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07/31/2017 02:25 PMPosted by JohnnyZeWolf
Arrogance and overconfidence? Besides, the way the conversation goes, it does not sound like Artanis forgot about the Terrans so much as he was underestimating them.

Aw dude, you try so hard.
No, not really. Artanis being overconfident in Brood War is very much canon.
Can someone link transcript or video of their convo?
08/02/2017 08:29 AMPosted by Skehan
Can someone link transcript or video of their convo?


Protoss fleet, high orbit over the planet

Mission Briefing

Objectives :
– Destroy all power generators to
pierce the UED blockade
– Artanis must survive

Artanis :

Executor! Our sensors have just
identified a large group of Terran
vessels. However, their
configuration profile is unlike any
Terran group yet encountered. We
are receiving a transmission from
the fleet’s command ship, identifying
itself as the Aleksander.

Stukov :

Protoss Commander, I am Admiral
Alexei Stukov of the United Earth
Directorate. We are here to take
control of the Terran Dominion and
all of its outlying colonies. You are in
direct violation of Terran space and
have openly attacked Terran troops.
Lower your shields and power down
your weapon systems. The UED will
be taking custody of your ships and
whatever spoils you have garnered
from this planet.

Zeratul :

United Earth Directorate? Raynor
spoke of the distant Terran
homeworld called Earth. These
humans have come a long way to
make war on us.

Artanis :

Have faith, Zeratul! You almost
sound as if you fear these humans.
What are they to such as we? Was
it not we who defeated the
dreaded Overmind?

Zeratul :

Yes, Artanis. We did vanquish the
Overmind. But we did so with the
help of humans. Do not be so quick
to underestimate them.

Artanis :

Of course. Executor, I shall test the
mettle of these humans by scouting
ahead of your ships, and finding a
way through this blockade!

En Taro Tassadar!
Thanks for putting it here, Paviel.

It's not like either is wrong...

Zeratul is mostly teaching him humility, because I think Raiders may have done the extra work needed, but it kinda pales in comparison to Protoss.

That being said, I am siding with Johnny on this one, since Zeratul is telling him exactly not to underestimate Terrans.

P.S. Are you from Eastern Europe by any chance?

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