finals event. In the studio loan out occulus, obviously allow access for at home viewing, don't have to rely on observer, insert viewer as "Ghost" PoV.SoupDawg9 Apr 18
Apr 18 I request technical help Hello! it turns out that within the game on my screen exactly as at 3 o'clock in the quadrant, from the right end to the center, my cursor changes from the normal state of play to the normal state as if it were out of the game, causing that in that margin as 3cm high by 15cm long, (at height as indicated by 3 of the quadrant), you can not select anything within the game. It is not that my monitor has a fault or breakdown, it is only inside the game. I hope you can help me because you can not play. Thank you!Xoyus0 Apr 18
Apr 18 Exit whenever you click. My star craft keeps on exiting whenever I click on a build. ;(SoulCrusher0 Apr 18
Apr 15 Dark pylon in Co-op Dark pylon of Vorazun commander in co-op mode don't teleport any units to it.zorlag0 Apr 15
Apr 15 Remastered version not working Remastered Version is not working, I bought the game long time ago and since the new update I can't use the new version.algund0 Apr 15
Apr 15 Cant Select Top vs. Bottom I tried to create a custom game in the single player menu. I open the drop down menu and only see Melee, Free For All, and Use Map Settings. There is no option for Top vs. Bottom or any team game types at all. Only those three.Crogue4641 Apr 15
Apr 14 I cant destroy the zerg cerebrates Hi ! in the level of Protoss 3 : Legeacy of the Xelnaga , I cant destroy the zerg cerebrates. Every time i destroy them , they comeback to life . I have last version of Statecraft remastered. Regardsbakhdak1 Apr 14
Apr 12 Constantly Being Logged Out Suddenly been having issues of where I am constantly being logged out after a few minutes of playing or in game. I have the battle net app as well as the game up to date all the time. Not sure what's happening, but I haven't played a good game in the last few days without that bug re occuring. Any Solutions? Thanks!TSlick92 Apr 12
Apr 12 Translation errors english-italian Dear Blizzard Entertainment, in the remastered edition of Starcraft there are some little problems and errors of translation from english to italian: About the Terran: 1. The unit named Wraith should be translated as "Spettro". 2. The unit named Valkyrie should be translated as "Valchiria". 3. The unit named Vulture should be translated as "Avvoltoio". 4. The unit named Scientific Vessel should be translated as "Vascello Scientifico". 5. Ghost's special ability named Lockdown should be translated as "Blocco dei sistemi". 6. Medic's special ability named Restore should be translated as "Risanamento". 7. The building named Engineering Bay should be translated as "Piattaforma Ingegneristica". About the Zerg: 1. The unit named Overlord should be translated as "Supervisore". About the Protoss: 1. The unit named Reaver should be translated as "Trilobite". 2. The unit named Arbiter should be translated as "Arbitro". 3. The building named Arbiter Tribunal should be translated as "Tribunale degli Arbitri". 4. Dark Archon's special ability named Feedback should be translated as "Retroazione", or "Contraccolpo", or "Corto Circuito". General: 1. Units and structures able to detect cloacked enemy units should be defined "Rilevatore". 2. New dubbing tracks should be made, considering these adjustments. 3. Hints should be adjusted, too. 4. The default hot keys should be the same of the english version. 5. When the command Move is given an instant after a unit has shot, that unit cannot move for a while. 6. Pathfinding should be improved. Thanks for attention and keep up the good work!Klik2 Apr 12
Apr 12 Options The game doesn't remember the options I've set the previous match. Each time, I have to set again speed, audio, video, etc. Why?Klik0 Apr 12
Apr 12 /time and /f list /time cmd does not work "error 3:23" Also, "player has joined game" but I cannot see the game on f list. It just says, "Unranked."RuiN2 Apr 12
Apr 10 Map Editor problem Hi I can't open map editor in free version of Starcraft anyone have idea why? When I click on Launch editor I got "editor is running" message, and that's all. After few seconds message disappears and nothing is happening, no window is showing up etc.Kutanoid0 Apr 10
Apr 9 Campaign Cloud save not syncing between 2 computers? I have a desktop and laptop. I played a few hours last night Ghost campaign, and jumped on my desktop but the save files aren't there. Are they ever going to fix the cloud save issue? Do I have a setting wrong somewhere??NerdBaller0 Apr 9
