Bug Report

Mar 30, 2017 Bug Reporting Afternoon everyone! We're glad to see so many people placing in bugs and helping us polish Starcraft. We're not be able to individually go through and answer EACH bug, but we want to make everyone aware that we are consolidating feedback, bugs, and attempting to reproduce them on our end. Thanks again for everyone's passionMatthew Cederquist0 Mar 30, 2017
23h Corrupt Replays / fix needed Replays show something completely different. Corrupt replays. Is there anything to do? I save lots of fun and interesting games. But many of these are completely wrong and stop showing the game after some time or very early on. Please Blizzard / can you fix this? regards /DTitanTitan0 23h
1d Random Losses I have 3 legit losses (at the time of this post). I have been gifted with 2 more. This now sits me at 32-5. my account is BiYu I am requesting a ffix can upload my replaysM2j3 1d
1d /stats West to East I've lost games on East for the 2nd time (that I did not play). Somehow, I got two extra losses on my East account record, that should have been on west. I showed my record and history for both accounts (under the same name). Thank you! https://imgur.com/a/9A4fyxp Please fix my record and/or explain what is going on here. Thanks! (I included screen shots below) Thanks again!RuiN2 1d
1d fix replays pleaseUnlimitedXP0 1d
2d Replay Bug Hi, I was watching my game replay and noticed a bug. When one player left the game, the replay gets altered. For example, when one player left the game, I continued to build. However, the replay no longer shows the additional things that I built after this player left. This bug with the replay started with the last update. Please fix asap or is there something I need to change on my end to fix this issue? I bought the Remastered version hoping that it would fix the issue but it happens with the Remastered version too. Thank you!ofisiajs1 2d
3d SC Remastered cloud save fail I was loging in cs:r on the other computer and my cloud saves and single company progress was disappeared.giveittome2 3d
4d Dialogues language problem [SpanishLAT/Eng] Hi, I play SCR build , and there is a problem with the language of the dialogs in the latinoamerican spanish version of the game. At the beginning of the mission 5B from broodwar: Emperor's Fall (Birds of War), When the BC's destroy the terran turrets and more reinforcements arrive to defend the base in dropships, the adjutant starts to speak in English instead of SpanishLAT for her dialogue, adjutant quotes while playing the mission has no problem at all, only this dialogueluchoclo2 4d
4d Insane Windowed mode Freeze and Crash Everytime i set the game in windowed mode and PUT IT BACK on FULLSCREEN, the program starts freezing for about 30 sec then come back normally. When I click the mouse too many times it starts crashing. this is very annoying and embarassing because i get banned for nothing people think im lagging but im not and it takes like 8 years to get in my account and in the lobby room when i open up the starcraft program. yeah in the year of 2000 it took like 5 sec. nowadays i dont know whats going on with people.BuckYone0 4d
5d i watch lastreplay.rep and find it corrupted i played a 3v3 game on map BGHunters and i watched the last replay. i found the replay became going wrong when some player left the game. the difference between old versions and newest version is that in old versions one left the game has a prompt when watching the replay,but newest version don't prompt. please fix this blizzard dad,thanks.slob1 5d
5d crash game crash after 20 mins of playjamrokc1 5d
Jan 6 Credits stutter Whenever I beat either the original SC or BW on Remastered the credits screen lags really badly, sometimes freezing the whole PC for over 5 seconds. After the credits end (sometimes they end normally, sometimes they just stop abruptly) the game is left without music and without the "news" screen at the main menu. These only return when I restart the program. Is this normal? Should I update something to fix it?DVillain1 Jan 6
Jan 5 corrupted replays any update on the corrupted replays? there are multiple posts about this- there was a blizzard response some time back but nothing since- wondering if you were getting close to a fix thanksleospaceman2 Jan 5
Jan 4 Profile Stats not working My SC:R profile doesn't have any stats. Game Name: iSky-vMango0 Jan 4
Jan 4 Credits stutter really bad The credits screen that appears after you beat either SC or BW in Remastered stutters REALLY badly, sometimes freezing the whole computer for almost 5 seconds. Also after it ends (when it does manage to end) the game is left without music until a restart.DVillain0 Jan 4
