Will Cinematics be remastered?

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As cool as it would be to see the SC cinematics redone in HD, this would likely take a VERY long time, and is way more involved than simply adding HD assets and other game system/ui changes (modern mouse control, etc).
Brian Sousa: All of the artwork in the game, all the menus are brand new and have been remade. And we're even going through the old cinematics and upscaling them, and remastering the sound and everything. So, we're doing a full pass on this. It's just not a small content patch.
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Do the original cutscenes look bad? I would figure they could just use a resolution boost, but hopefully not need to be changed

That makes them look worse actually. You would not be pleased.
I have the rare widescreen DVD "special limited edition".
More detailed yes, but that makes it look worse because you can see how painfully old it is.

The second Terran cut scene where they got ambushed by Zerg. Especially the dialogue makes me cringe and the animation scares the hell out of me. As a kid that blew my mind but now looking at that destroys that 'nostalgia' factor for me. It's funny because the animated portraits still look good. They should remaster them to a degree.
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I played through the campaign recently, and the cut-scenes look like they were made by a high school student. It's HILARIOUS how bad the cutscenes are compared to todays standards. They are also soo dark that I can barely see what's happening.

People say a poor craftsman blames his tools...but it's pretty clear that tools can make a damn huge difference in quality of the end product.

It just depends. If you play SC BW still and are used to the crappy graphics and never knew that better graphics existed then you wouldn't blame the tools. But in this case, we all know how much better it can get. So we venture into new territory. I am wondering what they'll do about the cinematics.

I still love the originals either way.
I would have liked to see the Cinematics remastered in the fashion of SC2’s Cinematics. If you are going to remaster the game, remaster the Cinematics as well. The Cinematics were great in the day when SC first launched, but if you plan on reselling classics (as remastered\reforged\remake) update everything and not just half of it. Keeping all the “Audio” and replacing only the “Video” would have looked great. Even incorporate the face expressions of the classic Cinematics. This would not have taken away the nostalgic fell of the game, only mad it better.

Needles to say, WC3’s Cinematics do not require any redoing as those are excellent just the way they are, even today. By far the best Cinematics in my opinion.

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