Apr 9 Ошибка при запуске StarCraft: Remastered При запуске StarCraft: Remastered выдаёт ошибку (Обнаружены повреждённые игровые данные. StarCraft нуждается в восстановлении. Чтобы восстановить игру, запустите приложение Blizzard. Если восстановление не поможет, переустановите игру), оба предложенных варианта не помогают решить эту проблему. Как быть и что делать? _________________________________________ When you start StarCraft: Remastered gives an error (corrupted game data found. StarCraft needs to be restored. To restore the game, start the Blizzard application. If recovery does not help, reinstall the game), both suggested options do not help to solve this problem.   How to be and what to do?Gorchik0 Apr 9
Apr 8 Consistant logging out of SCR Hi, I am in mainland China using a VPN connected to west coast USA. I downloaded and udpated the battle.net client today, current version After downloading this client, I am struggling to stay connected to battle.net and the multiplayer server whilst in game. There are no logging in/out or connection issues or offline mode issues with the battle.net client. SCR runs fine whilst in game. But after finishing a game, I am logged back out to the main menu, and it is a very frustrating process to attempt to log back into battle.net in the game client, and then back onto the multiplayer server. Previous versions of the battle.net client did not have this issue. Can we please investigate and fix.Paradox0 Apr 8
Apr 7 random mouse behaviour Mouse selection can be very random at times. Sometimes it won't let me select a group by click+dragging the mouse, sometimes it won't let me select a unit/building/target. My mouse is working perfectly in all other games/apps and I've certainly never had this issue in previous versions of SCambiD0 Apr 7
Apr 3 Probs Hallo, zum einen wurde mir ein Spiel als Loss gewertet, welches durch einen Verbingsabruch abprupt beendet wurde. Im Spiel war es komplett ausgeglichen bzw. ich lag leicht vorn, da eine eine laufende Base hatte. Zum anderen lassen sich viele Accounts nicht über/p aufrufen obwohl /stats Befehl funktioniert. Bitte um RückmeldungTelsa2 Apr 3
Apr 3 Game desyncing on LAN for observer This has been a problem since remastered was first released and I haven't said anything till now. Me and my two roommates play this game on LAN very often. When it is 1v1, the third person observes. Every once in awhile, once every 50-80 games or so, the observer's view DESYNCS with the game. The other two players are going as normal, but the observer's view dropped an input somewhere or something and the game is no longer in sync for the observer. I am writing this post right now because at this very moment, I was observing yet another game that got desynced. My two roommates are still playing as I write this. I was hoping not to say anything and it would be fixed, but I guess not. You know, I found it very strange that in the ASL in Korea, the players would actually sign in to Bnet to play each other IN A TOURNAMENT SETTING instead of playing on LAN. I've never had this problem over Bnet, though we (the 3 roommates) have observed far fewer games on Bnet than on LAN. Is this observer desyncing a known issue? Is that why in ASL, and I think KSL too, that the players sign in online, even though they are in the same room and could just play over LAN? You gotta fix this.JahJi0 Apr 3
Mar 30 blue/black screen whenever I click on a ghost the sceen turns blue starting from the unit and moving to the edges. this is in remastered starcraft. This has been going on since I purchased the remastered copy. happens both when I target enemy ot if I use the cloaking ability. just today i was building cannons and black screen started expanding from my buildings outmagusthedead0 Mar 30
Mar 29 Drone failed to spawn: last Zerg mission Hi, I got stuck in the last Zerg campaign mission. I completely wiped out the Protoss along with the Xel'Naga temple and couldn't figure out what to do next. I looked up a walkthrough and it said that a drone with a crystal is supposed to spawn when you destroy the temple. I never saw the drone spawn. I think what happened was that I was maxed out at 200 units at the point where the spawn was supposed to occur.darrenr0 Mar 29
Mar 29 hack user. found a user who are using hack. I've played with this player for four time and he used agglomerate hack every each game. The user is in U.S West server, ign is Boss. Hope this help Blizzard to have clean gaming cluture. Thank you.Jaelee0 Mar 29