Jan 4 Graphical minimap error on classic graphics This error is very easy to reproduce. Just select Protoss, activate classic graphics, and press TAB to hide minimap terrain. You will see that the minimap doesn't look like it's supposed to, and that it makes using it a lot harder. This error is not unique to Protoss, but its effects are the worst with Protoss.BattleOoze0 Jan 4
Jan 3 Failed to advertise game All players get stuck on "creating game..." and then "Failed to advertise game" when creating any type of game. And when someone rarely manages to create one, it disconnects the host when launching it.Xander0 Jan 3
Jan 3 Error (4:2) related to account name I tried to log into my account, Dr.Cheis and got the 4:2 error. That's the complete text of the error I'm receiving. 1) Log into Battle.net 2) Multiplayer 3) Select US East (My Profile, Dr.Cheis, is already selected.) 4) Select Okay to start with the registry Dr.Cheis. 5) (Error 4:2) 6) Ok 7) Post on the forums in confusion. I created a new profile under "DrCheis" without the period and I am able to log in fine. The issue seems to be the period, which appears in my classic account, is now allowed in the current account.DrCheis1 Jan 3
Jan 2 Replay doesn't work I just saved 40 min replay but when I replay it, probes don't work, buildings won't build, and etc. It does not replay properly the way I actually played. I want to replay my game but it is ruined. Please fix this bug and restore my replay!InvincEvil9 Jan 2
Dec 31 Replays got corrupted I've noticed all the replays I save got corrupted, and don't know how they can be fixed. Can you please provide a fix? I have the replays for you to verify if required. Thank you!TyLZkryug0 Dec 31
Dec 31 IN GAME NAME BUG, Error 3:31 Every name i try to create is a bad word... i tried to create the in game name La.BlazE and La.FusioN and it will not let me create the names ... can you guys help out? i have multiple friends with the same issue. Error 3:31 name contains bad word.pur3xtc0 Dec 31
Dec 29 Rushing? so i was just playing brood war ever two or three minutes they had dubbed forces like zealots and marines.Ilovescalot0 Dec 29
Dec 28 Clicking Options freezes Game I just downloaded and bought SC:R, and when I click Options in menu or in-game, the screen darkens and does nothing, have to close out the game in order to go back in, I see this problem has been going on in the forums for awhile, why is this not being taken care of it? you shouldn't have people buying a game for $15 if you can't have a stable-game going, especially when it comes to a bug as simple as the options making the game freeze, very disappointed in Blizzard.Elementician12 Dec 28
Dec 28 Reps's constantly corrupt if.. The speed of the replay is turned up to anything above x2 or if the game was paused(not the replay) and people began to chat while it was pause, this one nearly almost 100% of the time corrupts the replay. Can we get a hotfix for this? Edit: another thing i'm noticing is that replays seem to corrupt around the 15-20 min mark 100% of the time.UnlimitedXP1 Dec 28
Dec 24 replays how come replays aren't as accurate? ~7/10 replays I have watched are inaccurate and also the information panel (PSI, APM, minerals) is also not accurate. Replays either break, or are inaccurate. Units are in locations other than where they were in the game, forces are smaller in some cases. Sometimes probes are not mining. Certain attacks or moves do not happen. Some things are over exaggerated (shift cmd unit, unit executes cmd but dies in game but in replay survives and finishes cmd). In a replay, someone ran past my cannons instead of attacking them when in game I was at his choke, preventing him from exiting. The replays are just inaccurate. Some replays I saved in 2017 no longer work with the latest patch. Fix this please. I have 1000s of replays I could be watching (not to mention, older reps). Thanks! (A response would be nice)RuiN1 Dec 24
Dec 23 Unable to join friends game We were attempting to host games for each other. I would host a game and when he would search the menu for it his game would not appear. When he would host a game I would look for it and find nothing. I tried in every drop down menu option and still nothing. It appears your game hosting is completely broken for friends who want to play with each other. When it came to typing in the search box nothing ever showed up. We hosted a game for 5 minutes and still the game never showed. We ended up just going offline and being depressed because we use to play a ton before the update launched. You guys need to add a option for players to enter a game name and password as the previous patch had so it is super user friendly for joining private games. Also pressing enter on the search box causes my game to not respond for 5 seconds before sending me a unable to join game message. Please resolve this so I can simply play the game with friends. Video of what I mean: https://youtu.be/90MA9bb0Kk0agentsix110 Dec 23
