[Unrealistic demand for change]

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05/23/2017 02:16 AMPosted by Pete Stilwell
[closes thread in an alternate reality]

[goes on to make a video response to pete stiwell, in which I say he has no passion about the game and just fuels NPCs who think it's not anti-consumer to charge 30$ for better graphics to people who already have the game, and in which I point out he supports NPCs who rely on personal insults/unfunny jokes defending the game while people arguing for the 12 unit limit change use actual arguments]

05/22/2017 07:19 PMPosted by DaesLune
05/22/2017 07:03 PMPosted by SkyTechRTS
[typical comment about how this thread will be deleted soon]
[accusation of over two hundred logical fallacies]

05/22/2017 07:14 PMPosted by MyKoreanness
[Comment asking why this is downvoted so heavily.]
[crying about Blizzard fanboys]


[unfunny, dumb joke about how people who criticise the game are magically incorrect because you got fanboys to upvote your excuse for a post]
Hey, Tyvalir may I suggest you take some anger management classes? you can't really be this mad about lighthearted humorous posts made 2 years ago can you?

Chill out and find something else to do, my dude.
[Reports blue for spamming]
By the way, did Pete fully left SC:R? Haven't heard from him for ages.
02/16/2019 11:22 AMPosted by CognacLover
By the way, did Pete fully left SC:R? Haven't heard from him for ages.

As far as i know Pete Stilwel is more like a division boss (classic games at Blizzard), a project manager if you will, you can think of him like someone that cares about Marketing, sales, overall product numbers, and primarily managing people and achieving objectives things like that. I might be wrong. Otherwise Pete has not posted a single thing since the third month of the game release and is right now probably more involved in Warcraft III and other stuff, he is more likely to receive information about Starcraft Remastered from a reports and such rater than visiting this forums for instance.

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