Mar 25 Problem with Razer mouse on macOS I bought SCR for macOS and played it for a while. Technically it's just fine except for one issue. Right in the main menu after the very first start of the game I noticed that the mouse pointer feels "drunk". The mouse speed and/or accel is all off. I played around with the settings - obviously - but nothing helps. What did help is to go to Options -> Video and set Display Mode from Fullscreen to Windowed (Fullscreen) and back to Fullscreen. Then the mouse handled just fine, like it does on the macOS desktop or in games like League of Legends. Then I played a few single player missions. At some point during gameplay the lower half of the screen started flickering black and the bad mouse behavior returned. Restarting SCR did not help. The Display Mode trick from above did not work (Fullscreen - Windowed Fullscreen - Fullscreen) either. Therefore the game is now unplayable for me. Setup: iMac 27" (2017), macOS 10.13.6. Razer Deathadder Expert (current version of Razer Synapse). Creating different Razer profiles does not help. Next I will try to reproduce on a MacBook Pro 13" (2015) or some other hardware.Bradamante3D1 Mar 25
Mar 25 Not counting disconnect wins I have played 2 games where my opponent has disconnected and I did not receive wins for either game.Bakon7651 Mar 25
Mar 24 SC Remastered freezes during a misson Several times while playing a campaign mission, the game will just freeze and not recover, causing me to have to start from my last save, which is usually at the beginning of the mission. This is incredibly annoying. The current mission I'm playing in the protoss campaign has frozen at least twice on me, possibly at the same time in game, which might make the campaign unplayable past this mission.iLiVeInAbOx0 Mar 24
Mar 18 Protoss 1 vs 1 mmr not showing up in profile Hi, I play a lot of 1 vs 1 protoss so I know my mmr is not meant to be hidden. I do see the mmr after a ranked game which is around 3.9k at the moment but when I try to view it on my profile it is hidden. Can someone help me for this thanks.kahawa0 Mar 18
Mar 18 Protoss 1 vs 1 mmr not showing up in profile Hi, I play a lot of 1 vs 1 protoss so I know my mmr is not meant to be hidden. I do see the mmr after a ranked game which is around 3.9k at the moment but when I try to view it on my profile it is hidden. Can someone help me for this thanks.kahawa0 Mar 18
Mar 17 Problem with Fullscreen Windowed Mode on mac When I play with Fullscreen Windowed, it sets my dock to autohide, and then when I exit the game I have to go into System Preferences and turn on auto hide and turn it back off to bring my dock back. I don't have this problem with fullscreen mode, but would prefer Windowed so I can switch apps faster/easier.Jodaco4 Mar 17
Mar 16 Campaign Progress I keep having my campaign data reset. I have no idea why, and I sure didn't do it. At least one of the times, I was playing a mission, finished it, and went to bed. In the morning, my campaign profile was entirely gone. This morning, the Blizzard client wanted to restart from an update, so I did. Now one of the randomly disappeared campaign profiles has returned, but I still have two savegames sitting in the cloud. Anyone have any idea what is going on and how I make it stop? I'm assuming it's some stupidity with the cloud they felt compelled to add to this, but I can't find a way to turn it off.Odeem1 Mar 16
Mar 15 Constantly Being Logged Out Suddenly been having issues of where I am constantly being logged out after a few minutes of playing or in game. I have the battle net app as well as the game up to date all the time. Not sure what's happening, but I haven't played a good game in the last few days without that bug re occuring. Any Solutions? Thanks!TSlick90 Mar 15
Mar 12 what the .. is this ? bug from 1:27:06 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2eh98-BmGQ 1:29:22 it starts getting worse. Why the heck am I seeing people leaving the channel?!Core1 Mar 12
Mar 10 SC:Remastered Crashes on Startup SC:Remastered is crashing on startup for me. I get to the screen where it shows "single player/multiplayer/exit" then it crashes within a few seconds (sometimes immediately). There's no warning, prompt, nor error message, it just closes the game completely and I'm back to my desktop (Blizzard App is still open). I actually had similar issues with crashing a while back when I tried downloading the free version of Starcraft with patch 1.18. I patiently waited for the remaster thinking it would go away but it didn't. I'm running Windows 7. Blizzard, if you'd like more info on my computer let me know. I'm able to run all my other Blizzard games without issues including SC2, HOTS, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Diablo 3. I love your games, I played a lot of Starcraft back in the day and really want to play the remastered version!IronTank4 Mar 10
