Bug Report

Mar 30, 2017 Bug Reporting Afternoon everyone! We're glad to see so many people placing in bugs and helping us polish Starcraft. We're not be able to individually go through and answer EACH bug, but we want to make everyone aware that we are consolidating feedback, bugs, and attempting to reproduce them on our end. Thanks again for everyone's passionMatthew Cederquist0 Mar 30, 2017
1d Protoss 1 vs 1 mmr not showing up in profile Hi, I play a lot of 1 vs 1 protoss so I know my mmr is not meant to be hidden. I do see the mmr after a ranked game which is around 3.9k at the moment but when I try to view it on my profile it is hidden. Can someone help me for this thanks.kahawa0 1d
1d Protoss 1 vs 1 mmr not showing up in profile Hi, I play a lot of 1 vs 1 protoss so I know my mmr is not meant to be hidden. I do see the mmr after a ranked game which is around 3.9k at the moment but when I try to view it on my profile it is hidden. Can someone help me for this thanks.kahawa0 1d
3d Problem with Fullscreen Windowed Mode on mac When I play with Fullscreen Windowed, it sets my dock to autohide, and then when I exit the game I have to go into System Preferences and turn on auto hide and turn it back off to bring my dock back. I don't have this problem with fullscreen mode, but would prefer Windowed so I can switch apps faster/easier.Jodaco4 3d
3d Campaign Progress I keep having my campaign data reset. I have no idea why, and I sure didn't do it. At least one of the times, I was playing a mission, finished it, and went to bed. In the morning, my campaign profile was entirely gone. This morning, the Blizzard client wanted to restart from an update, so I did. Now one of the randomly disappeared campaign profiles has returned, but I still have two savegames sitting in the cloud. Anyone have any idea what is going on and how I make it stop? I'm assuming it's some stupidity with the cloud they felt compelled to add to this, but I can't find a way to turn it off.Odeem1 3d
5d Constantly Being Logged Out Suddenly been having issues of where I am constantly being logged out after a few minutes of playing or in game. I have the battle net app as well as the game up to date all the time. Not sure what's happening, but I haven't played a good game in the last few days without that bug re occuring. Any Solutions? Thanks!TSlick90 5d
5d Constantly Being Logged Out Suddenly been having issues of where I am constantly being logged out after a few minutes of playing or in game. I have the battle net app as well as the game up to date all the time. Not sure what's happening, but I haven't played a good game in the last few days without that bug re occuring. Any Solutions? Thanks!TSlick90 5d
Mar 12 what the .. is this ? bug from 1:27:06 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2eh98-BmGQ 1:29:22 it starts getting worse. Why the heck am I seeing people leaving the channel?!Core1 Mar 12
Mar 10 SC:Remastered Crashes on Startup SC:Remastered is crashing on startup for me. I get to the screen where it shows "single player/multiplayer/exit" then it crashes within a few seconds (sometimes immediately). There's no warning, prompt, nor error message, it just closes the game completely and I'm back to my desktop (Blizzard App is still open). I actually had similar issues with crashing a while back when I tried downloading the free version of Starcraft with patch 1.18. I patiently waited for the remaster thinking it would go away but it didn't. I'm running Windows 7. Blizzard, if you'd like more info on my computer let me know. I'm able to run all my other Blizzard games without issues including SC2, HOTS, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Diablo 3. I love your games, I played a lot of Starcraft back in the day and really want to play the remastered version!IronTank4 Mar 10
Mar 10 [Bug] Merge Archon with hallucinated HT Video: https://youtu.be/_u8_ptaCMoc?t=56 Method 1. Cast Hallucination on high templar. 2. Hotkey real HT which are trained after creating hallucinations. 3. Keep real HT and hallucinated HT close. 4. Select hallucinations and shift+hotkey. 5. Right after 4, ASAP hotkey + R.알타니스1 Mar 10
Mar 10 Can't save during campaign. nobody answers Playing campaign, saving, when trying to load there are no saves at all. Plz someone, helpStarfury4 Mar 10
Mar 10 I Can't Save In Campaign Mode And Custom Mode I heed some help When I'm playing the campaign I need to save, I can save 1 time, but later I can't, and when I'm loading it returns me to the first save, there is no warning box indicating that it is being saved, but in before updates I can save normally the mission. Blizzard, can you fix it? I can't continue playing like that.Megalith17 Mar 10
Mar 9 Jeux VF : Cinématique en VO Bonjour. Dans la version starcraft HD les scène cinématique sont en VO et pas en VF alors que tout le reste du jeux est bien en VF. Cordialement.JLS1 Mar 9