Dec 23 losing the ability to use computer keys i am not sure if this goes to blizzard tech or just a forum for the public. i just got down playing a top vs bottom 3v5 comp bgh game and at the very end a guy named tenkemm1000 back stabbed which is really not fun. however thats not the bug issue. i unallied him and he could still read the messages i was writing to my teamate . in addition after a half hour my upgrade buttons for carriers etc... could not be clicked on. on top of that my arrow keys stopped working and eventually i could not even attack him. when did people get the ability to do this? and i thought top vs bottom was the safest way to not get back stabbed. i bought this game a month ago, started playing after 20 years of not playing it. back stabbing was the biggest reason why i stopped. dr james lavaleeJimz0 Dec 23
Dec 23 Custom Game Connection problem When I join a custom game at first everything is fine and i see the connection bars of everyone else as green or yellow. But after about 1 minute everyone's connection shows as 1 red bar and when you start the game it lags as hell. I can't figure out why that happens because I usually play lan with friends and their connections are fine. Whenever i leave the game everything gets back to normal for them. I haven't had connection problems with any other game.fira0 Dec 23
Dec 23 Maps not all function Maps only work for upper 2/3's of map. Some are ok. but especially in the Brood War maps, can't play in bottom third of many maps.Dalerious1 Dec 23
Dec 22 [Major] Latest patch (1.22) broke replays Most replays are broken since the last patch. I didn't see any topics here but some of my friends are having this problem since yesterday. Can readers please validate and upvote if it's happening to you too? Thank you.Trent1 Dec 22
Dec 21 Leaving game at end Leaving game at 1m46 sec somehow = 2m. I don't know how that is possible. Yesterday there was a laggy game. The game clock said :50 and I left but it was after 2m somehow and I got a loss. I was real upset about this.RuiN0 Dec 21
Dec 19 Mouse cursor gets distorted My mouse cursor gets distorted after playing for a while. The distortion follows after i exit Starcraft. It seems to be related to Hardware mouse setting - as when I click that off the distortion is gone in game. (but still distorted mouse when i exit the game). Can't seem to fix it... have to reboot -ocoini5 Dec 19
Dec 17 Translation bugs Hey there. I'm playing the game in Latin American Spanish, and I've found a couple untranslated things. In Episode V: Terran, Mission 3 (Ruins of Tarsonis), there's a Dropship at the start of the mission that's addressed with the English name "Dropship" instead of "Nave de transporte" as it's named in Spanish. Also in Episode V, in Mission 5B (Emperor's Fall: Birds of War), when reinforcements are coming, the Adjutant says "reinforcements are ready in transit.. just sit tight" in English. This does not happen in the Ground Zero version of the mission, however.Huguy2 Dec 17
Dec 17 Game always starts in a tiny window. After closing the game in windowed mode, every time I start the game, it reverts to a tiny 640x480 window. This is unrelated to other settings persistence issues; things like hotkeys and speed do get saved.BrotossBrobe1 Dec 17
Dec 17 Auto Resource Mining Hello, I'll get straight to the point. When I have my Hive, CC, or Nexus and I set the rally point to minerals, it doesn't automine. I grew up with StarCraft and I KNOW that the workers just auto mined resources if you set the rally point. I'm surprised that no one is talking about this either, it's a real nuisance when trying to play the game. I have to manually click them, THEN the minerals. - Would you please fix it? I'd like this to be truly like original SC and have workers that know what a rally point is.SmilingWhale3 Dec 17
Dec 17 Options menu bug? Basically every time I select Options, whether in game or from the main menu, the screen darkens but no options menu ever appears, and the game becomes completely unresponsive. Any music and animation seems to continue playing, but the game doesn't actually respond to any input on my part. The only button press that seems to get any reaction at all in this state is F5 shifting the game between classic and remastered graphics. Anyone else experiencing this?CidGregor50 Dec 17
Dec 16 replays Panels keep constantly disappearing and I have to reactivate them. At times, even the hotkeys won't bring the panels up and I have to restart the rep to get them. Thanks.RuiN1 Dec 16
