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03/30/2017 07:51 AMPosted by StormPanzer
Good thing these are being dug up, I found E V O L V E S 07-09, and played an older Helms Deep, alongside one of the Diplomacy maps.

Well, I missed a couple of days, but I'll be on today! YuriLover31
Crystal RPG,
Mirror Bound
Hey guys, anyone able to send me the map file for Racoon City? Or meet up some time to host/download?
I might have to join this nostalgic journey... I miss a heros path rpg and of course starship troopers er meh gerd.
Who remember
Protect the queen
S*x on the beach
Nato vs terrorist ?? :D
I know this discussion is a little old, but I searched for about 6 hours for a UMS map I played like 8 years ago, I don't know the excact name but it was an I am Legend map, which was similiar to the movie. There were 6 players if I remember correctly and it was a map where you search for new units to pick up on the map in houses while Zombies roam the street. I think it was originally a korean map not too sure about that, has been a while since I played it.

It was my favourite map and I couldn't find it on Nibbles, my only hope is that one of you guys still got it in his/her archive, if you remember that map and you have it please help<strong/> me to get it!
There's a map I'm looking for that I thought I knew the name of, but when I checked the maps of the name I knew, it very much was not what I was looking for... the best I can do is describe what I can remember of it.

It's on the desert tileset, and each player has a bunker in the center area and you start with 1 marine. The center area heals you but I think it only healed you up to a certain % of HP based on killing certain objectives around the map. Just outside the healing range of the middle there were beacons to give you access to upgrade buildings and buildings to buy more units, and the AI would periodically rush the middle with tons of stuff and early on you had to hide out in your bunkers.
Yeah, I definitely needed to go and find DBZ - All Sagas Godly.

If ANYONE sees a map by Jr_Bond please reply I have downloaded all archives known and massive research to find any of the maps i created two decades ago. Very high quality maps and alot of amazing hours put into them.
Some of these maps might include Spell Golems (remake to golem madness)
as well I was mosly known for my rpg's.
I made about 10 in total that became very popular yet I cannot find even one.
If anyone finds a map by Jr_Bond please post! I will die if i find my maps. Thank you!!
I have an interesting map that already has a lot of time, DOTX, today there is version 18 and I still do not have the download link but they have their facebook page

I would like more people to learn to play it so that the community grows :D
Team Micro Arena
Hero Arena
Sunken D Competition
Nexus Destroyers
Don't touch the _
Don't/Assassinate the prez/etc
Random Micro Arena
Micro Tournament
Random Micro Challenge maps
if your looking for evolves games I got a group of us that play sometimes in channel evolves on west server. Name is TwistedFire on sc
07/08/2018 09:54 AMPosted by SuDDenLife
Random Micro Arena
Micro Tournament
Random Micro Challenge maps

Who can give me this map?
Thanks galore!

When I was a child, I used to play on many of the maps you got for us. Now, I even make my onw.
08/11/2018 05:39 AMPosted by AGRIVIET
07/08/2018 09:54 AMPosted by SuDDenLife
Random Micro Arena
Micro Tournament
Random Micro Challenge maps

Who can give me this map?

Are you the actual agriviet?
I'm hoping that your combined map-searching abilities could help me. I've been searching for a map called Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It's based on the Dynasty Warriors RotK. Four player slots, and you have the computer as Wei, Wu and Shu all fighting each other. The player plays a hero and can either join one of those kingdoms, work as a free agent, or try and start their own kingdom. I've searched everywhere and I can't seem to find it, so if anyone knows where to find it I would be extremely grateful for that info. Thank you!

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