Mar 8 Broken coms? The computers attack every 30 seconds with dubble army size my friend and I have come to the conclusion that they have reduced cost, fast build, and can somehow steal recources? Is there a way to fix this? Longtime fan ROBLOX1Ilovescalot0 Mar 8
Mar 3 Bad Game Data? This week when I tried to log onto b.net it told me I needed the update, I got it but then when I tried to get onto B.Net via the game it would ask for my B.net ID/PW.. I supplied it which triggered my Authenticator, once I approved my authenticator on my phone it would tell me to log on again.. I had this issue over and over without being to get online. I restarted my computer and now when I try to start SC: Remastered I get the following error pop up "StarCraft encountered bad game data that must be repaired. Please run the Blizzard app to repair the game. If the problem perists. try reinstalling the game." I have reinstalled the game many many times now... I read online that windows 7 was having issues w/ SCR and that people with Windows 10 were not having that issue. Sooooo I downloaded Windows 10 (not just for SC:R but also to better run w/ my 1080 Video Card) and the same issue persists.. If there is anyway I can forward coding to you please let me know Blizzard, I am more than happy to give all/any data required.Orr23 Mar 3
Mar 2 Remastered graphic error Hi. I'm head of Korean community EDAC We found so many graphic error in Remastered. I know remastered means revolution in graphic area. But it has so many error. You can check below google docs....there are a lot of weird graphic.. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRA60jfpgvBJH3btHEqT44B0u1j-nmXCPTB7z5dekS5feQJsyBUnziSmNthwRxGgHPUuDQW_ch01asg/pub Please fix it as soon as possible.뫼니에르31 Mar 2
Feb 26 Remastered game crashes when joining game so when i press join to get the list of games it takes some time to load then i cant really move my mouse or anything, then i click a game and when i am able to do so the game crashes i don't see many other posts on the matter is it me or is it the game i used to have no problems a few weeks back.Final1 Feb 26
Feb 26 Starcraft Crash on Join menu The game is fine when I join B.net. When I click on the join button it just crashes my game. It will load in the screen just before game names pop up then crashes. I can click on Create just fine.. Don't know what's going on.. Tried running admin as well and some other tricks and nothing works. Using Win7.TPrem1 Feb 26
Feb 22 Settings Reset After Exiting StarCraft Many of my settings such as APM display, clock display, console skin, and map veto selection and possibly others get reset to default the next time I play StarCraft (after exiting the game and re-launching). I also get this message when I exit the game: "Upload in progress. Really quit? ([X] KB remaining)". Also sometimes when I launch the game it will say "Authenticating StarCraft" and then "Download Failed". Not sure if all these issues are related.MaxPower5 Feb 22
Feb 21 Profiles After new patch unable to access/view profiles. How to correct this?TPeck1 Feb 21
Feb 19 Oops Is that a very ............!!!!!!!!..!!..!? Understand!?KiraroStyle1 Feb 19
Feb 18 Cannot join saved game in SC remastered Basically neither I or friend can join saved game regardless who hosts it. We receive a message something along the lines of "cannot join - no available slots"SuperPants7 Feb 18
Feb 18 logged out constintly when I play games I get logged out sometimes 10 times a sessionbloodms0 Feb 18
Feb 17 Bugs in macOS First, ctrl+1 for grouping units doesn't work. Only from ctrl+2 to ctrl+9. If I enable the option in Settings to use cmd instead of ctrl, the problem persists. It will work from cmd+2 to cmd+9 only. Similarly, shift+F1 won't work neither. Only from shift+2 to shift+9. Third, there seems to be an issue when selecting units with the drag and drop option (I mean, "drawing a square") while using the trackpad. Just in case I'm using El Capitan. Anyone else on macOS having these problems?iRock0 Feb 17
Feb 17 Error en el Idioma del juego tengo un error con el idioma del juego, al momento de seleccionar el idioma español latino no se cambia y se queda en inglesMezeroft2 Feb 17
Feb 16 [Bug]Arbiter casts permanent cloaking Arbiter casts permanent cloaking field on groups of zerg units(Hydralisk) when Hydralisk borrow and unborrow from field while Arbitor approached them. I have a reply for it. Thanks. I read someone reported it 2017 but, still bug did not fix it.angel0 Feb 16
Feb 16 Disgusting Game Lobby Spamming See: https://youtu.be/u4yOiIdSLys There is a severe issue surrounding spamming the lobbies with macro. The banned user rejoins and does the same thing repeatedly because username creation per gateway is unlimited. There is something that needs to be done about the number of usernames that can be created within a day.Lifebot0 Feb 16
