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The ability to customize your hotkeys is coming to StarCraft.

After you've read through our blog previewing these features, let us know what you think about these proposed changes. Thank you!
Thanks for the update! I know i was disappointed when i fired up the new bw patch and there was no customizable hotkeys. My only criticism is that it should be in the game earlier then later.
This is what we all asked for. Perfect response!
Thanks for implementing hotkeys. A bit disappointed about "To preserve competitive balance, F keys and Control Groups will still not be remappable, but we’re happy to report that there will be an option to disable the F1 “Help” menu, ameliorating the need to remove that button from keyboards."

but haha I know how to remap them :)
I guess this gives me a little advantage...
wonderful news indeed you ensured my loyality to the Blizzard team and I hope I will continue play this game for many years
Love the new UI, i would have liked to change the location of the F2, F3, F4 keys and control groups though. It makes sense to not offer more than 3 camera hotkeys.

What is not clear to me though, why having to reach to 9 for a Control group or to F4 for a Location hotkey is a balance concern, but not having to reach to "O" for Siege is not. It feels a bit arbitrary to me.

However, thinking about it a bit more - there is still some logic behind it. Because the difference language options only remap abilities and such, but not F1-F3 and Control groups - maybe that is where this came from.
very nice! 1.18 will contain custom hotkeys?
I'm probably going to keep using the defaults myself, but I think this is a good way to find middle ground between the parts of the community who were angered by the feature being introduced and those who were upset when the feature was removed.

I've been enjoying the "unlockable" blogs each week. This one was rather short, but I suppose there's only so much that can be said about keybinding. I look forward to seeing the new profile features next week.
This looks good to me. F keys and control group hotkeys must absolutely not be rebindable. I probably wont be changing any hotkeys from classic but the interface looks nice.
Nice! It's very cool to see this happen tbh. I think a better option to just disable the F1 key it would be better to just make the location keys F1, F2 and F3 so you preserve a better correlation between SC1 & 2 and also you don't miss click F1.
I play both SC1 and 2 and even if F1 is disabled as a help menu I would still miss click it some times because I'm used to it in SC2 and playing both games it's a little confusing sometimes.

Even if this doesn't end up being the case I'm still glad for the hotkeys :) good job!
I think this is fair compromise, very good work finding away to meet in the middle. Beautiful interface as well, overall this was a really awesome post.

So, any idea when we can expect to see this back on the PTR?
Great to see that you guys took a middle ground approach by not making group keys and f keys rebindable, I think it's the best way forward.
Thank you!!!
TBH most of the difficulty in the default keybinds comes from ability/commands rather than ctrl groups/fkeys.

While I understand the argument of competitive uniformity and agree with it, if we will be able to rebind stuff like Patrol or Siege so it doesn't require a leap to the other side of the keyboard might as well allow us to rebind control groups and camera keys. Seems almost silly not to.
Alternatively, alot of the movement keys are also entwined with the competitive gameplay of StarCraft. You could make them unrebindable and make rebinds only for Units & Buildings.
but, hotkeys for, abilities?

-Storm, swarm, spider mine, etc
I think you made a good choice here and I'm looking forward to test this feature by myself. When will it be accessible? With SC:R or in a patch earlier?
05/17/2017 12:06 PMPosted by Traysent
The ability to customize your hotkeys is coming to StarCraft.

After you've [url=""]read through our blog[/url] previewing these features, let us know what you think about these proposed changes. Thank you!

An addion 100% of players are happy about. :)

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