Mar 10 [Bug] Merge Archon with hallucinated HT Video: https://youtu.be/_u8_ptaCMoc?t=56 Method 1. Cast Hallucination on high templar. 2. Hotkey real HT which are trained after creating hallucinations. 3. Keep real HT and hallucinated HT close. 4. Select hallucinations and shift+hotkey. 5. Right after 4, ASAP hotkey + R.알타니스1 Mar 10
Mar 10 Can't save during campaign. nobody answers Playing campaign, saving, when trying to load there are no saves at all. Plz someone, helpStarfury4 Mar 10
Mar 10 I Can't Save In Campaign Mode And Custom Mode I heed some help When I'm playing the campaign I need to save, I can save 1 time, but later I can't, and when I'm loading it returns me to the first save, there is no warning box indicating that it is being saved, but in before updates I can save normally the mission. Blizzard, can you fix it? I can't continue playing like that.Megalith17 Mar 10
Mar 9 Jeux VF : Cinématique en VO Bonjour. Dans la version starcraft HD les scène cinématique sont en VO et pas en VF alors que tout le reste du jeux est bien en VF. Cordialement.JLS1 Mar 9
Mar 8 Broken coms? The computers attack every 30 seconds with dubble army size my friend and I have come to the conclusion that they have reduced cost, fast build, and can somehow steal recources? Is there a way to fix this? Longtime fan ROBLOX1Ilovescalot0 Mar 8
Mar 3 Bad Game Data? This week when I tried to log onto b.net it told me I needed the update, I got it but then when I tried to get onto B.Net via the game it would ask for my B.net ID/PW.. I supplied it which triggered my Authenticator, once I approved my authenticator on my phone it would tell me to log on again.. I had this issue over and over without being to get online. I restarted my computer and now when I try to start SC: Remastered I get the following error pop up "StarCraft encountered bad game data that must be repaired. Please run the Blizzard app to repair the game. If the problem perists. try reinstalling the game." I have reinstalled the game many many times now... I read online that windows 7 was having issues w/ SCR and that people with Windows 10 were not having that issue. Sooooo I downloaded Windows 10 (not just for SC:R but also to better run w/ my 1080 Video Card) and the same issue persists.. If there is anyway I can forward coding to you please let me know Blizzard, I am more than happy to give all/any data required.Orr23 Mar 3
Mar 2 Remastered graphic error Hi. I'm head of Korean community EDAC We found so many graphic error in Remastered. I know remastered means revolution in graphic area. But it has so many error. You can check below google docs....there are a lot of weird graphic.. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRA60jfpgvBJH3btHEqT44B0u1j-nmXCPTB7z5dekS5feQJsyBUnziSmNthwRxGgHPUuDQW_ch01asg/pub Please fix it as soon as possible.뫼니에르31 Mar 2
Feb 26 Remastered game crashes when joining game so when i press join to get the list of games it takes some time to load then i cant really move my mouse or anything, then i click a game and when i am able to do so the game crashes i don't see many other posts on the matter is it me or is it the game i used to have no problems a few weeks back.Final1 Feb 26
Feb 26 Starcraft Crash on Join menu The game is fine when I join B.net. When I click on the join button it just crashes my game. It will load in the screen just before game names pop up then crashes. I can click on Create just fine.. Don't know what's going on.. Tried running admin as well and some other tricks and nothing works. Using Win7.TPrem1 Feb 26
Feb 22 Settings Reset After Exiting StarCraft Many of my settings such as APM display, clock display, console skin, and map veto selection and possibly others get reset to default the next time I play StarCraft (after exiting the game and re-launching). I also get this message when I exit the game: "Upload in progress. Really quit? ([X] KB remaining)". Also sometimes when I launch the game it will say "Authenticating StarCraft" and then "Download Failed". Not sure if all these issues are related.MaxPower5 Feb 22
Feb 21 Profiles After new patch unable to access/view profiles. How to correct this?TPeck1 Feb 21