Feb 16 The Rank game reward (portraits) disappeared. Hello, Respectfully Blizzard Classic team. I am who loves a SC very much. when I become S grade of season 3, the S grade portrait of season 1 (tank) that I recieved before disappeared. Also, in the case of a portrait of Season 3, S / A / B portraits are only paid, the C ~ U grade portrait of season 3 was not paid. so I want two things to be restored. 1) the S grade portrait of season 1 (tank) 2) the U grade portrait of season 3 (hydra) Not everyone seems to be like that, but several users, including myself, are experiencing the same symptoms. Please help resolve this problem. Sincerely, thank you.Legit0 Feb 16
Feb 15 [Bug] Dragoon is too wide for terran stairs Hi there. Going through the campaign I found that dragoons have some troubles getting through any (actually terran) stairs in the protoss mission 6 of the original game (not Brood War, I mean). They step in the middle and can't go further trying to find the other way automatically. This issue continues to appear after any kind of restarts. Idk what I could do above that.Aurimortia0 Feb 15
Feb 12 Disappear S1 rank S Tank portrait Please help I am korean user. I ranked S in season 1,2,3 all time. The problem is When I ranked in S at season3, at season 1 moving tank portrait is disappear. I post it at korea billizard, but they don't give me any answer. Please check it and help me please..... If you hard to answer here, please give me e-mail answer. e-mail address : hamarois@naver.com하마로이스0 Feb 12
Feb 11 руссификация Добрый день. игра не руссифицируется, хотя везде скачен и выбран язык текста и аудио - русский.draknor20160 Feb 11
Feb 8 70% of ladder top10 owned by exploit account Image: https://imgur.com/a/LwiXVoN This has been happening for a couple of seasons. Here's a TL thread about this: https://www.teamliquid.net/forum/brood-war/541898-who-has-7-10-nicknames-on-the-top-ladder Not critical, but it completely defeats the point of having a Ladder ranking at the moment. Thank you!Trent1 Feb 8
Feb 8 Switching language and back screws up hotkeys I wanted to try out the italian language for my game. After playing with it for about 30 minutes, i switched the language back to english. I entered a game and discovered that half my hotkeys didn't switch back to the original english hotkeys. I was playing terran, and all my basic building hotkeys were the italian ones, while the advanced building hotkeys were in english. Lift/land was the italian hotkey, as well as rally. I didn't check for the ability hotkeys. closing and restarting the game fixes this, apparently.Computer0 Feb 8
Feb 7 Translation errors english-italian Dear Blizzard Entertainment, in the remastered edition of Starcraft there are some little problems and errors of translation from english to italian: About the Terran: 1. The unit named Wraith should be translated as "Spettro". 2. The unit named Valkyrie should be translated as "Valchiria". 3. The unit named Vulture should be translated as "Avvoltoio". 4. The unit named Scientific Vessel should be translated as "Vascello Scientifico". 5. Ghost's special ability named Lockdown should be translated as "Blocco dei sistemi". 6. Medic's special ability named Restore should be translated as "Risanamento". 7. The building named Engineering Bay should be translated as "Piattaforma Ingegneristica". About the Zerg: 1. The unit named Overlord should be translated as "Supervisore". About the Protoss: 1. The unit named Reaver should be translated as "Trilobite". 2. The unit named Arbiter should be translated as "Arbitro". 3. The building named Arbiter Tribunal should be translated as "Tribunale degli Arbitri". 4. Dark Archon's special ability named Feedback should be translated as "Retroazione", or "Contraccolpo", or "Corto Circuito". General: 1. Units and structures able to detect cloacked enemy units should be defined "Rilevatore". 2. New dubbing tracks should be made, considering these adjustments. 3. Hints should be adjusted, too. 4. The default hot keys should be the same of the english version. 5. When the command Move is given an instant after a unit has shot, that unit cannot move for a while. 6. Pathfinding should be improved. Thanks for attention and keep up the good work!Klik1 Feb 7
Feb 6 map editor problems when i edit a downloaded map (that uses map settings) it delete everything that makes the map work . in mini town defense the town hall building will jest not be there. you cant upgrade past 1 upgrade. when you open the map in the editor it will tell me it deleting buildings and units and that something is messed up with the editor can you please help me?bartmaeus890 Feb 6