Dec 15 Mouse Problems Since new patch, mouse cursor doesn't move correctly in game. It appears as if the cursor wants to "stick" to things a little longer or decelerates when the cursor passes anything that is clickable. That means every time my cursor passes near units, buildings, buttons, the rate of speed of the cursor slows down or has a feeling of "sticking" to things before passing on. Renders game unplayable. Anyone come across this problem and has a solution?turtleship0 Dec 15
Dec 14 New patch disallows opening starcraft at all New patch to Starcraft and the game won't open up. I tried re-installing and the same thing. Some major oversight from technical on this latest patch. Get it right please!dreza1 Dec 14
Dec 14 "You have been logged out." This issue started happening in the past day. When I log onto StarCraft, typically as soon as the chat pops up and the users load in, I get the dreaded "You have been logged out." message and are sent back to the login/server selection screen. I can play a game if i HURRY and create/join a lobby and start the game, but I'll have to re-login after the game ends. I am not having much problems playing other games or insane amounts of lag/packet loss, so I don't know what the cause could be. Any advice or insight into what may be happening would be appreciated!Sato1 Dec 14
Dec 14 Time on battle.net Please fix /time, Thx.RuiN0 Dec 14
Dec 13 patch problem Original owner here. I even have the DVD versions. I've been playing starcraft regularly almost every day for past 2 months. Then today there was a required patch, so I downloaded it. Only took a few seconds. Now can't play. Said there was an error. It gave me this error message: 24CD9ABC-3940-41AA-883C-FB1635B1FEE5 I don't know what that means. It worked perfectly when I played yesterday. Please help. Thank you.Beast170 Dec 13
Dec 13 Patch Problem Original owner of StarCraft here. I even have the DVDs. I've been playing starcraft remastered almost every day for 2 months. Today when I went to sign in there was a mandatory patch I had to download so I could play. The patch only took a few seconds and then it was done. Then when I continued, as error box would pop up and say I had a problem. It gave me this error number: 24CD9ABC-3940-41AA-883C-FB1635B1FEE5. I have no idea what this means. I tried several times, including uploading the whole starcraft upload again. Still won't work. It worked fine yesterday. How can I play again?Beast170 Dec 13
Dec 12 Patch broke resolution I play on quite an old monitor, 4:3 1280x1024. Previously, I had the black bars on the edges of the screen in SC:R, the usual way newer games deal with 4:3 monitors. Today, after a few months of break, I get to the game and I can see only a part of what I should, because the resolution got set to 1920x1080 (checked the resolution of the screenshot I did, that - suprisingly - showed all the usual menu, not only the part I could see) and I can't do anything about it.Whatever0 Dec 12
Dec 8 hacker reporting can u guys ban this hacker this user stacking scv and rushing and talking !@#$ i have replay if possible to upload i wish server u.s.west game name el.chcheroGanZi1 Dec 8
Dec 8 Can't creaty lobby with word f.e. "noob" Does the word noob censored? I can't create a lobby with a name f.e. "1:1 noob 12345" I know that lobby isn't reserved that's why I added 12345 to field. But I can creat if I type nooooooob or noobnoobnoob. Can you guys remove those limits? Back then everyone could create lobbies even with bad words, but noob is c'mon! Please fix it!CognacLover1 Dec 8
Dec 7 Bug: Russian keyboard doesn't work When i change keyboard language to russian my hotkeys stop working. Please fix blizzard.LazyAkk4 Dec 7
Dec 6 Full Circle: Missing Khaydarin crystal I have defeated all Protoss for Level 10 in the Zerg campaign: Full circle. I cannot find a drone with the Khaydarin crystal. I have looked all over the map. Please advise.JoelG11 Dec 6
Dec 5 cannot access to battle net Ever since the server update, for some reason I cannot access to battle of Korea from time to time. Can you figure out what is going on?nothing0 Dec 5
Dec 5 error 5;9 y conexion me sale debido a tu configuración de red la conexión con otros jugadores debe pasar por un servidor de proxy , esto puede generar latencia ; tambien no me deja jugar en servidores ni clasificatoria porque cuando inicia la partida me sale una ventana diciendo: esperando jugadores y el nombre de los jugadores que estan en la sala. y cuando intento crear sala me sale un mensaje diciendo no pudo promocionarse la partida. se perdio la conexion mientras se intentaba promocionar la partida error 5;9ASDQWDFAS0 Dec 5