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Greetings Commanders, Cerebrates, and Executors,

If you are experiencing crashes during start up, connecting to, or when creating games; we have a new build that addresses those complications related to interruptions of the Bonjour Service.

Let us know how it's working here.

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working ;)
Whoo hoo!

I can connect to without any problems. Not only that, you resolved the problem where I would crash from trying to create a game! Thanks Pete, Mark and the team! Excellent work!

I can finally create games!

Awesome, Pete!

Glad to know you've got the problem sorted, hopefully the information we provided in the 1.18.2 not launching thread was valuable to you!

Great work from the classic dev team once again, let's make Starcraft great again!


04/27/2017 05:15 PMPosted by Keurk
working ;)

So glad you got it working after yesterdays troubleshooting, congrats man! Have fun!
Thank you thank you thank you.
can join AND can finally resume hosting my favourite maps :) :) :)

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.
Excellent work classic team!
The game is still crashing for me on startup with no error message.
It works and I can host, which i previously couldn't. this is great thank you!
Golden! Great fix, but didn't latency hiccups send commands fine before, like you would even get the freeze frame and stack the right click circle for fun, doesn't go through now but that's fine detail to remember this well.
Hmm...maybe this solves my problem to?! I could not play multiplayer when offline because of some trouble with bonjour. So I had to play own maps in single player which is ok but limited.
Working fine. Thank you!
Works perfectly!
The mouse is still disconnected.

It seems to be normal after 5 minutes.
it lacks poop...
"Connection Lost" constantly now, it was working fine before

Can somebody tell me if hotkeys are changeable in this please?
04/28/2017 12:36 PMPosted by BLOODYNINE
Can somebody tell me if hotkeys are changeable in this please?

More than likely this is 1.18.2 but with changes to how Bonjour Service is used, I wouldn't expect anything different in terms of Starcraft from the 1.18.2/This PTR build.
"unable to initialize OpenGL
Please verify your video card drivers are up to date"
WIN 7 error i have had since the very beginning. Still no solution??

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