Feb 5 there is a weird ID in LADDER game. his battletag is sLeepisT you can see his profile,and analyse if he is weird. i think this account used some software.thebattletag2 Feb 5
Feb 5 ... ...운좋은바지1 Feb 5
Feb 3 Replays still get corrupted. This is the first multiplayer match i've played since the new patch, other than some ums. Mode: Free for all Length: Just under 1 hour and 20 minutes long. First signs of corruption at the 20 minute mark. The "xxx has left the game" displays properly, however, replay displays the usual symptoms of corrupted replay: idle workers everywhere, and events not going as they actually did in the game. Here's a screenshot of the replay next to my recording at the same timestamp: http://oi68.tinypic.com/156bgrd.jpg I killed that observer and nuked the nexus, but the replay displays differently. I had fellow players from that match check their replay and they also found it bugged, so it's not just me. I have not tested the observer desync yet, but if replay bugs are still around, then quite possibly so are the replay dsyncs.Computer1 Feb 3
Feb 1 Update Broken New update wont let me update. i click on update and it keeps crashing. i get back in the game again i click on update and it crash the program again. i get back on starcraft again and it keep crashing again. i re-enter in the game again and again and it keeps crashing again wtf is the problem with B.net. this game is a real joke since it became free.BuckYone2 Feb 1
Feb 1 weird in game problem hydras are changing targets inbetween attacks... does only 7 dmg. have replay to prove. replays is bugged.. showing a slower longer game then it really is.twogood0 Feb 1
Jan 31 HYDRAS STOP AND DONT MOVE When i select a group of hydras and attack a specific unit most of the time hydras stop and dont move , so just they move when i press stop so they can move again , but they are killed.darkduke0 Jan 31
Jan 31 Zerg Campaign - Map 10: 'Full Circle' Note really a bug, but didn't know where else to list/report it. There is a minor typo in the Daggoth dialogue after the Protoss Temple is destroyed. He notes that the Protoss are undertaking a final assault to keep the Zerg from the ruins, however the dialogue reads "....form the ruins....". Only a minor thing and understood if it doesn't get rolled into a patch cycle somewhere; but wanted to advise of it whilst it was fresh in my neo-cortex. Game on!Diskonekted2 Jan 31
Jan 30 Letras corenas en mapas personalizados Al momento de usar carácteres en español en el editor de mapas como: "¿,!, tildes, etc". Las letras cercanas se distorsionan y son reemplazadas por letras coreanas. Estoy creando diversos mapas y este bug es muy frecuente ¿hay alguna solución?Eivici0 Jan 30
Jan 30 Corrupted Replays - Update from Bliz Bliz is aware and are getting a fix ready: ...Leviathan1 Jan 30
Jan 30 Why are you guys dodging the replay bug questions? You’re clearly active, responding to tech questions. Why can’t you guys provide a single response to the replay bug issue, assuring us that you’re working towards fixing it? Fixing that bug really should be your first priority right now.Computer3 Jan 30
Jan 29 Fix for Missing Mouse Cursor SC And SCII missing mouse cursor for SC...and SCII. Please tell me there is a fix? cant select anything from menu. the mouse layer is INVISIBLETwist1 Jan 29
Jan 28 Missing mouse bug This is a report for the original version of Star Craft. i cant see the mouse at all. i can select things with it, but its invisible on my screen. please help, i don't know how to fix it.DarcCrimson1 Jan 28
Jan 27 bugged replays - more than 60% of my new reps Ever since the last couple updates, my replays keep getting bugged. I play mostly 7-8 player free for alls. Matches last between 1 to 2 hours but the length doesn't seem to be necessarily the culprit, as i've had a few replays survive the full 2 hours, and 40 minute games that will bug out (in ffa, that's considered a short game). I didn't see this issue on 1.18-1.20, or at least i haven't noticed. My 1.16 replays never broke in all those years (i've remained active pre-remastered). In fact, i can play replays from 1.16 to 1.20 just fine on the current 1.21 build. It's just these 1.21 replays. I can safely say that more than half of them are bugged. Please sort this out, as many great battles have been lost in time to this issue. :(Computer7 Jan 27
Jan 27 Clicking Options freezes Game I just downloaded and bought SC:R, and when I click Options in menu or in-game, the screen darkens and does nothing, have to close out the game in order to go back in, I see this problem has been going on in the forums for awhile, why is this not being taken care of it? you shouldn't have people buying a game for $15 if you can't have a stable-game going, especially when it comes to a bug as simple as the options making the game freeze, very disappointed in Blizzard.Elementician14 Jan 27